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Welcome to my cRPG blog on the best PC RPGs, aka cRPGsFor its treatment range (1995-2010), this cRPG blog contains three main forms of content: reviews, rankings and analyses.

Thank you for reading, commenting on and following my cRPG blog in 2022.

cRPG History Blog

The blog on cRPG History provides a broad-brush overview of 15 years of video role-playing game (vRPG) history. In not wishing to waste my time or yours, I have hewn back through the era wielding a battle axe. Thus, while the path to the good stuff should now be clear, there are some cRPGs that haven't yet been praised or criticized.

Readers are advised to read the cRPG definition before reading anything else on this blog. Otherwise, unless you're a veteran of the genre yourself, you may not understand my criteria of assessment.

cRPG DefinitioncRPG List
cRPG Design1995-2000 PC RPGs
AD&D 2nd Edition cRPGs2000-2005 PC RPGs
D&D 3rd Edition cRPGs2005-2010 PC RPGs

cRPG Rankings

The blog on cRPG rankings concisely lists the best cRPGs in each class of the genre.

Best cRPGsBest Party-based cRPGs
Best Dungeons & Dragons cRPGsBest Reactive cRPGs
Best Turn-based cRPGsBest Story cRPGs
Best Isometric cRPGsBest Combat cRPGs

cRPG Reviews

As a rule, the blog on cRPG reviews goes into great depth on the best cRPGs of all-time; that is, those of the cRPG connoisseur and tactics aficionado. Some of the links lead to standalone reviews whereas others lead to indexes that in turn link to dozens upon dozens of articles published on a single classic cRPG.

The cRPGs are listed in alphabetical order, and are rated out of 10. These are the total scores that take into account the cRPG as a whole. To see how each cRPG scores in 11 different categories of design, consult the table in cRPG Design.

cRPGcRPG TypecRPG DeveloperYearcRPG Rating
ArcanumPure cRPGTroika20018.5
Baldur's Gate 1 OriginalGeneral cRPGBioWare19988.75
Baldur's Gate 2Reddit RPG GameBioWare20006.5
Baldur's Gate 3General RPG GameLarian Studios2023--
Deus Ex 1Action RPGIon Storm20006.5
Diablo 1 ReviewHack n slashBlizzard North19967.25
Diablo 2Hack n slashBlizzard North20006.5
Dragon Age: OriginsCasual RPGBioWare20093.5
Dungeon RatsTactics cRPGIron Tower Studios20168.75
Fallout 1 Time LimitPure cRPGInterplay19979.75
Fallout 2Pure cRPGBlack Isle Studios19987.75
Gothic 1Casual Action RPGPiranha Bytes20004.5
Gothic 2Casual Action RPGPiranha Bytes2003-054.0
Gothic 3Action RPG GamePiranha Bytes20063.0
Hordes of the UnderdarkGeneral cRPGBioWare20036.5
Icewind Dale 1 OriginalCombat cRPGBlack Isle Studios19998.75
Icewind Dale 2Combat cRPGBlack Isle Studios20028.5
Jagged Alliance 2Tactics cRPGSir-Tech19999.95
Kenshi Game StartsCasual RPG GameLo-Fi Games20132.5
KotOR 1Casual RPG GameBioWare20033.0
KotOR 2Story RPG GameObsidian20042.5
Mask of the Betrayer
Story cRPGObsidian20078.0
Master of Magic ReviewStrategy cRPGSimTex19949.5
Morrowind OverratedReddit RPG GameBethesda20022.25
Neverwinter Nights 1General cRPGBioWare20028.5
Neverwinter Nights 2General cRPGObsidian20068.0
Oblivion With GunsCasual RPG GameBethesda2006--
Planescape: TormentStory cRPGBlack Isle Studios19997.5
Realms BeyondTactics cRPG------
Siege of DragonspearGeneral cRPGBeamdog20165.0
Silent Storm ReviewTactics cRPGNival Interactive20038.0
Storm of ZehirGeneral cRPGObsidian20088.0
Swordflight NWNGeneral cRPGRogueknight2008-229.5
Tales of the Sword CoastGeneral cRPGBioWare20038.0
Temple of Elemental EvilTactics cRPGTroika20038.0
The Witcher 1Casual RPG GameCD Projekt RED20074.0
Throne of BhaalGeneral cRPGBioWare20016.5
Torment NumeneraStory RPGinXile Entertainment20174.5
Tyranny ObsidianGeneral cRPGObsidian20165.0
Underrail ReviewTactics RPG GameStygian Software20155.5
Vampire BloodlinesStory RPG GameTroika20044.5
Warband Best ModsTactics cRPGTaleWorlds
X-COM UFOpaediaTactics cRPGMythos Games19949.75
X-COM ApocalypseTactics cRPGMythos Games19979.25

cRPG Design Blog

The blog on cRPG design constitutes formalized, technical coverage on various aspects of cRPG design and cRPG Mechanics. It is a work in progress as of 2022.

cRPG vs cRPG

This series of articles will compare one cRPG with another; usually, a sequel vs. an original. Numberous other comparisons are found within specific entries as well.

BG1 vs BG2 Fallout 1 vs Fallout 2 NWN1 vs NWN2

Best cRPG for Beginners

Fallout 1 is the best cRPG for beginners because it is the gold standard of the cRPG genre. There is no better introduction to cRPGs than Fallout, which is also easy to get into, fairly quick to play through and a lot of fun. Fallout not only formalized the cRPG feature-set, but it also remains the yardstick by which all cRPGs are measured.

PC Gaming Blog

cRPGs constitute but one genre of PC Games. The PC gaming blog represents the beginning of a branching out from the cRPG genre into other genre, such as turn-based strategy and realtime strategy games (TBS & RTS).

Dune 2 RTS Warcraft 1 RTS Warcraft 2 RTS Command & Conquer 1 RTS
WinUAE Best Amiga Games STALKER OGSE Pentiment Obsidian


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