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Welcome to the cRPG Blog on the best computer role-playing games, aka cRPGs. For its treatment range, the cRPG Blog contains four main forms of commentary: reviews, rankings, design theory and in-depth analyses.

Readers are advised to read cRPG Definition, Design and History before reading anything else on this cRPG website. Otherwise, unless you're a veteran of the genre yourself, you may not understand criteria of assessment.

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cRPG Criticism

Best cRPG for Beginners

Fallout 1 is the best cRPG for beginners because it is the gold standard of the cRPG genre. There is no better introduction to cRPGs than Fallout, which is also easy to get into, fairly quick to play through and a lot of fun. Fallout not only formalized the cRPG feature-set, but it also remains the yardstick by which all cRPGs are measured.

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