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Welcome to the cRPG Blog on the best computer role-playing games, aka best cRPGs as of 2024. For its treatment range the cRPG Blog contains four main forms of computer game commentary: reviews, guides, rankings and design theory.

First, readers should acquaint themselves with the commentator's perspective on computer games via History of 1990s Computer Games.

In addition, readers should probably learn about the language employed on the cRPG Blog via Computer Game Language of the cRPG Blog by Lilura1.

And lastly, the reader can learn about the presentation of the cRPG Blog via Computer Game Infographics of the cRPG Blog by Lilura1.

cRPG formal commentary is an index that leads to many articles on computer role-playing games. In an attempt to make navigation easier for the readership I have built a few indexes each with a differing commentary approach. Thus, readers can start with definitions, history, rankings or design, for example.

The more that player reflexes determine outcomes in a game, the harder it becomes to classify the game as a cRPG.
cRPGs consist largely in stats. And the more that stats dictate actions and outcomes, the more is it cRPG.
-- Lilura1, The cRPG Blog Commentator.

Other genre or chronological indexes:

If my unparalleled computer-game commentary does not lift your spirit, consider reading some of my computer-game criticism.

Then, as often happens in human endeavors, the wild-eyed hack comes along to snatch a piece of the pie. In the name of the quick buck and click the hack cares not for the endeavor, the creative process or genre legacy, but only of shortcuts, leeching and leveling down to the lowest common denominator.
-- Lilura1, The cRPG Blog Commentator.

By scanning the coverage-sample below, readers can get an idea of what this blog is about, what its focus is: 1990s computer games, mostly cRPGs.


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