Best Baldur's Gate Games

Best Baldur's Gate Games

Welcome to the index for my ongoing Baldur's Gate commentary, consisting of in-depth retrospectives, walkthroughs and miscellaneous write-ups which I hope will be of interest to veterans and newbies alike. For me, this has been a wonderful walk down memory lane.

• Baldur's Gate 2: Ascension & Sword Coast Stratagems - Arcane Party Guide

◦ Part I: Athkatla Unlocks
◦ Part II: The Troll Hordes of the Fortress & the Grove
◦ Part III: Bodhi's Vampire Lair & the Shade Lord
◦ Part IV: Beholders, demon-hordes & an Epic-level Necro
◦ Part V (currently being written): Final Preparations before Setting Sail for Spellhold
◦ WeiDu log

Best Series write-ups

◦ Best Weapons - Baldur's Gate & Baldur's Gate 2

• In-depth class comparisons

◦  Lead writer of Baldur's Gate shares insights into Durlag's Tower & Riddlecraft
Baldur's Gate: In-depth Retrospective on the Original Incarnation

◦ Part I: Introduction, Setting & Scope, Ruleset & Chargen, Basic Combat System, Perspective & UI, Experience & Treasure, Prologue, Initial Exploration & Encounters, Pathfinding, Ambushes & Waylays
◦ Part II: Stealth & Theft, Archery, Resting & Healing, Arcane Spells, Summoning Spells: Arcane & Divine, Wands
◦ Part III: Tanking & Melee Combat, Party Composition & Companions, Sidequests
◦ Part IV: Divine aka Priest Spells: Cleric & Druid, "Level Scaling", Boss Encounters
◦ Part V: Durlag's Tower: The Venerable Deathtrap, Overview, Upper Storeys, Cellar
◦ Part VI: The Labyrinth of the Warders & The Labyrinth of Doors
◦ Part VII: The Labyrinth of Elements & The Chessboard
◦ Part VIII: The Labyrinth of Durlag's Ghost & The Demon Knight, Ulgoth's Beard: The Return & The Beast Unleashed

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - In-depth SCS & Ascension Retrospective Walkthrough

 Announcement: Parameters of Play
◦ WeiDu log
 Part I: Chapter One: Prologue, Chateau Irenicus - Lower Dungeon (Imoen, Jaheira & Minsc)
 Part II: Chateau Irenicus - Upper Dungeon (Yoshimo)

Siege of Dragonspear: In-depth Walkthrough on the Interquel Expansion

◦ Part I: Interlude House of the Dead
◦ Part II: Chapter Seven Ducal Palace, Companion Overview, Three Old Kegs, Minsc & Dynaheir
◦ Part III: Elfsong Tavern, Sorcerous Sundries, Iron Throne HQ, Flaming Fist HQ, Departing the City Safana & Viconia
◦ Part IV: Chapter Eight Coast Way Crossing Fist Encampment, Dwarves of Dumathoin Corwin, Glint & Edwin
◦ Part V: Coast Way Crossing, Coast Way Forest, M'Khiin, Baeloth & Rasaad
◦ Part VI: Chapter Nine Troll Claw Forest Fist Encampment, Boareskyr Bridge, Jaheira & Voghiln
◦ Part VII: Forest of Wyrms, Temple of Cyric
◦ Part VIII: Bridgefort Besieged Dorn, Neera & Khalid
◦ Part IX: Chapter Ten Coalition Camp
◦ Part X: Dead Man's Pass, Dragonspear Castle (courtyard)
◦ Part XI: Bloodbark Grove & Underground River (approach)
◦ Part XII: Underground River
◦ Part XIII: The Warrens, Dragonspear Basement & Coalition Camp
◦ Part XIV: Chapter Eleven Siege of Dragonspear Castle
◦ Part XV: Chapter Twelve Avernus Belhifet
◦ Part XVI: Chapter Thirteen Finale, The Trial, The Escape & The Ambush

Aesthetic Appreciation: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal

◦  Part I: Districts of Athkatla
◦  Part II: Outskirts & Towns
◦  Part III:  Far-flung Regions
◦  Part IV: Throne of Bhaal
◦  Part V: The Tower versus The Keep

User Interface Evolution

◦ Part I: The Infinity Engine UI: Baldur's Gate & Baldur's Gate II

Poll Madness!

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  1. I have a couple copies each of the original Brady Games Walkthrough. My favorite part is the monster descriptions at the back. Under Demilich, I still recall to this day, that this particular monster deals out death faster than a sub machine gun. It also says something to the effect of "If you can figure out a way to kill this mob, we will give you a job on our strategy staff! We're serious." I am still waiting for my job offer... =)


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