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POLL: What do you think about farming in RPGs?

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   F a r m i n g  i n  R P G s   

Have you ever found yourself engaging in the following repetitive actions while playing an RPG?

• Enter/Exit spam; i.e, jumping in and out of combat zones to rekill the spawns within it - rinse/repeat until satisfied (or godly)?

• Repeatedly resting to provoke on-rest spawns to kill and loot - rinse/repeat?

• Travelling the overworld just to trigger waylays/ambushes - rinse/repeat?

That's what the above poll is about.

Now, sometimes this sort of repetition facilitates highly efficient power progression gains, whether they be statistical, material, or both. By statistical is meant not just the traditional stats but the levels and experience points, as well. And by material is meant gold, items; in fact, any commodity that "drops" (or is absorbed etc. - I'm sure you get me). For simplicity's sake I'm not differentiating between grinding and farming; I've just lumped them together under the head of farming. So, to be clear:

"What are you doing, Lilura?" — "I'm farming for gold / XP / skillpoints / essences / ankheg shells / an ethereal self-repairing sacred armor." — "Get a life, Lilura."

Poll results (yep, no surprises here). Poll was left up for a day or two:

   E x a m p l e s  o f  F a r m i n g  i n  R P G s   
   a n d . . .  T r i v i a  T i m e !   

Do you know the answers to these? Hint: Most of these are classic RPGs that received critical acclaim.

1. Made of flesh that is not their own, and lurking in a cave by the sea. Classic case of highly efficient statistical farming via on-rest spawns (solo maxes lvl in 30 mins flat). Who knows the enemy and game here referred to?
Solved by David M! (Warning: Clicking the link will spoil the answers. See how many you can get, first, and then let me know how you did in the comments section, if you like.)

2. They give you a solid early material boost (dat armorset) and their daggers and darts scale from iron to silver and beyond to keep them relevant as a source of income, whenever you need it. Rest to provoke. These guys were introduced by an expansion. Who are they and what game/expansion are they from?
Solved by Marco Santaro!

3. Killing packs of the cold and cadaverous inside the eye of a dragon, over and over again. This is a lucrative on-rest spawn to farm, at least for a few levels. Who knows the game?
Solved by David Wade!

4. Steampunk questing or overworld killing... The latter yields more wealth and powah, and in far less time. A classic case of overworld leveling and wealth gain. Game?
Solved by David Wade!

5. Epic vamps and ghosts lurking in the vault of a dead god. Highly efficient material and stat-farming via on-rest spawns (several levels in 30 mins). What is the item-type farmed and what is the game?
Solved by David M!

6. Baatezu lingering outside the flophouse. Prime candidate for stat-farming. Also, giant worms and rare greater "somethings" (that may drop godly items even more rarely), both lurking in a subterranean environment. These three are examples of respawns that occur as a result of area transition (enter/exit spam). This is Diabloesque; indeed, it represents a parody on farming. Game, what are the "somethings", and where are they and the worms farmed (name of dungeon)?
Solved by Marco Santaro!

7. Several rats in the basement of a home. And a large, wild feline. I kill the feline and let the rats repeatedly attack me. Armor stat maxed in no time! Game, and in what town does this sordidness take place?
Solved by David M!

8. Floaters, centaurs and aliens don't do well against a party packing gauss rifles. Another classic case of leveling on the overworld. Game?
Solved by Marco Santaro!

9. I find a piece of parchment. I unfurl it to learn its contents, then I unlearn it - rinse repeat for non-trivial experience point gain. What game is this?
Solved by David M!

A cookie to all who participate (Anonymous/Unknown users may post comments). The first person to answer them is the winner and gets their name published in lights!

Update: So, we have the winner of the first lilura1 trivia challenge: congrats to David M for getting 4/9! (tbqh, I didn't think anyone would get no. 7 :P) Thank you to the other participants, too: Marco Santaro and David Wade. Cheers, guys!

Next Poll/Trivia: RPG Companions



  1. David M.May 03, 2017

    1. Baldur's Gate, the Flesh Golems in Black Alaric's Cave. (Aka "the cave I beeline in Baldur's Gate Reloaded for the unlimited Polymorph Self cloak")

    5. Mask of the Betrayer. Essences galore!

    7. Hmm. Do you mean the first Fighters' Guild quest in Oblivion? (It's in Anvil.) But weren't those rats friendly? And wasn't raising Oblivion's armor skills tied to the amount of damage you took per blow?

    9. Really have to wonder how the Baldur's Gate II devs didn't foresee this one.

    1. Hi David,

      Congrats on getting four answers correct so far! The rats were friendly but you could hit one to aggro the pack. And you could heal to offset the damage they inflicted. Which wasn't much but with the amount of hits you take Armor skills-up fast.

  2. 2. Morrowind, Tribunal expansion, to be exact: these are the Dark Brotherhood assassins.

    6. PS: Torment is the game, Undersigil is the place with larval worms, and the Greater Glabrezu is the rare spawn that gives rare exceptional loot.

    8. Fallout 2. This was really easy, despite the fact that centaurs appears in all games, gauss rifle were introduced only in the 2nd!

    Sadly I don't know the other answers! :(

    1. Yep, those three are correct! Let's see who gets the last two. My clues are pretty poor but hopefully someone can answer.

      How many would you have answered correctly - I'm guessing 5 or 6?

    2. I honestly did not remember the #7 despite playing that game a lot and finishing it more than once (and this is something I rarely do)

      #4: Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura! I should have known that but I admit I never tried the overworld killing thing, because that's a game where you easily hit the maximum level long before the end.

    3. True that. Anyway, now you know how cheesy I am sometimes. :P

    4. Also not many steampunk rpgs, and of those only Arcanum has a world map, I think...but I wasn't sure.

      I admit I am not fond of farming, if next time there'll be a trivia quiz on pregens/main characters (for example) I'll do better ;)

    5. Ok then, next poll/trivia will be on RPG companions.

  3. #3 Sounds like Icewind Dale. Lots of cold wights in the Eye of the Dragon dungeon.

  4. I'll also take a wild guess at #4: Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura?

    1. Yay! You are correct on both accounts! Thank you for participating.

      So, we have the winner of the first lilura1 trivia challenge: congrats to David M for getting 4/9.


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