Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Who is your fave NEUTRAL companion in the Baldur's Gate series?

Thank you to all those who voted on the Good and Evil polls: you have impeccable taste 💖

To recap, Edwin won the EVIL poll (60 votes, 30% of votes) but he was neck and neck with Viconia, who garnered 58! So really, they were both winners. Sarevok came in a distant 3rd with 16 votes. It seems Xzar and Tiax are not as popular as they once were (5 and 9 votes). The biggest loser was Eldoth (1 vote).

As expected, Minsc easily took out the GOOD poll (68 votes, 35% of votes). Imoen came in 2nd with 35 votes. Mazzy and Keldorn were surprisingly popular, imo (they beat Aerie by one vote to claim 3rd place with 17 votes each). The biggest losers were Ajantis and Voghiln (0 votes).

Now for the Final pollNEUTRAL

So yeah, Who is your fave NEUTRAL companion in the Baldur's Gate series? The poll is embedded on the right sidebar so smartphone users may have to switch to full view to see it. Please note that these are proper Google polls: I can't edit the options or manipulate the votes. So, here they are!

Companion polls complete. Scroll down to see results!
   T h e  1 5  C o n t e n d e r s   

These are the two of the three Neutral companions introduced by Beamdog in the EE/SoD (thanks to klem for pointing out that I forgot to add in Wilson the grizzly bear):

   R e s u l t s  o f  t h e  G O O D  P o l l   

   R e s u l t s  o f  t h e  E V I L  P o l l   


  1. I voted for Haer Dalis on this one. Also there is Wilson but i guess he doesnt counts cause he is a bear.

    1. I meant to look into whether to put him in or not, but then just forgot about him entirely. Sorry to any Wilson fans out there!

  2. My favourite neutral companion will always be Jaheira...only because Safana and Haer'Dalis are presente in one game only. Well I find interesting how Jaheira changes during the adventures (for the same reason I voted Imoen before).

    Haer'Dalis is a cool character and I think that most people underestimated his usefulness. Many people also don't like him because he's a bard and you also have to do a complex quest just to have him!

    I'a bit torn about Xan...I tried to like him but... I couldn't! Oh yes he has a pretty cool sword but I don't think he needs it at all. ^^'

    1. Well, Jaheira/Jan won the poll so that's ok by me. Poll results were pretty much as expected, with no real surprises.

      And yep, Xan's Moonblade is mostly just for the cool factor but it can help him get 100% fire resistance (to center fireballs on himself).

    2. I've read that Xan has some interesting dialogues with Viconia, but I never use her, so... I don't know.

      I admit I usually do the same things every time I play (take Minsc, be a good guy and save Dynaheir, etc...), but for a change I'm going to play a CN blade and try different companions (I plan to take Edwin and kill Dyna).

  3. Can't see the entries by month plugin. It's an error or is intentional? Was very useful to navigate through your blog :/

    1. Ok, Archive and Labels gadgets are back up.


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