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Who is your fave GOOD companion in the Baldur's Gate series?

Previous post: Aesthetic Appreciation of Baldur's Gate 2.

Poll is closed: Minsc wins! NEUTRAL poll is up. Take me to it.
Thank you to all who voted on the previous poll: you have impeccable taste. 💖 Now, as a logical follow-up to the previous poll (see results for EVIL at the end of this post) this second one is also unimaginative but at least it may bring back some fond memories. So yeah, Who is your fave GOOD companion in the Baldur's Gate series? (Poll is embedded into right sidebar.)

   T h e  1 8  C o n t e n d e r s   

I would have posted portraits for the Beamdog companions, but I couldn't find the Siege of Dragonspear ones in the usual way with Near Infinity (under bmp etc.), and I couldn't find what bif they were packed in, either, within a reasonable time-frame. So I'm just gonna post their character sheets from my walkthrough.

(Again, I'm not taking into account alignment shifts. I didn't count Caelar Argent because she is only temp.)

   R e s u l t s  f r o m  t h e  p r e v i o u s  p o l l   

Can you guess what my third poll will be? :P



  1. Great poll, Lilura! My favourite in this poll is Aerie, she is so cute and fragile! Faster than Chiktikka Fastpaws!

  2. Aerie for this, no question. Still my favorite BioWare character of all times, although the very similar Tali comes quite close.

  3. I liked Aerie as well. But I had to say Imoen. Scary that the original plan was to kill her in Skyhold. Amazing how Minsc is running away with this. Honestly, I used to send him and Khalid to RNG death at the hands of archers or basilisks. Easier to make room for the characters I needed then. :P

    1. lolSkyhold. Someone's been playing Dragon Age!

      Also, "My wings!" But yeah, it's pretty hard not to love Aerie and Immy. I didn't think Mazzy and Keldorn would get a look-in in this poll, but there you go.

    2. Oh carp. SPELLHOLD. Yes yes. SHAME on me.

      I liked both Mazzy and Keldorn too. Only way to find personality in Valygar was to have him, Mazzy and Aerie in party together.

    3. I guess that's something to explore in my next playthrough; thanks!

  4. This time I'm quite sure that Minsc wins hands down: he and maybe Jaheira are the most popular characters, especially in Bg2.

    Anyway I prefer Imoen, for storyline reasons, not as a character. Ironically her kidnapping is probably the reason why many people doesn't use her in Bg2, while for me is exactly the reason to have her in the team.

    I like a lot Aerie too, especially with Heardalis in the team. Her romance is hilarious, too!

    1. Aerie is the darling of the series, with Jaheira being the greatest companion of them all, imo. I'll be surprised if she doesn't win the upcoming, Neutral poll, by a wide margin. It would be interesting to do "A big three poll - evil, good and neutral", with Edwin Minsc and Jaheira facing off.

      And yeah, Imoen is a must-have because she's integral to the plot. Sarevok in ToB, too. Other than that, I guess Yoshimo is fairly important in SoA, too (the betrayal scene).

    2. Well neutral is tricky, I've many characters I like: Haer'Dalis, Branwen, Safana... also Anomen is interesting, with his quest and alignment change. But yes, Jaheira is always one of the first characters you meet, and she's also a good addition to any party.

      Despite that I'm sure that Minsc would win any contest, he and Boo are the characters everyone knows and remembers.

      Well it's funny: you mentioned the exact reasons why most people I know ditch Yoshimo (the betrayal) and Imoen (the kidnapping) and they usually prefer hiring other characters (like Jan, if they need a rogue). I guess most players prefer using the same characters from the beginning to the end.

    3. You know how many times I didn't take Yoshimo? lol. I think I only saw the betrayal once. And no way would I prefer Jan to Imoen. Nalia was a bit trickier. It was hard to justify both Nalia and Imoen, as they were outright clones (intentionally).

    4. Well, yeah. If you know in advance that Yoshi is gonna leave the party, then you might think twice about letting him leech party experience from Chateau to Skyhold.

      Skyhold Imoen can get back up to speed if you save lots of spell scrolls for her.

      I take Nalia, Imoen, Aerie, Jaheira and Jan pretty often for lots of spellcasting power.

    5. Skyhold??? :P
      (oh I remember that in DA there's mentioned a certain Nalia, Senior Enchanter, what a coincidence!)

      Yes, Imoen and Nalia are almost clones, but hey, Imoen is a bhaalspawn and Nalia is snooty girl, so there's no contest.

      Yoshimo is a very useful character, and I need an empty space to take Imoen, so it's an ok choice. The problem is that a lot of people hate finding Imoen underleveled.

    6. It also depends on how much Chapter 2/3 exploration you do before Skyhold; like, if you beeline to Chapter 4 then Imoen shouldn't be far off party level. And then you can do the exploration when you get back from the Underdark. I admit, most people don't do that, though.

    7. Hm interesting, because I was sure that everyone would do every single sidequest before heading to Sky... Spellhold!
      You know, in many games if you do not do them asap, they usually disappear, so this is a common habit.

      Also I always fear to go there too early since we know that Bg2 does not scale.
      At what level do you think I can do the Spellhold part as early as possible?

    8. There is a lil' bit of encounter scaling in BG2... like, if you go to Sky... Spellhold early there won't be a lich (just some lowly mummies or something).

      But that's just for a few generic spawns. Custom spawns (like a named dragon) don't scale in any way, shape or form; f.e, Firkraag is Firkraag, and that's that. Which is why some people leave him for post-Underdark. It's not like Oblivion level scaling, thank god.

      You can go to Spellhold right away; I don't foresee too many problems (though a new player could certainly hit a brick wall).

    9. I would typically save every spare scroll for Imoen. Then have a scribing party when she rejoined. I used to at least try to pseudo-roleplay how I quested. Which meant I didn't always go everywhere. And while I might save certain unfinished business (Firkraag) for post-Underdark. I would rarely do loads of exploration. Dire lack of soul and all.


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