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Dual-Class-capable Companions in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2: Shar-Teel

Dual-Class-capable Companions in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2: Shar-Teel

Continuing from: Dual-Class-capable Companions in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2Xzar. See also: Guide to Dual-classing.

Shar-Teel Dosan: Fighter / Thief Dual-Class

In dual-classing Shar-Teel to Thief, there are basically three choices available to us:

Fighter 2nd (2,000 XP). Downtime is a trifling 2,500 XP. So yeah, Shar-Teel becomes a full-time Thief (maxing at 250 thief utility skillpoints + x4 backstab modifier), and the Fighter levels bestow a few advantages over pure Thieves; namely, Specialization in Large Sword and Small Sword (THAC0 +1, dmg +1 and +½ ApR over pure Thief Proficiency: Twinkle and Dagger of Venom), exceptional 18/58 Strength (and the ability to wear the Gauntlets of Ogre Power for 18/00 along with the ability to quaff potions of Strength up to and including Storm 24), and the ability to wear a helm to ward off the double damage incurred by crits. Due to an exploit, she can also Stealth in full plate. THAC0 caps out at 13 for what becomes Fighter (2) / Thief (9).

Fighter 6th (32,000 XP). Downtime is 40,000 XP. For that we net +4 Fighter HD, High Mastery (+2 THAC0 and +2 dmg over Specialization) and a one-point THAC0 reduction (+2 from HM) while maintaining 250 thief utility skillpoints and the maximum backstab multiplier available to us in BG (x4). Thus, Shar-Teel becomes Fighter (6) / Thief (9). Solid.

Fighter 7th (64,000 XP). Downtime is a less comfortable 70,000 XP. We receive +1 Fighter HD and another one point THAC0 reduction, but the prime reason behind this dual is to trade in one point of backstab modifier and 20 thief utility skillpoints for that juicy 7th level +½ ApR Warrior bonus. Thus, Shar-Teel becomes Fighter (7) / Thief (8). This is more of a frontline option, though you might have to be careful due to Shar-Teel's average Constitution score. Employ flanking or just spec her for Bow in addition to your fave backstabbing weapon. But with that solid Dex adjustment to AC, I wouldn't be overly concerned about squaring up, tbqh.

You can't go wrong with either of these options.

For more info on thieves and thieving, I kindly refer the reader to my Imoen entry as well as Part II of my BG retrospective.


  1. Shar-Teel is perhaps BG's most obvious candidate for dual-classing in that her low CON renders her dubiously qualified as the front-line fighter she was apparently intended to be. If not going for 6+ levels I would probably dual-class her at Level 3 rather than 2, for an extra weapon proficiency point and maybe a few extra HP, without increasing the downtime very much.

    1. Good point. Added your comment into the body of the post. I found that Shar-Teel can be very hard to recruit in the early going, when it is all-too-easy to kill her, be killed by her, or take too much damage, in the duel (if you didn't die but took too much damage, you have to heal up and pay 20 GP to duel her again). Also, she kept going for Montaron instead of Khalid. Moreover, after the duel, you have to be quick to cancel the auto-attack, or she will go hostile. So yeah, not easy. :P


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