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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part VIII

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part VIII

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part VII)

   C H A P T E R  N I N E F I N A L E   

We are en route to Boareskyr Bridge from the Forest of Wyrms, having retrieved the wardstone in the Ruined Temple of Bhaal. Waylay aside, the entirety of this post is given over to the Siege of Bridgefort, its aftermath, and the events that lead to Chapter Ten.

   W a y l a y  Z o n e   
(AR BD0066)

This is the third waylay zone I have covered. The conspicuous gaping hole in the ground was caused by explosive wizardry, soon to be revealed as the result of an arcane duel between Irenicus and archmage Valeriss of Suldanessellar. Guess who lost.

Slay the surface loiterers and climb down into the crater...
Goblin Chieftain (+250 Exp), Goblin Witch Doctor (+500 Exp), Goblin Veteran x2 (+30 Exp ea), Goblin Sharpshooter x2 (+30 Exp ea), Goblin Warrior x6 (+15 Exp ea), Goblin Archer x6 (+15 Exp ea), Ankheg x3 (+975 Exp ea, Ankheg Shell x3), Snake (+175 Exp), Bombardier Beetle x2 (+120 Exp ea).
Loot: Composite Longbow +1, Arrow of Piercing (20), Arrows +2 (20), other trivial stuff.

   L a i r  o f  F u n g i   
(AR BD0067)

Slice n dice the mushrooms and pick the place clean of loot: look carefully on the ground.
Shrieker x2 (+175 Exp ea), Red Myconid x6 (+420 Exp ea), Blue Myconid (+650 Exp), Boring Beetle x2 (+175 Exp ea).

Loot: Spell Breaker +2 (long sword, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, save vs. Spell +4 [Wizslayers & Inquisitors], +2 [others], on-hit critical: Dispel Magic on target), Elven Chainmail (minor thief skill penalties, does not disable spellcasting), Star Sapphire, Lower Resistance, Teleport Field & Minor Spell Deflection scrolls, Letter to Valeriss.

Very, very cool. Ok, the party returns to the crusader camp!
   B R I D G E F O R T  —  B E S I E G E D   
   C r u s a d e r  C a m p — B o a r e s k y r  B r i d g e   
(AR BD2000)

The Sergeant guarding the perimeter will now grant you access to the camp, though if you executed Keherrem and co. you may have some explaining to do... (Completed Quest: The Missing Patrol, +3,000 quest experience for each party member).
Note: Talk to the chicken at the gate to have a Dusty Chicken transferred to your inventory. This can be used later.
Loot: Troll-Tender's Journal, Tepid Mug of Ale.

Now, to the situation at hand: The Siege. Caelar's crusaders have taken Boareskyr Bridge and are currently besieging Bridgefort, a high-walled fort with its drawbridge raised in defiance of the assault. The Bridgefortians are holed up inside, but some defenders are firing arrows from the courtyard. The Barghest, a Half-orc veteran of the Dragonspear Wars, is overseeing the siege from behind arrow-slitted barriers; his archers firing volley after volley over the walls. It seems the nearby catapult destroyed part of the wall, too. Basically, the Bridgefortians are hard-pressed and unlikely to hold out, but there is no need to hurry because the siege is not "timed".
Note: Those who like sieges in RPGs should check out The Aielund Saga for NWN; see here.

March up to Kharm the dwarf and collect your 250 GP reward IF you saved his nephew, Keherrem. If not, you of course get nothing. Now, this may seem dangerous, but inform Kharm that you have the wardstone in your possession. He is thoroughly impressed and entrusts you to activate the portal with it in order to gain EZ entry to the fort's interior. (Quest: Down with the Drawbridge). Of course, once inside he expects you to lower the drawbridge for the crusaders; however, you are not committed to betrayal of the Bridgefortians at this point. But before we enter the fort, let's scope out the rest of the camp!

The Barghest, Revered Brother Hormorn, Vichand (Red Wizard of Thay) and Delgar Munsch have little of interest to say at this point. Mage Oloneiros is on the lookout for "Charname, the Bhaalspawn", but it's impossible to blow your cover unless you willfully reveal your identity and provoke her wrath - in which case the entire camp turns hostile (as it also does if you call Kharm "a filthy cur"). Oloneiros has magically warded the gate to the bridge itself, so there is no getting past it until she is dealt with.
Reminder: At any point you may simply attack the crusaders and liberate the fort; however, in doing so you will miss out on content.

   D o r n  I l - K h a n   

At the southern end of the camp you will find Dorn Il-Kharn locked in a cage. Free and recruit him, if you like (+6,000 Exp).

Like Minsc, Dorn Il-Khan is a conventional tank and physical-based damage dealer. But he is stronger and superior, overall. Give him a set of full plate and have him wield Rancor +1, Sword of Ruin +2 or World's Edge +3. Yep, pretty straightforward kinda guy.

Dorn's default weapon proficiencies: Two-Handed Sword (Specialized).
Dorn's default skills: Lore (11), Turn Undead (6).
Dorn's custom equipment: Rancor +1 etc.
Dorn's Perks: Aura of Despair (in this level range the enemy suffers 2 point penalties to AC, THAC0 and damage for 1 turn), Absorb Health, Poison Weapon.

With wardstone in hand make your way to the east of Bridgefort and step onto the teleporting circle. The party will find themselves magically transported inside the fort! (+5,000 experience points for each party member.)

   B r i d g e f o r t — I n t e r i o r   
(AR BD2100)

Your arrival is announced to Khalid, who will leave his post in the courtyard to meet with you, inside. Inform this reluctant leader that your party is Fist-backed, that you intend to liberate Bridgefort, and that your mission is to march to Dragonspear Castle to confront Caelar. In turn, Khalid reveals that the crusaders are laying siege to the fort in order to claim its supplies. He then requests two things of you: Speak with Jegg Hillcarver about the supplies, and speak with Wynan Hess about the fort's defenses.

Jegg is the blacksmith of Bridgefort. She will hatch a plan to destroy the supplies IF you decide to surrender the fort to the crusaders (Quest: Desperate Defenders). You may also request that she forge items from your Dragon Scales & Rhino Beetle Shell. Only ONE item may be forged from each component: it's either the armor OR shield, not both.

Dragon Scales: Dragonscale Armor (AC 4, Immunity: Poison) or Dragonscale Shield +3 (AC +4, Save vs. Death +3).

Rhino Beetle Shell: Rhino Beetle Plate (AC 1, Missile Damage Resistance +25%) or Rhino Beetle Shield (AC 3, +2 bonus vs. missile attacks, Missile Damage Resistance +15%).
Note: She does not seem to recognize Ankheg Shells (remember Thunderhammer? ;)

Request Jegg also make a suit of armor for M'Khinn: Jegg's Leathers +2 (AC 5, Cold & Fire resistance +20%, M'Khiin only).

Choice items offered by Jegg: Assortment of +1 and +2 weapons, armors & shields, Rhyte's Last Arrow (throwing axe, THAC0 +2, dmg +3, crit chance +5%, on crit hit wielder gains non-cumulative THAC0 +5 for 3 rounds), Stalwart Scale +2 (AC 2, slashing resistance +10%), Steadfast +2 (buckler, AC +3, HPs +10 [dwarves], +5 [other]).
Note: Jegg will also be at the Coalition Camp in Chapter Ten, providing you did not betray the camp.

Hoach Randymonk is Glint's uncle, and a cobbler (Companion Quest: Keep a lookout for Glint's relatives). Remember the Boot and a Half of Speed that you found in Tsolak's tomb? Well, for 1,000 GP Hoach can restore them to the Boots of Speed (doubles movement rate), one of the most valuable items in the BG Series.

   N e e r a  t h e  W i l d  M a g e   
You might like to SHUT Neera UP by recruiting her at this point - before her madness drives you nuts!

My Neera is ready for action because I scribed almost every scroll to her spellbook during our adventures in the original campaign - in which she was my primary spellcaster.

Neera's Custom equipment: If you didn't strip her of items at the Interlude's conclusion, she should have them on her person.
Neera's Default Skills (at time of recruitment): Lore (34).
Choice spells chosen: Neera maintains her spellbook from BG:EE.
Neera's Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger (Proficient), Quarterstaff (Proficient).

Note: Upon exiting the fort Neera will interject to request you find components for her potion; they are: Dead water from beneath Boareskyr Bridge (which she has already), the leg of a seven-legged spider, feather from a Planetar's wing, some belladonna, a Potion of Perception, and the juice of one turnip. (Companion Quest: The Call of the Wild Mage.) You should already have the Potion of Perception and the Giant Spider Leg in your possession. We shall have three of the five items when we pinch the Planetar Feather (see Vichand).

Ok! The other person Khalid requested we speak with is the mage, Wynan Hess. He's the noisy guy busily casting spells in order to maintain the fort's wards. But suddenly the whole of Bridgefort shakes with an arcane attack, knocking everyone to the floor and insta-killing three NPCs: Kendra, Herdren and Lexa! The party is also level-drained by one level UNLESS they were warded with Negative Energy Protection beforehand. Don't worry about this, though: the party will be restored soon. Follow Wynan upstairs and over to the spellstone, a "boulder inscribed with mystical sigils" that weakens all within its proximity - eventually to the point of death! Wynan (or in my case, Dynaheir) will explain the need to find the original enchanter's scroll in order to neutralize the spellstone.

Return to the crusader camp and approach and intimidate Vichand for the Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom. You may now further intimidate him into silence, render him unconscious or simply slay him on the spot (unbeknownst to the crusaders). Alternatively, WAIT until the Red Wizard leaves his wagon to receive a blessing from Hormorn, then slay the guard and loot the wagon for the scroll (and Planetar's Feather, for Neera's personal quest). 
Vichand (+1,400 Exp, Wand of Paralyzation, 3 charges), Crusader Guard (+650 Exp).

Either way, deliver the scroll to Wynan and have him cast it on the spellstone to remove its level-draining aura. Now, slay the dark wraith that manifests from the boulder (Completed Quest: The Creeping Darkness, +3,000 Exp for each party member).
Wraith (+2,000 Exp).

Loot the neutralized spellstone for Voidstone Shards (i.e, click on the stone three times). Now, take them to Jegg and have her forge you ONE of the following:

Voidsword +3 (longsword, THAC0 +3, +3 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune, to-hit and dmg Str bonus does not apply to this weapon).
Voidhammer +3 (warhammer, THAC0 +3, +4 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune, to-hit and dmg Str bonus does not apply to this weapon).
Void-tipped Arrow +3 (x80, THAC0 +3, +3 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune).
Bullet of Darkness +3 (x80, THAC0 +3, +4 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune). 
Ok, we have now fulfilled Khalid's two requirements, but there are other things to do in Bridgefort before we report to him.

Pick up the bodies of Kendra, Herdren and Lexa and place them on the altar behind Junia, a priest. She will thank you and request that you inform Kendra's brother of her death. This brother, Tharantis, is a courtyard guard. He will in turn request that you bring him Kendra's Chain. Now, Junia suspects Ymori is the thief; however, he is nowhere to be seen. Head outside and north along the eastern side of the fort to the goblin cave. You will notice bloodied corpses on the path veering left from its entrance. Slay the undead that spawn, and loot the wight's corpse for some goodies and Ymori's head - the symbol of Velsharoon carved into the scalp. 
Kendra's Chain (amulet, slashing resistance +5%), Herdrin's Short Sword +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, crit hit chance +10%), Ymori's Head.
Wight (+1,400 Exp), Zombie x6 (+65 Exp ea).

Return to Junia and expose her as a priest of the necromantic god, Velsharoon. She will turn hostile and animate the altar corpses into wights. Once "slain" she reveals her true self, a ghast that must be cut down if you are to vanquish her, utterly.
Jania (+975 Exp), Ghastly Jania (+1,000 Exp, Lexa's Ring, Club +1, High Quality Medium Shield [AC +1]) Wight x3 (+1,400 Exp ea).

Return to Tharantis and inform him of your recovery of his sister's necklace. Take your pick:

  • Deliver the necklace and he will thank you for avenging his sister (Rep +1, 3,000 Exp).
  • Demand 50 GP for the necklace. He will cough it up and call you a treacherous swine and a vulture (Rep -1, +3,000 Exp, 50 GP).
  • Tell him that 50 GP is not enough, and that you're gonna find another buyer (Rep -1). He will turn hostile and you will be forced to slay him and the adjacent guards. Tharantis (+650 Exp, Protection From Petrification scroll, 50 GP), Bridgefort Defender x2 (+450 Exp ea).
(Completed Quest: Tender of the Dead).

Next up, speak with Elandro and Thirrim in the rear of the courtyard. Elandro is fearful of the siege and Caelar's Crusade. The resolution is dependent on the time of day.

  • Speak with them by day: Calm down Elandro and reason with him about the emotion of fear (+6,000 Exp).
  • Speak with them by night: Elandro's fear will cause a creature of nightmares to manifest. Slay the Greater Feyr for +13,000 Exp.
  • Note that Thirrim is also a vendor who sells several potions that you should find useful.
(Completed Quest: The Fear).

   B r e a k i n g  t h e  S i e g e   
   (O n e  w a y  o r  t h e  o t h e r )   

Ok, this is it! Assuming you have left your options open (i.e, by not already taking the crusaders head-on) and have spoken with Hess & Hillcarver, you may now advise Khalid on how to proceed with breaking the Siege. There are two basic options: attack the crusaders or negotiate a surrender. There is also a third option that is (logically) not presented in dialogue with Khalid: betray the Bridgefortians. There are variations on the attack, surrender and betrayal courses of action. I shall attempt to cover the basics and a few variations, but I make no claims to completeness: Experiment!

   A t t a c k  t h e  C r u s a d e r s   

Right here, right now. Have Khalid rally the Bridgefortian defenders into attacking without the backing of the Flaming Fist. A large battle will ensue in which the party of Charname and a dozen defenders are pitted against a horde of Crusaders - about two-score in number. The Fist will eventually flank from the eastern gate (a baker's dozen in number).
Order Khalid to hold off until you return with Fist backing. Travel to the Fist camp and order Lieutentant Otilda to assemble the troops in order to strike in concert with the defenders of Bridgefort. You may choose to begin battle alongside either the Fist or the Defenders. Again, a large battle is waged but this time on two fronts; and this time with double the allied number.
Note: Khalid may join the party at this point (The Harper himself is covered later in this post, after my treatment of the Siege).
Feigned negotiation. Attempt to turn the tables by demanding The Barghest's surrender, or simply attack after the surrender is accepted. You will have Bridgefort backing when the battle begins.
Order Mari to lower the drawbridge, or else (i.e, death threat). She will comply. Now, reveal your identity to Oloneiros or threaten The Barghest. Either way, the battle begins and you do NOT have Bridgefort backing.

The Barghest (+3,000 Exp): Chill Axe +2 (axe, Strength +1, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, cold +1, 2% chance per hit Berserk 2 rounds [wielder])Full Plate Armor, Large Shield +1, Potion of Power.
Oloneiros (+5,000 Exp): Staff Spear +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +3), Bracers of Defense AC 6, Traveler's Robe, Asp's Nest +1 (x40, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, Poison +1 per 3 secs for 2 turns), Cloak of Protection +1, Wand of Frost (3 charges).
Hormorn (+3,000 Exp): Wand of Fire (2 charges), Wand of the Heavens (2 charges), Sling +1, Knave's Robe.
Vichand (+1,400 Exp).
Kharm (+1,400 Exp): Plate Mail, Helmet of Charm Protection (Immunity: Charm), Halberd +2.
Keherrem (+420 Exp): His badge was a quest item for the Missing Patrol, covered in Part VII.
Delgar Munsch (+975 Exp).
Scrubs: Mercenary x9 (+650 Exp ea), Crusader Sergeant x2 (+975 Exp ea), Crusader Elite x2 (+650 Exp ea), Crusader Archer x4 (+420 Exp ea), Crusader x5 (+420 Exp ea), Crusader Recruit x9 (+275 Exp ea), Crusader Guard x5 (+420 Exp ea), Bridge Guard x2 (+275 Exp ea).

   N e g o t i a t e   a   S u r r e n d e r   

Recruit Khalid and allow him to negotiate with The Barghest. Jegg will inform you that the supplies have been destroyed. Events run smoothy if this course is chosen - and Corwin is gobsmacked.
Conceal your identity during the negotiation. Events play out as above.
Reveal your identity during the negotiation. Oloneiros will protest your release and attack the party once the drawbridge is lowered, but the Barghest will uphold his vow and summarily slay her for insubordination (*chunk*).

   B e t r a y  t h e  B r i d g e f o r t i a n s   

Pickpocket the drawbridge key from Mari. Inform The Barghest that you lowered the drawbridge as per Kharm's instructions (Rep -2). Conceal your identity and the Crusaders will take Bridgefort. Corwin will express her displeasure and challenge your decision, after the fact. Bence Duncan will also be unhappy with how things played out.

Either way, the siege on Bridgefort has been resolved! *This post to be updated with any consequences felt later in the campaign. 
One consequence I've discovered so far: If you betray the fort Jegg will NOT be at the Coalition Camp in Chapter Ten. This means you won't be able to buy from her or have her forge items for you.

   S i e g e  A f t e r m a t h   

Once the camp has been decimated the crusade will fall back and retreat across Boareskyr Bridge, planting barrels of explosives in a repeat of their tactic on the Coast Way Crossing. With the demise of Oloneiros the western gate is de-warded and may be taken to the bridge. Slay the seven crusaders preparing to detonate the barrels; then, return to camp.
Crusader Mage (+2,000 Exp), Crusader x4 (+420 Exp ea), Crusader Archer x2 (+420 Exp ea).
Skie and Bence Duncan will meet you back in camp, but they have nothing of interest to report. Duncan and the Fist intend to follow you across the bridge. Gather your party, and venture forth.

   V i s i o n s  o f  G o d s   

As you cross the bridge you will experience a vision of Cyric slaying Bhaal (this is where it happened).

The Hooded Man, Irenicus, will now approach:

   C h a p t e r  N i n e  F i n a l e — O v e r   

(I swear, this post does NOT want to end...) Anyway, there is a well on the other side of the bridge. Lower the Dusty Chicken into the well to have the Little Wanderer approach (+3,000 Exp).
Throw in 100 GP: Heals the party.
Throw in a weapon: A water elemental appears and turns hostile. When slain it yields a random +1 weapon or set of armor (Well Spirit, +3,000 Exp).

   K h a l i d   

I love this guy. In the original campaign he can be specced into a lordly archer who outshoots even Kivan. However, most people will prefer him to take on the role of tank and melee damage dealer; and, as with Minsc and Dorn, there is no difficulty in equipping him accordingly.

Khalid intends to gift Jaheira a necklace for their Anniversary (Journal: Anniversary Gift). Give him the first component he needs: Spider Web (silk).

Khalid's Default Skills: Lore (10).
Khalid's Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (Mastery), Longbow (Specialization), Axe (Proficient).
Khalid's Custom equipment: If you didn't strip him of items at the Interlude's conclusion, he should have them on his person. If he was never in your party: Full Plate Armor, Gift of Peace aka Helm of Defense, Longsword +1, Longbow +1, Ring of Protection +1, Medium Shield +1, Cloak of the Wolf: Relair's Mistake, Girdle of Bluntness.
Perks: Cowardice.
Next Up -    C H A P T E R  T E N   



  1. Great job on this walkthrough so far :) I just ran into the camp "wands blazing" and didn't really realize that there were quests I could do for Khalid :)

    1. Thanks, neuro. And yeah, this segment of the campaign presented a few more options than I expected. There are likely a few things I overlooked, too (this is my first playthrough).

  2. If you didn't use Khalid or Neera in the main campaign, they will die when you talk to Wynan Hess. Because they are lvl 1 and will lose a levet(die).
    U can cast Negative Plane Protection on them or change their lvl in EEkeeper, before talking to the mage.
    Nice walkthrough by the way

    1. AnonymousMay 23, 2016

      This must have been patched since I never took Neera in the party and she did not die after I talked to Wynan Hess and the catapult stone hit.

  3. AnonymousMay 04, 2016

    Excellent Work!!! Thank you for your hard work! Waiting on the last chapter!

  4. AnonymousMay 05, 2016

    Dead water from under the bridge? She never mentioned this to me and I am already in the coalition camp. So this means I am fucked right?

    1. You should be ok. Neera explains she already has that component. There are only five items you need to find.

    2. AnonymousMay 07, 2016

      Ah tyvm. I had a bug it seems. I had to recruit her first, before giving the last item to her, if I wanted her to finish the potion.
      However she mentions a hill to the north where we need to go to help that mage inside her head. I explored everything except the caverns in the underground river and I couldn't find that location, or at least she isn't telling me anything about it. Could you tell me where is the location she's mentioning?

  5. Awesome walktrought, it helped me a lot. Can't wait for the rest, but in meanwhile. Can someone help me with quest? The one where you have to collect 5 things from crusaders camp. It somehow dissapered from my notes and I have completly no idea what to do. Where are the items that I need?

  6. AnonymousMay 09, 2016

    Hi, can you mehlp me with something? I want to recruite Khalid but can't find him at the coalition camp. I know he was alive, since I ordered him to join the battle after I bring the Flaming Fists, any idea where he can be at the camp?

    1. In that situation, and assuming he survived the battle, he will be standing in the Crusader camp, just where Hormorn conducted the blessings. If you didn't speak with him there, he should still be at the Coalition camp, standing with the other party members at the Party Encampment (large bonfire to the south). If not there, he probably died during the battle.

  7. AnonymousMay 13, 2016

    I found another mini-quest on this map:

    After neutralizing the level-draining spellstone, I could interact with it to scrape off a few shards from it.

    I brought the shards to Jegg, and she offered to forge something from them. I believe the choices were a sword, a hammer, some arrows, or some sling bullets.

    I chose the sword, and this is what I got:

  8. Hey Lilura, i appreciate this blog a lot. Have you ever tought about doing a let's play about the Baldecaran series Cave of songs+Honor among thieves+Prophet trilogy with a single character?

    1. Yes, I have. I actually began to recount both CoS and HAT (didn't post as yet), and hope to return to it when I have the time.

  9. I apologize for this double post, but this morning i created this topic about a "Honor Among Thieves" Let's Play by Willy Wonka (i don't know if he's part of the community)on youtube. Now, Werelynx is looking for help in order to upload these kind of videos (NWN modules) in the NWVault media category. I'm not sure i would be able to provide some help right now, but if you're interested i'm pretty sure he would be glad. This is the link to the topic with the proposal by Werelynx:

    1. Hi Esarn, I don't really do vid-based Let's Plays. I just sometimes use vids to supplement my written ones (as I did with Snow Hunt and Bastard of Kosigan). Sorry, but I also don't have time to create media pages on the Vault: I have too much on my plate, as is.

  10. Hello! Thank you for all your work on this guide. It's by far the best one out there. Any idea when you will post Part IX? I eagerly await your next installment.

  11. AnonymousMay 31, 2016

    Hey, whats up? Where is chapter ten...Come on, don't make us wait so long, there's no updates about three weeks. Please continue with this work, in my opinion is a amazing walkthrough, the best I've seen so far for SoD. Greetings from Brazil, see ya.

  12. Thanks for the kind words, guys! I'm just taking a break for a while.

  13. GallowglassJuly 24, 2016

    @lilura on Khalid - "I love this guy. In the original campaign he can be specced into a lordly archer who outshoots even Coran. However, most people will prefer him to take on the role of tank and melee damage dealer". A lot of players apparently dislike Khalid, but I agree with you that he's actually very useful. Like yourself, I typically develop him as an archer when he's in my party for the original campaign.

    NEVERTHELESS, it's a misleading exaggeration to say that Khalid can even out-shoot Coran, that's not true. By putting both of his level-up proficiencies into Longbow, Khalid can end up marginally better than Kivan (thus eventually making him the second-best archer among the original campaign's NPCs), but he can never quite catch up to Coran. (But yes, the differences are small, and all three are very good archers.)

    Note that I'm not considering each NPC's various other capabilities, I'm just comparing their ranged THAC0 and damage, i.e. capability purely as an archer. Obviously their other features are very relevant when choosing your party, but that's not my point here.

    1. Yeah, I meant to type Kivan in repeat of what I said in the archery section of my in-depth retrospective.

      Thanks for picking up on that. Fixed!

  14. GallowglassJuly 25, 2016

    There's an alternative resolution to the "Tender of the Dead" quest, which may be relevant if (for example) you're managing your party's REP carefully (which is often important with a mixed-alignment party).

    If you report to Tharantis (and give him Kendra's necklace) *before* confronting Junia, then you avoid both +1 REP and -1 REP (although you also avoid +3000xp, unfortunately). When you subsequently confront Junia, the quest still registers completion.

  15. When talking to Vichand, I got the option to trick him into giving me the scroll so I could study it. Probably since I'm a mage(FMT). Perhaps 18 charisma also helps.. I got no chance to silently kill him though so threatening seems the better option.
    I also could do the cleansing myself and nobody needed to explain the boulder, the result didn't change though.

    And when I assaulted the siege camp, no matter how I did it, the Flaming fists and the Bridgefort defenders always joined in. I wanted all that juicy XP for myself but they all wanted a part of MY xp. Greedy bastards..

    The elemtal in the well gave me a +2 battle axe. Not that it mattered.

  16. Why is everyone talking about what happened on the Boardeskyr Bridge as though I did somehthing wrong?"

    The smith who makes you the voidstone items said "I'm not sure how good it is to see you. I heard what happened on the Boardeskyr bridge."

    What did I do wrong? I fought with Khalid's group, and got the Flaming Fist to help me.

    1. You fell down while crossing the bridge and burned the symbol of an evil god into it, remember?

      You didn't do anything you could have avoided. You're the child of Bhaal.

  17. LemminkainenJanuary 30, 2017

    In my attempt Khalid got shot down while storming across the bridge....on the bridge. I assume he was level 2 or 3-ish (Khalid takes 8 damage from Crusader Archer // Death) and had no speaking role after the battle. I assume he normally does.

    Because of the massive reputation boost I ended up losing Viconia as a Cleric. She's sub par anyway (but took the items on her) and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Mi'Khin is superior anyway and can cast several Cure Crit and Cure Serious and can summon Nymphs with Mass Cure for those minor injuries that everyone has. Viconia doesn't even come close and can't fight well either.

    1. Viconia is a good tank (in a mitigation sense, her con of 8 is low) and an evil companion in a campaign that lacks both of those things.

      Anyway, I told Mori to lower the bridge herself and told the Barghest that I did it so I could betray the Bridgefordians to him, i.e. it's not needed to pickpocket the key from her to betray them.

  18. If you talk to the Barghest multiple times (I was also using Dorn with Algernon's cloak, so CHA 19 and with a half-orc--I don't know if these are relevant but I do know that Siege has these kinds of checks) he gives you a quest to go train some people with Kharm.


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