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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Siege of Dragonspear Item List

Siege of Dragonspear Item List

This post covers the magical items that you may find in Beamdog's Siege of Dragonspear. It is being actively updated as I write my walkthrough. To learn where, when and how an item is found (i.e, context), simply copy-paste its name into the Looking for Something? search field embedded on the left sidebar. 

 Notable bonuses Prestige class items Companion-exclusive items Important quest items +3 wields n wearables (or otherwise top-tier gear) 
—I have so far found nine +3 weapons itemized. You will need a +3 weapon (or ammo) to hit the boss.
—It's possible to get 8% DR, regen 3 HPs per round, perma-Bless, perma-Chant and perma-Luck from items.
—It's possible to get perma-immunity to poison, disease, fear, immobilization and backstab from items.
AmuletsSilver Holy Symbol of Sel√Ľne aka Lon's Amulet (Wis +1 for Shapeshifters, perma-Bless), Necklace of Missiles: The One Gift Lost (6d6 save vs. spells for half), Silver Circlet (+1 saves), Birthright Amulet (+1 spell slot per circle, Edwin only)Greenstone Amulet (5 charges, Immunity: Charm, Sleep, Hold, Confusion, Feeblemind, Panic, 1 turn), Locket of Embracing (Caster Level +1 [Cleric & Paladin], +2 first circle divine spell slots), Circlet of Lost Souls (Caster level +1, perma-Bless for summoned spirits, Shaman only), Archer's Eyes (Critical Hit: ranged +5%, Dex +2 [Archer PrC], Dex +1 [others]), Kendra's Chain (Slashing resistance +5%), Necklace of Form Stability (Polymorph saves +2), Medal of Valor (THAC0 +2), Amulet of Whispers (perma-Vocalize, Silence 15' radius 1/day)Heart of the Mountain (AC +2, summoned spirits gain +10 HPs, Shaman only), Clasp of Helm (Necromancy saves +3, Wisdom +1 for Priest of Helm only, Detect Illusion 1/day), Amulet of Abnormally Awesome Ankheg Summoning (acid resistance +15%, summon ankheg x2 for two turns, 5 charges).
Arrows: Void-tipped Arrow +3 (x80, THAC0 +3, +3 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune).
Axes:  Grubdoubler's Axe +1 (throwing axe, on-hit 20% Confusion for 3 rounds, save vs. spells negates, M'Khiin only), Chill Axe +2 (Strength +1, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, cold +1, 2% chance per hit Berserk 2 rounds [wielder])Axe of Kruntur +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +3, ApR +1, 33% on-hit 1 point Poison dmg per round for 2 rounds, save vs. Death negates, Melee [slashing], Thrown [Missile], Returns to wielder, M'Khiin only).
Bastard Swords: Severance +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, HPs +5, on-hit 15% drain 1d4 and transfer to wielder)
Belts & Girdles: Belt of the Cunning Rogue (Open Locks +15, Find Traps +15)Belt of the Skillful Blade (Slashing dmg +10%, THAC0 +2 off-hand for Blades & Swashbucklers), Clover Leaf (perma-Luck).
Boots: Ostentatious Boots (Cha +1), Sidestep Slippers (Dex +1, AC +1, saves vs. Invocation +2), Star Strewn Boots (MR 5%, 15% Wizslayer), Boots of Stealth: Warm Whispers (Move Silently +20%, Hide in Shadows +15%), Boots of Speed doubles movement rate, Soft Feet (boots, Move Silently +25%, Imm: Grease, Entangle, Web), Lucky Boots (saving throws for dwarves +3).
Bucklers: Buckler of the Fist (AC +3, Immunity: Hold Person), M'Khiin's Buckler +2 (HPs +10, AC +3, M'Khiin only), Steadfast +2 (buckler, AC +3, HPs +10 [dwarves], +5 [other]).
Bullets: Bullet of Darkness +3 (x80, THAC0 +3, +4 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune).
Bracers & Gauntlets: Bracers of Defense AC 5, Bracers of Perseverance (HPs +10, Aid on Critical Miss, Monk only), Stalker Gauntlets (Dex +1, Hide in Shadows +15 [30 for Stalkers], Backstab Multiplier +1 [Stalkers only]), Bracers of the Shuttered Lid (THAC0 +2 unarmed, Immunity: Blindness, on critical hit target is blinded for 2 rounds, no save), Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (THAC0 +1, dmg +2), Bracers of Binding (THAC0 -5, dmg -5, Spell Failure 75%, may be removed with Remove Curse spell)Nimblefinger Gloves (Dex +2 [+1 for other shorties], Pick Pockets +25, Set Traps +25, gnome only), Gloves of Gripping (no description).
Containers: Gem Bag, Scroll Case, Ammo Belt, Potion CaseBag of Holding (all containers are available from Belegarm at the end of Chapter Seven).
ChainmailCorwin's Armor +1 (AC 3 [1 vs. slashing, 5 vs. crushing], Movement Speed +1, Magic Resistance +10%, Corwin only), Elven Chainmail (minor thief skill penalties, does not disable spellcasting), Commander's Chain Mail +3 (Charisma +1, wearer and allies are immune to Fear & Morale failure within the wearer's visual radius), Drow Elven Chain +3 (MR +5%, Casting time reduced by 1, spellcasting not disabled, penalties to thief skills), Elven Chain +1 (AC 4, spellcasting not disabled, minor thief skill penalties).
Cloaks & Robes: Cloak of Minor Arcana (Caster Level +1, Lore +10, create random third circle arcane scroll, 10 charges), Crommus's Capelet (on-hit Blur 5%, save vs. enchantment +2), Cloak of the Beluir Watch (AC +2 vs. giant humanoids, +5 HPs for halflings only), Cloak of Non-Detection: Whispers of Silence (Stealth won't break under True Sight, f.e), Sable Cloak (Cold Resistance +40%, Immunity: Slow)The Ghostdreamers' Robes (AC 5, Casting speed reduced by 1, Vocalize, M'Khiin only), Cloak of the Gargoyle (Physical damage resistance +5%, Protects against crits, Stone Form 1/day: AC 0, Saving Throws +3, Dex -3, for 5 turns), Cloak of the Strange Beast (AC +1, Cha -1), Robe of Netheril (MR +50%, disables spellcasting, cursed).
Clubs: Mosela's Cudgel +2 (Save vs. alteration +2, THAC0 +2, +3 vs. constructs, dmg 1d6+2, +3 vs. constructs), The Root of the Problem (club, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, +3 vs unnatural), Backwhacker +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, backstab renders target unconscious for two rounds, save vs. death for none).
DaggersGem Blade +1 (on-hit 20% random create gem, 30 charges), Pritchard's Family Stiletto +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, +4 vs. giants), Elements' Fury +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, randomly deals +1 fire, cold, acid, electrical, deals +1d4 of opposing elemental dmg to elementals), Acid-Etched Dagger +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, acid +1, 15% on-hit 1 acid per round for 3 rounds).
Darts: Biter +2 (THAC0 +2, 1d3 +2, acid +1, on-hit 10% penalize AC by 1 for 1 turn, save vs. Breath negates), Asp's Nest +1 (x40, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, Poison +1 per 3 secs for 2 turns), Drow Dart of Sleep +1 (x8, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, on-hit Sleep for 4 rounds, save vs. Poison negates).
Flail / Morningstar: Martyr's Morningstar +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, HPs -10, on critical hit target loses 15% of their max HPs), Morningstar +2, The Hydra +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +3, 33% chance of inflicting +1d4, +2d4 or +3d4 piercing dmg).
Halberds: Cold Fury +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, 1d2 cold, on-hit Slow fire creatures for 3 rounds, save vs. Spell negates), Halberd +2, Storm Pike +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, electrical +1, 15% on-hit Stun for 1 round, save vs. Spell negates, on crit miss wielder incurs 1d4 electrical).
Helmets: Helm of Unwavering Purpose (AC +1, Immunity: Confusion), Peacock Cap (Cha+2 for Bards, Cha +1 for others), Spectacles of the Spectacle (Detect Illusion +25%, save vs. Illusion +3, Summon Extra-Planar creature, 3 charges), Battle Tankard (Immunity: Fatigue, Critical Hits), Bard Hat (Immunity: Silence & Deafness, 2 round lingering bard song), Tangled Strings (Dispels confusion effects, single target, 2/day)Helmet of Dumathoin (Physical damage resistance +3%, Constitution +2 dwarves, +1 others), Trollblood Ioun Stone (THAC0 +3 vs. trolls, regenerate 1 HP per round)Voghiln's Helmet (MR +5%, on-hit stun 15% vs. humanoid for 1 round, save vs. Wand negates, Voghiln only), Kiel's Helmet (Immunity to Panic & boosts morale), Blood Red Ioun Stone (Dex +1, Weapon Speed Factor +2), Helmet of Charm Protection, Headband of Focus (THAC0 +2 for unarmed, critical chance +5% unarmed, DUHM 1/day), Wizzard's Hat (casting speed +1, movement speed +2), Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (AC +1), Pearly White Ioun Stone (regen 1 HP per 5 rounds), Purification Stone (Immunity: Poison & Disease, Neutralize Poison 1/day), Crown of Lies (+2 third, +1 fourth and +1 fifth circle spell slots, lore -30), The Guardian Devil (+15% resistance to Slashing, Piercing and Missile, Not usable by Chaotic Good, Neutral Good & Lawful Good), Circlet of Cynosure (Immunity: Fear, Charm, Paralysis, Protection from Critical Hits, for Caelar only).
Instruments: Flute of Immaculate Breeze (Zone of Sweet Air 2/day), Screaming Bagpipes (instrument, Sound Burst 2/day, 4d8 sonic dmg Jester, 2d8 others, Save vs. Breath halves, Deafens for 3 rounds, Save vs. Breath negates, 30 ft. radius).
Katanas: Crimson Dawn +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, Critical hit +5%, on-kill 50% Haste for 3 rounds).
Leather ArmorGoblin Leather's +1 (Immunity: Entangle, M'Khiin only)Goblin Hide Armor +2 (Con +1, minor Thief skill penalties, Slow Poison on wearer if poisoned, M'Khiin only)Jegg's Leathers +2 (AC 5, Cold & Fire resistance +20%, M'Khiin only), The Night's Embrace +3 (AC5, Hide in Shadows +20, wearers rendered helpless become invisible for one turn), Shadow Armor +3 (Hide in Shadows +15)Kruntur's Armor +3 (AC 3, Wis -1, Open Locks, Find Traps, Pick Pockets -10%, Move Silently -20%, Immunity: Stun, M'Khiin only), Cornugon's Revenge +2 (AC 4, Regenerate 2 HPs per round, Con -2, wearer cannot be protected from evil, various thief skill penalties).
Longbows:  Corwin's Bow +1 (THAC0 +2, damage +3, Dex +1, 10% on-hit Entangle for 3 rounds, save vs. breath negates, Corwin only), Bow of the Banshee +2 (THAC0 +3, dmg +2), Corinth's Bow +2 (THAC0 +3, dmg +4, AC +1, on critical hit wielder is buffed by Luck).
LongswordsLongsword +2, Spell Breaker +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, save vs. Spell +4 [Wizslayers & Inquisitors], +2 [others], on-hit critical: Dispel Magic on target), Voidsword +3 (THAC0 +3, +3 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune, to-hit and dmg Str bonus does not apply to this weapon), Drow Longsword +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3), Tongue of Acid +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, 1d3 acid, 10% on-hit Slow for 3 rounds, save vs. Spell negates), Aster's Edge (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, dmg +2 vs. Fiends, MR +30%, for Caelar only).
Maces: Cudgel of Montgomer +1 (THAC0 +1, dmg +2, 10% on-hit Cure Light Wounds [wielder]), Glimmer of Hope +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg 1d6+3, Wis +1, on-hit Bless 10%).
Miscellaneous: Stone Ally (summon Lesser Stone Golem, 1 turn, 16 Int required), Gentrus's Hand Mirror (Identify 3/day).
Potions: Potion of Persuasiveness (non-cumulative Cha +4, 3 hours).
Plate Mail Armor: Full Plate Armor (AC 1), Dragonscale Armor (AC 4, Immunity: Poison), Rhino Beetle Plate (AC 1, Missile Damage Resistance +25%), Stalwart Scale +2 (AC 2, slashing resistance +10%), Raconteur's Regalia (plate armor, AC 5, Pick Pockets +10, spellcasting not disabled), Bloody Bone Plate Mail +2 (AC 1, Immunity: Backstab, Cha -1), Mail of the Hallowed Hero (AC 2, perma-Protection From Evil, Immunity: Poison & Disease, for Caelar only).
Rings: Ring of Lock Picks (Open Lock +25)Barrityl's Burden (+3 first, second and third circle spell slots, THAC0 -5 vs. genies, dmg -5 vs. genies, Create random gem or damage wearer 1/day, Baeloth only), The Guard's Ring +2 aka Ring of Protection +2 (AC +2, all saves +2), Ring of Fire Resistance (FR +40%), Ring of Danger Sense (Find Traps +25), Ring of Free Action (Immunity to movement-hindering spells), Ring of Purity (AC +2 vs. evil, HPs +10, perma-Chant), Ring of the Crusade (AC and saves +1, +3 vs. demons and devils).
Scimitar / Wakizashi / Ninja-to: Eadro's Blade +1 (THAC0 & dmg +2 vs. elementals & mephits), Dervish Crescent +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, Fire +1, movement speed +1, 10% on-hit Fire Shield [Red] on wielder).
Shields: Shield of Egons +2 (AC +3, Turn Undead Level +2 for Priests of Lathander and Undead Hunters; +1 for everyone else)Reed of Echoes (+2 first level spell slots, +1 second circle, +1 third circle, Bard only), Shield of Barnassus: The Suncatcher (AC +3, 15% chance attacker takes 1d4 fire and is blinded for 2 rounds, Sunfire 1/day), Dragonscale Shield +3 (AC +4, Save vs. Death +3), Rhino Beetle Shield (AC 3, +2 bonus vs. missile attacks, Missile Damage Resistance +15%), The Bloodied Guardian +2 (AC +3, Fire resistance +25%, when wielders HPs drop below 50% -> Strength +1 for 5 rounds), Solar Aegis +3 (AC +4, Con +1, FR +40%, for Caelar only).
Shortbows: Savage Shortbow +2 (Con +1 for elves & half-elves, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, dmg +5 vs. orcs, half-orcs & ogres), Fleshripper +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, Movement Speed +2, on-hit 5% Haste wielder for 4 rounds).
Short SwordsFractal Blade +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, on-hit 10% 3-image Mirror Image [on wielder], on-hit 50% Dispel Illusion [on enemy]), Herdrin's Short Sword +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, crit hit chance +10%), Vexation +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, 2 points of bleeding dmg per hit [1 point per round], 2 point on-hit backstab Strength drain, transferred non-cumulatively to wielder for 5 rounds), Ophyllis's Short Sword +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, Immunity to Command, Greater Command & Power Word: Any, 20% on-hit Deafness).
Slings: Firefly +2 (Saves +2 [Halfling], THAC0 +2, dmg +2, +1 fire dmg).
Spears: Festering Spear +1 (THAC0 +1, 1d6 +1 dmg, inflicts 2 points bleeding dmg per hit [1 point per round], on critical hit target is diseased, incurring non-cumulative 2 point Str and Dex penalty for 1 turn), Shadowed Spear +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, AC +2, 20% on-hit chance to teleport to random enemy and +4 THAC0 for 1 round, 5% on-hit chance to teleport to random enemy and Ethereal for 1 round. Etherealness: Wearer is immune to normal weapons. Spells may be cast and weapons may be used, 1 round).
Two-Handed Swords: Sword of Ruin +2 (Critical hit chance +5%, +2d4 slashing on crit), Sword of Troll Decapitation +1 (Strength +1 for 1 turn on critical hit of troll), Dragon Blade +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, cold +1, Berserker/Barb Rage crit hit +10%, on crit hit deals +2d4 cold and Slows target for 1 round, no save).
QuarterstaffsBrevin's Quarterstaff (THAC0 +1, dmg +1, Lore +10, Friends 1/day), The Uncursed Staff (THACO -2, sets Strength to 18), Staff Spear +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +3)The Soulherder's Staff +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2 [magic], MR +15%, Summoned spirits gain +1 Strength, M'Khiin only), Staff Mace +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2), Echo of the Fiend +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, 5% on-hit Sunfire centered on the wielder).
Quest Items: Barrel of Bwoosh! (BDBWOOSH)Stone Dowser (BDEYE)Poison of Terror (BDPOTN01).
Wands: Wand of Water Elemental Summoning (Summon Lesser Water Elemental for 1 turn, 5 charges).
Warhammers: Dreadhammer +2 (THAC0 +2, on critical miss wielder takes 1d4 cold, wielder inflicts +2d4 cold vs. good-aligned Clerics), Voidhammer +3 (THAC0 +3, +4 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune, to-hit and dmg Str bonus does not apply to this weapon)Sundermaul +3 (warhammer, THAC0 +3, dmg +4, 15% on-hit 1 point penalty to AC [save vs. spells negates], 20% on-hit Earthquake centered on wielder).

Table of Contents

Part I —   Interlude  House of the Dead | Part II —  Chapter Seven  Ducal Palace, Companion Overview, Three Old Kegs, Minsc & Dynaheir | Part III — Elfsong Tavern, Sorcerous Sundries, Iron Throne HQ, Flaming Fist HQ,  Departing the City  Safana & Viconia | Part IV —  Chapter Eight  Coast Way Crossing Fist Encampment,  Dwarves of Dumathoin  Corwin, Glint & Edwin | Part V — Coast Way Crossing, Coast Way Forest, M'Khiin, Baeloth & Rasaad | Part VI —  Chapter Nine  Troll Claw Forest Fist Encampment, Boareskyr Bridge, Jaheira & Voghiln | Part VII — Forest of Wyrms, Temple of Cyric | Part VIII —  Bridgefort Besieged  Dorn, Neera & Khalid | Part IX —  Chapter Ten  Coalition Camp | Part X - Dead Man's Pass, Dragonspear Castle (courtyard) | Part XI — Bloodbark Grove & Underground River (approach) | Part XII — Underground River | Part XIII — The Warrens, Dragonspear Basement & Coalition Camp | Part XIV —  Chapter Eleven   Siege of Dragonspear Castle  | Part XV —  Chapter Twelve   AVERNUS: BELHIFET  | Part XVI —  Chapter Thirteen   FINALE   The Trial   The Escape & The Ambush  | Companion Breakdown | Item List — Siege of Dragonspear | Item List — Original Campaign | Lead Writer of BG: L.K — Insights into TotSC |  BALDUR'S GATE II  Shadows of Amn  &  Throne of Bhaal  — Walkthrough (announcement)



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