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Darkness Over Daggerford Walkthrough - Part V

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Gillian's Hill

The party has entered Gillian's Hill from the north. The westward path opens the Wild Hills map, while the eastward opens the Lonely Barrens. Heading south along the Trade Way takes you to Liam's Hold, but first things first: Gillian's Hill. I'll be finishing off The Great Cheese Caper before doing a few other side quests, here; then, ending with The Truth About Vampires.

Note: The homes of Nagnorm Stuffler and Jouka Ansaar are inaccessible at this point.

The first (or second) time you enter this map (it depends on how you arrived, and from which direction) there will be a cutscene showing lizardmen raiding Jouka Ansaar's wagons; however, you are unable to speak with him about it (he's too busy fixing the wagons). I guess we'll have to deal with the reptiles sooner or later, but not in Gillian's Hill.

Upon entry to Gillian's Hill you will spy Porto talking with Yentai, whose name was signed on the bandit note with the letter "Y". The halfling will then trundle off back to the homestead as Yentai returns to his store on the hill.

The ungrateful Sejellus Krimp (a distributor) will intercept you on your ascent to the store, complaining about the shipments and giving you receipt and payment to deliver to Millie.

Yentai's Store

Yentai will have little to say about Porto and there is no option to question him about the bandit note; so, take your leave and hike back to the Churlgo homestead.

Choice items: Belt of Agility +4, Bracers of Dexterity +4, Light Armors and Shields +4, Small and Medium Weapons +2, Rings and Amulets +3.

Random Area - Rural
You have been waylaid by enemies and must defend yourself!

Yay, our first ambush! For those who don't know, random ambushes happened often in Baldur's Gate as the party traveled from one location to another, by means of the World Map. Well, DoD replicates this - and here we face off against four trolls, two of which are shaman.

Note: You can also simply flee ambush areas.

We have ignition!
(troll +37 Exp ea, troll shaman +118 Exp ea & +90 encounter Exp)

Note: As with Baldur's Gate, trolls in DoD require fire or acid to permanently kill. Luckily, the party had access to Fireball and Flame Weapon.

Churlgo Homestead
(Eastern Farmlands)

Deliver the note, receipt and gold to Millie and she will request you take out Yentai, an Iron Throne crime boss who has been hassling the Churlgos for their cheese recipe.

However, confronting Yentai will cause him to tell his side of the story and you will have a choice to make: to side with Millie and slay Yentai or side with Yentai and set up the Churlgo clan for death. Decisions, decisions..

If you side with Millie then slay Yentai, deliver his amulet to her and show her the note implicating Porto (Completed Quest: The Great Cheese Caper, +750 Exp, 600 GP).

(Yentai +118 Exp, Bodyguard x2 +55 Exp ea) 

I cast ILMS, he casts a cantrip... It's a fair fight - really!
If you side with Yentai then return to Millie and set her up to be murdered by him in cold blood. Then, return to Yentai's store to find a note, but no promised "double" payment for services rendered (Completed Quest: The Great Cheese Caper, +1000 Exp).

Torleth's Treasures

Make your way back to Gillian's Hill and stroll over to Torleth's Treasures in the northwest. There are two ways inside but the basement is locked.

Remember Vladmyr of Stop Hole Abbey, who requested you discredit his rival antiques dealer, Torleth? Well, we're here to do just that (Quest: An Uncommon Criminal).

As with Vladmyr's dealership, several showroom exhibits may be clicked on to bring up extensive and amusing lore. The effort that has gone into this is very welcome, and I'm not sure if other modules rival DoD in this respect.

Four cluttered tables may be searched in the showroom; however, each item taken from the table costs between 50 and 400 GP, so choose carefully. Items seem to be pseudo-random but drawn from a fixed pool (amusingly, they seem to be drawn from actual drawers located in an adjacent but inaccessible room). Anyway, you will make a great profit from the Saintsblood Pearl (various Heal-based charges) and ok profit from the following items, too: Goven's Gloves (One With the Land [7], 1/day, Ranger & Druid only), Chime of Opening (Knock [3], charges), Lady Oonagh's Ludicrously Loud Lute (Soundburst [3], 1/day), and any +1 weapon. I snatched up the Glowing Flail Shaft, a forging component for the smithy, Derval Ironeater.

Loot the key and random treasure from the chest in Torleth's study (DT DC-22, OL DC-24). The chest of drawers holds random rubbish, as does the locked cabinet (OL DC-18).

Use the key to access the basement.

Torleth's Strongroom

The chamber down here is sealed by a metal gate (DT DC-26, OL DC-28). Once inside, exchange the real Duke's portrait for the fake and loot the ancient chest for 1,500 GP, Fire Opal, Bag of Holding, Thieves' Tools +6, Necklace of Fireballs (Fireball charges) and the Lantern of Revealing (Invisibility Purge [5], unlimited uses/day).

Stop Hole Abbey

Return to Vladmyr in Daggerford and present the real portrait to him. In return, he will clear the debt hanging over the head of Davey's father. If you're up for more work, he will then request you locate three rare items: a piece of Elven sheet music, an Uthgardt burial totem and a religious chalice from the far-flung jungles of Chult (Quest: Scavenging the Countryside). I guess we'll keep an eye out for them...

Return to Davey - in the common room of the Black Stone Inn - to cap off the quest (Completed Quest: An Uncommon Criminal, +500 Exp).
Sejellus Krimp's House
Back in Gillian's Hill, head over to distributor Krimp's house and ask him how Gillian's Hill got its name. This will lead him to request that you clear the old tower of a gang of thugs that has taken up residence there (Quest: The Gillian's Hill Gang).

 The tower stands just a few paces to the southwest.
Gillian's Hill Tower

Wreck house on the gang members that greet you inside and loot the old chest (DT DC-15, OL DC-18) for Gillian's Bow (Attack Bonus +2, Mass crits 1 dmg, Mighty 1) and minor static treasures. The weapon rack holds Light Crossbow +1 (x2), Sling +1 and Wolf Bite (small shield, Armor Bonus +1, Bonus Feat: Knockdown).

(gang member x2-3 +118 Exp ea, gang leader +118 Exp). 

Return to Sejellus for your reward (Completed Quest: The Gillian's Hill Gang, 500 GP, +100 Exp). EZ money...

Now, you might have peered through the woods to notice Mabda camped in a clearing that is inaccessible to you. This is the woman the priest of Lathandar sent you to find in order to proceed with The Truth About Vampires quest; but how the hell do you get in there? 

Well, if you talked with Torleth about the plague he may have referred you to Callaway, a farmer in Gillian's Hill. In fact, Callaway may be found tending to his corn crops just by the dairy cows. Inform him of your need to speak with Mabda and he will lead you through the woods to her.

Mabda will ramble on about Gothma, a giant vampire bat of legend. Callaway will then give you the crypt key and lead you out of the woods (in fact, a path has been cleared and you may leave yourself).

Stroll over to the graveyard and enter the crypt.

Note: Read the gravestones for a giggle.

Take the passage east and then south to arrive in a chamber flitting with bats. Slay them if you like but they only yield +8 Exp ea. Loot the treasure on the floor for random stuff, some of which may be valuable (I received Half Plate +1 and Amulet of Acid Resistance). Now, pull the lever on the southern wall to open a door in another part of the crypt. 

Make your way west and then south, slaying all undead as you go. Raegen's divine damage makes short work of undead but I buffed her blade with Flame Weapon for good measure.

(Prototype x6 37-75 Exp ea, zombie warrior x2 +37 Exp ea, skeleton warrior +118 Exp)

In the previously-locked chamber you will locate Daxiong, a necromancer flanked by two sentient prototypes. Daxiong gifts you his Marvelous Magriscope if you pass an Intelligence check (Identify [3], single use). While possible to use social skills to convince him to leave in peace (and set up shop elsewhere), that is hardly satisfying and there is no experience gain or material reward for doing so, whereas there is for slaying him. So, slay him.

Daxiong (+83 Exp): Daxiong's Robe of Undead Protection (Armor Bonus vs. Undead +2, Immunity: Level/Ability drain, Evil, Neutral & Wiz/Sorc only), Glowing Flail Head.
Prototype (+61-83 Exp ea).

Return to Liam Sunmist at Lathander's Temple to inform him of your success. He will name you Favored of Lathander and gift you the Amulet of the Morninglord (Aid [3], Bless [2], 1/day) (Completed Quest: The Truth About Vampires, +750 Exp.)

So, as it turns out, this quest had literally nothing at all to do with vampires or Gothma; and, as for the "plague", there are no thanks or acknowledgement from anyone in Gillian's Hill, that the source of it has been purged. How odd...

Anyway, take the Glowing Flail Head & Shaft to Derval's Brightblade and have Ironeater forge you Last Rest, an enchanted light flail (-2,500 GP).

Second Level Up

I take my tenth level in Wizard, choosing the Silent Spell feat and taking Firebrand and Bigby's Interposing Hand. Raegen takes her ninth in Fighter and Purfbin takes his ninth in Rogue, gaining 5d6 sneak attack. 

Third Companion Banter

Note how I dumbly respond "Tymora" when it's obvious Raegen is of Helm (why not give a Helm option?!) Well, I reloaded and found the other choices also don't matter, so I left it like this. I was unable to gain Influence with Purfbin this time 'round.

Quests outstanding: Scavenging the Countryside, Cattle Rustling Around Daggerford, Fernigold the Younger, Border Dispute.
Main Quest: Astriel Takes Flight, Talarenne.

Next up! Darkness Over Daggerford - Part VI.



  1. Hey, Lilura, did you ever complete this module? I can't find any walkthroughs beyond the Critical Path ones and yours, and only yours is covering the side quests. In particular, I'm wondering if you found the Uthgardt burial token for the "Scavenging the Countryside" quest. I swear I picked it up somewhere before receiving the quest, but I can't find it in my inventory, now that I have the quest. No sign of it in earlier saves, either... Any ideas?



    1. Hi Dan. I only completed the module many years ago. I did not complete this particular run.

      You could try spawning the item from the console:

      dm_spawnitem ac_uthgardttotem

      (You have to position your mouse cursor over the ground where you want the item to appear.)

      Hope that helps.

  2. Perfect! Thanks so much for such a timely reply, too!



  3. Wondering if Lilura or anyone who reads this knows how to progress the quest "Phantom of Liam's Hold" later in the module. So far, I met a halfling who seemed to be attacked by a shadowy figure, met a young girl whose familiar is protecting her house from the same figure, and found out that a local woman named Xanda is missing. I looked at Xanda's diary, which says she felt an unnatural compulsion to go to the cliffs near the village. At the cliffs, I found a cave, with a locked door inside. It's one of the special locked doors with no lockpicking DC that requires a key. I can't find anything in the cave to open the door, can't find any clues in Xanda's house besides the diary, and can't trigger any new dialog with any of the NPCs I talked to earlier on he quest.


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