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Neverwinter Nights Best Mods

Best Mods for Neverwinter Nights

          I n t r o d u c t i o n          

With Baldur's Gate we sparked a role-playing renaissance. Now, a multi-player revolution! Share an epic story of fate, war and betrayal as it engulfs the windswept coastline of the Sea of Swords.

Play beneath the all-seeing gaze of an all-powerful dungeon master... a human mind, there to breathe life into every aspect of your unfolding tale.

Welcome to Neverwinter Nights. - BioWare pitch.

Hi there! This is just a brief list of mods for use in the official campaigns and community-made modules. It is constantly being updated, so check in every now and then!

          S e t u p  T i p s          

• Install to a non-Program Files folder and run the game as Administrator and in compatibility mode for XP SP3; otherwise the exe may crash. This stopped the CTDs for me on Windows 8.1.

• To play in Windowed mode set FullScreen=0 and add the line AllowWindowedMode=1 in nwn.ini. This actually doesn't work for me until I hit Alt-Enter in-game. This is handy because Alt-tabbing out of FS mode sometimes makes my game hang.

• If you're running an AMD chipset and the framerate is unbearably low, try changing ShinyWater=1 to ShinyWater=0 in nwn.ini. This can be done in-game, too.

• If the intro movies for the official campaigns are not displaying (but you can hear the sound), try changing SafeMovie=0 to SafeMovie=1 in nwn.ini.

•You can disable the logo movies (Atari etc.) by adding Disable Intro Movies=1 under [Display Options] in nwn.ini.

• Players running the retail version may appreciate the ability to bypass the Launcher... simply navigate to your install folder, right-click nwmain.exe and make a short-cut to your desktop.

• Does NWN run under a VirtualBox guest OS? Sort of. The framerate sucked under my XP SP3 guest and the toolset would not load consistently. YMMV.

          P a t c h  y o u r  g a m e  t o  v 1 . 6 9          

First up, make sure your game is patched to v1.69 (, Even if it's the GoG version I would run this to be sure, as some people have had problems getting community content to work, which the patch seemed to fix each time. So, patch your game!

          O v e r v i e w  o f  M o d d i n g  N W N           

There are three main ways to mod NWN content: overrides, hak paks and patch haks.

• Overrides are the easiest for new players to install: you simply place the files into your override folder and NWN loads them "over" the default content, just like in Baldur's Gate and the other Infinity Engine RPGs. Pros of this method: it's EZ to do and you can choose exactly what to modify. Cons: You will have hundreds, maybe thousands of files in your override, so things can get messy. I used this method for years, until I discovered patch haks. 

Patch haks are a lesser known method: a patchfile pre-loads haks into NWN without the user needing to deal with the toolset. There are several great haks you can choose from, with Project Q being perhaps the best. Pros: Everything is neat and tidy and the quality is consistent. Cons: It takes a lil' time to set up. I've written a short guide at the end of this post. 

Haks are a lil' more involved, requiring use of the Aurora toolset to "bake-in" or "infuse" a module with the changes, permanently. This method is mainly used by builders.

Anyway, first up, here's a mod no NWN player should be without:

Gives you more control of the cam and lets you do things like zoom out to birds-eye view and zoom in to first-person perspective. Awesome.
Note: Back up your original exe before you replace it with the modded one. Also, some people are just against modifying exes, fullstop. Well, they miss out then don't they.

Here is something else every NWN player should look into:

Community Patch Project, by Shadooow.
(Installer, "modifies core game data files")
This is probably the single-most valuable contribution to the community. The CPP is an unofficial patch for NWN (nwn.wikia entry). It fixes loads of bugs, adds even more modding potential, and unlocks two Prestige Classes that were hidden in the engine (Shou Disciple & Eye of Gruumsh). Note that you won't need Issig - Hands for PhenosComplete GUI Alterations Package (Transparent and Colorized) or Immunity Icons if you install this because CPP includes them (or an equivalent).

But how does it affect game-play? See here.

As for compatibility with Henchman Inventory & Battle AI Mod:

Tony K will overwrite CPP AI. CPP AI is just upgraded vanilla AI. So while CPP fixes many many bugs in vanilla AI since TonyK is completely different AI so those fixes brings nothing to TonyK users. Tony K has some extra features that CPP doesn't and viceversa. I suggest to try both and decide what you prefer. From what I heard, TonyK is preffered choice for playing singleplayer from many players, while CPP AI is better for PWs. - Shadooow.

         O v e r r i d e s          

Customize Character Override HAK (CCOH 4.1)
Lets you change your character's appearance in-game, from the crafting menu.

Lets you change your character's fighting style animation in-game, also from the crafting menu. Very, very cool; but you'll need to use NWN Explorer Reborn to extract the contents of the two haks (ACPv40.hak & ACPv4_convo.hak) and then place the 1000+ files into your override folder. Don't worry, it's worth it! If you use ACP in conjunction with CCOH (see above) then you'll also need to copy this file over the ACP equivalent in your override.

Issig - Hands for Phenos
Changes your character's hands from the "fists of doom" to the "claws of doom". Still, it's an improvement! This is not needed if you use CPP or the Project Q patch hak (see end of post).

Makes the default heads look somewhat less ugly. It's very impressive, actually.

Gunner's Body Rebuild/Retexture 
(override or hak)
Male & Female, All Races & Phenos. Alters proportions slightly and makes bodies more curvy.

KotOR Heads
60 heads from BioWare's KotOR, a famous Star Wars RPG built on a modified Aurora Engine (Odyssey). What more do you want? Btw, Nellise of The Aielund Saga uses Bastila Shan's head. :P

Xaltar's Head & Underwear Packs
Heard of Better Bodies for Morrowind? Well this isn't quite as good, but it's better than nothing!

Adds three female heads with ten hairstyles.

A must-have! - unless you are using the Project Q patch hak (see end of post). Greatly improves the models & textures of creatures.

Remnant's Head Pack (Elf Females) OVERRIDE

Remnant's Portrait Pack (mostly for Elf Female)

Immunity Icons
Gives you icons for immunities. This is not needed if you use CPP.

Another must-have for me. A character buffed with Barkskin or Stoneskin looks like a walking turd. This fixes that.
 Update : To remove the transparent effect of Ghostly Visage, Ethereal Visage, Invisibility and Improved Invisibility (these last two share the same entry), just load the 2DA into NWN_2daEditor (text editor is a lil' messy) and change the Prog_FXDuration values to "no data" (****); then overwrite. Yay, I modded something myself!

Makeover for grass and other rural flora; softens color for a more natural look. Makes a big difference.

More tilesets.

Reforged Weapons: Chain, Chopping, Smashing, ReachUnusual, Ranged, Light & Heavy Blades.
Don't ask me why they're not combined into one file called "Reforged Weapons" - I guess that would be too convenient..?
Quick note on the Reforged weapons: There have been projects over the years that have been started by people, but never completed/released to the community. I didn't want that to happen with Project Reforged. They were released in sections as they were completed, since I didn't want the community to miss out on what I'd done if I couldn't complete the project for some reason. The entire project ended up being 8 releases over the a year and a half it took to complete.
-The Amethyst Dragon 
Again, instantly noticeable. I prefer the original aesthetic, but many don't.

NWNCQ Project
The attraction of this override is that is adds ceilings to your interiors. Unfortunately, it does not adhere to the original aesthetic of NWN, so it's definitely not for everyone. I mean, it looks ok in this screenshot but it just doesn't suit all interiors.

I think this is pointless and confusing because I'm used to recognizing the original symbols, but new players won't care and it's colorful! Please note that CPP GUI changes are more natural and conservative.

OHS Henchman System
Create your own characters and use them as companions. Incompatible with Henchman Inventory & Battle AI Mod (see below).

Grand Override Compilation of the Ages
Someone's idea of how your override should look. I prefer to tailor it myself, but you might like to try it out.

This mini-mod lets you customize many aspects of your character in preparation for an adventure module, including appearance, alignment, experience, equipment and gold. Also includes a test arena and playground. I wish I knew of this years ago! Demo vid:

Gives you more control over your companions and buffs the AI. Everyone knows this one. Fine for the official campaigns. There is also a version for PRC.
Note: There are reports this causes bugs in the OC. It may also conflict with user-made modules that employ custom AI.

Valen Romance Bugfix & Valen Flirtpack.
Mods for everyone's fave HotU companion.

My henchman stops fighting bugfix
Does it actually fix the issues many people encounter? Who knows. Try it out for yourself and see!

Shifter Limits Removed

Adds a crapload of extra ruleset content. Apparently, this module series employs it. To use PRC in other modules you will have to manually infuse them with it, which is not a trivial task. See the Official PRC site for instructions on how to do this.

3.5 D&D Rules (HotU Version), by Tigermouth.
An attempt to replace the D&D 3.0 ruleset with the 3.5 one. Use the toolset to add the hak, tlk and erf to each and every module in which you wish it to be active.

Rod of Fast Buffing  (Revised)
(erf & mod) 

Gives you options for Depth of Field, Bloom/HDR, SSAO etc. This is more for builders who wish to use it with specific textures; it's of little benefit to players.
You write that NWshader is of little benefit to players. I would say that it can make any module look a lot nicer with bloom etc. and if a builder has actively used nwshader it can make a huge difference, using shaders ex. to distort the world while in the Abyss etc. You'll never know if you don't have nwshader installed :-) /Paphjort Ed: Example pics by Paphjort.  
NWN Restoration
(overrides, exe)
Restores the original title screen, load screen, portraits, music etc.
Below left: The one everyone has.
Below right: Restored to the original.

Leto 1.69
(External program, exe install)
A character editor, self-explanatory.
No Restriction 2DAs
This removes all the requirements of Prestige Classes.
Lets you change your alignment on-the-fly, in-game. This can be helpful in some modules that shift your alignment when they shouldn't (HotU has a few alignment bugs, f.e).

NWN Font Maker
Lets you use a variety of fonts and make them larger for dialogue. See also Baldur's Gate + 42 New Fonts for NWN.

Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool - NIT
Helps you install, uninstall and manage your NWN mods. It sounds good, but I have had no personal experience with it. See also: NWVault Metadata Viewer.

NWN Lexicon 1.69
(Compiled HTML help file/online wiki)
Handy off-line reference app; the online version is the NWN Lexicon wiki.

NWN Omnibus
(external app)
Massive resource, mainly for builders. 57,862 files for reference purposes...
          G U I  m o d s          

There are no notable GUI mods that add native scaling to higher resolutions (e.g, 1080p). You will have to play at lower resolutions and use your display driver's hardware scaling to maintain full-screen and 4:3 aspect ratio. 

World of Aenea Transparent GUI Overhaul/Upgrade
The transparency of the panels is what separates this from other GUI mods (pic).

Baldur's Gate GUI
(hak, use NWN Explorer Reborn to extract the files and then throw them into your override)
It's actually the BG2 UI. This one is a lil' rough around the edges but it's certainly functional and I like its big buttons.

BG2 Themed GUI
This one reskinned the main and options menus but didn't mess with the in-game panels. It's more polished than the one above, though lacking the larger buttons.

Ravenloft Override GUI
A gorgeous gothic horror UI made for Prisoners of the Mist, a Ravenloft persistent world. There is no reason why it can't be used in single-player mode, though.

Blue recoloring derivative for that clean, spartan look.

Fallout 44 - GUI Replacement

Enhanced GUI
Some people are allergic to playing the game at lower resolutions.

          P r o j e c t  Q  p a t c h  h a k          

The Project Q patch hak is like an all-in-one override that enhances graphics and sound effects in NWN. If you install this then you won't need Issig's Hands, ACP, Reforged Weapons or the Creature Override Compilation.

This patch hak is not compatible with all modules. I can confirm it works with the Original Campaign, Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, Swordflight, Snow Hunt and A Peremptory Summons. It does not play nice with Bastard of Kosigan, Cormyrean Nights or Honor Among Thieves (f.e, missing heads on some NPCs in HAT). You will have to experiment for yourself with other modules. Update: I ran the above with Project Q v2.0. Apparent incompatibility of v2.2 with Swordflight has been solved.

Yes, Q Campaigns has already infused the Project Q haks into the official campaign modules, but it was made for an earlier version of NWN, and therefore glitches out. It breaks the HotU campaign two-thirds through, too. Do NOT use Q Campaigns in replacement of this patch hak method, detailed below. (This is why I did not link to Q Campaigns).

Step 1: Download the 7z program from here, and install it.

Step 2: Download the Project Q combined hak pak (500mb) from here, it's this one, and extract the archive (projectqv2_full) using 7z.
Create a folder in your main NWN install folder (e.g, C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN) and call it "Patch".
Place the contents of the Project Q hak folder (18 files) into the Patch folder.
(q_!vd_build.hak isn't needed, but who cares).
Important note: q_!armoury.hak messes with rings and amulet icons, making many of them appear the same in your inventory. Shields will default, too. This never bothered me, but if it bothers you then simply don't place that particular hak file into your Patch folder.

Step 3: Use a text editor to make yourself a blank ini file and call it nwnpatch.ini (if you can't do that then just download this one and erase what's already in there).
Now, copy this to the ini exactly how I've typed it:



(Remove the last line if you are not using q_!armoury.hak).
Save the file and then copy it into your main NWN install folder as well.

That's it! You have just readied Project Q for pre-loading into your official campaigns (OC, SoU & HotU) and many community-made modules. Project Q is a selection of superior art assets put together over the last decade by members of the community. If you appreciate their work, don't be an ingrate: vote! and leave a comment on their vault page

Special thanks to Pstemerie, from whom I learned how to do this! (It was an old, obscure post, and I can no longer find the site.)

          O t h e r  P a t c h  h a k s          

Neverwinter Nights Facelift haksby Zwerkules.
(Patch hak)
A recent tileset upgrade compilation. Also facelifts placeables.

Llyra - Optional Content, by henesua.
A take on the above: combines the above patch hak with others and puts them into one hak. Here are the "before and after" pics, from The Cave of Songs (Tip: click the image to enter Light Box mode, and mouse-wheel down and back up to compare):

I hope you guys found this write-up useful. Use the comments section below if you know of any other mods that I should add. Thanks, and enjoy!

Just a note on the Community Expansion Project, aka CEP. New players seem to get confused by this so I'm going to keep it simple: CEP is useful only if the adventure module/campaign you are trying to play actually utilizes its content. Downloading and installing it will do absolutely nothing for your game unless you are playing a CEP-based adventure module/campaign/persistent world/whatever. So don't even bother with CEP unless the builder recommends it/says that you need it.


Looking for a module to play? Commentary on campaigns and adventures:
Swordflight Series & Snow Hunt by Rogueknight 333 (Swordflight commentary) (Snow Hunt Walkthrough) (Installation Instructions)
The Aielund Saga by Savant (Table of Contents) (Walkthrough) (Installation Instructions)
The Bastard of Kosigan: Exile of the West by Cerutti (Walkthrough) (Installation Instructions)
NWN OC by BioWare (Commentary)
Hordes of the Underdark by BioWare (Commentary)
Cormyrean Nights by Servilan (Commentary)
Darkness Over Daggerford by Ossian Studios (Walkthrough)
Siege of Shadowdale by Alazander (Walkthrough)
Crimson Tides of Tethyr by Alazander (Walkthrough)
Cave of Songs, Honor Among Thieves & Prophet (Installation Instructions)
Orcs: Awakening of Arak-Hur (Commentary).

Also, check out the following write-ups on the Neverwinter Vault: Neverwinter Nights Hall of Fame, Class Specific Module List, Unusual Module List, Campaigns and Modules Series List, Dungeon Master Friendly Module List, Heroes Path Module List, Horror Module Collection, Modules for Evil Characters, Modules Listed by Campaign Setting, IGN's Top Module List, Classic PnP ConversionsOverlooked Module List, Short Module List. See alsoThe Academy for Modding Excellence.

For builders: These articles might help you avoid many mistakes that people just make over and over again: Perfecting Your Module & A Pen & Paper Perspective.

New Custom Content (e.g, tilesets) for builders to consider adding to their adventure modules and campaigns: Merricksdad's Granitelands Tileset, Medieval City Tileset, Placeables from the game The Witcher, Mountains and more.

Other, under-used stuff: NWN The Dark Sun (WiP), D20 Modern Project Haks 2.0 (hard to believe not many single-player modules have been made using this).

See also: Custom Content Challenge and TarotRedhand's CCC Catalogue.
Tools for buildersThe NWN Toolbox.



  1. Thanks for all your hard work! This is a really nice guide on what's optimal for enjoying Neverwinter.

  2. You're welcome, Joe! I'm glad it was of use to you.

  3. Thank you very much for this summary on NWN graphic mods and tools!

  4. This was really helpful. Thanks a lot!

  5. AnonymousMay 24, 2016

    I found a very minor error and I wasn't able to find a way to send you an email so I hope you don't mind me pointing out this error in public: When installing Project Q as a "patch" the naming the file "patch.ini" will not do the trick. It must be named "nwnpatch.ini". And, at least in my case, this file already exists in the NWN directory. So there might be no need to create it yourself. Just copy the lines above into it and save it.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, and sorry I didn't respond to you sooner. Somehow your comment ended up in my spam folder. I didn't have a nwnpatch.ini, so it has to be created or downloaded.

  6. AnonymousJune 17, 2016

    Thank you so much! Very useful paper. And awesomee blog. I will definitely enjoy reading it from time to time.

  7. It's my pleasure, guys!

    I will update it whenever I come across new content.

  8. Many thanks! Replaying NWN after a longish time so these were quite useful.

  9. Thanks. I just picked up NWN for free from GOG and was looking for something like this.

    1. You're welcome, Fred. It was a kind gesture by GoG to offer it for free over 48 hours. The NWN community is in dire need of more players. There is so much great content out there that isn't even being played, let alone receiving commentary.

    2. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope this gives a boost to its community. I will try out a player made module alongside the OC.

      When I think about it now, NWN has been in a somewhat odd place for more than a decade since its release (I can't believe it's been that long). It's neither been that popular or that unknown even at its launch. It just has had relatively light player response in comparison to other similar games but I am glad to see people are still making stuff for it and playing the multiplayer still.

      I remember I tried playing it shortly after it launched but hated the beginning area that was really just a overblown tutorial but funnily enough I find myself enjoying the whole game now after so many years and have already sunk a few hours into it.

      I hope now I can provide some support to the community by reviewing some of the player made modules sometime soon in the future.

  10. Geez you've put a lot of useful stuff all in one place. Is there any way to expand your meta? I only mention it because using goog and other searches seldom point me to your Blogs. Of course, I use basic keywords, often not sure of the exact terms, but I watch my spell(cast)ing closely. In any case, it's exceptionally well-organized and comprehensive proving you must be an avid longtime fan, eh?

    1. Hi, Iconclast - and thanks for the compliment. lilura1 is starting to get better positioning in some cases, so that's welcome.

      I haven't really been a long time fan compared to some ppl out there. I didn't really like NWN upon its release, and even in its heyday I only played the official campaigns and a few community-made ones. For me, Baldur's Gate and the other Infinity Engine titles was where it was at. But with the maturity of its mods I've finally become a fan of NWN, yeah.

  11. Thanks for posting the extra installation tips I mentioned on your index page. Anything helps. ;)

    Have you ever heard of the following working to launch an unlaunchable game session of NWN1...?

    I've seen some users rename "nwnmain.exe" (yes, the actual executable in the game folder, not a shortcut) to something benign like "launchnwn" without any extension and they claim it works perfectly and that it works to run most of the older games on the newer WinOS that would not start otherwise. I am interested in finding out WHY (it seems a dangerous practice to me, but hey, if it starts the game...). I can only guess that it bypasses something in the registry that is preventing the normal execution but that's a stab in the dark on my part.

    Do you or anyone else have any idea why/how the renaming business works? Before recommending something like this to a troubled soul fumbling to get their installation working I'd need to feel comfortable about the dynamics first.

    1. I've heard of that trick but have never tried it because I've never needed to. Try asking on Vault, GoG and reddit.

      VirtualBox doesn't run NWN smoothly but you can use it to run many older games flawlessly (Win XP SP3, ftw). I only throw that out there for ppl like you who might be trying to get other, older games to work; and also, it's just something to keep in mind in case VirtualBox ever actually gets robust 3d support.

    2. Actually, it's not for me. All works well enough on my latest Win7Pro machine. Had to apply the DirectDraw fix to a few of the titles, though.

      Mainly, the interest is for exactly those sites you've mentioned where replies are stabs in the dark most times. Requesters don't provide full hardware/OS disclosure like they did at Bioware so it is always a slow process gleaning the necessaries.

      NWVault really doesn't address these OS-related sort of issues. I've never heard of VirtualBox before so I may try that for some of the REAL old discs I have laying there collecting dust... just for giggle value.

    3. That's why I prefer a virtual guest Win XP SP3 for Infinity Engine RPGs like IWD and PS:T. You don't need to apply any fixes. You can just Run -> type dxdiag and completely disable Direct3D and DirectDraw. The games then run just like in the old days, with no glitches or slowdowns. Same with Fallout and Fallout 2. There are quite a few games I was never able to get to work in Win7 or later; namely, TIE Fighter and Warblade. It's pretty cool when you just mount the original ISO and play these oldies.

  12. Hi Lilura,
    Quick questions- Is the Project Q pack compatible with the CEPs? In the instructions it says that it isn't, or I may be misreading it. Second, your installation instructions are very different than the read-me's, there it says to copy the unzipped folders to the NWN directory and overwrite any folders. Is your "patch" instructions basically doing the same thing? Sorry for the noob questions, I'm still learning the modding process with NWN. I've installed pretty much all of the visual enhancements and CEPs you recommend. I was interested in Project Q, but not sure if it's even worth it due to all of the other visual overrides I've installed, such as the creature overrides, weapons, grass, etc (as posted above). Plus it sounds like it may not play nice with other modules. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cody, and thanks for your queries.

      - I have never tried the Project Q patch hak with a CEP-based module; sorry, you will have to experiment for yourself on that one (or ask on the Vault where the gurus hang out).
      - Yes, for installation of Project Q there is no difference between unzipping to the folders and just copy-pasting them in there.
      - Also, please note that the latest version of Project Q (2.2) may cause more issues in some modules than the previous one (2.0), which is the only one I've tested out.
      - Just to be clear, you don't need to install many of the visual overrides if you are going to use Project Q (See the first important note in the PQ section, above).

      Cheers, and good luck!

  13. Hi Lilura
    First, really nice blog, with a good summary of important mods/overrides.
    You write that NWshader is of little benefit to players. I would say that it can make any module look a lot nicer with bloom etc. and if a builder has actively used nwshader it can make a huge difference, using shaders ex. to distort the world while in the Abyss etc.
    You'll never know if you don't have nwshader installed :-)

    1. Hi Paphjort, and thanks! I've added your comment into the body of the post. Hope you don't mind. Let me know if you do and I'll remove it. Also, if you could be assed taking a screenshot showing it in effect, I'll post it in there and credit you. Cheers!

  14. Sure, no problem. How can I send the screenshots to you?

    1. Here they are on Imgur :-)
      To activate a shader is a single line of script. I either script it, or as a DM make an item target a player and toggle the shaders. Many uses. Get poisoned/bitten by a zombie? Turn you world green! Cursed? everything gets red and distorted etc. Don't overdo it of course, or players will get tired of it
      I think I'll make a post on the vault with examples of scripts and how to set it up.

    2. Nice pics, Pap! Added one into the body of the post and linked to your imgur page. An example posted on the Vault would ofc be very welcome, too. Cheers to you.

  15. Quick note on the Reforged weapons: There have been projects over the years that have been started by people, but never completed/released to the community. I didn't want that to happen with Project Reforged. They were released in sections as they were completed, since I didn't want the community to miss out on what I'd done if I couldn't complete the project for some reason. The entire project ended up being 8 releases over the a year and a half it took to complete.
    -The Amethyst Dragon

    1. Hi Amethyst, and thanks for the explanation! I've pasted your comment into the body of the post, as I've just discovered that I can't link to comments on blog pages (only posts.) Hope you don't mind, but let me know if you do and I'll remove it.


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