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Ok, so you want to play Savant's Aielund Saga but where do you download it from and how do you install it? Well, this post should help newbies who have never installed a NWN module before.

First things first, make sure your game is patched to 1.69. Even if it's the GoG version I would run this to be sure, as some people have had problems getting community content to work, which the patch seemed to fix each time. So, patch your game!  

In addition I suggest you completely back up your pristine Neverwinter Nights install to somewhere safe before you starting messing around with it, just in case you stuff something up. You will also need 7-Zip to extract the zip, rar and 7z archives, so grab it here if you don't already have it. Done that? Ok...

The Aielund Saga consists of four Acts with Act IV consisting of three Parts. Download the files from, which I've linked to directly for your convenience:

Download this archive (the_aielund_saga_act_i_nature_abhors_a_vacuum.rar)
Download this archive (the_aielund_saga_act_ii_defender_of_the_crown.rar)
Download this archive (the_aielund_saga_act_iii_return_of_the_ironlord.rar)
Download this archive (the_aielund_saga_act_iv_the_fall_of_aielund_pt1.rar)
Download this archive (the_aielund_saga_act_iv_the_fall_of_aielund_pt2.rar)
Download this archive (the_aielund_saga_act_iv_the_fall_of_aielund_pt3.rar)

Downloaded them?

• Ok, use 7-Zip to extract the modules somewhere temporary (ie, NOT in your NWN installation folder) and open the first folder (the_aielund_saga_act_i_nature_abhors_a_vacuum) to find a readme and two module files inside: The Aielund Saga Act I - Nature Abhors a Vacuum.mod and The Aielund Saga Act II - Defender of the Crown.mod. What? Why is Act II in here? It's not, it's just a "placeholder" mod - hence its small size - for when the Saga was in development; ignore it. 

• Now, copy The Aielund Saga Act I - Nature Abhors a Vacuum.mod to your NWN modules folder - normally located in C:\Program Files (x86)\NeverwinterNights\NWN - and do the same for the other Acts, ignoring the placeholder mod each time. Note that the the_aielund_saga_act_iv_the_fall_of_aielund_pt3 folder contains two modules, one of which is the Finale.mod. Make sure you copy it, too! You should now have seven Aielund modules in your module folder.

The modules are now installed but we need to grab some other archives as well, containing many necessary files required by the Saga:

Download this archive (cep_2_60_full_0.7z)
Download this archive (aielund_and_ems_haks.7z)
Download this archive (abyss.rar)
Download this archive (elvencityv1.26.rar)
Download this archive (shipinteriordds.rar)
Download this archive ( 

Aielund Music Selection
Download this archive (

Use 7-Zip to extract these seven archives somewhere temporary; the process may take a lil' while because of all the content.

Done that? Ok, lets go through these one at a time.

• Open the cep_2_60_full_0 folder and navigate to the haks folder. Copy all 36 haks to your NWN haks folder. Now, navigate to the tlk folder and copy the five tlk files to your NWN tlk folder. If you don't have one, create it. CEP is now installed!

• Next, open the aielund_and_ems_haks folder and copy aielund_finale.hakaielund_hakpak.hak and ems.hak to your NWN haks folder. Note that arQon's EMS is optional and a lil' controversial. On the one hand, anti-EMS ppl complain of its lack of documented changes; on the other, the author and maintainer recommend it. I installed EMS for my recounting, and loved it. Still, the choice is yours to make.

• Next, open the abyss, elvencity, shipinterior and paintingpack folders and copy abyss.hak, ElvenCity.hak, Ship-Interior.hak and PaintingPack.hak to your NWN hak folder.

• And lastly, open the aielundmusic folder and copy the 12 bmu files to your NWN music folder.

That's it! You have just installed The Aielund Saga in full, and are in for a treat. Enjoy!

Use my walk-through/guide if you have any problems playing the game.

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  1. Thank you for this. Very helpful.

    1. You're welcome, Wayne. I'm glad you found it useful.

  2. Do you still play this game/mode? Because if you do can you help me getinng started and other stuff and if posibbly run though the whole game with me ( if you have the time) I played a bit rpg games but none like NWN or any of it modes. So can you help me?

    1. Hi, sorry I don't have the time to play through any modules at the moment but you will likely find players on the NWN GoG forum.

      You could make a new topic on that forum or post a request in this thread:

      Good luck!

    2. Thank you for the info. Have a good day then.

  3. Goddamn yr 2016 and people are still helping each other to play nwn 1 custom content! Epic! :)

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I want to see more and more ppl playing NWN in the future so that's what this blog is mostly about.

    2. I want to MAKE custom content, but with my masters program I just don't have time. :(

  4. I recently got NWN: Diamond Edition for free from, and after looking around for some sweet modules, yours shows some dope promise. I look forward to playing them.

    1. Thanks, Markis. But just to be clear, The Aielund Saga was authored by Savant. I am just a commentator. But yeah, the modules showcased on my blog are mostly all great, and worth a whirl.

  5. Hi!

    2 quick questions if you don't mind.

    Can you recommend any modules that allow you to import your character from Hordes of the Underdark?

    Are there any modules that you would recommend that reintroduce the Henchmen from the original game, such as Dalen or Deekin?

    Thank you!

    1. The only post-Hordes module series I would recommend is Sands of Fate.

      And the only mods that I've seen that actually reuse the NWN henchmen are the Aribeth romance mods. And while a couple of those are actually well done (in a fan-fic way), they're designed for a Hero of Neverwinter that followed a specific path.

      There was a series of short mods for a evil PC that took the "claimed Cania" route in Hordes that had both ghost Aribeth and Deekin. It also assumed you took the stupid evil route in Act 2 of that expansion. But it's not one I'd recommend.

  6. To everyone else commenting:


    I had used your walkthroughs before (got an unpleasant shock when I got to the end of what there is of Subtlety of Thay and found the game itself incomplete...) and came here when the download of this story, the Prophet series, and Bastard of Kosigan seemed impossibly complex to download. And all I can say right now is THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU (please imagine a whole page of those). My GOG version of NWN1 would not even play without the manual application of patch 1.69, even though its info says it is patched through 1.69.

    Thank you for the extremely clear directions with links for this and the others. I was getting lazy with the very simple installations for NWN2, some of which self-extract or put all parts into one download. Just hoping at least this and The Prophet series are all worth the labor-intensive installation! Gotta brush up on my French for the last chapter of BoK...

  7. Uh...I seem to have a few files left over? I created a folder to extract stuff to (just downloads>aielund saga stuff. Is there a way I can send you a screen shot? If I'm coming through anonymously, I comment on the Vault as minissa with a little silhouette of a ballerina. (They are a docs, an erf,a mod, something called "Abyss.mod", ems_changes.txt,paintings.erf, and two .psds that the remaining "readme" seems to indicate are for modding in the toolset so NA to bozos like me who still only play.

    Also, if you can connect me to the person whose name appears in Cyrillic, I am just starting the game myself and would be happy to escort him/her through at least the rudiments of character creation and how to get your character's avatar to do what is needed. I'm at caros (at) xmission (dot) com. Thoomas is right---with the world in the state it's in, it's wonderful to find a community where people are still reaching out and helping each other, so, although I hate the overuse of "I wanted to give back to the community," yeah, that.:)

    1. Hi minissa,

      I'm glad you found my guides useful! You can safely ignore the files not mentioned in these installation instructions, yes. I don't know a contact for Пламен Тодоров, sorry. But you have left your email address so someone may contact you for a multi-player session. Good luck!

  8. AnonymousJune 12, 2017

    Is this a mod I could edit a bit and run as a DM for a multiplayer group?

    1. That largely depends on what your goal of DMing it is. It's playable by a multiplayer group right out of the gate. If you just want to add new items, extra monsters, or additional NPC dialogue or something you could do that. If you want to be able to adjust the plot as a DM that'll be a lot harder (or probably impossible). If you can give some additional details about your goals as a DM I can offer more information.

  9. Hello, i seem to be stuck at the point when i need to talk to Terinus the Black, conversation ends after i say something about the staff

  10. Where to download the files? I think Neverwinter vault is offline.

    1. It's not off-line. Can you get here: ?

    2. My apologies, after hours of searching i finally found out that it is my ISP blocking neverwinter vault for some reason, i found many others affected by this as well, causing some people to think the site was taken offline, further confused by it being taken down in 2014 i believe. Tried to download it with opera Surfeasy but no luck there, the downloads kepts corrupting. Hopefully get a friend to download it and onedrive me soon. (PS: Also, if interested there is amazing Baulders gate reloaded for NWN2, and they are currently working on Shadows of amn/Throne of Bhaal, making great progress.)

    3. Ok, hope you get it sorted. Good luck!


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