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The Aielund Saga: Act Two - Part VI

The Isle of the Dead

Having scoured both Feybourne and Stoneguard and not found the scepter, we now return to the Duke for a "flavor convo" in preparation for the Isle of the Dead. Sir Godfrey is noticeably absent: according to the Duke he had an "inspiration" regarding the location of the scepter but would not tell the Duke where he was headed, for the Duke's own protection. Mmm...

We arrive at the pier and pour 500 GP into Kipper Bob's pouch as payment for sailing us to the dreaded Isle.


The wind howls on the Isle, and the waves can be heard gently lapping the shore.


Atop the sheer cliffs is a large graveyard in which about one dozen Skeleton Pirates (+7 EXP) and three tougher Zombie Pirates (+110 EXP) dwell amidst leafless trees and windblown grass.

On the opposite side of the Isle we wind our way down to the shore and then north along it to the central west where we spot a cliffside cave entrance.

Inside I'm attacked by two separate packs of Raging Undead wielding fists of fire. Wicked enemy, but no match for an undead hunter (+44 EXP ea).

The first crypt level has two entry points, one in the north and one in the south. The northern entry point leads to a dead end which when reached triggers several flanking Spectres (+7 EXP). There is no treasure here worth a damn. We leave and backtrack through the cave to the southern entry point in order to fully exlore the crypt.

Looting a sarcophagus in three separate siderooms awakens in each a Mummy Warlord (+396 EXP ea, Longsword +1, Large Shield +3). The first sarcophagus contains a Bastard Sword +2, the second a Morningstar of Flame (+1d8 fire) and the third Deathgrip +2 heavy flail (+4 against Good, Regen +1, Evil only).

On the crypt's second level we meet a Lich who claims ownership of the Isle and the undead army, and asserts the scepter is a bunch of bull, that it doesn't exist. It also wants us dead.

The Lich orders six Shadow Reaper minions to attack us (+308 EXP ea), then with a wave of its hand vanishes into thin air.

These spectral undead are fast-hitting monks with on-hit DC 15 STR drain. With high AC and Fort. saves I draw most of the negative energy aggro as Maggie staunchly unleashes a spell or two to soften them up for eventual victory.


Ronan now disables the trap and picks the lock on the gate in front of which the Lich stood (DC 35/32). We cautiously step through the gate.

Damn, looks like Sir Godfrey didn't make it. - Ronan

Poor Godfrey! - Maggie.

Here amidst the shattered remains of two Bone Golems we are saddened to find the noble Sir Godfrey Davis, fallen in battle.

Left behind by Sir Godfrey: Armor of Command (+3 AC, +2 CHA, Bonus Paladin spell lvl 1/2), Blessed Helm of Command (+2 CHA, Immunity: Death Magic/Fear, Discip +4), Heraldic Shield (+4 AC, on-hit Lightning Bolt, Legend Lore 1/day), Sir Godfrey's Cloak (+2 AC def, +2 CON, +2 Saves), journal.

I reverently remove each piece of Godfrey's gear and equip it, vowing to continue where he left off - and to succeed.

We will avenge thee, Sir Godfrey! Rest in peace. - The trio.

There is no time to grieve or ponder the identity of this spy, however, as more dark presences are felt in this god forsaken place. The trio valiantly plow through six more Shadow Reapers and four more Bone Golems (+396 EXP) on their descent to the third crypt level...


Level Up to 17!

Lilura: Champion of Torm (5) / Paladin (8)/ Fighter (4)
Ronan: Rogue (17) Sneak Attack (+9d6)
Maggie: Druid (17) Level 9 spells

We lay waste to wave upon wave of Abyssal Specters (in total forty-four at +88 EXP ea) in this eerie dungeon elevated over an abyss. Maggie shines brightly here, now unleashing Sunbeam and Mass Heal which inflict severe damage to undead.


An Undead Dragon (+1012 EXP) now stands between us and a foreboding entryway. A buff-fest ensues and I charge the skeletal monstrosity to do the dirty work as Maggie stands back for AoEs and Ronan quivers in fear.

The feedback window below shows the beginning and end of the battle - that's how quickly the frame of bones came crashing down.

Now at the Edge of the Abyss we confront the Lich.

You will make a fine addition to my army. - Lich.

Foolish mortal! I cannot be destroyed! - Lich. 

He's right, the Lich can't be beaten by conventional means: as the lore states, its phylactery must be found and destroyed. I ask Maggie and Ronan to wait at the door, then quaff an Invisibility potion  and run past the Lich (no True Seeing) and down a corridor which leads across a bridge over the abyss...

... and into a room with a sarcophagus, from which I loot the phylactery and shatter it (+1,000 EXP).

Then I backtrack to the Lich's still-levitated corpse, on the way fighting through a Shadow Lord (+715 EXP) lurking in the corridor and two Warlord Mummies (+495 EXP ea) now awakened from tombs in the central room - no cakewalk.

Lich corpse - Staff of Thunder & Lightning (+2, on-hit DC 14 Daze, charges: Call Lightning, Great Thunderclap).

In the Lich's den is a library containing an array of spells scrolls: Phantasmal Killer, Isaac's Greater Missile Storm, Bigby's Clenched Fist, Create Greater Undead, Finger of Death, Greater Spell Breach, Summon Creature VIII and Resurrection.

On dusty shelves we also loot: Tome of Darkest Magics (Energy Drain, Gate, Wail of the Banshee, Weird [all 17], Phantasmal Killer [7] - all single use, arcane spellcasters only, and rechargeable perhaps through Auberon), The First King of Aielund (lore) and most importantly the ORIGINAL copy of most ancient artefacts from olde tymes.

So the Scepter of Transcendence was indeed a bunch of bull, which means we've been led on a wild goose chase across the Feybourne, Stoneguard and Isle of the Dead. (In the next update we'll confirm our suspicions on who deceived us and why).

In the Lich's den is also a portal which we take to be transported back to the surface of the Isle of the Dead. 

Glad to see the loyal Kipper Bob still waiting for us, we set sail swiftly back to Fairloch.

This was a small update because the end of Act Two is a little longer than I thought it would be and I want the last update for Act Two to be focused in Fairloch.

Next Up: Act Two - Part VII

The Finale!


  1. I got stuck just before the Isle of the Dead. Had the convo with the Duke regarding the Isle of the Dead and how Kipper Bob could take me there.

    But Kipper Bob was in the nearby tavern and wouldn't open any dialog. Thinking I'd missed something, I went around and talked with every major NPC I could find, with no success. I hit a couple of quests I'd missed prior, but it didn't help.

    I eventually gave up and loaded Act III.

    1. Sorry to hear you experienced a bug, Wayne. I hope the rest of the campaign runs smoothly for you.


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