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Shrouded Sun Walkthrough - Part II

   S H R O U D E D  S U N   
A NWN2 module by Jolly Jenkins 

Part I | Part II


Jekyll the svirfneblin. You will have a dream in which you can choose to fight the Alhoon and its minions with Jekyll as ally, or fight Jekyll and his Large Earth Elemental with the Alhoon as ally. Other than what their respective corpses yield I don't think it matters who you go with.
Corpse of Jekyll: Jekyll's Hide Armor (medium armor +3, Strength +1, Regeneration +3, Survival +5), Leg Bone (club +3, AC def. vs. Lawful +2), Potion of Lore, scroll of Dominate Person.
Corpse of the Alhoon: Robe of the Alhoon (AC arm. bonus +3, Concentration +6, Immunity: Mind-affecting, Charisma +1, Intelligence +1), Ring of Resistance +1, scroll of Create Greater Undead, Potion of Cure Critical Wounds.

Shrouded Sun Inn

Quest: Missing Amulet. You will awaken from your dream to find that your amulet has been stolen by Faceless, whom you fought earlier in the tavern. Speak with Gemcutter and inform him of your lost amulet. Screed Nightwalk, leader of the Bladed Coin Mercenary Order, will then appear in the room and offer to help you recover the amulet from Faceless.
Companion: Screed Nightwalk. Chaotic Evil Drow Wizard (12). Equipment: The Sly Blade (longsword +3, +1d6 negative energy, elven wizard only), Potion of Cure Serious Wounds.
Screed knows of a secret passage into the mithral mines, one that apparently leads straight into the Warden Chambers. I suggest you take him up on his offer and let him stay in the party for the raid; otherwise, it's gonna be difficult with just you and Bullhorn. When you're ready to leave speak with Screed again. Twilight will refuse to accompany you into the mines. Strip him of his gear and then slay him.

Warden Chambers

• Make sure Screed is loaded up with Fireball, Haste, Stoneskin, Greater Invisibility and Chain Lightning spells. Give him the Zalantar Light Crossbow so that he's got something to do when he's not casting spells, too. Note: I can't report on OL & DD DCs in this segment because Twilight is dead and nobody in the party has Rogue skills.
• Proceed north and slay the force that stands against you, consisting of Drow, cave troll hunter, orc thrall & goblin thrall. You should come away with Club +3, Ring of Clear Thought +2, scroll of Restoration, topaz, gold ring and about 500 GP.
Chamber of Faceless. Bash down the door on the left, slay the watcher and clay golem guarding the room, and loot the chest for Drow Poison Arrow (x12), Bolt of Frostbite (x34), Potion of Antidote, scroll of Death Armor and Wall of Dispel Magic, and Astral Plane & Time of Troubles books.
• The northern door requires a key that we will find in the jail.
Jail. Take the door on the right to arrive in the jail. Beware of the epic fire trap lacing the floor and the two drow assassins that assail you in the hall as you approach the warden's office.

Rizzen the Warden. This discontent coward will simply give you the Warden's Key but it's best to pry it from his cold, dead hands. Rizzen is a weapon master who dual-wields scimitars enchanted with the elements.
Rizzen: Burnblade (scimitar, +1d6 fire, 60% of weight), Face Melter (scimitar, +1d6 acid, 60% of weight), Warden's Key, Potion of Heal, Silver Ring, Potion of Cure Critical Wounds, 333 GP.

• Ok, now you can free Jumcruk the bugbear and John Mageweave from their cells (1,000 XP ea). They will fight alongside you - as "summons" - against their former masters, but they are very squishy and likely to die instantly if a Drow so much as looks at them sideways. Don't be overly concerned about their survival. Bug: Jumcruk may disappear from the party if you reload: no great loss.
Other cells. Force-attack and slay the Shambling Mound ("Muck") for good XP and loots its corpse for Gold Necklace, Silver Necklace, Potion of Heal and 285 GP. Chest: Cloak of Resistance +2, Lightning Arrow (x54).
• Lay waste to the Drow patrol guarding the exit upward, prioritizing the cleric. They drop random treasures.
Chest (locked & trapped): Ripper (longbow +3, Mighty +2, Immunity: Mind-affecting), Potion of Cat's Grace, Potion of Heal, scrolls of Delayed Blast Fireball and Summon Creature VI.
• Destroy the iron golem guarding the room on your left, loot its corpse for 454 GP and the Iron Key, and use the key to gain access to the mithral haul (500 XP). Screed will lay claim to the haul on behalf on the Bladed Coin. Bug: The game CTDs if you refuse to allow the claim and prepare to slay him.
Mithral Mines. Explore the northern section of the mines, slaying the Drow patrol and looting the two chests.
Drow: Heavy Shield +3, Chain Mail +1, Topaz, Light Armor +2, Imaskari Shield (tower shield +2, SR 10), Average Holy Trap Kit, Potion of Cure Critical Wounds, Chain Mail +3, Greater Archer's Belt (piercing resistance 20/-), Sapphire.
Chest: Amulet of Fire Resistance (resist fire 15/-), 2317 GP, Adamantine Ingot.
Chest: Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Potion of Cure Critical Wounds, Potion of Bull's Strength, Mourningring (All saving throws +1, Create Greater Undead [18] 1/day).
• Proceed south, slaying more Drow guards as they seek to quell a revolt of thralls. Other than the Kukri +2 the corpses are holding only minor treasures.
Chest: Fire Beetle's Belly, 788 GP.

Prophet Jogjin (fell troll). In the southeast you will meet up with a gigantic fell troll who seems to have gotten the better of its Drow masters, the corpses of whom litter the floor. No matter what you say it wants a piece of you. Loot its corpse for a Fire Opal.
• Slay the Drow mob in the south for basic loot.
Chest (trapped & locked): Potion of Speed, Potion of Heal, Ring of Fortitude +3, scrolls of Battletide, Blade Barrier.
• Proceed north and slay more Drow that are attempting to put down the uprising of slaves. Notable loot: Breastplate +3, Full Plate +2, scroll of Resurrection.
Chest: 1025 GP, Magic Bag.

Face off against the Faceless

• At the end of the tunnel you will find Faceless waiting for you, enraged by the slave revolt and cursing you for his mutilated face and the voices in his head.

• But his evil rant about how he is going to kill you and have his revenge is interrupted when Matron Jhael steps in. She reprimands her son for letting slaves escape, for failing to recapture you, and for not slaying you when he reclaimed the amulet. She vows to turn him into a drider and prepares to slay you on the spot, but the Faceless cries out that he must be the one to slay you, that he must have his revenge! He manages to cast a teleportation spell that whisks both you and he away, into the Astral Plane.

Astral Plane

Astral Pocket. Don't move from your starting position if you want to rest and buff. You must now battle the Drow wizard one-on-one. He will summon forth both Succubus & Hezrou as meat shields. My battle cleric had no problems taking these guys out.

• Slay Faceless to reclaim the Cursed Amulet, and grab The Mask, too. (Immunity: First & Second circle spells, Resist acid, True Seeing [9] 1/day).
• The power of the amulet compels you to enter the portal back to the Prime despite the hostile Drow being there waiting for you. The amulet needs its champion... and the champion needs the amulet.

Mithral Mines

• You return to find that Bullhorn is dead and that Screed is gone. Matron Jhael thanks you for killing her son, Faceless. The Favored of Lloth then paralyzes you and prepares to plunge a dagger into your heart, but Lloth commands her to let you live, for now.
Your mind begins to drift... blackness begins to shroud your vision. Dreams are all that you see... for now.

Lobby: The End

• You will be transported to the Lobby where the Avatar of the Module Maker will announce the completion of the module. Now, prepare for the sequel: The Shadowdancer's Vault!

End of Shrouded Sun Walkthrough

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