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Bedine for Neverwinter Nights 2 - Overview

Bedine for Neverwinter Nights 2 - Overview

Overview | Part I | Part II | Part III

A campaign for the Neverwinter Nights 2 platform, built by Kamal


Kamal's Bedine is a recently released campaign (Jan 14, 2017) - two years in the making - set in the sprawling Anauroch desert of the Forgotten Realms (in which parts of BioWare's Shadows of Undrentide were also set).

In Bedine, the player takes on the role of a nomadic Bedine tribesman of the banu tamin grouping, whom, for the purposes of lore, is assumed to be human, male and of either warrior, rogue, druid or spirit shaman build. At first glance one may deem the build parameters too restrictive but flexibility in character-building is added by Kamal's custom archetype system, which opens specific background and training feats to all classes, allowing you to do things like create a first level Fighter with a Favored Enemy and Sneak Attack. This system also allows for what Kamal calls "lore-appropriate" characters by organizing feats with prerequisites; for example, a Bedine warrior who wears only light armor and wields a spear. With this system, it is possible to create "role-playing" characters as well as extremely over-powered or under-powered characters. Please refer to the Character Creation section for more info.

Bedine is a campaign that is big on lore. Nothing is stopping you from playing a "lore-less" race, gender or class, but the campaign assumes that your character is lore-appropriate and refers to you as such, regardless of your adherence to the lore. Reasons are given for the build restrictions; for example, due to tribal suspicion of magic arcane practitioners are generally exiled, or worse; and the organized religions of the traditional holy warriors do not factor with the tribes, who instead worship their own deities and nature spirits known as wasa-ey. Lore also affects itemization and examining an item calls up custom lore-based descriptions, which is welcome.

Bedine employs features introduced by the Storm of Zehir campaign, such as the Party Editor (accessible in oasis camps) and the innovative Overland Map (OLM) complete with roaming adversaries and skills that are frequently checked, on the fly.

A characteristic of Kamal's releases - from his Inn of Hidden Tales to Crimmor to Path of Evil to the current release of Bedine - is the attention to area design and aesthetics; specifically, placeable density, detailed urban zones, realistic sculpted terrains, and commendable employment of light, shade and texture (see here, here and here). Yes, it's all quite a delight to behold but you will need a decent PC to handle these works; otherwise, your framerate will take hits and the load times will be frightfully long (Bedine loads no less than 65 areas before you can get into the game!)

This is a huge campaign: 5 gigabytes and about 32,000 files.

The Bedine are presumably based on the real life Bedouin tribes in the Middle East, and they are detailed in the Anauroch sourcebook. I altered them to be more focused on spirits than they are in the book, in the sourcebook it's a more even mix between spirits and their limited set of gods. If you go to the Dyr monastery I included cameos by several famous arab scholars/philosophers, who will talk a bit about things they studied in real life. The Bedine language is mostly arabic in the sourcebook, so I kept that. For words I didnt have in the sourcebook I ran an english word or phrase through google translate to arabic and then took the phonetic spelling. It's "final release", no content will be added, just fixing any bugs like those typos. Please send the typos. I worked on it off and on for about two years. About half of that was doing various things that I wanted to have like the dog companions, back engineering the overland map and getting that documented so I could have an overland map, and producing a bunch of desert style reskinned placeables/buildings, most of which I wound up never using. I even back engineered the soz trade system, but it didnt fit the story so I didnt use it. About a year was spent on more normal module things like making maps where I couldnt use or modify a prefab, dialog, general scripting and stuff. - Kamal.

Character Creation

Character CreationI recommend creating all four characters. My suggested party would consist of:
◦ Ranger (OLM, sharpshooter, stealthmaster) or better still Monk (because Survival actually isn't needed on the OLM, and Monks have superior movement speed to cover vast OLM/area design.)
◦ Barbarian (tank and big damage dealer)
◦ Rogue (skill monkey, sneak attacker, diplomat) and
◦ Druid (spellcaster/healer).

All characters should be male and human. You may think these builds are OP. Well, play the game and you will see that it still isn't a faceroll (I play D&D Hardcore Rules). Note that Appraise is implemented for merchants (and for at least one quest reward), and Lore is implemented in dialogue (though also rarely).

• Monk:
1. Unarmed Strike, Monk AC Bonus, Flurry of Blows, Greater Flurry, Improved Unarmed Strike, Ki Strike (Magic), Ki Strike (Lawful), Ki Strike (Adamantine).
2. Power Attack, Cleave
3. Monk Speed, Dodge, Mobility
4. Weapon Proficiency (Monk)
5. Evasion
6. Improved Evasion, Barbarian Rage, Spring Attack
7. Great Strength +1
And so on..: Improved Critical (Unarmed Strike), Stunning Fist etc.

Note that Druid buff Flame Weapon works on gloves/gauntlets (it doesn't in NWN). Thus, your Yd Saharia inflict 1d8 fire and 1d4 magical. Nice.

Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Spellcraft, Tumble, UMD.

Ranger: 14-14-14-14-14-10.
1. Weapon Proficiency (Simple), Weapon Proficiency (Martial), Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Able Learner, Rapid Shot (Ranger Combat Style: Archery), Hide in Plain Sight (Outdoors).
2. Sneak Attack (+1d6)
3. Sneak Attack (+2d6), Toughness
4. Dex +1, Evasion (Animal Companion: Wolf)
5. Great Dexterity +1
6. Great Dexterity +2. Great Dexterity +3

Skills: Heal, Hide, Move Silently, Spellcraft, Survival, Search, Spot, Tumble, UMD.

• Barbarian: 18-14-16-8-8-8. Big, dumb and ugly but hard to kill and hits like a truck.
1. Weapon Proficiency (Simple), Weapon Proficiency (Martial), Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Shield Proficiency, Power Attack, Cleave, Barbarian Rage, Damage Reduction 1/-.
2. Damage Reduction 2/-
3. Damge Reduction 3/-, Tower Shield Proficiency (for dat Dark Steel Tower Shield)
4. Str +1, Damage Reduction 4/-
5. Damage Reduction 5/-
6. Damage Reduction 6/-, Damage Reduction 7/-
7. Damage Reduction 8/-
8. Great Strength +1
9. Great Strength +2, Greater Resiliency (DR +1 for a total of DR 9/-)
10. Great Strength +3

Yep, that's what I'm talking about.

After that, I guess you'd take Toughness and Improved Critical if you find a good weapon. Have the Druid cast Flame Weapon on your melee weapon.

• Rogue: 12-16-14-16-8-10.
1. Weapon Proficiency (Simple), Weapon Proficiency (Martial), Armor Proficiency (Light), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Sneak Attack (+1d6), Sneak Attack (+2d6).
2. Sneak Attack (+3d6)
3. Sneak Attack (+4d6), Sneak Attack (+5d6), Sneak Attack (+6d6)
4. Sneak Attack (+7d6)
5. Sneak Attack (+8d6)
6. Sneak Attack (+9d6), Sneak Attack (+10d6)

The problem here is that Sneak Attack doesn't seem to inflict the above damage... if anyone gets it working, please let me know.

Pump all of the social skills.

• DruidSpellcasting Prodigy, Rapid Shot, possibly Zen Archery.
1. Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Weapon Proficiency (Simple), Animal Companion, Venom Immunity, Sneak Attack (1d6), Sneak Attack (2d6), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot.
2. Great Wisdom +1
3. Great Wisdom +2, Dinosaur Companion

A note on itemizationArmor-wise, Bedine favors light armor, medium armor and robes. There are no heavy armors whatsoever. Shield-wise, small shields and heavy shields are favored though there is at least one tower shield itemized (Dark Steel). Weapon-wise, Daggers, Scimitars, Battleaxes, Quarterstaffs and Gauntlets are favored above all. There are also Sickles, Rapiers, Spears, Scythes, Longswords, Shortswords, Greatswords, Flails, Clubs, Maces and Morningstars. A couple of exotic weapons are itemized such as the kama and the dwarven waraxe. Ranged weapon-wise, the Shortbow is favored above all. I found only one good crossbow and two crappy longbows. I would not "focus, specialize or improved critical" any weapon except for perhaps the Scimitar, Battleaxe or Shortbow. Ammo-wise, good arrows are rare, good bolts rarer, and good bullets almost unheard of.

Torches are mandatory - some of the dungeons are pitch-black (as they should be).



  1. Looks amazing...I wonder if my PC will be able to run it! ^^' It's a pity I never found info on this campaign lenght but I'llanas try it anyway.

    1. I don't know how long it is, either (docs don't say). I just know the loadtimes are really long on my laptop. :P

    2. 1,21 Gb! I've seen that now... that's crazy! But I'll try it when I can. Sure.
      I remember that I had some stuttering in SoZ on my old Pc, but this time it should work.


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