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Sunday, 26 October 2014

UI mods for Neverwinter Nights 2

This post has been updated, rewritten, and can now be found here.


  1. If there is an underrated NWN game, it's original NWN 2. Everybody hates it, although it actually features the best charachters among ALL of NWN games. It's not just about funny dwarf and sexy elf girl (well, ok, they are funny and sexy).

    Bishop is the most brutal archer I've ever seen in my gaming history. Dat warcry he makes every time he pulls the string - even Russel Crow in latest Robin Hood movie looks like total gay compared to Bishop. Shit, I feel really sorry for him ending on the wall, even knowing that he betrayed me. Bishop was a true badass.

    Sand didn't seem like someone special to me at first, but after the court he became one of my favorite chars eva.

    Amon Jerro is my favorite. A truly comlicated and very well developed character. That character was probably the best thing I got from completing all of NWN games, addons and DLC included.

    1. I found the NWN2 OC companions pretty amusing as well. The early back and forth between Khelgar, Neeshka and Elanee was completely ridiculous, but made me laugh. I liked Sand and Bishop, but my fave was Casavir. I hated Grobnar, and Shandra and Qara were unlikeable.

      The companions are superior to the ones in SoZ (though Septimund was cool), but inferior to the ones in Mask of the Betrayer (Kaelyn and OoM). Jerro appeared also in the Thayan Enclave, but he just wasn't the same, nor was he voiced.

    2. Yes, I remember Jerro's appearance. I believe, you only meet Jerro, Khelgar and Bishop in MoB. Really liked the aftermath stories. Casavir tried to hold the falling ceiling and buy you time to escape, if memory serves me right. Poor guy. He might be the only Paladin in my DnD experience whom I actually liked.

      I know that MotB chars are more developed, but I guess I kinda missed my old party during MotB walkthrough. Dialogues with Jerro and Bishop left more impression on me than the rest of the game. Which was still very good.


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