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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XV

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XV

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part XIV)

   C H A P T E R  T W E L V E  

Note to reader: Chapters Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen are exceedingly short; that's why I shall be able to cover each of them with just one post.

   C H A P T E R  T W E L V E   
   A V E R N U S   
(AR: BD 4400)

Ok, this is it! - Avernus, the first layer of Baator. This place is pretty tame, actually. Upon arrival here I was expecting hordes and hordes of devils to assail the party, or at least a Baator similar to the one in Planescape: Torment (which was potentially quite tough). But no, nothing like that. Just trashmobs - and why are the areas so tiny?

It should come as no surprise to you that many foes native to Avernus are fire-resistant; therefore, eschew fire-based spells in favor of the likes of (for example) Skull Trap, Cone of Cold, Cloudkill and M'Khiin's Spirit Fire (which inflicts magic damage). On the other hand - and perhaps curiously - the party does not need fire-resistance to survive the hellish environment of Avernus, though it does help in the final boss fight, covered below.

Anyway, there is no going back to Dragonspear until we deal with the climactic events here, so let's push on in the hopes of catching up with Caelar!

Assist Darnas in fighting off a mob of devils led by Illaruel, a summoner of Blood War cannon fodder.

This is how I like my battlefield to look: lots of immobilization and noxious AoEs, with the enemy dieing slowly, but surely, in the pit of pain I have made for them. Yes, I killed Darnas off because I can't imagine there being consequences for that.

Enemies: Illaruel (9,000 XP, Blood-soaked Minutes), Hellcat x2 (5,000 XP ea), Green Abishai (1,400 XP), Black Abishai (7,000 XP), Imp x2 (1,400 XP ea), Lemure x5 (120 XP ea).
Allies: Darnas (2,000 XP, Two-Handed Sword +1), Crusader Sergeant (1,400 XP, Morningstar +1), Crusader Elite (1,400 XP).

Recognize some of these sprites? Yep! They are from Black Isle's Planescape: Torment & Icewind Dale 2.

Climb the massive corpse-littered staircase and take the exit.

   B r i d g e  &  B a s a l t  T o w e r   
(AR: BD 4500)

Kill the crap standing between you and the tower looming over the other side of the bridge.
Lemure x3 (120 XP ea), Black Abishai (7,000 XP), Green Abishai (1,400 XP), Red Abishai (9,000 XP), Imp (1,400 XP).

Caelar escapes into the tower before you can stop her.

Quest: Thrix's Wager. Thrix the Profane blocks the door to the tower. Slay the fiends he summons.

Now, either answer the riddle he poses or simply slay the cornugon, being wary of its fear aura.

The answer to the riddle is, quite obviously, murder. For correctly answering the riddle you may choose one item from a pool of three:
Tongue of Acid +3 (longsword, THAC0 +3, dmg +3, 1d3 acid, 10% on-hit Slow for 3 rounds, save vs. Spell negates).
The Guardian Devil (helmet, +15% resistance to Slashing, Piercing and Missile, Not usable by Chaotic Good, Neutral Good & Lawful Good).
Echo of the Fiend +3 (quarterstaff, THAC0 +3, dmg +3, 5% on-hit Sunfire centered on the wielder). 
Thrix (10,0000 XP), Erinyes (7,000 XP), Hamatula (6,000 XP), Red Abishai (9,000 XP), Bone Fiend (7,000 XP), Hell Cat (5,000 XP), Lemure (120 XP).

Whether you slay Thrix or answer the riddle, the doors now open to the next chamber. Step inside...

   T h e  E l e v a t o r   
(AR: BD 4600)

I suggest you take the opportunity to safely rest here without threat of on-rest spawns, as this is your last chance to do so. Also, make a named savegame here just in case you need to reload to jiggle your equipment and/or memorize different spells in order to succeed in the final boss fight, coming up.

You might like to cast some long-term buffs at this point. Ok, when you're ready have your party step onto the iron lattice platform before interacting with the control panel (x=1430, y=1070). It begins to elevate...

An assortment of devils will tele onto the platform as you ascend the elevator shaft. Slay them as you go (you might like to cast short-term buffs before the lift reaches its destination...)
Red Abishai (9,000 XP), Black Abishai (7,000 XP), Green Abishai (1,400 XP), Bone Fiend (7,000 XP), Hell Cat x2 (5,000 XP), Lemure x2 (120 XP), Imp (1,400 XP).

   B E L H I F E T   
   F I N A L  B O S S  F I G H T   
(AR: BD 4700)

It was Belhifet's voice that we heard through the misty swirl in Hephernaan's basement-chamber. Belhifet was the antagonist in Icewind Dale, too. Upon your arrival to his sanctum a cutscene fires showing Caelar fighting through a wave of devils to confront Belhifet and demand the release of her uncle, Aun Argent, who is imprisoned nearby in a cage. Belhifet knocks her back towards the party and then approaches to engage in dialogue...

Be mindful of your dialogue choices for they affect Caelar's allegiance. It's pretty EZ to know what to pick to get the desired outcome, though!

   C a e l a r  A r g e n t  — A s  A l l y  
(Lawful Good Fifteenth Level Fighter)

Choosing this tact means Caelar battles Belhifet either alongside the party (if the party is full) or even as a full-on party member (if there is an opening). Caelar is a resilient tank and physical-based damage dealer who is capable of dueling the devil to a degree, but she is most certainly not invincible. Have her quaff a Potion of Storm Giant Strength if you have control of her (to-hit +6, dmg +12).

Caelar's stats: Strength 18/81 | Dexterity 17 | Constitution 17 | Intelligence 12 | Wisdom 13 | Charisma 19
Special Abilities: Bless, Cure Critical Wounds, Shining Bolt.
Skills: Lore (15). 
Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (Grandmastery), Bastard Sword (Specialization), Sword & Shield Style (++).
Perks: Great elemental resistances and negative status effect immunities.
Caelar's custom items: Aster's Edge (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, dmg +2 vs. Fiends, MR +30%, for Caelar only), Mail of the Hallowed Hero (AC 2, perma-Protection From Evil, Immunity: Poison & Disease, for Caelar only), Circlet of Cynosure (Immunity: Fear, Charm, Paralysis, Protection from Critical Hits, for Caelar only), Solar Aegis +3 (AC +4, Con +1, FR +40%, for Caelar only).

Now you can see why she was able to lead a Crusade...

   C a e l a r  A r g e n t — A s  E n e m y   

If this tact is chosen then, at Caelar's request, Hephernaan is executed by Belhifet and Caelar is battled as a Blackguard. Caelar reminds me a lot of Aribeth, a Paladin who became a Blackguard in BioWare's Neverwinter Nights original campaign. But Aribeth is the superior character, imo.

   P r o - t i p s   

Siege Belhifet is harder to vanquish than Icewind Belhifet. Ward against his Fear Aura, first of all. Unless you enjoy seeing your party running around like idiots then this is pretty much mandatory. Spells and scrolls aside, the Commander's Chain Mail +3 bestows immunity to Fear and also grants it to those in the wearer's vision radius. Secondly, Belhifet likes to unleash his custom Blazing Inferno (Fire Storm) & Infernal Conveyance (Flame Strike) spells; ergo, fire resistance is handy. Again, aside from spells and scrolls you should have a few Batalista's Passport rings at your disposal (+40% FR). It's pretty EZ to get >100% FR, actually.  

Magic Resistance (Cloak of Balduran [25%], Robe of Netheril [50%]), Mind Shield (Chaotic Commands), and Poison & Disease immunity would not go astray, either. Dragonscale Armor bestows immunity to poison and the Purification Stone bestows immunity to both.

—It's possible to get 8% DR, regen 3 HPs per round, perma-Bless, perma-Chant and perma-Luck from items.
—It's possible to get immunity to poison, disease, Fear, immobilization and backstab from items.(refer to my Item List for more info)

On Core Rules and above you need +3 melee weapons to hit Belhifet. For ranged weapons only the ammo counts for the purposes of overcoming his immunity; f.e, a plain old longbow does the trick providing you are firing +3 - preferably Void-tipped - arrows from it. Of course, Corwin would be crazy not to wield Corinth's Bow for the THAC0 +3 and dmg +4 it confers.

Here are some of the +3 weapons & ammo from both Siege and the Original Campaign, listed for your convenience. If you don't have at least a few of these already equipped or stashed in your Bag of Holding, then, what can I say: You have been playing the game wrong!

 +3 Weapons (Siege) : Corinth's Bow +2 (THAC0 +3, dmg +4, AC +1, on critical hit wielder is buffed by Luck), Voidsword +3 (THAC0 +3, +3 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune, to-hit and dmg Str bonus does not apply to this weapon), Drow Longsword +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3), Tongue of Acid +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, 1d3 acid, 10% on-hit Slow for 3 rounds, save vs. Spell negates), Fractal Blade +3  (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, on-hit 10% 3-image Mirror Image [on wielder], on-hit 50% Dispel Illusion [on enemy]), Dragon Blade +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, cold +1, Berserker/Barb Rage crit hit +10%, on crit hit deals +2d4 cold and Slows target for 1 round, no save), Echo of the Fiend +3 (quarterstaff, THAC0 +3, dmg +3, 5% on-hit Sunfire centered on the wielder), Voidhammer +3 (THAC0 +3, +4 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune, to-hit and dmg Str bonus does not apply to this weapon), Sundermaul +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +4, 15% on-hit 1 point penalty to AC [save vs. spells negates], 20% on-hit Earthquake centered on wielder).
 Ammo (Siege) : Void-tipped Arrow +3 (x80, THAC0 +3, +3 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune), Bullet of Darkness +3 (x80, THAC0 +3, +4 magic, Strength -1, on-hit -1 Str for 5 rounds, save vs. spell negates, undead are immune), Arrow +3, Bullet +3, Bolt +3.
 +3 weapons (Original Campaign) : Staff of Striking (THAC0 +3, dmg +9), Quarterstaff +3: Aule's Staff (THAC0 +3, dmg +3), Longbow of Marksmanship +3: The Dead Shot (THAC0 +3, dmg +2), Drizzt's Scimitar +3: Frostbrand (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, FR +50%), Drizzt's Scimitar +5, Defender: Twinkle (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, AC +2), Two-handed Sword +3: The World's Edge (THAC0 +3, dmg +3), Sling +3: Arla's Dragonbane (THAC0 +3, dmg +3), Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy: The Guide (THAC0 +5, dmg +2), Short Sword of Backstabbing +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3), Kiel's Morningstar (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, CURSED: Berserker Fury), Cursed Sword of Berserking (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, CURSED: Berserker Fury).

Belhifet sports 33% DR vs. physical-based damage. That means, for example, if you critically hit him for 50 dmg then he is gonna shrug off 17 points of that. No biggie. I just quaffed a potion of Storm Giant Strength and whaled away on his ass until he hit the deck.

Mage-based party success is probably going to hinge on first removing Belhifet's MR with Lower Resistance castings, followed up by direct damage spam. You may also require True Sight or Detect Illusion to cancel his Improved Invisibility. Good luck!

Belhifet (45,000 XP), Caelar Argent (15,000 XP), Hephernaan (12,000 XP, Morningstar +2, Wand of the Heavens, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Ring of Protection +1), Cornugon (10,000 XP).

That's right: neither Belhifet nor Caelar drop loot.

The party is now time-lapsed back to the portal.
   P o r t a l — C l o s e d   

In the event Caelar turned Blackguard (or otherwise fell in battle), Aun Argent will sacrifice himself to close the portal.

   B a c k  t o  t h e  P r i m e   

Use the Dragonspear Vault Key to access the basement.

Speak to Sergeant Dazzo on the stairs to be escorted to your chambers.

   D r e a m  S e q u e n c e   

The Chapter Twelve dream sequence now fires. (You need to actually click on the  Slayer  to attack it).

Charname is arrested by Bence Duncan and charged with the murder of Skie. There is a chance here that M'Khiin will become scared and run away, leaving the party forever.

In the next post we return to the city of Baldur's Gate for the Epilogue!

   C H A P T E R  T W E L V E — O v e r   

Next Up -    C H A P T E R  T H I R T E E N   


  1. Hi Ahti,
    Belhifet! I was actually excited when I heard that one minion mention the Crenshinibon indecent. I thought they would somehow connect with the Forgotten Realms Drizzt books. I was really excited that they instead connected to my other favorite RPG, Icewind Dale.
    I'm a little disappointed I couldn't pillage Belhifet or Caelar. That would have been a pretty sweet flaming sword to swing around.
    Thanks for all the great walkthroughs. I defiantly missed a lot of secret caches. Thanks for all the help. Cheers!

    1. Icewind Dale is one of my fave RPGs, too. I like IWD2 a lil' more, though (mainly because of the extra build opportunities offered by the 3rd Edition ruleset).

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2016

    On this particular chapter there are two last spectacles encounters, one on the very beginning and it involves a celestial. Two possible outcomes: allying or killing, the latter does involve a great micromanagement because he/she has uber stats but lamely no loot...

    The last one is before the elevator, it should be a Glabrezu or a demon (not devil, or the contrary lol) that turns immediately hostile and after some damaging (90%-95% hp) he begs you to spare him, not without some reward for the act (longsword +5 but 30 charges, after +1, pretty lame, and maybe something else, don't remember). Just accept it and force kill him, easy xp.

    On another matter, I still don't know the consequences (if any) if the PC self sacrifices and fails the answer, offer one companion (breaking romance?) and give the correct/bad answer to the riddle...

    Last thing, on the final battle, it's pretty hilarious when Belhifet instagib Caelar (chunk of meat lol) and on the aftermath the uncle cries on some pile of meat (lol)

    Anyway, nice guide.

    1. Thanks for the pro-tips, Anon!

  3. Viconia also leaves when Bence Duncan accuses you of murder.

  4. Just finished the Belhifet fight (with Caelar on his side) on Insane and it was utterly brutal. The arena begins with 1 Cornugon, 2 Abishai, 1 Bone Construct (? forgot the name), 1 Erineys and 2 other assorted devils. Belhifet summons either 1 Cornugon or 2 random other devils periodically who must be killed immediately or they WILL fuck you up. Everything does tons of damage (I've removed the difficulty-based damage increase) and tries to either fear or charm you, Caelar likes to gulp pots of invisibility when she gets low, so if you want to take her down fast you need Purge Invisibility or similar. Belhifet teleports around. I made the fight more difficult for myself however, because I only had 1 thing against fear (a pot of clarity) which I gave to Corwin. I assume it's going to be a bit easier if you have perma-immunity to fear for the whole party, like that chest armor, but it's not the only thing to worry about. Insane as a difficulty is a bit cheap, because it likes to throw hordes of enemies at you which spam you with spells you are bound to not make your saving throw due to the sheer amount of them, so you pretty much need immunities. I found spiders particularly annoying because it seems like their web doesn't allow a saving throw at all, but I digress. It's not SCS level difficulty where everything is AI based and, like I said, it's a bit cheap, but it's not a pushover either and I wouldn't play it on lower difficulties.

    1. Thanks for the lowdown on Insane Belhifet.

      And yeah, perma-Free Action is vital.


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