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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part V

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part V

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part IV)

   C H A P T E R  E I G H T  ( c o n t )   
   C o a s t  W a y  C r o s s i n g T h e  W i n d i n g  W a t e r   
   F i s t  E n c a m p m e n t — O u t s k i r t s   
(AR BD1000)

In the previous post the heroic party delved a dungeon to deal with a dwarf-lich; a quest I quite enjoyed. In this post the party sets out to explore the remainder of the Coast Way Crossing before venturing into the Coast Way Forest. Once these two areas have been picked clean of quests and companions, Charname assails the blockaded bridge to confront Caelar, the antagonist of the Siege campaign.

Generic Encounters: Gargantuan Spider x2 (+3,000 Exp ea), Sword Spider x2 (+2,000 Exp ea), Phase Spider x2 (+1,400 Exp ea), Wolf x2 (+65 Exp ea), Brown Bear (+420 Exp).

   B u r n e d  I n n   
(The Sterling Silver)

Head over to the burned inn and speak with Herod, a refugee who requests that you find five others that have gone missing. Herod points you to Teleria, an elven mage whom he suspects is responsible. Question Teleria and agree to meet her in the forest clearing to the northwest.

Upon arrival you will see Teleria basking amidst her display of five petrified refugees.

Take your pick:

  • Order her to restore the petrified people, and when she refuses slay her. Loot the six Stone to Flesh scrolls from her corpse and reverse the petrification on the five refugees (at least Int 9 required to cast from scrolls). Manny, Untbril, Qelbelther, Soulla and Neroha will thank you, reward you with knick-knacks and wander off back to the burned inn. Return to the grateful Herod and accept the reward of 1,000 gold (or refuse it for Rep +1). Lesser Stone Golem (+2,000 Exp), Teleria (+800 Exp), Stone to Flesh scroll x6, Statue: Stone Ally (summon Lesser Stone Golem, 1 turn, 16 Int required). 
  • Teleria wishes to dedicate a tableau of petrified people in honor of Artipheon, a great wizard whose standing stones we charmed as part of the Ancient Menhirs quest. Teleria views that as defacement so DO NOT mention it to her. Anyway, she needs two more victims to complete her display. Agree to lure an armored soldier and a handsome nobleman to the clearing. Your candidates are Brielle from the Fist encampment and Vessanal from the burned inn. Bear in mind Corwin firmly objects to luring Brielle to his doom and she won't be swayed on that. Anyway, return to the clearing just in time to witness the two victims being petrified. Her twisted tableau complete, Teleria rewards you with the Stone Ally (summon Lesser Stone Golem, 1 turn, 16 Int required). This completes the quest. Note: You may force-attack and slay the departing Teleria for +800 Exp and then loot the six Stone to Flesh scrolls from her corpse. With these (and another bought from Belegarm), you may reverse the petrification on Brielle (who will attack, and yields +650 Exp), Vessanal (who will wander back to the inn) and the five refugees (all of whom also wander back to the inn). However, when I returned Herod was nowhere to be found...

(Completed Quest: The Vanished).

Zaviak's Vision quest may be continued in this clearing. Equip the Spectacles of the Spectacle to catch sight of a nameless, ghostly Gauth. Click the Use Item button, click the spectacles icon and then click on the Gauth for a brief dialogue exchange before he turns hostile and you're forced to slay it.
Gauth (+6,000 Exp): Ring of Fire Resistance (+40%).

Choice items offered by Herod: Mosela's Cudgel +2 (club, Save vs. alteration +2, THAC0 +2, +3 vs. constructs, dmg 1d6+2, +3 vs. constructs), Savage Shortbow +2 (Con +1 for elves & half-elves, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, dmg +5 vs. orcs, half-orcs & ogres), Ring of Lock Picks (Open Lock +25), Potion of Persuasiveness (non-cumulative Cha +4, 3 hours).

Distraught halfling and ex-inkeeper Takos is standing outside the burned inn, too. He informs you that it was gutted by Caelar's crusaders in a cruel response to him kicking them out for rowdy behavior. Takos requests you recover three heirlooms that he lost in the blaze: cloak, shield & mirror.

Step into the ruins and a loose floorboard should catch your eye, highlighted in purple (x=2400, y=2330). Loot it for Gentrus's Hand Mirror (Identify 3/day).

Next, head out through the back door and use the Tab key to highlight "interactable" objects (or simply click the Reveal Details button beneath the portrait panel). You should spot a small chest at x=2860, y=2590. Knock the chest or have your thief unlock it to find the Cloak of the Beluir Watch (AC +2 vs. giant humanoids, +5 HPs for halflings only). The Shield of Barnassus is in possession of Isabella in the Coast Way Forest, that area and its quest detailed below.

Deliver the three heirlooms to the grateful Takos for +3,000 Exp and the Biter +2 (dart, THAC0 +2, 1d3 +2, acid +1, on-hit 10% penalize AC by 1 for 1 turn, save vs. Breath negates). If pressed, he may also offer one heirloom as a bonus. Refusing to hand over the heirlooms turns him hostile and you may slay him (Rep -5, +50 Exp) (Completed Quest: Halfling Treasures).

   B a e l o t h ' s  B l a c k  P i t  t o  E n d  A l l  B l a c k  P i t s   

The announcer across the road will slip you a Black Pits flyer and direct you to the pit fighting arena to the north.

Upon arrival a cutscene will fire showing Baeloth hosting a pit fight, one in which a rat takes on a squirrel. When the crowd becomes impatient with his pathetic showmanship, the drow sorcerer teleports a goblin into the pit, orders it to fight for its freedom, and prepares to duel it! Being in fact a shaman - and no ordinary goblin - M'Khiin unleashes a spectral assault on Baeloth, forcing the cowardly drow to tap out and release her from captivity. The drow and goblin may now be recruited into the party (Rep -2 each) or sent to the Fist Encampment to await future enlistment (Journal Entry: M'Khiin Grubdoubler, +3,000 Exp).

   C o m p a n i o n s — B r e a k d o w n   
   B a e l o t h  &  M ' K h i i n   

BG2 soloists have long-since known the power of the Sorcerer, happily eschewing versatility in favor of casting I WIN spells, over and over again. Likewise, Baeloth Barrityl may cast more spells than Edwin per day but he lacks the repertoire of Edwin's spellbook.

  • Baeloth's custom equipment: Barrityl's Burden (+3 first, second and third circle spell slots, THAC0 -5 vs. genies, dmg -5 vs. genies, Create random gem or damage wearer 1/day). Equipped with Evermemory, Amplifier and Burden, Baeloth boasts of fourteen first circle slots, eight second, seven third and five fourth. Edwin, eat your heart out.
  • Baeloth's Default Skills (at time of recruitment): Lore (21). 
  • Baeloth's Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaff (Proficient), Dart (Proficient). 
  • Choice spells chosen by defaultArmor, Chromatic Orb (Stun), Identify, Magic Missile, Blur, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Web, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Haste, Skull Trap, Spirit Armor, Stoneskin — Baeloth's repertoire passes the test.
  • Perks: Dark Elves sport innate 65% magic resistance (MR), of which only Viconia and high level Monks may boast. 

As with Edwin, gift Baeloth the Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Ring of Wizardry and Bracers of Armor AC5-6 - and he's set. Yes, it's possible to have two each of RoEA and RoW from the original campaign. Enjoy!


I have no experience with the Shaman class at this point, but at first glance the spells, abilities and modal seem to be quite useful. While Shaman sport the druid repertoire of spells, they learn them like Sorcerers, at "level up", and don't need to memorize them beforehand; this coming at the cost of versatility. In addition Shaman have access to a line of spells and abilities that are unique to them.

  • M'Khiin's custom equipment: Grubdoubler's Axe +1 (throwing axe, on-hit 20% Confusion for 3 rounds, save vs. spells negates), Goblin Leathers +1 (Immunity: Entangle), M'Khiin's Buckler +2 (HPs +10, AC +3).
  • Other custom equipment: M'Khiin is unique in that you can craft and find items exclusive to her during the campaign; f.e: Circlet of Lost Souls (amulet, caster level +1, perma-Bless for summoned spirits, Shaman only), Goblin Hide Armor +2 (Con +1, minor Thief skill penalties, Slow Poison on wearer if poisoned, M'Khiin only), Jegg's Leathers +2 (AC 5, Cold & Fire resistance +20%, M'Khiin only), Kruntur's Armor +3 (AC 3, Wis -1, Open Locks, Find Traps, Pick Pockets -10%, Move Silently -20%, Immunity: Stun, M'Khiin only), Axe of Kruntur +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +3, ApR +1, 33% on-hit 1 point Poison dmg per round for 2 rounds, save vs. Death negates, Melee [slashing], Thrown [Missile], Returns to wielder, M'Khiin only), The Soulherder's Staff +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2 [magic], MR +15%, Summoned spirits gain +1 Strength, M'Khiin only), The Ghostdreamers' Robes (AC 5, Casting speed reduced by 1, Vocalize). How cool is that?
  • M'Khiin's Default Skills (at time of recruitment): Detect Illusion (48), Lore (14). 
  • M'Khiin Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaff (Proficient), Axe (Proficient), Shortbow (Proficient). 
  • Special Ability / Modal (Shaman): Summon Ghostly Defender (summons an uncontrollable goblin chieftain spirit) / Shamanic Dance (a bard song-like ability that in this level range summons up to three uncontrollable major animal spirits) 
  • Choice spells chosen by default (Shaman): Armor of Faith, Bless, Doom, Spirit Ward, Barkskin, Writhing Fog, Call Lightning, Spiritual ClaritySummon Insects, Spirit Fire, Insect Plague, Mass Cure, True Seeing, Chaotic Commands.
  • Opinions & Assholes: This character is well-written; easily my fave.

M'Khiin will not gain extra spells slots by reading the Tome of Understanding (x3) because the engine treats Shaman as modified Sorcerers. However, she will benefit from the Ring of Holiness (+1 first, second, third and fourth circle spell slot)

Ok, let's venture forth into the Coast Way Forest to look for Takos' shield - and see what else we can find! When done, we shall return here to confront Caelar at the blockaded bridge.

   C o a s t  W a y  F o r e s t   
(AR BD7000)

Just inside the forest the party witnesses Skie slaying a crusader ogre. Dialogue ensues:

Rest until nightfall and continue down the path to meet two vampire hunters, Ikros & Isabella. Request that Isabella hand over Takos' shield and she will threaten you. Either DEMAND the shield and slay them, or accept their request for assistance in dealing with the vampire. If you accept, Tsolak appears from the shadows to parley. Resolutions:
  • Assist Ikros & Isabella in defeating Tsolak and its ambushing pack of dire wolves (Dire Wolf x10, +125 Exp ea). Beware of Domination and level drain. In defeat the vampire takes on a gaseous form and hovers away to regenerate in its tomb. Isabella will hand you a wooden stake with which to pierce its black heart. Head northwest to the tomb BUT WATCH YOUR STEP: the path is riddled with proximity traps. Enter the tomb, stake the vamp in its coffin and loot the coffin for the Boot and a Half of Speed (hold onto these: cobbler Randymonk can restore them to the Boots of Speed in Bridgefort) and Tsolak's Scroll. Return to the vampire hunters and inform them of your success (+9,000 Exp). Isabella coughs up 250 GP and hands over the shield as promised: Shield of Barnassus: The Suncatcher (AC +3, 15% chance attacker takes 1d4 fire and is blinded for 2 rounds, Sunfire 1/day). Slay the vampire hunters as well, if you like.
  • Support the vamp against its hunters. Turn on Ikros & Isabella. Tsolak will thank you, tell you to watch for its messenger, and slink off into the darkness. If you take this route Tsolak's messenger will appear in the Flaming Fist Encampment of the Troll Claw Forest (at the start of Chapter Nine) and gift you the Trollblood Ioun Stone (THAC0 +3 vs. trolls, regenerate 1 HP per round). You will also receive +9,000 Exp. Ikros (+2,000 Exp), Isabella (+1,400 Exp). Isabella's corpse: Plate Mail, Potion of Invulnerability, Wooden Stake, Longsword +1, Shield of Barnassus: The Suncatcher (AC +3, 15% chance attacker takes 1d4 fire and is blinded for 2 rounds, Sunfire 1/day). Ikros' corpse: Quarterstaff +1, Wand of Paralyzation (5 charges), Adventurer's Robe, Dart of Wounding x40, 52 GP.

(Completed Quest: Isabella & Ikros).

In the southwestern forest you will spot the aftermath of a caravan raid. Avenge the caravan by slaying the nearby orcish raiders.
Orc Leader (+150 Exp), Orc Warrior x3 (+120 Exp ea), Orc Archer x2 (+120 Exp ea),Worg x2 (+120 Exp ea).
Victims' corpses: Gem Blade +1 (on-hit 20% random create gem, 30 charges), Jasper Gem, Crusader Tract.

You will catch up with Rasaad just to the east: a Sun Soul Monk who is now recruitable.

  • Rasaad's custom equipment: If you stripped him at the Interlude's conclusion, give him back the Moonlight Walkers (AC +2) from the original campaign. He may also avail of the Bracers of Perseverance (HPs +10, Aid on Critical Miss, Monk only).
  • Rasaad's Default Skills (at time of recruitment): Lore (8), Find/Remove Traps (5), Move Silently (31), Hide in Shadows (54).
  • Rasaad's Weapon Proficiencies: Short Sword (Proficient), Katana (Proficient), Scimitar / Wakizashi / Ninja-to (Proficient), Single-Weapon Style (Proficient).
  • Be sure to utilize his Greater Sun and Flaming Fists special abilities.

Ok, there's nothing else to see here so return to the Coast Way Crossing!

   C o n f r o n t a t i o n  W i t h  C a e l a r   
   C o a s t  W a y  C r o s s i n g — C o a s t  W a y  B l o c k a d e   

March up to the blockade and the crusader guards will panic at your presence and begin to flee to the other side of the bridge. However, mage Jayvis casts Fireball from the opposite end, detonating barrels of fuel that utterly destroy the bridge and blow the crusaders back towards you!

A shimmering white barrier will block your escape as you face off against a motley crew of crusaders. After a brief tussle Caelar Argent marches onto the scene and orders the crusaders to stand down. 

A lengthy dialogue segment ensues between her and Charname, the two separated by the imploded bridge.

After Caelar departs a Flaming Fist scout will advise the party to reroute to Boareskyr Bridge, another crossing of the Winding Water - but a ten-day march from our current location.

If you like, pick a fight with and slay the straggling crusaders.

Barachus (+975 Exp): Two-Handed Sword +1, Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Invulnerability.
Seed (+2,000 Exp): Festering Spear (THAC0 +1, 1d6 +1 dmg, inflicts 2 points bleeding dmg per hit [1 point per round], on critical hit target is diseased, incurring non-cumulative 2 point Str and Dex penalty for 1 turn), Studded Leather Armor +1, Sling +1, 
Kerra Tinbasher (+1,400 Exp): Plate Mail, Large Shield +1, Warhammer +1, Wand of the Heavens (5 charges).
Ivann (+1,400 Exp): Plate Mail, Longsword +2, Ring of Protection +1
Elwood Dowser (+2,000 Exp): Dagger +1, Wand of Frost (5 charges), Dart of Stunning x20, Knave's Robe.
Twelve Fingers (+650 Exp): Composite Longbow +1, Arrows of Fire x37, Potion of Explosion x2.

Return to camp and report to Bence Duncan. Inform him of the collapsed bridge and he will prepare to break camp, requesting the party meet up at Boareskyr Bridge and marking its location on your map.

Ophyllis also drops by to present a bust of Charname cast in gold (Quest: My Missed Fortune).

The transition point in the south takes you to the world map, from which you may access the Troll Claw Forest and Chapter Nine. Make sure you are finished with the Coast Way Crossing & Coast Way Forest BEFORE you travel to the Troll Claw Forest, as the destinations will become "unreachable" once you have advanced the plot.

(Completed Quest: Unexpected Allies, +10,000 quest experience points for each party member).

Next Up -    C H A P T E R  N I N E   

   E o P   


  1. Hi Lilura

    I like your blog and I think you put a lot of effort into it


    So you are posting all of this stuff on SoD while playing through it for the first time right?

    1. Hi, I'm glad you like my write-ups. Yep, this is my first run of SoD, and I'm quite enjoying it. :)

    2. There is a dialogue option in which you convince the gauth to attack the crusader camp (dragonspear?) but I started a new game and forgot to unleash the creature so I do not know how the choice ends up playing out.

  2. If you defend Tsolak and kill the two fanatics, there is another chaotic evil aproach... if you camp 2 or 3 times (cannot remember exacktly) right there, the messenger comes with the troll stone (it's triggered by time, I presume, not by travelling), you receive the PX and then you can go by day to the cave to kill the vampire and receive another 9000 PX...

    1. Thanks for the tip, Roger. That sounds like the most optimal solution, too.

    2. And it's the true spirit of the Baldurgatian "Death to you all"!

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2016

    Hi Lilura, and thanks for the effort you've put into this, it's been a really helpful resource. One other thing I found: After you recruit M'khiin you can have a conversation with the three dead goblins around 1114, 1749, as she can raise their spirits and ask them what killed them. You don't get a lot of xp, but it does give you a bit of background on your new recruit.

    - Ancelyn

    1. Oh, I remember that. Just forgot to put it in. Thanks for the reminder, Ancelyn.

  4. When speaking to Teleria about her stoned friends, I got the option to first point out that I recognized the sculptures being real people. Later in the same conversation I convinced her that since I recognized it, someone else will also and they will turn them back to life, therefore ruining her plan. That way she gave me the scrolls and and just walked off. Very pointless. I kind of hate things like this. Because I'm some kind of special snowflake I can solve a problem in a superior way, and by doing that, I lose.. I think it had something to do with me being a mage, but not sure if something else is needed. Int 17, Wis 13?

  5. It could also be worth mentioning that the dart Biter +2 is excellent for some specific tasks that is soon to come, so even if you don't have a character that will use it you should still hold onto it.

  6. Hello,
    I found out that you can not only free the caged wild dog at Baeloth's Black Pits, but the dog finds you some stuff buried in the ground.
    The fun thing is, I only got to know because I followed the dog to attack it with the Gemblade +1.

    1. Cute! Good to see ppl are still finding new things out about the game!

  7. Hi, nice walkthrough! There is an option when talking to Teleria to compliment her golem, and then buying it for 1000. Then I killed her (forced attack) and got 1000 back, scrolls and golem statue, and her golem went back to the camp.
    Also, Mizhena said that she created her name from different languages - "zhena" means woman in some southern slavic languages...

    1. I can confirm this.

      Also, great walkthrough!

    2. And you can still get the reward from Herod as well.

    3. Good to know. Thanks guys!

  8. Help! I accidentally killed the Anouncer guy. Is there no way for me to get to the Black Pits cutscene and to Baeloth and that goblin shaman?

    1. Sorry, but I don't have Siege of Dragonspear installed atm. If going back to an earlier save is out, you may like to ask on the Beamdog forums; perhaps someone can give you the console command to respawn the announcer or otherwise force the Baeloth segment to trigger. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for the answer! Dd just exactly that. Very nice walktrough, way to go!


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