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Bastard of Kosigan Series - Installation Instructions

How to Download & Install The Bastard of Kosigan Series

Ok, so you want to play Fabien Cerutti's Bastard of Kosigan series (wait, what is Bastard of Kosigan?) but where do you download it from and how do you install it? Well, this post should help newbies who have never installed a NWN module before.

First things first, make sure your game is patched to 1.69. Even if it's the GoG version I would run this to be sure, as some people have had problems getting community content to work, which the patch seemed to fix each time. So, patch your game!

In addition I suggest you completely back up your pristine Neverwinter Nights install to somewhere safe before you starting messing around with it, just in case you stuff something up. You will also need 7-Zip to extract the zip and rars, so grab it here if you don't already have it. Done that? Ok...

The Bastard of Kosigan series is a French module series consisting of a Prequel and five Episodes with only four Episodes having (so far) been translated into English by Ginni Swanton (Exile of the West, The Bastard of Kosigan, Revelations & Blood & Tears).

Download the translated file from, which I've linked to directly for your convenience:

Download this compiled archive (

Downloaded it? Ok, use 7-zip to extract the contents somewhere temporary (ie, NOT in your NWN installation folder); the process may take a lil' while because of all the content. When that's done open the bastardofkosigan folder and use Z-Zip to extract the 12 rar files (again, it may take a while).

Done that? Ok, lets install Episode One: Exile of the West.

First, open the Exile_of_the_West_26june07_Ginni_Fabien folder and copy the Exile of the West_26june07_Ginni_Fabien.mod to your NWN modules folder (normally located in C:\Program Files (x86)\NeverwinterNights\NWN).

Second, open the HakExil17juin folder and copy the hak and music folder to your NWN folder, merging them.

Third, open the kos_prestige folder and copy the classes.2da file to your NWN override folder, the kosigan_classes.hak file to your NWN hak folder and the kosigan_english.tlk file to your NWN tlk folder. If you don't have a tlk folder, create one. Exile of the West is now installed!

Ok, lets install the three other translated episodes now: The Bastard of Kosigan, Revelations and Blood & Tears.

First, open The_Bastard_of_Kosigan_June_10_2008_521pm folder and copy The Bastard of Kosigan June 10, 2008 521pm.mod to your NWN modules folder.

Second, open the Bastardhak folder and copy the bastard_hak.hak file to your NWN hak folder. The Bastard of Kosigan is now installed.

Third, open the REVELATIONS_INTRODUCTION_Ginni_2008_2009_5 and Revelations_may_8 folders and copy both the REVELATIONS INTRODUCTION Ginni 2008_2009_5.mod and Revelations.mod to your NWN modules folder.

Fourth, open the BoK_Haks_and_Music folder, rename the haks folder to hak and copy the hak and music folder to your NWN folder, merging them (and replacing/skipping the music files). Revelations is now installed.

Fifth, open the Blood_and_Tears_Ginni_March_9_2009_tlkengl2 folder and copy the Blood and Tears Ginni March 9 2009_tlkengl2.mod to your NWN modules folder.

Sixth, open the dg_ridehorses folder and copy the dg_ridehorses.hak file to your NWN hak folder.  (You should now have 20 BoK haks in there.) Blood & Tears is now installed.

Seventh and last, open the Portraits_of_the_Bastard_of_Kosigan folder and copy the 20 tga files to your NWN portraits folder. If you don't have one, create it.

The 4_Musics_you_have_to_put_in_the_music_file_of_NWN folder contains no music we don't already have; ignore it.

Ok, what's been translated of the Bastard of Kosigan series is now fully installed! [1]

That's it! You have just installed the Bastard of Kosigan series, and are in for a treat. Enjoy!

Don't forget to show your appreciation to the author (and translator) by registering at and voting here.

[1] I'm currently playing through this and have not yet reached Episode 3, for which module, according to a user on the new Vault, you also need the treant.hak. The module seemed to load just fine when I briefly checked (i.e, not complaining about the missing hak and writing anything to the logfile), so who knows. I guess I'll update the post when I reach that point, if need be.

Other installation guides:


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