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Dark Side of the Sword Coast Companions and Companion Quests

Dark Side of the Sword Coast - Companions and Companion Quests

There are nine companions added by the DSotSC unofficial expansion. Companions are listed in alphabetical order and pictured at their minimum level for consistency's sake. Unlike stock BG, DSotSC companions do not scale to PC level; instead, they are set to levels up to 10th. Also, some companions are gated by Chapter.

I've added companion quests, but it's a bit rough around the edges. Start with the Jet'laya entry if you want to read the walkthrough. Jet'lay's quest is polished off but the other quests are rough draft atm. I will be posting a list of items and where you can find them soon, too. There are some great items in this mod!

Bardo Furfoot

Would ye be needin' the services of a good bow in your ranks?  My name is Bardo Furfoot and I am more than willing to get at that dragon. Only, not alone... and since my friends have run off, I have no one to help me.

Bardo Furfoot, a halfling from the sleepy village of Gullykin was always restless in his surroundings as a boy. Although he loves Gullykin, he just wasn't happy living in Gullykin. His greatest wish was to have exciting adventures like the ones he's read about in books and heard from adventurers passing through his village. The inhabitants of Gullykin always found him daydreaming instead of doing his regular duties. To him, adventuring was everything. One day, his village was beset with a flurry of activity as the villagers had learned of a Forest Dragon that was on the move towards Gullykin.  Gandolar Luckyfoot organized a group to battle the dragon before it could get much closer to the village. Bardo eagerly joined the effort anxious to finally see some adventure.

Bardo Furfoot stat-block

• Neutral Good Male Halfling Thief (6).
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is backstab and token ranged attacks. Utility role is extensive: Open Locks, Find/Remove Traps, Pick Pocket and conventional Stealth.
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Only available from Chapter Five onwards. Found en route to the dragon, in the wilderness just east of the Nashkel mines (AR 5500: x=2000, y=1500).
• Stats ◦ Strength  12 ◦ Dexterity 19 ◦ Constitution 13 ◦ Intelligence 11 ◦ Wisdom 11 ◦ Charisma 17.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Large Sword (*) ◦ Small Sword (*) ◦ Blunt (*) ◦ Missile (*) ◦ Bow (*).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (30) ◦ Backstab (x3) ◦ Open Locks (107) ◦ Stealth (112) ◦ Find Traps (70) ◦ Pick Pockets (99).
• Default Equipment Shortbow +1Leather Armor +3Bracers of Archery: The Dale's Protector (ranged THAC0 +2)Arrow of Dragonslaying x7 (30% on-hit chance of slaying minor dragons and wyverns, THAC0 +4 and dmg +4 vs. dragonkind and wyverns, 5% on-hit chance to slay Forest Dragon).
• Perks ◦ Shorty saves and Halfling thief skill adjustment ◦ 19 dex ◦ -5 THAC0 firing Dragonslayer arrows.
• Tidbit: Uses the funny NPC halfling voiceset of standard BG1.

Bub Snikt

I ain't got a care for the politics and crap goin' on. Take all that flamin' garbage and toss it to the crows. Take all the metal away too, for all I care. Don't need it to hunt. Don't need it to kill. Don't need it to smell them ogres neither. Take my advice... er... mac, keep yer weapons ready.

Bub was born in Daggerford, a village situated on the Trade way between Baldurs Gate and Waterdeep. The seventh son of a farmer Bub grew up on the farm and became his fathers favourite son. In his youth his father taught him the ways of rural life and his brothers helped him with hunting skills. It wasn't long before they noticed he had a keen eye and his skill with the bow became as good as any bowman of the Castle guard. Each year life on the farm carried on as usual. Occasionally he would find himself with his brothers and the local militia defending Daggerfords farmsteads against marauding Lizard Folk from the Lizard Marsh but most of the time life on the farm went unchanged. It was a few days after one particular Highharvesttide that things started to change. Bub had made his regular visit to Daggerford to sell produce at the local market when the call to arms was made. A group of Ogres had sneaked through the Misty Forest from the High Moor and were attacking the local farmsteads, killing farmers and stealing whatever food they could carry. Concerned for his families safety Bub left the wagon and rode straight out of Farmers gate with three miles ahead of him at the Gallop. By the time he'd reached the farm his brothers were already heavy into fighting several large Ogres the sheer size of which sent fear shearing through his body. It was at that time that he remembered the talisman that his father had given to him as a child. The symbol of Tempus which hung around his neck. Bub can't remember what happened that day but when he joined his brothers in battle it was as if he'd been blessed with the speed and strength of ten men. No Ogre stood in his way. His arrows were true to the mark and each swing of his blade offered no resistance. Within the space of an hour all Ogres were dead and his brothers could only look upon him with awe. Soon after the encounter Bub's attitude changed. He became less interested in rural life and decided to take up a profession as a hired adventurer. He travelled first to Baldurs Gate then onto the town of Beregost where he plies his trade as a swordsman protecting the local farmsteads from Ogres and any other unwanted guests.

Bub Snikt stat-block

• Neutral Good Male Human Fighter (2).
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is melee or ranged physical-based damage dealer, and conventional tank.
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Available from the get-go. Found in the western portion of the map just south of Beregost (AR3800, x=1300, y=1700).
• Stats ◦ Strength  17 ◦ Dexterity 16 ◦ Constitution 14 ◦ Intelligence 10 ◦ Wisdom 11 ◦ Charisma 13.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Bow (**) ◦ Small Sword (*) ◦ Spear (*).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (0).
• Default Equipment Basic, +1, non-custom arms and armor.
• Perks ◦ early availability allows for pip tailoring.
• Tidbit: He uses the somewhat immersion-breaking voiceset of Coran.

Conchobhair Strongblade

Then ye should join up with me. More than one dragon has felt the sting of my blade. I mean to take this one as well. Allow me to introduce myself, Conchobhair Strongblade at your service!

Conchobhair originally hails from Waterdeep. He is the youngest of four sons of the very influential Strongblade family in Waterdeep. However, being the youngest he had little hope of inheriting much of the family's holdings, so he set out to make a life for himself when he reached the age of twenty. He started his training as a paladin and spent a few years living the virtuous life of the paladin. However, he eventually felt too restricted with the discipline and wished from something with more glory. On one of his treks from Waterdeep to Baldur's Gate, he met a warrior by the name of Fergus Ravenskill. Fergus was a very valiant warrior and had spent most of his fifty-six years on the battlefield. Conchobhair had spent a few months on the road with Ravenskill and his tales of great battles intrigued him. However, it was not until Fergus told him of his encounter with a blue dragon, that Conchobhair decided to make a life change. He asked Fergus to train and teach him everything that he knew. He spent six years training with Fergus in the ways of a seasoned warrior and even took positions as mercenaries for a few of the larger cities in the area.  However, one fateful day, brought Fergus and Conchobhair face to face with a Red Dragon. This was a dragon that Fergus had encountered some twenty years prior, in which Fergus had injured it by blinding it in one eye. The dragon was bent on seeking his revenge and the opportunity presented itself. Fergus died in the attack, suffering multiple burns from the blazing breath weapon and Conchobhair escaped with minor burns and wounds. It was on this day that he vowed to destroy any dragon that presented a threat to realms and to find the dragon that killed his friend and mentor.

Conchobhair Strongblade stat-block

• Lawful Good Male Human Paladin (7).
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is melee or ranged physical-based damage dealer, and conventional tank.
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Only available in Chapter Five onwards, after the Dragon quest becomes active. Found in the backrooms of the Naskel Inn (AR4801). If you refuse him, he leaves the game-world forever.
• Stats ◦ Strength  18/35 ◦ Dexterity 12 ◦ Constitution 17 ◦ Intelligence 9 ◦ Wisdom 16 ◦ Charisma 18.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Large Sword (**) ◦ Bow (**) ◦ Small Sword (*) ◦ Axe (*).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (2).
• Default Equipment Conchobhair's Dragonslayer (two-handed sword, 1D10 +2, +4 to dragonkind, chance of on-hit dragonslaying+50 resistance to fire & acidAura of Protection: perma-Bless, +2 Bonus to Save vs. Breath Weapons)Conchobhair Strongblade's Blessed Plate Mail Armor (AC -2)Conchobhair Strongblade's Helmet of Courage (protects against crits, wards off fear and certain mind-based attacks)
• Perks ◦ will get divine spellcasting 1-3 with a range of 12-13-13 ◦ a true holy warrior with Cavalier-like resistances ◦ bad-ass custom gear ◦ Mind Shield-ready.
• Tidbit: A Paladin with the voiceset of Morte from Planescape: Torment? :P

Morninglord Jarent of Lathandar will force-talk you upon entry. Accept his request that you kill a dragon nesting in the outskirts of Nashkel. A noble will approach you; ignore him. Make your way to the inn at Nashkel. A boy will spawn; ignore him. Jeremy will force-talk you upon entry to the inn. Agree to his request. Recruit Strongblade while you're here. Make your way to the area directly east of the Nashkel Mines, A5500. Head east until you bump into the Halfling, Bardo Barfoot (x=2,000, y=1,500). Recruit him if you like. You will find the Forest Dragon futher to the east, outside its cave. The dragon is a recolored wyvern sprite.

On catching sight of the party, it will unleash an automatic double dose of Fireball or spam non-trivial acid breath and entangle. In melee, with ApR 5, it will inflict on-hit, stacking poison damage the likes of which you have not seen on the Infinity Engine. It will probably also employ Domination, Symbol: Fear and Polymorph Other. In addition, it sports massive DR, decent MR and very low AC. Suffice it to say, this mutha is tough. It is not often that you see a min-maxed Charname "morale-fail". Employ Protection From Acid, Protection From Fire, Resist Fear, and Mirror Image; basically, pull out all stops. This thing has around 330 HPs. When it dies, it detonates Fireballs. 18,000 XP for the kill. Enter the dragon cave, slay the baby forest dragons, watch out for the Fireball trap, and loot the dragon hoard for the Ancient Relic of Lathander. Return to Jeremy at the Nashkel Inn for Rep +2. Deliver the relic to Morninglord Jarent of Lathandar at the Burning Wizard for 2,000 XP and Rep +2. You can immediately catch up with Jarent at the Temple east of Beregost. He will Bless your mace. Continued in the Choinneach section below.


My name, fair travelers is CúChoinneach and this is my companion and friend Madadh n'Sgàil. It would appear that I indeed can be of assistance.  This sounds like the work of a very evil creature that I have been in search of these past few months, and my search is nearly over. I have traced him to the south of here. This fiend goes by the name of Lord Daerthmac, and his nature is that of the most vile and evil that should be smitten from the face of Faerûn. I can sense that your quest is one and the same with mine. It's not usually my way to do so but perhaps, in light of the situation and tasks at hand, we should join forces? What say ye?

You know very little about CúChoinneach and his shadow wolf. You know not where he comes from or where he is going to. He says very little and asks far less. For an elf you notice that he harbors a dark side. He has lost all the normal lust for life that most elves have and seems focused on one thing. The destruction of Lord Daerthmac!

CúChoinneach stat-block

• Chaotic Good Male Elf Cleric (6) / Ranger (6) multi-class.
• Combat & Utility roles: What can't a Cleric/Ranger do?
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Found in the southern portion of the wilderness map just north of Nashkel (A4300). You will need to have blessed the mace first.
• Stats ◦ Strength  17 ◦ Dexterity 19 ◦ Constitution 16 ◦ Intelligence 11 ◦ Wisdom 16 ◦ Charisma 8.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Large Swords (***) ◦ Spiked (**) ◦ Blunt (**).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (6) ◦ Turn Undead (6) ◦ Stealth (82) ◦ Racial Enemy (Skeleton).
• Default Equipment ◦ Mairial "The Death Hunter" (scimitar, 1d8 +3, perma-BlessSpecial powers against the undead. Its complete powers are unknown)CúChoinneach Personal Leather Armor +4 (AC 4, +15% Hide in Shadows, +2 Save vs. death, only usable by Cú)CúChoinneach's Small Shield +3 "The Moon" (AC +4)Holy Amulet of Sehanine Moonbow (?)Ring of Holiness: Honorary Ring of Sune (+1 divine spell slot per circle, circles 1 through 4)Holy Water x3, Protection From Undead scroll.
• Perks ◦ will eventually gain the broadest spell range in BG1, erroneously consisting of both Cleric and Druid spells and the new DSotSC spells: 15-17-17-12-13-9. With the Ring of Holiness and the four Wisdom Tomes (+1 DSotSC), his spell slots max out at 12-12-11-12-6-5-2 ◦ Madadh n'Sgàil, his Shadow Wolf familiar ◦ turn undead ◦ ideal racial enemy ◦ illegal High Mastery in Large Swords.
• Other: He will accompany you on an epic undead dungeon crawl, in search of Lord Daerthmac.
• Tidbit: His voiceset is muffled due to amateur recording. Better than nothing, though.

Back in Nashkel, after dragonslaying, you will be approached by Megan Ghastkill at x=4250, y=1950. She will escort you to the mayor's manor. Inside, Gillian Ghastkill will request that you find her missing son. Head to the north of the map (near the bridge and inn) to meet Jules, who will request that you find her antique pearl necklace. This is just a tiny sidequest. Head to the map just north of Nashkel: the Orc Guard at x=760, y=3,000 has the necklace. Return it to Jules for Rep +1. Just to the north of the orc guard, at about x=870, y=2000, you will find CúChoinneach. Recruit him. Ok, Castle Daerthmac is marked on your world map. Travel there. The approach is a carbon copy of Durlag's Tower except for the hasted wraiths and spectres, which are a step up from mere Battle Horrors. Beware the Cloudkill Trap on the drawbridge! Head inside.
ARC003: Boots of Speed in a chest.
ARC005: Tome of Understanding, Melf's Minute Meteors, Vestcakes Floating Curse.
ARC006: Vampiress
ARC001 (external): Chimney: Long Sword +3: Vorpal Weapon ().
ARC007 (basement)
ARC008: (Candlekeep Catacombs map 1): Lord Daerthmac, Dispel Magic, MS III, Mordernkainen's Sword.
ARC009: (Candlekeep Catacombs map 2)Lord Daerthmac : The Unfailing Missile Deflector, Mystic Ring (), Amulet (of Great Power? - cursed), Cursed Amulet, Protection From Magic Scroll, Rogue Stone, Grun'lerthkin's Tome of the Greater Wizard (doubles the current experience points for single-class mages only)
ARC010: Ulster Ruins map): Poleaxe +2, Proximity Bomb, Small Shield +2, Sun Shield, Drakelor's Robe (AC +1), Ettin's Healing
ARC014: maze from werewolf island
ARC015: Lord Daerthmac and Clairis - Berrto Ghastkill (baby boy), Letter of Devotion to Daerthmac 14,000 XP
Amulet (cursed), Katana +4: Muramasa (THAC0 +4, 2d5 +4 slashing, 40% on-hit wielder goes Berserk). Spear of Fire (THAC0 +2, dmg 1d6 +2 piercing, +1d6 fire), Melf's Minute Meteors
Deliver the baby to the Ghastkill manor in Nashkel (+2 Rep)
Buff: Resist Fear, Negative Plane Protection, Chaotic Commands, Mirror Image
CúChoinneach may bug out and leave-join-leave-join. Just kill him and raise him.
Next, Katerin wants you to deliver a letter to Thomic at the Red Sheaf Inn, Beregost. You can deliver it for 150 GP. Back in Beregost, Otho wants you to find his nephew. This is covered in Trollslayer section, below. wip

Ferthgil Trollslayer

My name is Ferthgil Trollslayer, I'm afraid that Tearlac didn't make it. These bastards killed him... all I have left is his warhammer. And I mean to git it back to his family so that they can put it in a place of honor! I also mean to find out what is going on here. This place is crawling with duergar and it seems mighty strange being smack dab in the middle of the Sword Coast. Are ye with me?

Ferthgil was raised by gold dwarves in the Cloudpeak Mountains, his father Breachin Trollslayer had been a wandering Ironsmith, who plied his trade in the numerous small villages which dot up and down the sword coast.  However, Breachin met an unfortunate end defending his son from a patrol of Verbeegs in the Cloudpeak Mountains, and young Ferthgil (only in his teens) wandered, helpless and lonely for days carrying only his father's axe. It was at this time that he was found by a certain Gulmoth Stonehearth an Alaghor (priest) of Clanggedin Silverbeard. Gulmoth saw all the rage and frustration in Ferthgil, but also saw the potential nobility that the young lad had.  Gulmoth trained the lad at Stonehearth keep a haven for dwarves in the Southern Sword Coast, and here Ferthgil learned to channel his rage in the service of the God of War. However Ferthgil, had inherited from his father a desire to see the world, and could not stay long in one place, so one morning Ferthgil left the haven and seclusion of Stonehearth Keep and went on his way. Ferthgil was clanless, homeless, and more importantly penniless, but on the way to Velen in the South he met with someone who was to become his life long companion, Tearlac Truehammer, of Clan Truehammer in the North. Tearlac and Ferthgil became firm friends and before long, Ferthgil began to feel he belonged somewhere.  Although not officially, he was considered as part of the Truehammer clan. Ferthgil will on first meeting look average enough, and indeed will strike you as a particularly cantankerous dwarf, but through his training from Gulmoth, he has learnt to channel his rage against the enemies of Clanggedin.  For those who have never seen this, the change is startling, Ferthgil becomes a mighty adversary, and his battle cries have been known to reach the ears of Clanngedin himself all the way to in his fortress in Arcadia?

Ferthgil Trollslayer stat-block

• Neutral Good Male Dwarf Fighter (10).
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is melee or ranged physical-based damage dealer, and conventional tank.
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Only available post-Chapter 5, and towards the end of DSotSC content. You will find Ferthgil battling legions of Duergar deep within the warrens that sprawl out beneath Beregost and Nashkel (ARR008). The epic battle is pictured to the right.
• Stats ◦ Strength  18/72 ◦ Dexterity 17 ◦ Constitution 21 ◦ Intelligence 7 ◦ Wisdom 12 ◦ Charisma 5.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Axe (****) ◦ Blunt (***).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (0).
• Default Equipment Ferthgil's Dwarven Mithril Plate Battle Armor (AC -2Con +2, usable by Dwarves and Gnomes only)Ferthgil Trollslayer's Battle Axe +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3, only usable by Ferthgil Trollslayer)Tearlac Truehammer's War Hammer "Giant Feller" (THAC0 +1, +4 vs. giant humanoids, dmg 1D4 +2, +5 vs. giant humanoids)Ferthgil's Helmet (protects against critical hits, protects against all forms of charm, panic and hold, usable only by Ferthgil Trollslayer).
• Perks ◦ Haste aside, Can reach 4.5 ApR wielding The Furnace (+1 ApR) ◦ 21 Con + Con Tome = regen 61 HPs per 8 hour rest - 20 more HPs than Kagain/Thorfinn with Con Tome! ◦ a true HP tank ◦ Mind Shield-ready ◦ Grandmastery in Axes.
• Bug/oversight: His voiceset is muffled due to amateur recording. Better than nothing, though.

Head to the map just north of Nashkel. There is a campfire around x=3,500, y=900 (AR4300). Take out the orcs and hobgoblins led by Drow Elites. To the left of the campfire is a cave that leads into a system of tunnels. ME KILL MEN WHAT MAKE ME MAD. After fighting through the orc-infested cave, take exit to east. You will be in Mulahey H.Q approach. AND THE RIVERS RUN RED!!! Slay duergar and enter. Now you are in Candlekeep Catacombs exit.  Take out the trash and then take the exit in the southwest. You are now in a copy of the Naskel Mines. AND THE RIVERS RUN RED!!! Next, you will arrive in the Cloakwood mines. Nothing much to do here, other than kill. Next map is copy of Flaming Fist HQ (ARR008). See above pic. Recruit the dwarf and take out the horde. AND THE RIVERS RUN RED!!! Two ways you can go here: trapdoor or staircase. Trapdoor leads down to another undead-infested maze (no loot of note?). Staircase leads to Cloakwood mine interior map, Yeslick map, then another massive maze crawling with duergar and drow. Through a door in the north guarded by drow, you come to a room guarded by more Drow (ARR013). Now, exit into a copy of Davaeorn's sanctum. Drow Shar Nadal is stationed here along with Grog, Mortius, Kalannar and Jabress Auvryndar. Black Talons and Drow Elite will swarm, too. Take 'em out. Beware the Drow Priestess lurking deeper within. Loot the place. Other than the plot critical Giant Feller warhammer, you will find some good gear including Robe of Dh'arlo'me, Mage's Bracers, Otrad Atwah: Gloves of the Magi and Crown of the Shar'DuKha. Now, exit to find yourself in spider cave. Exit to southeast; then exit east. You will be in gnoll lair of bandit camp. It's funny to go up against a pack of absolute garbage at this point. Finally, return to Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost and deliver warhammer to Otho (5,000 XP, Rep +1). This concludes DSotSC!


Well, ye see... I'm lookin' fer my sister who's been missing now fer near half a year, an I mean tae find her. I fear for what might have happened tae her. Ye see she went mad after her lover left her for another lass. She was in a frightful state and ran deep into the forest between here and Cormanthor tae the east. I've tracked her tae a forested area tae the east of Peldvale, betwixt here an Ulgoth's Beard tae the north. I would be ever so grateful fer any assistance you could give me.

Being of noble birth Jet'laya's "uncle" went out into the world seeking adventure. Upon his journey he meets and had his life saved a few times by Jet'laya's future father, Torvin. After traveling together for some time and becoming to be close friends, her father and "uncle" returned to Cormanthor. Once in the city, Lennan (Le*non) introduced Torvin to his father, a wealthy and powerful noble. Being quite impressed with Torvin and being thankful for his saving his son's life, he fought to get Torvin, accepted into the city. He won. Torvin quickly became liked by most, and fell in love with Jet'laya's mother, who was one of Cormanthor's healers. Their marriage was looked down upon by several members in the society, forcing them to live near the edge of the forest.

When Jet'laya and her twin brother were six, Cormanthor was attacked by a group of undead, led by a young, brash Vampire. She, her brother and older sister, were hidden in safety, while the elves defended the city. The entire group of attackers was killed except for their leader; he managed to escape and has not been heard from since. However, the elves incurred several casualties, including Jet'laya's parents. Her older sister was wounded and was never able to recover fully from the attack. She suffered for many years. Seeing her parents killed was a constant source of nightmares for Jet'laya, and she vowed revenge for her parent's death upon all undead. Despite the best efforts of her uncle and her twin, who seemed less effected by his parents' death, she could not be swayed from her path and left as soon as her training, as she called it, was complete.

Jet'laya stat-block

• Chaotic Good Female Half-Elf Cleric (7).
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is healbotting, summons, direct damage, disruption, buffing and debuffing. Utility consists of Sanctuary (stealth), Find Traps (does not disarm them) and Glyph of Warding (Set Traps).
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Found at the gates of the Friendly Arm Inn at the start of Chapter Five, after you have dealt with Davaeorn in the bowels of the Cloakwood mines. You need to agree to help find her missing sister, Ferium.
• Stats ◦ Strength  16 ◦ Dexterity 17 ◦ Constitution 16 ◦ Intelligence 12 ◦ Wisdom 18 ◦ Charisma 9.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Spiked (*) ◦ Blunt (*) ◦ Missile (*).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (31) ◦ Turn Undead (7).
• Default Equipment ◦ Mace of Contrition (1d6 +4, THAC0 +3, Bonus dmg vs. Undead, Cleric and Good only)Jet'laya's Chainmail (Immunity: Disease)Small Shield +2 (AC +3)Amulet of Faith (AC +1, Save vs. Death +1, First Circle Spells +1)Girdle of Bluntness (AC +4 vs. Blunts)Jet'Laya's Ring (her mother's ring)Ring of Fire Resistance (+40% fire resistance),  Potion of Healing x3, Holy Water x4.
• Default Spells ◦ First Circle (new DSotSC spells): BlightCause Light WoundsMagic Stone ◦ Second CircleWard of Protection ◦ Third CircleStoneskin ◦ Fifth CircleChaotic CommandsFlame Strike.
• Perks ◦ joins at a strong level ◦ turn undead ◦ best healbot.
• Other: If you refuse to back Jet'Laya up against the Banshee she will leave the party forever, but you can still complete her quest by taking the amulet to the uncle in Beregost.
• OptimizationRing of Holiness (+1 spell slot to circles 1-4)Gauntlets of the Faithful Warrior (THAC0 +2, dmg +2)Tome of Understanding x3 (+3 Wisdom).
• Tidbit: She uses the somewhat immersion-breaking voiceset of Annah from Planescape: Torment. Her portrait is from Icewind Dale.

Jet'Laya's personal quest: The Banshee & The Dark One

• It is Jet'Laya who kicks off Dark Side content. This half-elven Cleric companion will appear at the gates of the Friendly Arm Inn at the start of Chapter Five, after you have dealt with Davaeorn in the bowels of the Cloakwood mines. Upon recruiting her, you will need to venture into the Forest of the Forgotten Souls in search of Ferium, Jet'Laya's missing sister. The forest consists of three new maps which are accessible from northeast Peldvale. There, you will have to carve a path through rag-tag bands of monstrous humanoids, including goblins, ors, bugbears and skeleton warriors. These come in ranged, melee, veteran, elite and chieftain varieties. As you venture deeper into the forest - only by nightfall - you will encounter hasted spectral and cadaverous undead such as greater ghouls (on-hit hold and disease), wraith spiders (diseasepoison) wights, shadows and wraiths (it's random as to which combination of monsters spawn). Against the spectral undead varieties you will want employ Negative Plane Protection in order to ward against their non-trivial on-hit experience point drain. You will then need to find a Banshee on the third and last map. Again, night must have fallen. Most commonly, I've found her by the cabin or in the northwest, inbetween the rocky hills. Ward yourself against Resist Fear and Chaotic Commands before engaging with her. She will go ethereal and teleport all about the map, spamming Fear and Confusion. You will need to inflict about 60 dmg in order to vanquish her. Now, loot the remains for Ferium's Necklace.

After cleaning out and looting an optional cave teeming with spectral undead, you will need to return to the second map and take out the Dark One to free the phantoms. Remember, it must be nightfall! Problem is, the Dark One is a lich. Again, Resist Fear and Chaotic Commands are paramount. The Dark One unleashes an extensive repertoire to open proceedings: Larloch's Minor DrainHorrorGlobe of DarknessArmor MeltDark Ritual  (summon skeleton army) and Emotion. It is then scripted to Dimension Door to the north and set Skull Traps which it hides behind. Very, very cool. Then, it will summon ghouls and ghasts in addition to the skellies. After incurring about 70 dmg it will "Lich Res 1". A phantom will then interject to tell you about its phylactery; then the Dark One will summon Skeleton Warriors and Dimension Door away for a while. The nearby cabin now open, slay the astral phase spiders within and loot the Phylactery of Koroval Na'Krugan from the chest. Now, head back outside and track down the lich, who may have moved elsewhere. The Dark One will unleash more spells such as SlowDeath SpellMordenkainen's Sword and Varashar's Life Drain; then, it will spam Cause Critical Wounds. You will have to inflict about 140 dmg to vanquish it utterly. With the Dark One's demise the phantom-heros will zone in. Loot the Dark One's corpse for six Magic Jars and release the grateful phantoms. Ok, you're done with the Forest of the Forgotten Souls. Make your way to the Jovial Juggler in Beregost and inform Uncle Lennan that his niece is dead (Ferium's Necklace). Congrats! Jet'laya's quest is now complete! Take the letter Lennan gives you to Otho in the Thunderhammer Smithy. Five days later, you can return to the smithy for Otho Truehammer's Mace +1 (THAC0 +1, 1d6 +2). Upon exiting the smithy, Elminster himself should spawn to cast an enchantment on the mace (THAC0 +4, dmg +4 vs. Undead). Next, Dawn Priest Blane should spawn and refer you to a Morninglord in the Burning Wizard ("Garrick's inn"). This next quest will be covered under the Strongblade entry. 

Keiria Silverstring

Well met travelers, my name is Keiria Silverstring. Would ye be looking for the company of a bard on your travels? I can hold my own in any fight and sing a song to entertain you when you're sitting about the fire at night. What say ye?

Keiria Silverstring comes from a musically talented family. Both her father and mother are long time members of the Harpers, and Keiria has gained much of her outlook on life from her parents and their association with the Harpers. Keiria is a very talented songstress and actress. She has appeared in venues from Silverymoon to Athkatla. However, aside from her charming personality, half-elven beauty and long flowing red locks, she is also a very adept fighter and can hold her own in any battle. She even prefers the life of adventuring to life on the stage. She says it makes her feel alive to experience adventure and danger.

Keiria Silverstring stat-block

• Neutral Good Female Half-Elf Bard (3).
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is Bardsong and token ranged attacks. Utility roll is Pick Pockets and loremastery (ID magical items).
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Only available in Chapter Five. Found at the Nashkel Carnival (AR 4900x=3840, y=2200).
• Stats ◦ Strength  17 ◦ Dexterity 18 ◦ Constitution 16 ◦ Intelligence 18 ◦ Wisdom 11 ◦ Charisma 18.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Large Sword (*) ◦ Blunt (*) ◦ Missile (*).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (60) ◦ Pick Pockets (80).
• Default Equipment ◦ Keiria Silverstring's Light Crossbow of Speed (THAC0 +1, dmg +1, ApR +1) ◦ Keiria Silverstring's Studded Leather Bard Armor +1 (AC 6, does not disable spell-casting) ◦ Bard's Ring (+1 spell slot per circle, 1st through 4th, usable by Bard only) ◦ Bolt +1 of Dispelling (on-hit Dispel, x35) ◦ Bolt x40 ◦ Two-Handed Sword ◦ Quarterstaff ◦ Buckler.
• Default Spells ◦ First CircleCharm PersonFriendsShield ◦ Second CircleKnockLuck.
• Perks ◦ Easy ID ◦ ability to use instruments ◦ faster level progression ◦ spells with level-based variables are more effective when cast by Bards.
• Tidbit: She uses the somewhat immersion-breaking voiceset of Fall-From-Grace from Planescape: Torment.

It is odd that she is only third level when she is available only in Chapter Five.

Skeezer Lumpkin the VI

You look to be a group of fine travelers. My name is Skeezer Lumpkin the VI. I'm on my way to the fine city of Baldur's Gate and looking for a group of fine travelers like yerselves to join up with.  'Tis far more safe to travel with a group than it is alone don't ye know!

Skeezer Lumpkin the VI is from the gnome settlement on Krynn, beneath Mount Nevermind. However, for the past 75 years he has been living in Athakla in Amn. He has spent his whole life trying to find the perfect combination of technology and magic. He feels that this could result in the ultimate tinker creation. He has of yet been able to do so.  He has shied away from the normal way of the tinker gnome in search of a greater understanding of magic. His creations so far have resulted in limited success. One of his earliest creations he created when he was a boy was one named 'The Automatic (Systematic) Articulated Mop and Spring-Loaded Broom-Driven Pie Tin Flier and Egg Dropper" (or ASAMSLBPTFED for short). It would send eggs flying at very high speeds. But it had no real purpose. One of Skeezer's greatest desires in all of Faerun is to see the beautiful SkyShips. He has heard a great many tales of such ships and wishes nothing than to see the SkyShips that are being presented in Baldur's Gate.

Skeezer Lumpkin the VI stat-block

• Chaotic Good Male Gnome Illusionist (6) / Thief (8) multi-class.
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is direct damage, immobilization, summons, buffing and debuffing. Utility role is valuable due to Invisibility (scouting), Knock (Open Locks), Friends (bartering) and  Identify (ID magical items).
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Only available in Chapter Five. Found at the Nashkel Carnival (AR 4900: x=1500, y=1350).
• Stats ◦ Strength  14 ◦ Dexterity 18 ◦ Constitution 13 ◦ Intelligence 21 ◦ Wisdom 15 ◦ Charisma 10.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Large Sword (*) ◦ Small Sword (*) ◦ Blunt (*) ◦ Missile (*).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (67) ◦ Backstab (x3) ◦ Open Locks (75) ◦ Stealth (41) ◦ Find Traps (65) ◦ Pick Pockets (80).
• Default Equipment ◦ Skeezer Lumpkin's Mage Robe (AC 5, MR 5%, Saving Throws +1, usable by Skeezer only) ◦ Skeezer Lumpkin's 'Dwarven' War Helmet (Int +2, protects against critical hits, protects against all forms of panic and boosts morale, usable by Skeezer only) ◦ Skeezer's Staff of Unpredicability (blunt, 1D6 +3, THAC0 +2, Special: Unknown, usable by Gnome magic-users only) ◦ Ring of Wizardry: Evermemory (doubles first circle spells slots) ◦ Potion of Perception (x2).
• Default Spells ◦ First CircleArmorCharm PersonChromatic OrbFriendsIdentifyShocking Grasp ◦ Second CircleKnockKnow AlignmentLuckResist FearMirror Image ◦ Third CircleDispel MagicHasteSlowDire Charm ◦ Fourth CircleDimension DoorImproved Invisibility ◦ Fifth CircleShadow Door.
• Perks ◦ Shorty and Specialist saves ◦ Specialist +1 spell slot per circle ◦ easier spell scroll scribing (Int 21) ◦ Mind Shield-ready.

Thorfinn Hauskluniff

Hail and well met! I am Thorfinn Hauskluniff and I heard ye are well known adventurers who have solved the iron problem. I would like to join ye and help if I can.

Thorfinn's childhood got off to a bad start. Born on the Island of Ruathyn he was offered as a sacrifice to Auriel. When just a babe Auriel priests placed him on a raft and launched him into the Trackless sea. At that time the weather was calm but strong currents carried the raft south towards the westside of the Moonshae Isles. He drifted for several days until the raft reached the shores of the Island of Moray. Washed up on a pebble beach he was rescued by fishermen and raised in the presence of Northlanders. In his early years he worked the boat with his adopted family learning all there was to know about the sea. He became interested in the Navy and when he turned sixteen his request to join was granted by his family. During his late teens he honed his sea fairing skills and began learning the art of swordplay. He became adept with the axe but his strength gave him the ability to swing a large sword with ease, an ability not lost on the marauding pirates and thieves. The large sword became his weapon of choice. After five years Thorfinn decided to leave the Navy and travel. He worked as a mercenary and sword for hire protecting Merchants as they travelled their caravan routes. Eventually, Thorfinn's travels brought him to the Sword coast and into the city of Baldurs Gate.

Thorfinn Hauskluniff stat-block

• Chaotic Good Male Human Fighter (7).
• Combat & Utility roles: Combat role is melee or ranged physical-based damage dealer, and conventional tank.
• Time & Place of recruitment ◦ Only available in Chapter Four onwards. Found in the common room of the Jovial Juggler in south Beregost (AR3304).
• Stats ◦ Strength  18/87 ◦ Dexterity 17 ◦ Constitution 19 ◦ Intelligence 8 ◦ Wisdom 11 ◦ Charisma 5.
• Default Weapon Pips ◦ Large Sword (****) ◦ Axe (**).
• Default Skills ◦ Lore (0).
• Default Equipment Halberd +2: Suryis's Blade (THAC0 +2, dmg +2)Two-Handed Sword +2Thorfinn's Helmet (protects against critical hits, protects against all forms of panic and boosts morale)Thorfinn's Hide Armor (AC 6, only usable by Thorfinn, cursed)Boots of the North (cold resistance +50). 
• Perks ◦ Great natural Str, Dex and Con ◦ 19 Con + Con Tome = regen ◦ 1 pip off grandmastery ◦ solid HD rolls ◦ Mind Shield-ready.
• Pro-tip: Note that his hide armor is cursed: you will need to remove the curse at a temple (or by casting the spell on him), to free up his armor slot for Full Plate Mail.
• Tidbit: He uses the somewhat immersion-breaking voiceset of Coran ... and Bub Snikt.

Next up: Arcane spells.

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