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Baldur's Gate - Grey Clan and Stone of Askavar Item Code List

This post contains a list of items found in the Grey Clan and Stone of Askavar add-in mods. For reference purposes, I have included the item's stats and console codes. Notable item properties are highlighted in pink. The Dark Side of the Sword Coast and Dark Horizons item code lists will be posted when I get around to it. The vanilla Baldur's Gate item code list can be found here

Grey Clan

Armor. Jusam's Chainmail +4 (AC 1, only wearable by Lord Jusam, BW05JUAR), Platemail +3: Stormshield (AC 0, electrical resistance +30%, BW05PL1)
Cloaks & Robes. Legencase Academy Robe (save vs. Death and Spells +2).
Miscellaneous. Red Crystal (plot, BW05CRYS), Dwarven Helm (quest, BW05DWHE), Brass Key (plot, BW05K1), Gold Key (plot, BW05K2), Small Iron Key (plot, BW05K3), Small Brass Key (plot, BW05K4), Iron Key (plot, BW05K5), Copper Key (plot, BW05K6), Mold Golem Scroll (plot, BW05SC1), Verse of the Dark Shadow (plot, BW05VERS), Wardstone (plot, BW05WAR/BW05WAR2).
Weapons. Club of the Archdruid +2 (THAC0 +2, 1d6 +2 crushing, save vs. Spell on-hit Entangle, Druid and Ranger only, BW05CLAD), Oak Club +1 (THAC0 +1, 1d6 +1 crushing, BW05CLPO), Inquisitor's Halberd (THAC0 +1, 1d10 +1 piercing, Immunity: Charm, on-hit Dispel Magic, BW05HL1), Jusam's Warhammer +3 (THAC0 +3, 1d6 +3 crushing, Strength +6, only wieldable by Lord Jusam, BW05JUHA), Long Sword +3: Gift of Storm (THAC0 +3, 1d8 +3 slashing, +1d4 electrical, BW05SW1), War Hammer +1: Thundercharm (THAC0 +1, 1d4 +2 crushing, +1d2 electrical, WH1BW05).

TGC currently offers only very limited itemization because only Part I has been released. That halberd is pretty nice, though.

Stone of Askavar

Armor. Mecorima's Chain Mail (AC 3, Save vs. Death +5, SOAITM01), Kalindra's Armor (AC 2, Increases saving throws by 1, SOAITM02).
Cloaks & Robes. Travel Cloak (AC +1, Cold and Fire resistance +20%, SOAITM08), White Robe of the Spider (AC 6, Free Action, SOAITM09, Mage and part-Mage only).
Helmets. Cormyrean Helm (Immunity: Confusion, Rigid Thinking, Fear, SOAITM16), Kalindra's Helm (Saves vs. Petrification and Polymorph +5, SOAITM17).
Instruments. Horn of Summoning (instrument, Summons Lesser Demon for 2 rounds, SOAITM18), Cassandra's Lute: The Lions Courage (instrument, THAC0 +1, Str +1, HPs +5, Immunity: Fear, SOAITM19), Harmonica: Tarmaniels Warmth (Cha +1, AC +1 for 3 rounds, SOAITM20), Kobold Drum (instrument, Causes Panic, SOAITM11), Ogre Drum (instrument, Causes Panic, SOAITM12).
Miscellaneous. Letter to Aranor from Cearwin (plot1, SOAITM36), Letter to Aranor from Cearwin (plot2, SOAITM40), Note from Cearwin with known locations of Talismans (plot, SOAITM37), Stone of Askavar (plot, SOAITM26), Lizzy's Cursed Scroll (misc., SOAITM38), Dragon's Heart Ruby (quest, SOAITM39), Letter to Kalindra from Kathian (quest, SOAITM41), Sirine's Pearl (Casts Dire Charm, SOAITM13), Red Wizard Spellbook (2d3 fire, SOAITM6), Orb of Storms (2d6 lightning), Ring of Invisibility: The Thieves Escape (Invisibility for 2 rounds, SOAITM23), Mirror of Illusion (quickslot, Blur for 4 rounds, SOAITM21)
Scrolls (Arcane). Herald's Call (SOAITM50), Ice Dagger (SOAITM51), Magic Shield (SOAITM52), Nybor's Mild Admonishment (SOAITM54), Nybor's Gentle Reminder (SOAITM56), Skeleton Armor (SOAITM58).
Shields. Blue Kite Shield (AC +2, resist fire 30%, SOAITM24), Talos Storm Shield (small shield, AC +2, Lightning resist +30%, cold and fire protection +30%, SOAITM25).
Talismans. Talisman of Free Action: The Star of Eloen (ring slot, Free Action, SOAITM31), Talisman of Protection from Poison: The Star of Merris (ring slot, Immunity: Poison and Disease, SOAITM32), Talisman of Protection +1: The Star of Riona (ring slot, AC +1, Saving Throws +1, SOAITM33), Talisman of Fire Resistance: The Star of Ishara (ring slot, fire resistance +30%, SOAITM34), Talisman of Cold Resistance: The Star of Ilithyia (ring slot, cold resistance +30%, SOAITM36).
Weapons. Large Sword +1 : The Shining Sapphire (THAC0 +1, 1d10 +1 slashing, +1d3 cold, Detect Evil, SOAITM27), Large Sword +1 : The Emerald Eye (THAC0 +1, 1d10 +1 slashing, +1d3 fire, Detect Evil, SOAITM30), Barbarian Broad Sword (THAC0 +1, 2d4 +1 slashing, +1d3 fire, AC +2, cold protection +30%, SOAITM28), Red Fist Sabre (THAC0 +1, 1d8 +1 slashing, 30% on-hit Stun for 1 round, SOAITM29), Dagger +1: Dagger of Defiance (THAC0 +1, 1d4 +2 piercing, Immunity: Fear and Charm, Save vs. Spell +2, SOAITM10), Mace +1 : Mace of the Fearless (THAC0 +1, 1d6 +3 crushing, Resist Fear 30%, SOAITM03), Maul +2: Tholin's Ogre Smasher (THAC0: +2, 1d4 +3 crushing, SOAITM04), Morning Star +2: Gift of Ishandar (THAC0 +2, 2d4 +2 crushing, SOAITM05), Composite Long Bow +2: The Medusa's Curse (THAC0: +2, dmg +3, Protection from Petrification, SOAITM07), Ice Hammer +2: Mydans Frost (THAC0 +2, 1d4 +2 crushing, +1d3 cold, Cold Resistance +30%, SOAITM15).

Not bad. There is a lot more to work with here; namely, the Talismans. You can get some great immunities and resistances going with some party members when you combine original-game itemization, and DSotSC. The extra arcane spells are nice, too. 

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