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Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part V

Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part V

Continuing from Part IV; Index.

      C h a p t e r  T w o ,  P a r t  I — W e s t e r n  P a s s      

Traveling in Oswald's airship to the Western Pass to find and meet with the military expedition from Neverwinter, we noticed a glacier blocking a large section of the pass.  We were immediately caught in a sudden ice storm that seemed to come from within the glacier, and crashed in the foothills that sit at the base of the Spine of the World Mountains.  We should investigate that very unusual glacier.

Western Pass. Slay the Boring Beetles and loot the place for Oswald's Spellbook, Diamond and Thyrm Extract.

• Awaken Oswald from his trance (1,900 XP). The airship is damaged. In order to fix it, Oswald will request that you retrieve the components required for his Mending Spell. Check out the spellbook for a list of components; they are: Fresh Spider Silk, Thyrm Extract, Belladonna, Iron Ore, Wood, Diamond x2. We already have the extract and one of the diamonds.

• Head outside and destroy the beetle nest that is attacking Oswald's ship (1,900 XP). Find his equipment in the nest (1,425 XP). You can now rest in the ship whenever you like.

• There is a Pile of Wood on the ground just outside. Grab it. You can loot Fresh Spider Silk from the corpse of Frost Spiders hanging out in the south.

• Nearby, you will find Captain Yurst on his last legs. He has been stoned by Fomorian Giants. Slay the six to the south, led by Goublika the Verbeeg, and report back (4,275 XP). You can heal him or give him a potion of explosions instead. Or heal him first and then blow him up (525 XP + 525 XP). Nice. Loot the Broken Weapon from his corpse. Now we just need to find the Belladonna and second Diamond.

• SORCERER 13 (78,000): New SpellsImproved InvisibilityChaosMalison.

• In a locked crate, guarded by yetis in the northwest, you will find the Tending Ivy book and Periapt of Wound Closure (Immunity: bleeding, regen 1 HP per round).

• Beodaewn, merchant and werewolf, is standing in the extreme northwest. As a Sorcerer, he has nothing that you need. Leave him for now.

• Head now to the far east where you will find an Aurilian village populated by druids, rangers and their familiars.

• Aurilian village of Andora. You will be confronted by Odea Winterthaw, guarding the entrance to the village. She will not grant you access to the village, but will reveal Beodaewn as a cultist.

• Speak now to Illium Ar'Ghrenoir, standing guard above a shimmering barrier that indicates the entrance to the village. You will get nowhere with him either unless you have an Intimidate score of at least 7. Eagle's Splendor should do it but you don't get any XP.

• Once you have gained access to Andora, backtrack and expose Beodaewn. Turn him hostile with threats (1,900 XP) and loot his corpse for a Resurrection Scroll. The stash is holding gold, jewels and ammo.

• Head back to the village and waste everyone there: about one dozen rangers and druids.

Illium Ar'Ghrenoir is strong. He is an excellent archer, summoner and self-healer. Concentrated Skull Trap and Magic Missile spam will finish him off. I got 365 XP for him at level 13. Loot his corpse for the final component: Belladonna. He also carries Hagen's Folly (+3 heavy crossbow).

• Steal the second diamond from the second tier of the village. Hit the alt-key to see a circle of stashes.

• You now have all of the components for the Mending Spell. Head back to the airship. To free up your inventory, you can now place the components on the table. A magical effect will trigger and the components will disappear. Speak with Oswald (4,275 XP).

• Return to the village and exit to the east.

• Hostiles: Boring Beetle x4, Frost Spider x5, Fomorian Giant x7, Tundra Yeti x6, Beodaewn Follower/Werewolf x14, Wolf x10, Aurilite Ranger x11, Aurilite Druid x12, Aurilite Ranger Commander x2, Goublika, Beodaewn, Odea Winterthaw, Illium Ar'Ghrenoir.
• Kill Count: 75 (829).

Ice Wall / Glacier. A cutscene will fire showing the Master of Thieves escaping his cell. On his way out, he will request that you hook up with Nathaniel in the Ice Temple to the northeast. You will be left to fight a mob of barbs led by Phuzalon and Ougamya of Uthgardt. Two Sunfires will dispatch them.

• The best way to destroy the Crystal Golem in the northeast is with Zombie Lord fists. One hasted and stoneskinned Zombie Lord will dismantle it in short order (975 XP at level 13).

Aurilite Frosttouches are guarding the southeast. Once they're dead, pull the three levers such that the rocks fall on the frozen soldiers — and Remorhaz — below. Enraged, the polar worm will leave its spot to hunt you down. Chromatic Orb and Skull Trap will finish it. Now, make your way to its original position, loot the Aurilite Holy Symbol from the rubble, and equip it. The magic-resistant Doom Guards patrolling the halls will now turn hostile, area-wide. Just have your summons beat them up. Merely having the amulet in your inventory will allow you to open the ice doors (2,100 XP). En route to the east, slay the Aurilite Postulants, Frosttouches and Varassillus for the Flaming Star +1 (mace, 1d6 fire).

• At the end of the path, slay the Queen Remorhaz. Doing so will destroy the blockade of ice and snow, granting access to the Ice Temple (3,150 XP). Take out Lord Rengar behind the blockade.

• SORCERER 14New SpellsMordenkainen's Sword. One of the best spells in the game. Great against SR-immunes such as golems, but great against just about everything. Wield it while you're waiting to cast your next spell.

• Head to the southernmost path, immolate the five Snow Trolls, and destroy the sleeping Remorhaz to free the svirfneblin explorer, Zack Boosenburry (3,150 XP). Zack's lost his mount.

• Zack's mount can be found in the northeast: the spider, Aocha. Tell Zack you found it (4,725 XP). The gnome will reward you with Chameleon Ring of Dexterity, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill and Emerald.

• Slay the Cult of the Dragon Necromancers. Beware, for a second Crystal Golem will emerge from a previously inaccessible passageway to flank you. There is a door at the end of that passageway sporting a hole through which diminutive characters can squeeze in order to open the door for the rest of the party. It leads to the interior of the Ice Temple, and Xhaan. Obviously, you won't be able to do this but I just thought I'd mention it because it's pretty cool.

• Don't forget to loot all of the Auril Shrines. You will find the unexpendable Everlast Arrow in one of them. Not that you'll ever fire it.

• Ok, make you way to the Ice Temple in the northeast in order to face off against Guthma's superior, Sherincal.

• Half-Dragon Sherincal — Legion of the Chimera. You will learn that Sherincal leads the forces in this region, that the Legion of the Chimera is made up of outcasts and hybrids, that the legion is commanded by twin brother and sister Isair and Madae, that its base is in the Severed Hand, and that the legion seeks to purge the realm of those who would deny its sovereignty.

• Un-equip the Auril amulet and re-equip the Houndstooth Collar for the fear-immunity bestowed.

Animate Dead and buff to the max before confronting Sherincal.

• Note that you can fire a Magic Missile at the Temple Stair Levers in order to climb the stairs.

• In addition to the Half-Dragon — who sports invulnerability to cold but vulnerability to fire and magic — you will face off against one score of foes consisting of Postulants, Frosttouches, Stormsisters, Barbarian Warriors, Doom Guards and Soarsmen.

Remind them all that life is nasty brutish and shortAnimate Dead and Sunfire. I received 3,150 XP for slaying Sherincal at 14th level.

• Loot: Winged Blight (greatsword +1/2d6+1, to-hit +3 vs. humans, +2d6+3 dmg vs. humans), Potion of Arcane Absorption (Permanent 2/- Spell Resistance).

• SORCERER 15: Aegis of Rime, New Spells: Cone of Cold, Disintegrate, Delayed Blast Fireball. The good thing about Cone of Cold is that your undead summons are immune to it. Disintegrate has its uses but DBFB = win.

• Hostiles: Aurilite Postulant x7, Barbarian Warrior x12, Remorhaz x3, Doom Guard x5, Crystal Golem x2, Aurilite Frosttouch x9, Cult of the Dragon Necomancer x4, Snow Troll x5, Soarsmen x2, Stormsister x1, Barbarian Shaman x1, PhuzalonOugamya of UthgardtVarassillusQueen RemorhazLord RengarSherincal.
• Kill Count: 57 (886).

Part VI.

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