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Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part VI

Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part VI

Continuing from Part V; Index.

      C h a p t e r  T w o ,  P a r t  I I — I c e  T e m p l e      

The object of this segment is to slay three Aurilite High Priestesses, destroy the altar of a spirit of Talos posing as Auril, and then free Nathaniel who can bring down the Ice Wall / glacier, granting us passage through the Western Pass.

The Ice Temple consists of two levels: upper and lower. Neither of them are straightforward dungeons. You will need to interact with objects in the environment and switch between the levels in order to fulfill the quest requirements. I love this segment of the campaign!

• Ice Temple: Upper Level. Check your feedback window: "Prisoner - Death". What's happening is, prisoners are being sacrificed by the Aurilites. Now, you get bonus XP for each prisoner saved. Thus, you want to free them from prison posthaste in order to maximize your XP. So let's get to the prison!

• Ok, we're starting in the south. You will be welcomed by a hostile Ice Golem Champion. Have a hasted Zombie Lord take it down. Start summoning more undead because other crap will be coming your way soon!

• In this area, turn on Search mode in order to reveal the odd secret door.

• Explore the three adjacent sidechambers, slaying winter wolves.

• Make your way north and bash down the door on your left. Now, make your way west and north to arrive in the prison. Lay waste to the aggro within.

• Here you will meet the imprisoned Nathaniel. You will learn about the three High Priestesses responsible for his capture; conjoined triplets that need to be dealt with: Lysara, Cathin and Oria.  In addition, if you haven't already noticed that your spells are grayed out and uncastable, you will learn that the prison is shrouded in an anti-magic field. Finally, it seems that Nathaniel's equipment is being held in a treasury somewhere in the temple.

High Priestess Lysara. Ok, make your way north to the sacrificial chamber in order to confront the first of the triplets. Learn that Lysan (of original IWD infamy) has become inspiration for the priestesses since her death, that the Aurilite congregation created the glacier during one of their festivals (1,425 XP), that Aurilite priests created the storm that caused Oswald's ship to crash (1,425 XP), that the Aurilites created the Ice Wall / glacier but not the Ice Temple (that was Nickademus), and that the Aurilites are allied with the Legion of the Chimera. Thus, a battle is inevitable.

• Now, slay Lysara and her back-up crew consisting of nine Postulants, four winter wolves and one Ice Golem Champion (562 XP at level 15). Loot Lysara's corpse for High Priestess Lysara's Temple Key.

• In the center of this chamber you will notice a dais that can be rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise. It is currently pointing north. To disable the anti-magic shroud, rotate the dais east (9 o'clock) and then west (3 o'clock). To do that, stand on the right of the dais and click on it twice. Then, stand on the left of the dais and click on it four times. You should hear a dispelling sound and receive a message as confirmation that the anti-magic shroud has been disabled. You will note that you can now cast spells in the prison section.

• Now, cast Knock to free Nathaniel and the five prisoners (2,100 XP + 7,875 XP).

• SORCERER 16Charisma +1Eighth Circle SpellsMind Blank. Thanks to Mind Blank, you no longer need to be concerned with Will saves. Also, you need only cast it once per day. Awesome.

• Inform Nathaniel of Lysara's demise (1,575 XP). You can rest and heal safely here, whenever you like.

• Next, rotate the dais left until it points north, then rotate it to the right until it points north again. Three doors should automatically open as a result, granting access to Xhaan's lair. Make sure you are fully healed before entering. Xhaan is a white abishai, a baatezu devil. The baatezu are non-hostile because you are not injured. He will request that you investigate a voice that has them under mind control, named Aeij-Kllenzr't.

(Note that you can exit the temple into the Ice Wall from here.)

• Now, pretty soon you are going to come up against a locked door to a study, located in the east. To unlock it in advance, rotate the dais southwest then northwest. Check the feedback window for confirmation.

• Back out and make your way north along the western perimeter of the temple, slaying trashmobs en route to the north and east. You will encounter another Ice Golem Champion in the north.

• Ok, we've reached the eastern section. Take out the trash in the sleeping quarters, dining hall and storage room.

• Note the Oil Painting of the Great Oak of Kuldahar. It is actually a teleportation system. Keep it in mind because it will become very important later.

• Our next High Priestess is holed up in her chapel which is located more or less in the center of the floor. Make your way there. You will need to have High Priestess Lysara's Temple Key in order to gain access to the chapel.

High Priestess Cathin. Cathin won't let you get a word in edge-wise.

• Cathin is backed up by six Frosttouches and two Stormsisters. Slay them all and loot Cathin's corpse for High Priestess Cathin's Temple Key.

• Learn from Ondabo the true named of Aeij-Kllenzr't: Caged Fury. Slay him and the four postulants who brought down Oswald's ship for shits n gigs. The true name "Caged Fury" is important!

• Just to the north is a chamber jam-packed with Ice Trolls. Make them burn. Now, drop down the trapdoor to reach the lower level.

• Hostiles: Ice Golem Champion x4, Aurilite Postulant x20, Aurilite Frosttouch x18, Barbarian Warrior x10, Barbarian Shaman x2, Polar Bear x7, Winter Wolf x22, Aurilite Stormsister x9, Aurilite Stormbrother x7, Ice Trolls x12, Ondabo, High Priestess Lysara, High Priestess Cathin.
• Kill Count: 114 (1000). Congrats on your 1,000th kill!

• Ice Temple: Lower Level. This is another sprawling dungeon. First clear out the central section of necros, stormsisters, soarsmen, polar bears and Ice Golem Champion. This is a nice way to take out the trash because it keeps flowing in from adjoining rooms. I must have killed 30 enemies in the initial onslaught...

Nickademus. Awaken Nickademus from his slumber in an adjoining room (Kant and Hume reference). To do that, try looting his stash. You can learn a lot from Nickademus though some things you already know from reading this walkthrough. In regard to this, lower level, he will tell you about the Prism, Battle Square and Caged Fury. In regard to the upper level, he will tell you about the Dais and Oil Painting. You can also request enlightenment or buffs or magical items. The buffs and items are utterly useless, so go with the non-trivial experience point bonus (5,175 XP). As payment, Nickademus will call upon our services later in the campaign.

• Next, make your way around the perimeter, taking out the trash. You will notice that some doors are warded. That's where the Prism and Oil Painting come into play.

Prism. The Prism is located in the central chamber of this lower level. It looks like a big gun or cannon. There are two switches that control the Prism: one rotates it, the other fires it. The Prism fires bolts of lightning that reflect off mirrors of which you can manipulate the angle of one. The object of the puzzle is to manipulate the Prism, mirror and doors such that the bolt strikes certain warded doors, thereby opening them. Now, there are three doors to open: the mirror room door, the treasury door and the shadow door.

• Let's start with the mirror room door. First of all, detect and open the secret coffin door in the coffin room in the south (the one with 15 Shades hovering about in it). Then, make your way back to the Prism, rotate it so that it points south, and fire it. This will open the door to the Mirror of Life Trapping wherein you should shatter the crystal mirror which has trapped the dozen-strong Talisman adventuring party. Freed from their imprisonment, they are, however, hostile, and you will be forced to slay them. At this point in the proceedings, a single casting of DBFB is all it should take.

• Ok, the treasury door. Now, you will see a charred mirror next to the one you just shattered; angled such, that a second firing of the prism would hit the door to the treasury. Ergo, return to the prism and fire it southwards a second time. You will now have gained access to the treasury wherein you will find Nathaniel's Bag of Holding, along with so much useless garbage, guarded by an Ice Golem Champion (450 kXP).

• Lastly, the shadow door. Make your way to the Oil Painting on the upper level, and choose "Lysan". Descend the staircase to find yourself transported to a previously inaccessible room, with an ominous shadow cast over the door. Note that being evil-aligned means that Unholy Blight does not harm you, but that doesn't mean you can open the door conventionally. Now, the secret door leading out to the passageway requires you to EMBRACE THE SHADOW. This translates to "enter stealth mode or cast Invisibility on yourself in order to open the door". Do that, and exit. Now, head back to the Prism room, located in the center of the area, and manipulate the mirror outside of its north exit (the mirror in the passageway at the north door). Fire the Prism. This will open the Shadow Door. Return to the now-opened door.

Aeij-Kllenzr't aka Caged Fury. Buff yourself with Mirror Image, step into the altar room and invoke the true name of the tempest Aeij-Kllenzr't ("Caged Fury") to drive it from Auril's altar (4,725 XP).

• The door will close and lock behind you as a Whirlwind, a spirit of a tempest, emerges from the altar. Buffed with Mirror Image, it cannot harm you. After a while, the door will open, the whirlwind will dissipate, and a trashmob will flank you. Put them out of their misery.

• SORCERER 17New SpellsFinger of DeathHorrid Wilting.

• Ok, but where is the third and final High Priestess, Oria? She's holed up in her bedroom in the north. In order to get the key to it, we need to complete rank one of the Battle Square.

Battle Square. The Battle Square is located in the southeast of the lower level. There are a series of switches that control its operation. Rank 1 is already selected by default. To activate the Battle Square, hit Mode Selector 2 and Mode Selector 1 followed by Mode Activator. The non-hostile Ice Golem Champion will move from the square and stand in the doorway. Now, click on a single square to have a hostile monster spawn on the battle square. Slay it, and you will see that you have won the square. Now, you need to click another, consecutive square, and slay the spawned monster. Finally, click a third consecutive square and slay the spawned monster to win Level 1 of Rank 1 and receive High Priestess Oria's Key as a reward. You don't need to win any further ranks unless you want the experience point and material rewards. I find the Battle Square tedious because I've completed it so many times over the years. Also, I don't want to take the steam out of this walkthrough.

High Priestess Oria. Unlock the door to face off against a furious Oria.

• Note that Oria is a highly mobile enemy. Block the doorway so that she can't escape and run around the level like crazy. She will attempt to silence you in vain. On the verge of death, she will announce her intention to break her Staff of Command. She will break it no matter what you say.

• The retributive strike of the staff will inflict considerable magic damage unless you are protected by Mirror Image. Back out in the halls, Oria will reappear in ethereal form: Oria's Essence. She will boast of her invincibility as she prepares to take you out.

• And indeed, you cannot touch her. Double-time it back to the Battle Square with Oria hot on your heels and mad as hell. What you need to do is become ethereal yourself, so select Inner Sanctum on the Mode Selector followed by Mode Activator. Now you can damage her. Watch out for her level drain. If you get level-drained, either use a Restoration scroll or have Nathaniel cast Restoration on you.

• Upon Oria's demise, return to the Prime Material Plane by reclicking the Mode Activator.

• Return to the Oil Painting and choose "In Auril's name, from winter's veil, my claw tears through the frozen air... Neither your might, nor earthly means, will save you from death's despair." Now, descend the staircase to find yourself in a previously inaccessible treasury, guarded by an Ice Golem Champion (319 kXP). Pick the place clean and don't forget to loot Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram (Bull's Strength, Knock and Alicorn Lance 1/day).

• If you need to deal with Oswald, don't return to Nathaniel yet. Otherwise, there will only be a Potion of Greater Resistance and a Goodbye Note. Anyway, I went back for my Winter Wolf Hat (Charisma +1). It's useless; don't bother. In addition, stop by to give Zack Boosenburry a large amount of info on the Ice Temple (3,150 XP).

• Return to Nathaniel, inform him that you have defeated Caged Fury and the three High Priestesses (4,725 XP), give him his bag (3,150 XP), and give him the ring (2,300 XP). Note that he can still create a fissure in the glacier if you choose to keep the ring. Nathaniel will now take his leave. You should, too.

• SORCERER 18Spell Focus: TransmutationNinth Circle SpellsWail of the Banshee. I take SF: Transmutation for Slow, Disintegrate and Suffocate. Wail of the Banshee = lots of things just died.

With the Aurilites no longer posing a threat, all that remained was to destroy enough of the glacier they created to open the Western Pass.  Nathaniel left to check on Oswald and fly to the Ten-Towns to warn them, promising to meet us in Kuldahar.  He asked us to use the fissure he would create to head south around the Spine of the World Mountains on foot, take the unguarded Eastern Pass to Kuldahar, and warn them about the collusion between the Aurilites and the Legion of the Chimera.

• A cutscene will fire showing Nathaniel bringing down the Ice Wall. Give Denham's note to "Ingrath Mariner", who is actually a doppelganger (525 XP). Drop them like the sacks of shit they are.

• Exit north to start Chapter Three.

• Hostiles: Aurilite Frosttouch x11, Aurilite Stormsister x12, Soarsmen x4, Barbarian Warrior x4, Aurilite Postulant x8, Cult of the Dragon Necromancer x5, Winter Wolf x2, Polar Bear x8, Shades x15, Crystal Golem x1, Talisman Henchman x9, Talisman Warrior x1, Talisman Mystic x1, Talisman Assassin x1, Talisman Bishop x1, Ice Golem Champion x3, Doppelganger x5, High Priestess Oria.
• Kill Count: 92 (1092).

Part VII.

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