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Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part IX

Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part IX

Continuing from Part VIII; Index.

Chapter Four, Part II — Underdark

In the Underdark below Black Raven Monastery, we met a dark elf who introduced himself as Malavon Despana.  He told us that he is the Archmage of Sorcere, an academy of magic, and the patron of a dark elven house in the city of Rilauven.

• You will find yourself in the Drow compound of Ahk Kyorl Kulgg. Malavon Despana requests you deal with the driders and find Ginafae. Purchase the Wand of Lightning from him.

• There is a Drow ambush to the north of the compound. Horrid Wilting.

• Note that free action/mindshield status will not protect you from myconid spore stun or drider stun. Do you remember how we deal with stunners? We hide behind out undead summons.

• Duergar merchants to the south. Nothing you need.

Oinchack'olp the mindflayer wants you to find its Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone.

• Ok, head east to the Drider caves.

Malavon has asked that we venture into the driders' caves to find and destroy whatever is allowing them to transform captured drow into even more driders.  He also requested that, should we see his sister Ginafae, we try to convince her to return to the drow encampment.  Seeing as she's currently the leader of the driders, it's more than likely we'll run across her.

• You are up against HORDES of Driders in these caves. So many, that you can't even bother counting them. Animate Dead and make sure you are under the effect of Invisibility. Note that Drider Priestesses may turn your undead. If that happens, you are in trouble. Make sure you are casting Symbol of Hopelessness on the mobs. That spell is badass. Oinchack'olp's  Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone is in the south, where the myconids are. Useless fact: Oinchack'olp has a cameo in SoZ (NWN2).

• Slay the Red Wizard transmuter Imphraili and loot her labratory.

• Examine the lab (click on the lab table). You will that see you can do three things. 

• You don't need to do any of these things but since you don't get XP for killing the Driders, you might as well concoct the enchanted conversion poison. 

• If you concoct the Sanguis Anima, you will need to inject the Enhanced Flesh Golem with it and then fire the Wand of Lightning its way in order to animate it as an ally.

• Now, hurl the vial containing the conversion poison into the gaping maw of the Viciscamera Heart, convince Ginafae to return to the camp (she's in the northwest), report the destruction of the heart to Malavon back at the Drow compound (5,850 XP), and confirm that Ginafae returned to the camp (3,900 XP).

• Give Oinchack'olp's his stone (3,900 XP).

• Solid quest experience points are solid. :)

• Take out Beelthot at the entrance to the citadel, and then enter the citadel.

Z'hinda Citadel.

We met a strange brain creature in a vat at the center of the Z'hinda Citadel.  Though its telepathic speech was calm, it had no qualms about attacking us with powerful psionic abilities.

• Basically, all you need to do is slay the Elder Brain in the center in order to break the psychic force that seals the citadel's exit gates.

• Just run around wasting the mindflayers and thralls with DBFB. Mind Golems are taken apart by Mordenkainen's Sword. Your illithid victims are Abdoshanheth, Galoombethshe, Oolay, Ecktarr'ilsen'ularr, Zeph'ulp-Maress and Morhizulosh. I got 7,000 kXP for one of these guys. IWD2 mindlfayers are as weak as piss compared to BG2 ones; their tendril attacks don't even drain intelligence.

• The Elder Brain is in the center of the citadel. It does not seem to resist fire spells or Skull Trap. You have many ways to kill it. 

• Buff to the max and exit the citadel to the northeast.

• Ok, now Mirabel and Majrash Red Wizards want a piece of you. Your opener should be DBFB. That will take out the first mob and Mirabel. You should then recast it to take out the converged aggro.  Then, Majrash is owned by mordsword.

• Fly away with Oswald on his airship. Note that you can return all the way to the Battle Square before doing that. :P

Chapter 4 done.

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