Friday, 15 July 2016

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XIII

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XIII

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part XII)

   C H A P T E R  T E N F I N A L E  

This post in a nutshell:
—The party concludes their exploration of the cave system that leads to Dragonspear's basement.
—Hephernaan is confronted in the basement but manages to escape.
—We fulfill all three optional mission parameters with the poisoning of the Crusade's food & water supplies (we placed the explosives in the previous post).
—The Coalition fends off an assault on their camp by the Crusaders; then, prepares to take it to them, kicking off Chapter Eleven and the actual Siege of Dragonspear!

   T h e  W a r r e n s   
(AR BD 5200)

We have now wound our way through the caverns to arrive in The Warrens, a cave situated directly beneath Dragonspear Castle. Why are we here? Well, our primary goal is to find out what Priest Hephernaan is up to. How do we do that? We must take the lift up to the basement of the Castle. But first, let's do a lil' exploring in this area.
Area loot: +1 weapons, ammo, potions, gems, scrolls and gold: Arrow +3 x40, Arrow of Biting x40, Arrow of Detonation x3, Bolt +3 x40, Bolt of Ice x40, Bolt of Lightning x40.

Quest: The Dungeon Slug. See the three ogres locked up in cages? One of them is Murs' mate, Slug: "the best bandit of the High Moor". Set him free. Slug will thank you and reveal the location of a hidden cache in the Underground River (x=2900, y=400). It is holding three utility potions and the Hydra +2 (flail, THAC0 +2, dmg +3, 33% chance of inflicting +1d4, +2d4 or +3d4 piercing dmg). Return to the ogre camp on the surface to find that Slug has been reinstated as Chief. He will gift you a Ring of Fire Resistance (+40% fire resistance) and you will receive 6,000 XP as well. If you slay him now you will receive 6,000 for the kill and a second 6,000 for quest completion (oversight). Leaving them alive means the ogres will support the Coalition when it besieges the Castle, though they are hardly gonna make a huge impact in such a situation. It's up to you.
Slug (6,000 XP), Ogre x2 (2,000 XP).

Crusader Priest Polvi sells lots of scrolls and potions. There does not seem to be a sidequest tied to him, though.

Quest: Glint Gardnersonson - Find Glint's Relatives. Rhonda is a seamstress and the final family member we need to find to complete Glint's personal quest. To recap, the others were Hoach, Pritchard & Litla.
If you DON'T have Glint in your party she will gift you the Nimblefinger Gloves (Dex +2 [+1 for other shorties], Pick Pockets +25, Set Traps +25, gnome only).

Ok, we're done with the Warrens. Convince ogres Einer & Betror to operate the lift, either by showing them your seal or getting Rhonda to speak with them. Click on the platform to area transition.

   T h e  B a s e m e n t   
(AR BD4300)

We have now infiltrated the castle itself. To no surprise security steps up a gear in the basement, to the point where I don't think you can bluff Belben to avoid a fight.

I'm sure you will enjoy gutting him - I know I did!

That one stank of nasty. Glad he's dead. - M'Khiin. 
(I got a giggle out of this.)

Belben (1,400 XP, Two-Handed Sword +1), Crusader x3 (420 XP ea), Crusader Cleric (1,400 XP), Crusader Archer (420 XP), Crusader Scout (420 XP).

    H e p h e r n a a n   

The priest is found residing in his chambers, flanked by mages Olvenaun & Esserin - and with his attention fixed on a misty swirl hovering above an altar.

Through this swirl Hephernaan is pleading with his master to be patient. Now, in order to witness this dialogue with The Voice I think it's best to confront him before attacking any other crusaders and before lacing the supplies, both of which trigger aggro to spawn; that, in turn, cause the priest and his inner circle to become alert, hostile, and start seeking the party out.

Hephernaan is scripted to flee and seek reinforcements after taking a trivial amount of damage; therefore, it might be best to ignore the mages and prioritize the priest. Garrisoned units from other basement chambers may also flank you, so be mindful of that. A few may climb the lift, too.

Olvenaun (2,000 XP), Esserin (2,000 XP), Stone Golem x2 (8,000 XP ea), Crusader x4 (420 XP ea), Crusader Scout (420 XP), Crusader Elite x3 (650 XP ea), Crusader Sergeant (650 XP, Halberd +1), Crusader Archer (420 XP), Crusader Mage (1,400 XP).

Chest (Maze trap!): Crown of Lies (+2 third, +1 fourth and +1 fifth circle spell slots, lore -30), Robe of Netheril (MR +50%, disables spellcasting, cursed), Magical Entrapments, 341 GP.
Chest (Level drain trap): scrolls of Spell Shield, Lower Resistance and Spell Immunity.

-Important Events: Find Daeros. Daeros reveals that Hepheraan intends to open a gate to Avernus and that Caelar's Aasimar blood is not celestial enough to open the gate. Set him free for +18,000 XP.

   L a c i n g  t h e  S u p p l i e s   

If you have no qualms about lacing Crusader supplies with poison, you may now use the Poison of Terror on their food and water supplies. To do that you must click on the sacks of food (x=1600, y=1600) and the water barrels (x=300, y=1250) - twice.
(Important Events: Poison the Crusader Supplies - +8,000 quest experience points for each party member).

A hostile mephit will spawn from the water barrel; and also, Crusaders will confront you after poisoning the food sacks if you have not already wiped the basement floor clean of them. Slay or free the troll and loot the food storage room in which it dwells.
Bjarn Littleclub (+1,400 XP).
Loot: The Nine Hells, Troll Pen Key (this can be used during the siege of Dragonspear, covered in the next post), Bolt +3 x40, Bolt of Ice x40, Bolt of Lightning x40.

   E s c a p i n g  t h e  C a v e  S y s t e m   

We have done what we came here to do; that is, we found out what Hephernaan is up to and we, optionally, planted the explosive and poisoned the Crusader's food and water supplies. Drop down the lift and just lie to the ogres about the mighty clamor they heard above, or slay them and cut a swathe through Crusaders as you backtrack through the cave system.
Einer (2,000 XP, his Gloves of Gripping are already identified and don't seem to do anything), Betror (2,000 XP, Morningstar +1).

Return to the Coalition Camp! 

Next, head off to Dead Man's Pass!
Note: Make sure you have the party composition that you like before taking your leave of the camp, for when you return the recruitment options are arbitrarily limited; at least, they were for me.
   N e g o t i a t i o n — D e a d  M a n ' s  P a s s   

Ok, it doesn't matter in the slightest how you respond in this segment: negotiations fail and you must return to the Coalition Camp in preparation for war.
Important Events: Negotiation - +5,000 quest experience points for each party member.

If you linger in this map for a couple of seconds you can save refugees who are being hounded by wolves (112 GP, Rep +1).

   C o a l i t i o n  C a m p — C r u s a d e r s  A t t a c k !   

Return to camp to find its northern edge has been set aflame by Crusaders who are closing in from the north. Bence Duncan will request you report to Andrus in the "fire pit" aka party encampment.

Check your map and note the three "paths" that have been annotated on it: west, central and east. These paths will host the upcoming battle segments. If you like, take the western path southward to the bonfire as this allows you to recompose your party [1] or trade with Belegarm before their despawning (this happens when they are out of LoS). You may also access your party stash near the bonfire, as per usual.

[1] I only had access to Jaheira & Khalid and Rasaad and Voghiln.  

Now, report to Andrus by the bonfire. She is busily casting spells on Phossey's barrels in order to stabilize their volatile contents against the fire that is threatening the camp. The Coalition Commanders (Nederlock, Stonehand & de Lancie) are busy overseeing their troops, so, in their absence, Charname must defend the camp against the enemy. To this end, you are offered several "special forces units"; namely:
Auziel & Coalition Spy (x4): I'm assuming their presence here is dependent on how you solved the Den of Thieves quest (see Part IX). These guys are all about Quadruple backstab damage.
Dwarves of Dumathoin: The quest by the same name has two solutions, one Good and one Evil (see Part IV). I chose the Good Solution, so I gain the support of Brother Deepvein and six of his stout followers: Dwarven Cleric (x2), Dwarven Scout (x2), Dwarven Battlerager (x2). You receive Rep +1, too. If you chose the Evil Solution I am assuming Coldheart Lich makes an appearance, instead (and Rep -1).
These three options are not based on quests:
Taield & Garrus, and Coalition Archers (x5).
Mordaus & Garrold, and Coalition Warmages (x5).
Stysich & Zidrand, and Wizard Slayers (x5).

Ilmaterian Priest Dosia can fully heal or rest the party inbetween the battles. Resting will replenish your spell slots and special abilities but it will not top up your hit points - which you might not be used to (that's what heal's for).

Ok, so. We now face three waves of scripted aggro on the three paths that run through camp; the object of each being to prevent the invaders from overrunning the camp and reaching Andrus. What happens if they succeed in that? Well, it logically follows that there is a huge explosion and we are treated to the death screen; i.e, it's game-over.

Now, before each wave you will be given time to heal and rest up (several seconds). You will also be given a choice of what special unit to employ against the next wave. Let's take the example of the trolls in the first wave: I think the archers with fire ammo are the best choice and the backstabbing thieves the worst; however, these battles are pretty EZ so a sub-optimal choice is not gonna ruin your chances of coming out on top (assuming the player is intervening and doesn't just leave the unit on auto-pilot, that is...)

Anyway, several seconds pass before our first Messenger runs onto the scene to report a break on the perimeter - It's on!
   F I R S T  W A V E   
   O g r e s  &  T r o l l s   
(West Path)

Fire arrows are effective, but Detonation Arrows and Sunfire castings are even moreso.

Yarok (+2,000 XP): Cornugon's Revenge +2 (leather armor, AC 4, Regenerate 2 HPs per round, Con -2, wearer cannot be protected from evil, various thief skill penalties).
Ogre Crusader x2 (1,400 XP ea), Barbarian x2 (420 XP ea), Mercenary x2 (420 XP ea), Orc Crusader x2 (420 XP ea), Troll x4 (1,400 XP ea).

Return to the bonfire and heal up/rest if necessary.

   S E C O N D  W A V E   
   T h e  S h i n i n g  L a d y 's  W i z a r d s   
(Central Path)

The Weave-cleavin' wizslayers cake-walked this one, as expected.

Cuvieronius (5,000 XP): Robe of the Good Archmagi.
Crusader Mage x6 (2,000-3,000 XP ea).

   T H I R D  W A V E   
   S o l d i e r s  o f  t h e  B u r n i n g  W a y   
(East Path)

War Mage crowd control spells make this encounter even more of a faceroll than it already is.

Rhayla (3,000 XP): Elven Chain +1 (AC 4, spellcasting not disabled, minor thief skill penalties), Longsword +2. 
Crusader Elite x6 (420 XP ea), Crusader Cavalier x5 (420 XP ea), Crusader Cleric x2 (975 XP ea).

   G o i n g  o n  t h e  O f f e n s i v e   
   G r i m g o r — C r u s a d e r  C o m m a n d e r   

Head north along the center path with your remaining units. Since I did not assign the dwarves or thieves during the wave sequence, they accompany me now to stand with me against an orog priest.

Grimgor (5,000 XP): Flail +2, Full Plate Amor +1, Large Shield +1, 439 GP.
Turalynn (975 XP), Piercer of Boils (2,000 XP), Kegleg (975 XP), Orleth Blackfinger (2,000 XP), Bird-Dog (975 XP), Lannac (1,400 XP), Swift Rabbit (975 XP).

The Crusade falls back to their stronghold. We are to rendezvous with the commanders at its gates for the Siege of Dragonspear & Chapter Eleven!

Quest: My Missed Fortune. Ophyllis spawns and drops dead from injuries sustained in attempting to bring you your gold...

Nary a tear was shed. Loot his corpse for a magical blade: Ophyllis's Short Sword +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, Immunity to Command, Greater Command & Power Word: Any, 20% on-hit Deafness).

Finally! This quest concludes. It was one of the very first we received in the campaign.

Next Up -    C H A P T E R  E L E V E N   
To be posted soon! ^_^



  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2016

    "Drop down the lift and just lie to the ogres about the mighty clamor they heard above"

    I think this requires passing a Charisma check.

    1. Maybe. For the record, mine was 16.

    2. Super late here, but it does. Highest in my party was 14, and when I tried to lie they attacked me anyway. Fun fact, though: if you start force-attacking people before the ogres talk to you (which is not hard because they leave you several seconds) then you only have to fight the ogres and the 3 people south of you, rather than the entire level's worth of enemies at once. You can come back later to kill the rest.

    3. Thanks for the confirmation and pro-tip, Jordan!

    4. Btw, their gloves (which dont seem to do anything) are for going back up the pulley or whatever. Since the chains are so "greasy" you need the gloves that the ogre drops.
      Thanks though, I missed the dialogue about going to deadmans pass

  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2016

    I honestly didn't realize you could win the fight against the crusaders in the basement after they go aggro. They seemed to be pouring in infinite reinforcements when I tried. After dealing with Hephernan, I've always chosen to either flee down the elevator after thinning the heard or just use invisibility to sneak past the hostile guards.

    Did you actually get out of the full cave system without fighting? Even when I lied to the Ogres, it seemed like there was a crusader located near the previous Drow encounter who was scripted to recognize you and turn the rest of the cave hostile.

    1. Could be a case of different versions of the game, or perhaps there was a glitch. I didn't have reinforcements pouring in - and I completed that segment several times for the purposes of walkthrough writing.

      I forgot to add the scripted aggro you speak of. He and Ladle's crew were the only aggro I faced, though. Thanks for that, whoever you are. :P

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2016

    Hi, nice guide overall. I've played SoD several times and on my last playthrough I've found a rather unimpressive Full Plate Mail on the center of the map, inside the eye of the painting. I think it's unlocked when the spirit is set free IIRC.

  4. GallowglassAugust 03, 2016

    "If you DON'T have Glint in your party she will gift you the Nimblefinger Gloves (Dex +2 [+1 for other shorties], Pick Pockets +25, Set Traps +25, gnome only)." Not actually gnome only, but rather shorties only.

    If you DO have Glint in your party, then you can still get the Gloves by picking Rhonda's pocket.

  5. GallowglassAugust 03, 2016

    "Einer (2,000 XP, his Gloves of Gripping are already unidentified and don't seem to do anything), Betror (2,000 XP, Morningstar +1)." You mean "identified" rather than "unidentified".

    The Gloves of Gripping DO have a purpose - if you kill the Ogres (and presumably therefore also the rest of the crusaders in the Warrens) before ascending to the Castle basement, then wearing those Gloves enables the party (all of them, even though only one wears the Gloves) to climb the lift's rope, so that you can still ascend. Otherwise there'd be no way up after the Ogres are dead.

  6. Concerning Daeros, it's possible to have him reveal a hidden cache containing his armor (Daeros's Full Plate: full plate mail +1, +40% fire resistance, +2 to saves vs breaths).

    This is linked to Halatathlaer, the ghost dragon back in Kanaglym. When the dark magicians are defeated she will initiate dialog with you, and if you continuously ask her questions about what happened here (rather than bid her farewell or ask for a reward) eventually she will ask you to send word of her to Daeros if you ever find him. You need to tell her you're going to do it (dialog option 1, the other options will not work) and you'll have the "Find Daeros" quest in your journal. Then back to Daeros, you can't mention Halatathlaer to him directly but when you free him he will reveal the cache's location anyway (central room of the level, in the Dragonspear symbol on the ground).

  7. LemminkainenFebruary 07, 2017

    If you chose the "evil" option in the Deepvein quest early on in the game, Lich Coldhearth will send you Bladed Skeletons (x2), Armored Skeletons (x2), Skeletal Archers (x2) and a Skeletal Mage.

    None died during my playthrough as the Bladed and Armored Skellies TANKED while I had my whole party step back in range mode to fling arrows/bullets/darts and some spells at the half-platoon of enemy infantry. For good measure I had my Wizard cast Animate Dead to add another bone bag to the fray.

    1. Thanks for that, Lem! My fave undead tanks were the apocalyptic boneguards and festering drowned dead that could solo IWD2, pre-patch: about as brokenly OP as summons get outside of Diablo 2.


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