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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XIV

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XIV

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part XIII)

   C H A P T E R  E L E V E N  

   T h e  S i e g e  o f  D r a g o n s p e a r  C a s t l e   
(AR BD 4000)

Ok, this is it! The siege of Dragonspear Castle, stronghold of Caelar Argent. So, who has turned up? Well, obligatory Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep and Daggerford forces aside, the ogre tribe led by Murs decided to show up (4 ogres, no drow)... plus a few scrubs we trained at the Coalition Camp (Clovista, Morlis, Hester). So we lookin' pretty good! Also, we receive +20,000 quest experience points for each party member upon our arrival here.

   D r a g o n s p e a r — E x t e r i o r  &  C o u r t y a r d   

Anyway, a cutscene fires showing Crusader troops hurriedly retreating behind Dragonspear's walls. We gonna get you!

Next, a second cutscene fires in which Caelar makes it clear to Hephernaan that it is imperative they hold Dragonspear and capture the Bhaalspawn.

   B r e a c h i n g  t h e  W a l l s   

Ok, to the situation at hand: the siege. A specialist abjurer and Red Wizard of Thay (Ahdzekharrin) is maintaining a magical barrier that is preventing the Coalition from gaining entry to the courtyard. There are two ways to handle this, both of which result in the outer wall being breached (and the Red Wizard being indirectly killed).

First option: If you previously planted the explosive (Barrel of Bwoosh!) in the cave system beneath Dragonspear, then you may now choose to have it detonated! This will cause a large explosion that engulfs Ahdzekharrin and breaks his ward.

Second option: With no Bwoosh! (or just not selecting the dialogue option to use it), you will have to locate Phossey Dugdeep external to the outer-wall, around the area where you found Skie. Once you have slain the archers who had pinned her crew down, Phossey will use her patented Bwoosh! to blow open a weak part of the wall that has been patched up with planks of wood.
Crusader x4 (420 XP ea), Mercenary x2 (420 XP ea) Crusader Sergeant (975 XP).

March through the breach and slay the ugly muthas guarding the Troll Pen.
Gnarg Big-Bug (3,000 XP, Two-Handed Sword +2), Orc Priest (2,000 XP), Orc Mercenary x4 (420 XP ea).
Note: I did not encounter Gnarg during the questing segment in the courtyard (see Part X). All we did was loot his chest for the shackles. The troll pen was empty, too.

Unlock the pen gate with the Troll Pen Key (found in Dragonspear's basement) or just have your thief unlock it. The trolls will escape the pen and stalk their way eastward towards the catapult in the courtyard. In a panic Held Moran will command a unit to fire the catapult, prematurely, causing it to bombard Ahdzekharrin and break the ward - breaching the main gate as well!

   W a l l s  B r e a c h e d   

Regardless of the means by which you breach its walls, Coalition forces are now free to charge into Dragonspear's courtyard and engage in a huge free-for-all, one in which the Crusaders - hopefully weakened or thinned by the poison - are put on the back foot; so much so, that Coalition forces may win the battle on auto-pilot and without player intervention. 

The trolls were pretty useful in tanking the mob for me. Coward that I am, I closed the gate after they entered the courtyard, hiding on the other side and giggling to myself as the Crusaders were locked onto them and crushed by the second, flanking squad, that cut through to them from the main gate. But really, that was just for a bit of fun: a decent party with a couple of arcane spellcasters should OWN this encounter (on Core Rules): simply immobilize and then bombard.

Odd: I looted a second Corinth's Bow from Corinth's corpse after receiving it as a quest reward (The Trial).

Nerderlok interjects at the inner gate, serving the party with new orders: battle the Crusaders pouring in from the camp while Phossey prepares to blow open the doors that lead to the inner courtyard. Ok!

   A d r a s  A s h a t i e l   

En route to the camp the winged celestial and one of Caelar's closest advisors, Ashatiel, will teleport in and order the Crusaders to stand down. You may partake of an honorable duel or simply attack her and her support crew.
Adras Ashatiel
(5,000 XP): Mace +2, Small Shield +2, Ring of Free Action, Golden Girdle, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Adventurer's Robe, Cloak of Protection +1, Wand of Frost.
Ashatiel's Crew: Sarginson (3,000 XP, Composite Longbow +1, Fire Arrow x40), Small Kimble (3,000 XP), Zoe Kryn (2,000 XP, Short Sword +1), Balvin Steadyhand (2,000 XP, Sling +1), Wormgums (2,000 XP), Marius of Tethyr (2,000, Large Shield +1).

Ashatiel's death causes the Crusaders who witnessed it to flee in terror through the northern camp and away from Dragonspear. Pursue them to the northern camp to face off against a pack of custom, unshaken aggro that won't break ranks so easily. Beware of Cloe's quintuple backstab!
Chloe (5,000 XP, Amulet of Protection +1, Bracers of Armor AC 6, Dart of Stunning x40, Dagger +2), Thasz (3,000 XP, Longsword +2), Axe Poet (3,000 XP, Battle Axe +2), Blue Beard (3,000 XP, Heavy Crossbow +2), Dram (4,000 XP, Wand of Frost, Dart of Stunning), Alexandria (4,000 XP, Morningstar +1, Sling +1).

Ok! We now have the Crusaders on the run. March back to the entrance to the inner courtyard of Dragonspear.

  C a e l a r ' s  E m o t i o n a l  A p p e a l   

Here, Caelar teles atop the inner wall to appeal to Coalition emotions. When Charname demands her surrender, she retreats.

Everyone steps back as Phossey blows up the inner gate! Ok, who is the REAL hero in this siege?

   I n n e r  C o u r t y a r d   

Join Nederlok, Dahk and the Waterdhavian warmages inside the inner wall.

Dahk Hensleigh and his warmages may be slain with impunity (8,000 XP): Staff Spear +2, Sling +2, Bracers of Defense AC 6, Robe of the Neutral Archmagi, Potion of Extra Healing.
Waterdhavian Warmage x3 (5,000 XP ea): Acid Arrow +1 x120, Potion of Invulnerability x3, Potion of Extra Healing x3.

Climb up to the roof, have Dosia heal you if needed, and then enter the castle.

   D r a g o n s p e a r  C a s t l e — G r o u n d  F l o o r   
(AR BD 4100)

There isn't much to do here except pick the place clean of loot and trade with Belegarm if you need to.
Loot: Arrow +3 x40, Arrow of Ice x40, Acid Arrow +1 x40, Potion of Storm Giant Strength x2, Potion of Clarity x2, Potion of Extra Healing x5, Potion of Magic Protection, Potion of Magic Shielding, Potion of Fire Resistance x5, scrolls of Resist Fear, Enchanted Weapon, Protection From Fire (divine), Protection From Fire (protection scroll), Free Action, Chaotic Commands.

Don't forget to rest to trigger this Chapter's dream sequence.

When you're ready head downstairs to the basement.

  D r a g o n s p e a r  C a s t l e — B a s e m en t   
(AR BD 4300)

Well, here we are again. Pass through the gate and head over to the door, both of which are now de-warded.

   P o r t a l  t o  A V E R N U S   

Hephernaan betrays Caelar and opens a portal to Avernus, first layer of the Nine Hells. The party eagerly dive into the portal in pursuit of them both.

   T h e  S i e g e  o f  D r a g o n s p e a r  C a s t l e  &  C h a p t e r  E l e v e n — O v e r   

Next Up -    C H A P T E R  T W E L V E   
   A V E R N U S   

To be posted soon! ^_^


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2016

    Hey again, I remember that I've found the stolen stash inside one of containers on the SE of the map, inside the castle.
    There's a note that adds some flavour to the precious (and useless by now I may add)gold.

  2. You may also talk to the coalition soldiers just beyond Belegarm to start a minor side quest in looting the castle.

  3. Thank you for a very nicely done walk-through. In the basement area I also encountered a dwarf claiming to be Dragonspear. After commenting that I would seek revenge for Hephernaan's deception, the ghost showed me where an ancient armor was hidden (Full Plate +1, 40% fire resistance). I am not certain what triggered the ghost and the conversation but wanted to point that out.

  4. Thank you for the walkthrough. In the Castle - Ground Floor in the southern most room I also found all the missing gold from Ophyllis along with a note from him.


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