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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XII

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part XII

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part XI)

   C H A P T E R  T E N  ( c o n t . )  

   U n d e r g r o u n d  R i v e r   
 (AR: BD5100)

The Underground River is a subterranean environment that stretches out towards the basement of Dragonspear Castle, where it's reported that Priest Hephernaan is based. This post covers most of the quests found in this area, except where they require entry to the Warrens. These Warrens - located directly beneath Dragonspear - will be covered in the next post (Part XIII), along with the Hephernaan encounter in the basement. As with the Siege of Bridgefort and the Dragonspear courtyard, it is best to maintain a low profile in these Crusader-ridden caverns; if, that is, you want to experience as much content as possible.

First up, check to see if you have the Barrel of Bwoosh!, Stone Dowser & Poison of Terror in your inventory. These items were given to you by Nederlock & Phossey at the Coalition Camp. If not, console them in using the following codes: BDBWOOSH, BDEYE and BDPOTN01. For example, C:CreateItem("BDBWOOSH"). Now, equip the Stone Dowser as you would any other amulet. It makes a lil' noise and points the way to the fault line, the point at which you are to place the Barrel of Bwoosh! Don't worry about missing the trigger, though: it is blatantly obvious where it is to be placed.

   C r u s a d e r  S u p p l y  D e p o t   

Ok, so where are we? A Supply Depot supervised by the gnome, Ladle. If you got in here by "kicking down the door" and slaying a score of Crusaders in the process, Ladle may question you about the racket outside.

Now, ask him about work and you will receive two quests.

Moving Crates. Ladle requests you move the twenty sacks of grain from the crate at x=4477, y=1930 to the empty crate at x=3900, y=1950. Next, he requests you move them back again. Your reward for this manual labor? +12,000 Exp and a couple of utility potions.
Crap to loot: Buckler +1 (x=4350, y=2000). 

Gurgle & Floss. Inquire into the depot's situation and you will learn that "shoogen" (he means sahuagin) have blocked the path to the castle by taking over a cave to the north. Ladle doesn't really want your help, though? Well, he's getting it anyway! Head north and up the stairs to confront the fishfolk, Gurgle & Floss. Slay them yourself, lure them out to be slain with the aid of Crusaders, or tell the fishfolk a story to have them gift you a wand in return - and then slay them, if you like. Return to Ladle and inform him of the cleared cave.
Gurgle (+2,000 Exp), Floss (+2,000 Exp).
Wand of Water Elemental Summoning (Summon Lesser Water Elemental for 1 turn, 5 charges).

Ok, we shall first head southwest from the depot with the object of covering all optional content; after which, we shall backtrack and then head westward from the "fishfolk cave" to eventually reach the warrens and the basement of Dragonspear.

   C o r r u p t e d  G r o v e    
   ( D a r k  D r u i d  C i r c l e )   

The luminescent flora in this zone represents corruption of nature by the great druid, Ferrusk. As you move through it you will find the following crap in need of a killin': Red Myconid x2 (+420 Exp ea), Blue Myconid (+650 Exp), Shrieker (+120 Exp), Dark Treant x7 (+4,000 Exp ea), Gargantuan Spider x3 (+3,000 Exp), Corrupted Hamadryad x2 (+650 Exp ea), Ankheg (+975 Exp), Mustard Jelly (+2,000 Exp).

Slice n dice the 'shrooms as you head southwest. You will bump into Ferrusk standing at the entrance to the Grove of the Dark Druids.

Now, you will recall that Jamven & Chorster informed you of Ferrusk's pernicious influence on the entire forest by corrupting the roots of the great oak (The Good Druids). Those roots are just through the door but don't plant the Enchanted Seed at this point! - doing so will turn Ferrusk hostile, prematurely, and you will miss out on content as a result. Instead, engage in dialogue with Ferrusk to learn he is allied with Hephernaan. Next, inform him of Caelar's plans to open a gate to the Nine Hells; then, request his support against her. Ferrusk will turn on Hephernaan for being a traitor and gift you a magical amulet: Amulet of Abnormally Awesome Ankheg Summoning (acid resistance +15%, summon ankheg x2 for two turns, 5 charges).

Slime Sickness. Next, head southwest a lil' further until you spot poisoned crusaders. You will need to enlist Ferrusk's expertise if a cure is to be concocted. However, he requires a vital ingredient! - one that you should already have on your person: the Myconid Bloom-sac. Give it to Ferrusk and he will brew the Slime Sickness Curative. Now, return to the crusaders and have them quaff the potion (+6,000 Exp, a second Seal of Caelar, utility potions x3 from Ladle).

Ok, plant the Enchanted Seed to turn Ferrusk hostile. He will fire a protective contingency and unleash Insect Plague; after which, he will summon monsters, elementals and woodland beings.
Ferrusk (+4,000 Exp): Bloody Bone Plate Mail +2 (AC 1, Immunity: Backstab, Cha -1), Aquamarine Gem, Club +1.
Dark Treant x2 (+4,000 Exp ea), Ankheg x2 (+975 Exp ea).

You may now return to the good druids to cap off this quest by the same name: +12,000 Exp, Rep +1, The Root of the Problem (club, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, +3 vs unnatural).

Evil Solution: In your initial dialogue with Ferrusk it is possible to switch sides and ally with him against Jamven & Chorster. Simply bring Ferrusk the heads of the two good druids. Your reward? Two utility potions.

   T h e  D r o w   

If, at this point, you save the young Drow (Kaelet & Umar) from the ankheg to the west, you are going to miss out on a possible solution to the quest of which - it is later revealed - they are part (Drow Runaways). This may of course not bother you but let me explain... What happens is, the Drow reluctantly thank you for saving their asses and then take off to the surface. Why the hell would Drow want to escape to the surface? They are in love, and love knows no bounds. It turns out they seek refuge at the ogre camp and you can visit them there for some flavor dialogue. It's also possible to slay them as they leave for the surface [1].

Anyway, the problem here is that when you reach another part of the dungeon (the northernmost chamber, just east of the Warrens exit) and subsequently encounter the Drow search party (where this quest is given in your journal), you will only be able to report their deaths or that "you let them go" to their leader, Shapur. Oddly, one cannot fetch the runaways from the ogre tribe or tell Shapur they are there; and also, Shapur will become enraged at either of your reports (causing the Drow party to turn hostile, forcing you to help the Crusaders slay them [2]) EXCEPT if you present their insignia to her, as proof of their deaths (and how did you get those, I wonder..). So, present the insignia and Shapur will reward you before the Drow party take their leave, capping off the quest (the reward is her halberd & +6,000 Exp). Now, in order to fulfill this quest in such a way that satisfies Drow society, you must encounter Shapur before encountering Kaelet & Umar; then, send the young Drow back to Shapur to be disciplined. The reward is the same as if you presented the insignia.

[1] Kaelet (+650 Exp): Drow Elven Chain +3 (MR +5%, Casting time reduced by 1, spellcasting not disabled, penalties to thief skills), House Ryrrl Insignia, Drow Dart of Sleep +1 (x8, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, on-hit Sleep for 4 rounds, save vs. Poison negates).

Umar (+420 Exp): Drow Elven Chain +3 (MR +5%, Casting time reduced by 1, spellcasting not disabled, penalties to thief skills), Drow Longsword +3 (THAC0 +3, dmg +3), House Catanzaro Insignia, Drow Dart of Sleep +1 (x8, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, on-hit Sleep for 4 rounds, save vs. Poison negates).
Note that these Drow items do not disintegrate in sunlight, as per Realmslore.

[2] Shapur (+5,000 Exp): Storm Pike +2 (halberd, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, electrical +1, 15% on-hit Stun for 1 round, save vs. Spell negates, on crit miss wielder incurs 1d4 electrical), Bracers of Binding (THAC0 -5, dmg -5, Spell Failure 75%, may be removed with Remove Curse spell), Sling +1.
Drider x2 (+1,400 Exp ea, Longsword +1, Morningstar +1), Drow Bladesmaster (+3,000 Exp), Drow War Scout (+1,400 Exp), Drow War Mage  (+3,000 Exp).

Reward from Therli (leader of the Crusade contingent): Cloak of the Gargoyle (Physical damage resistance +5%, Protects against crits, Stone Form 1/day: AC 0, Saving Throws +3, Dex -3, for 5 turns).
Thurli: Plate Mail +1, Bastard Sword +1, Medium Shield +1 (and the cloak).

Quest: Ghost Dragon Guardian. Head north from Kaelet & Umar to discover the entrance to Kanaglym, an abandoned dwarven city guarded by the ghost dragon, Halatathlaer. Either simply pass by the dragon and into Kanaglym or slay it outright with "force-attack" (+10,500 Exp).

   K A N A G L Y M    
   A b a n d o n e d  D w a r v e n  C i t y   
(AR BD5300)

Make your way east and wreck the insultingly weak undead mob.
Tattered Skeleton (+400 Exp), Armored Skeleton x2 (+750 Exp ea), Skeleton Warrior (+4,000 Exp), Bladed Skeleton (+1,000 Exp), Shadowed Soul (+1,100 Exp), Skeleton Archer x3 (+250 Exp ea).

M'Khiin Grubdoubler. There is sentient hide armor in the pile of junk just here (x=1600, y=500). It is the voice of Kruntur, one of the goblins from Black Isle's Icewind Dale 2.

Loot the pile of garbage: Kruntur's Armor +3 (AC 3, Wis -1, Open Locks, Find Traps, Pick Pockets -10%, Move Silently -20%, Immunity: Stun, M'Khiin only), Axe of Kruntur +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +3, ApR +1, 33% on-hit 1 point Poison dmg per round for 2 rounds, save vs. Death negates, Melee [slashing], Thrown [Missile], Returns to wielder, M'Khiin only), The Soulherder's Staff +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2 [magic], MR +15%, Summoned spirits gain +1 Strength, M'Khiin only), The Ghostdreamers' Robes (AC 5, Casting speed reduced by 1, Vocalize). How cool is that? 
You might find a couple of spells around here, too.

   C a b a l  o f  D a r k  M a g i c i a n s   
   R i t u a l  C h a m b e r   
   P o r t a l  t o  t h e  F u g u e  P l a n e   

Backtrack a bit and head south over the chasm to witness Dark Magicians engaged in a ritual that M'Khiin describes as "husking bodies". If you don't mind watching one slave after the other being "husked", don't interrupt and you will overhear more conversation.

You will now face off against several wizards and their undead minions. Once Kherriun has incurred enough damage she will cry out that her ghost jar has shattered - and, with that exclamation, Halatathlaer will be free to wade into the fray on the party's side (whether you slew it at the entrance or not). At battle's end this ghost dragon will refer to you as the Child of Bhaal and warn you of The Exile (Irenicus, the Hooded Man) before tele'ing back to the Fugue Plane (+32,000 Exp).

Kherriun (+5,000 Exp): Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Ring of Wizardry: Evermemory, Staff Mace +2 (quarterstaff, THAC0 +2, dmg +2), Asp's Nest +1 (dart x40, THAC0 +1, dmg +1, on-hit 1 point poison dmg per 3 secs for 2 turns), Amulet of Protection +1, Wand of Fire (5 charges), a few potions and scrolls.
Undead Sentry x3 (+900 Exp ea), Dark Magician x6 (+975-3,000 Exp ea), Zombie x8 (+65 Exp ea).
Chest: Hephernaan's Ritual Notes, Bloodstone Gem.
You will note an interaction cursor over the chasm: that's for another quest which we'll be doing soon (The Lost).

The ghost of Adoy will manifest over the chasm and relay some info, before dispersing. 
Completed Quest: The Call of the Wild Mage (+18,000 Exp). That's it for Neera's companion quest!

Take your leave of Kanaglym and head north a lil' to encounter Irenicus again:

Ok, make your way back to the "fishfolk cave" and head west along the river and then south and east to reach another cave. En route to this cave a potion vendor will pop up out of the dirt (x=2700, y=570): Belowgulp Bluefingers (& The Concocter).

   C a v e  o f  t h e  L o s t   
(AR BD5110)

Vanquish the spectral undead lurking in here.
Unsleeping Guardian, Shadow x6, Greater Shadow, Wraith x2.

—Quest: The Lost. With the cave cleansed the spirits of Woris and four others will spawn, one of which is an ancient relative of Glint.

Either vanquish the five spirits or agree to lay them to rest; then, loot the corpses for their Remains and cast them into Kanaglym's Fugue Plane chasm (+6,000 Exp)
Woris (+4,000 Exp), Sotuk (+4,000 Exp), Litla (+4,000 Exp), Ghost x2 (+4,000 Exp ea).

Quest: Blind Albino Wyrmlings. Just to the south of the Cave of the Lost, if you look carefully, you should discover the entrance to another cave (x=2600, y=1750, AR BD0113). Put the wyrmlings out of their misery and loot the corpses to find the Acid-Etched Dagger +2 (THAC0 +2, dmg +2, acid +1, 15% on-hit 1 acid per round for 3 rounds).
Blind Albino Wyrmling x4 (+1,400 Exp ea).
Loot: Journal of Ithtaerus, Shadowed Gem.

Quest: Strunk's Elementals. Strunk of Silverymoon is attempting to bind a trio of Water Elementals to add to the Crusade's ranks. It doesn't matter how you respond - it's on!

Strunk (+5,000 Exp): Elements' Fury +2 (dagger, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, randomy deals +1 fire, cold, acid, electrical, deals +1d4 of opposing elemental dmg to elementals), Robe of Cold Resistance.
Water Elemental x3 (+5,000 Exp ea).

A Nereid will spawn in the river after the battle.
—If you slew the Water Elementals she will blame you and you will be forced to slay her, too (+5,000 Exp).
—If you only slew Strunk then you receive +12,000 Exp and she will reward you with the Purification Stone (Immunity: Poison & Disease, Neutralize Poison 1/day).

   P l a n t i n g  t h e  E x p l o s i v e   

Head a lil' farther west and then rock-hop south over the underground river. The Stone Dowser should indicate that this is the place to plant the Barrel of Bwoosh! Hover your cursor over (x=380 y=1870) and simply left-click to plant the explosive. (Completed Quest: Important Events. +4,000 quest experience points for each party member.)

An Ettin Ghost here complains about his lost club  (no quest is given). This quest will be updated in the next post.
You may slay the giant for +4,000 Exp and loots its corpse for the Cloak of the Strange Beast (AC +1, Cha -1).

   E x i t  t o  t h e  W a r r e n s   

Quest: Accessing the Warrens. Head north and demand Turin Brassbreaker grant you admittance to the Warrens.

In the next post the party shall venture into the Warrens and then to the basement of Dragonspear to confront Hephernaan.

This segment was ok, though I think its quest structure is a lil' out of whack.

Next Up -    C H A P T E R  T E N  F I N A L E   
To be posted soon! ^_^



  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2016

    In my case, Halatathlaer joined the battle on the enemies' side.

    Did I take too long to break the ghost jar?

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2016

    Excellent guide. Definitely some stuff I missed here.

    One note. If you don't break the ghost jar quickly enough, that dragon will eventually show up and start wrecking your party.

  3. Has anyone actually gotten the Drow Chainmail to drop? Its never dropped for me.

  4. Hrm, the Kruntur garbage pile doesn't seem to exist on my map. It might be that you need the shaman with you, or maybe I've misunderstood your guide.

  5. There's a spirit goggles thingy in Kanaglym. It pulls forward an evil being who then goes to create chaos, and its guardian attacks you.

    Another guide mentioned being able to kill him, and tell the guardian that you did so, and instead getting a +1 int mage robe. I couldn't get any conversation option to do that with multiple combinations of party alignment/class/lore/intelligence/wisdom in the conversation, but after about 20 attempts, force attacking with my best and fastest arrows right before the conversation starts managed to eventually kill him, and the quest journal updated with it as well as the conversation with the guardian. In retrospect, a sequencer spell might have been a good way of getting the damage output necessary, cast a little bit earlier so that it hits him as he becomes briefly vulnerable.

    1. late reply, but I killed him with that gem the dwarves give you to kill a lich earlier. I had one charge left. totally worth it

  6. I couldn't persuade Turin to let me through, so had to drop a potion of firebreath in the fire in order to lure the guards away.

  7. I found a guy named Vidyahal that you can pull into the prime with the spectacles in the Gurgle and Floss room. He asks you a riddle about bees in order to avoid combat.

  8. I got Gurgle and Floss to run away, giving me 5000 XP. After I found the conversation path for that and tried some other ways it was very hard to find it again. After I did, I forgot to check how I came there. Sometimes I'm very smart...

    The Ettin ghosts club is quite the odd quest. The club is in the cave of the lost, but you have to talk to the Ettin ghost before you can get it. And if you do it the correct way, you end up with 3000XP and the same cloak you get if you just kill the Ettin ghost, which givces you 4000XP. Quest structure out of whack is a nice way of putting it.

  9. There's a cavern hidden in the middle of the map. I had jaheria in my party and she said something along the lines of there is great anger here and then an invisible wall became visisble. Killed some "Blind Wyverns" and then picked up a "Shadow Gem" in a crevice inside the cave. Apparently the blind wyverns are the ghost dragons children. I unfortunately did the whole ghost dragon quest before finding this little cave. I have no idea what the shadow gem does nor can i find anything else about it online. Apparently there is another shadow gem in BG2TOB that also seems to have no use. Maybe we are missing some stuff here.

  10. I followed the guide but the crusaders attacked me when I got near the warrens entrance. Had not fought any prior to this so not sure how that happened.

    1. If you attack the mage experimenting with the water elementals, the nearby crusaders become hostile.


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