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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part III

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part III

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part II)

The previous post saw hitmen in the employ of Caelar infiltrate the palace and attempt to assassinate Charname. They failed, but Imoen was poisoned in the attack and remains incapacitated. In the meantime, Charname & Corwin went off in search of companions to accompany them on their impending expedition; netting the famous Rashemi duo, Minsc & Dynaheir. 

This post in a nutshell:

  • Exploring and questing in the remaining three city locations — Elfsong Tavern (& Sorcerous Sundries) and the Iron Throne and Flaming Fist HQs.
  • Recruiting the remaining city-based companions to our party — Safana & Viconia.
  • Making final preparations before embarking on the expedition  — Imoen recovers and we meet a Hooded Man with a distinctive, familiar voice.

Ok, let's do this.

   Elfsong Tavern & Sorcerous Sundries    
(AR BD0020)

Upon arrival here a thief named Zelma will pick your pocket of 50 gold pieces: Teera's earnings that were supposed to reach the moneylender. This moneylender (Senna) is found standing across the street from Sorcerous Sundries, on the western end of the Elfsong Tavern. Take your pick:

  • Cover the deposit to Senna out of your own pocket and return to Teera at the palace market for +250 Exp. She'll be grateful and put in a good word for you.
  • Neglect to cover the deposit and return to Teera for +100 Exp. It doesn't matter if you're apologetic or not, she'll be pissed and tell everyone how you let her down.

There is no consequence to the good/bad word other than the odd NPC comment.

Zelma may be force-attacked and slain after she picks your pocket but it changes nothing in dialogue: the gold is treated as stolen (+500 Exp, 139 GP).
Some Charnames may recognize her trick and not have their pocket picked in the first place. * possible Int check.
(Completed Quest: All the Way to the Bank).

Just to the south of Senna stands Officer Vida, a Flaming Fist Enforcer attempting to detain disgruntled refugees who are causing a commotion on the streets. Vida requests you locate Jenks at the Flaming Fist HQ and request he dispatch reinforcements to assist her (Quest: Rabble-Rousers). Jenks may be found on the ground floor in the main chamber of the headquarters. Resolution:

  • Recommend Jenks be lenient (+1,000 Exp) and return to inform Vida of the one-night refugee detainment (+500 Exp, Potion of Clarity).
  • Recommend Jenks be strict and return to inform Vida that the refugees will be "made an example of" (reward as per above).

(Completed Quest: Rabble-Rousers).

   Sorcerous Sundries   
(AR BD0121)

Merchant Halbazzer Drin is making a killing because nobles, commoners and refugees alike are seeking to hoard supplies in the wake of the refugee crisis. The merchant will recognize you for heroism and give you priority access to his stock. He also requests you fetch empty potion bottles locked in a cabinet upstairs, the key to which he gives you (Quest: The Sorcerous Sundries Caper).

Head upstairs.

   Sorcerous Sundries — Upstairs Chamber       
(AR BD0122)

Loot the Empty Bottle Case from the alchemy cabinet to trigger a hostile encounter with a thieving drow wizard and his lackeys. Slay them, deliver the goods to Halbazzer and inform him of the attempted robbery for +750 Exp, 50 GP and Amulet of Protection +1.
Wistak (+450 Exp), Sethyl (+200 Exp), Kag (+120 Exp), Yashna (+95 Exp).
(Completed Quest: The Sorcerous Sundries Caper).

Upstairs loot: Potion of Mirrored Eyes, Potion of Magic Shielding, Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Heroism, Cursed Scroll of Petrification, Protection From Cold, Protection From Electricity.

   Vendor Wares   

Choice items offered by Halbazzer: Dart of Wounding (100 x5), Acid Arrow +1 (80 x5), Arrow of Biting (80 x5), Arrow of Detonation (5 x5), Arrow of Dispelling (5 x5), Bolt of Lightning (200 x5), Bolt of Biting (100 x5), Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Heroism (x5), Potion of Invisibility (x5), Potion of Invulnerability (x2), Elixir of Health (x20), all arcane spells up to fifth circle (multiple copies: x6 first-third circle, x3 fourth circle, x2 fifth circle), all wands (x1).

There is an attempt to balance the quantity of arrows and wands but it's of course possible that the player will have carried over much more from the original campaign. Please refer to the Archery and Wands sections of this post for their main-campaign quantities and remarks on OPness.

Choice items offered by Kazzrem (Monk vendor standing on the staircase): Scroll Case, Potion Case, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill x2, Bracers of Defense AC5, Bracers of Perseverance (HPs +10, Aid on Critical Miss, Monk only), Sidestep Slippers (Dex +1, AC +1, saves vs. Invocation +2), Peacock Cap (Cha+2 for Bards, Cha +1 for others), Flute of Immaculate Breeze (Zone of Sweet Air 2/day).

   Elfsong Tavern    
   Common Room   
(AR BD0109)

After a conversation that made you feel dumber for having read it, the annoying stoner named Zaviak gifts you the Spectacles of the Spectacle (Detect Illusion +25%, save vs. Illusion +3, Summon Extra-Planar creature, 3 charges).

Equip the spectacles and you will catch sight of the ghostly Al-Alai, a planar creature that may be called forth to the Prime in its true form. Click the Use Item button (F8), click the spectacles icon and then click on Al-Alai for a brief dialogue exchange before he turns hostile. Vanquish the Fire Elemental for +6,000 Exp, being wary of its hard hits and Fire Shield (Red) buff. This quest hangs for now, to be continued later.
You will note how the Spectacles only have three pathetic charges. This isn't nearly enough to see all the content associated with them. Solution: C:CreateItem("BDMISC01",50). (see Part I for how to use the Console).

Common room loot: 423 GP.

Next up, the romantic Garrick is singing a love song in an attempt to woo the Elfsong's owner, Lady Alyth Elendara. To my dismay the bard declined to join the party, preferring instead to pursue Alyth.

Alyth will gift you a minor potion in thanks for saving the city from Sarevok. Now, remember the Refuge for the Refugees quest? There are two solutions to it:

  • Kindly request that she donate provisions to Garachen, the man near the palace who is housing refugees. Alyth will agree and hand you the key to her supply chest. Head upstairs and loot the supplies from the chest in the storage room; then deliver them to Garachen. Perrin gifts you a Pearl and a Water Opal in thanks.
  • Alternatively, report Garachen to Officer Fritz at the Flaming Fist HQ, but you have to make a false accusation about Garachen selling refugees into slavery for Frizt to show any interest in the affair. Return to Garachen and Fritz will arrest and detain him until an investigation is conducted. (There is no reward.)

(Completed Quest: Refuge for the Refugees).

   Elfsong Tavern — Kitchen    
(AR BD0109)

Irina complains of the inn's depleted wine stocks and requests you "procure" a supply from Duke Belt's personal stash in the Ducal Palace cellar. Sounds EZ and is EZ. Just make sure you deliver the correct barrel to her: positioned closest to the cell in which Idianeali was imprisoned (x=660, y=300).
Reward: +500 Exp, Battle Tankard (helmet, Immunity: Fatigue, Critical Hits).
(Completed Quest: Days of Wine and Stealing).

Head upstairs.

   Elfsong Tavern — Lodgings   
(AR BD0110)

Loot: There are several containers up here, some locked and others not. The yield is about 400 GP.

Upon entry you will witness Safana booting Coran out the dining room. You know, I don't remember Coran acting like an annoying idiot in the original campaign; instead, I remember him as aloof, poetic and unflappable... whistling at foes as he casually mowed them down from long range. At any rate, this roguish marksmen refuses to join the party this time 'round, whereas enlisting the aid of Safana is a simple matter because she wants to leave the city and be away from Coran. So yeah, our Recruitment Drive has netted its third companion; and here she is:

Safana is no exception to the rule that pure class thieves are generally weak in combat. Still, she is able to fill the combat role of backstabber (quadruple multiplier) and archer (Dex 17, shortbow proficiency). But really, to be effective at the former she requires a +3 wield (i.e, Short Sword of Backstabbing or equivalent) and the Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (or Strength or Strength of One buffs); otherwise, she'll inflict pitiful damage - if not miss her mark entirely. In addition to the above you may buff with Bless (+1 to-hit) and Chant (+1 to-hit and +1 damage) to have Safana receive a respectable +7 to-hit and +10 damage, all told. Sweet.
Note: pure thieves may not quaff strength potions.

The Strength bonus is not multiplied by backstab but every source of damage helps. For EZ reference: Backstab damage = weapon roll + weapon enchantment + weapon proficiency * backstab level (+ Strength bonus).

Newbies may prefer Safana to simply fire a bow from the back row, preferably the Eagle Bow loaded with Piercing Arrows (to-hit +4). Equip her with the Bracers of Archery for good measure (to-hit +2). For pro-tips check out my Archery section in this post.

The value of thieves lies in their natural scouting ability and unique utility skills; however, the repertoire of spell-casters can usually render most of them redundant.

  • Safana's Default Skills (at time of recruitment): Open Locks (95), Find/Remove Traps (90), Pick Pockets (30), Move Silently (45), Hide in Shadows (35), Detect Illusion (0), Set Traps (0), Backstab Multiplier (x3), Lore (16).
  • Safana's Weapon Proficiencies: Scimitar / Wakizashi / Ninja-to (Proficient), Shortbow (Proficient), Dart (Proficient).

Ok, let's do the two HQs: the Iron Throne & Flaming Fist!

   Iron Throne HQ    
(AR BD0050)

You will arrive in a filthy alleyway cluttered with temporary refugee housing. Stroll over to the encampment to witness a refugee named Byzon being shaken down by Flaming Fist officer, Riggs. The officer thumps Byzon to the ground for not coughing up enough, and then storms off. Byzon requests you put an end to Riggs' thuggery. Find Riggs standing at the entrance to the Iron Throne and convince him (perhaps with the help of Corwin) to hand over the 150 GP; then return to Byzon and either:

  • Hand it back to him for +300 Exp.
  • Tell him you're keeping the gold and threaten his life. (No exp, no rep loss.)

(Completed Quest: Shakedown in Shantytown).

   Iron Throne HQ — Interior    
(AR BD 0111)

Only the ground floor and basement of the Throne are accessible in Siege; the former has been adopted by the council to house refugees fleeing Caelar's Crusade. Priests are busily attending to the wounded and sick strewn about the floor, scurrying with rats. The monk companion of the Enhanced Edition, Rasaad, reluctantly declines to join the party because the Sel√Ľnites are in need of his services. (Quest: Recruitment Drive, +500 Exp).

Berta now wanders over to Lon and accuses him of stealing her Holy Symbol. Intervene like the annoying busy-body you are, and Lon will confess and shift into hostile Werewolf form. Slay the hairy beast for +420 Exp, loot its corpse for the amulet, and return it to Berta who no longer wants it: Silver Holy Symbol of Sel√Ľne aka Lon's Amulet (Wis +1 for Shapeshifters, perma-Bless).
(Completed Quest: Thief Among the Refugees).

   Iron Throne HQ — Basement    

The basement contains a couple of chests holding a total of 355 GP. If you made a deal with the Doppelganger in the palace basement, it will meet you here in the guise of a Flaming Fist Officer and gift you the promised treasure.
Reward: Wand of Magic Missiles, Potion of Agility, Potion of Regeneration and Potion of Mind Focusing.
(Completed Quest: The False Fist, +250 Exp).

That's it for the Iron Throne. 

    Flaming Fist HQ       
(AR BD0030)

Make your way to the entrance to witness a man being unceremoniously tossed out of the HQ. This drunken, fallen paladin named Dauston will begin a tale on Caelar's role in causing both he and Aun Argent's downfall, but collapses on the streets at that point (+200 Exp). This event does not seem to create a quest, just a journal entry called "Back on the Streets."

   Flaming Fist HQ — Interior   
(AR BD0104)

The cells are occupied by refugees, sailors, thugs, rats and fleas. Hastus, Beralhi and Ozil may also be serving time if you lawfully resolved the My Missed Fortune quest. The roles of Officers Fritz and Jenks have already been covered in the quests above. Tiax may be found in the western wing, wisely placed under lock and key. He will talk a whole lot of  nonsense and decline to join the party in no uncertain terms (Quest: Recruitment Drive, +1,000 Exp). If you speak with him again he beats on the bars trying to GET AT YOU; then, just passes out from exhaustion...

   City Segment — Over    

We have now picked the city clean of quests and companions. Be sure to pay a visit to Sorcerous Sundries if you need to splurge out on some gear; then, return to the Ducal Palace and inform Corwin of your readiness to march towards Dragonspear.

Note: When purchasing items make sure to have the party member with the highest Charisma do the haggling; preferably buffed by the Friends spell. This is also the special ability of Brevin's Quarterstaff +1. The haggler must be the leader of the party; i.e, the topmost portrait.

   Ducal Palace    
   Guest Suite    
(AR BD0103)

Imoen has recovered and is in the presence of a Hooded Man with a distinctive, familiar voice. (Quest: Disturbing Implications).

Once Irenicus takes his leave Imoen requests that you not march on Dragonspear. Well, there is no option not to.

Imoen intends to remain in Baldur's Gate under the arcane tutelage of Liia Jannath.

   The Next Morning — Expedition Day    

Skie awakens you in the early hours of the morning, announcing her recruitment to the Flaming Fist.

Note: Don't worry about the items in your storage chest aka party stash: it comes with you.

Head downstairs at the crack of dawn.

   Council Chambers — First Floor    
(AR BD0102)
Entar Silvershield, Liia Jannath and Belt are waiting for your arrival (Duke Eltan is tied up elsewhere). Entar already knows of Skie's antics and rewards you with a ring for showing concern: The Guard's Ring +2 aka Ring of Protection +2 (AC +2, all saves +2).
Step outside, into the sunshine and crowded streets.
   Baldur's Gate City  
  Outside the Palace  
(AR BD0010)

Look at all the people who have come to wish us good fortune in our travels, Boo! - Minsc.

Indeed, a sizable crowd has gathered outside the Ducal Palace to show support for those embarking on the expedition. In addition there are quite a few named NPCs:
  • Audamar and Patrescus, a cleric and a mage, have little to say other than to wish you well.
  • Rayphus Goodtree is a paladin in service of the Flaming Fist, whose job it is to corral dismissed party members during the adventure. Look for them in the Fist Encampment.
  • Belegarm is the quartermaster from whom you may purchase the following choice items: Bag of Holding (and other containers), Composite Longbow +1 x3, Acid Arrows +1 (80 x20), Full Plate Armor x1, Buckler of the Fist (AC +3, Immunity: Hold Person), all arcane spells up to fifth circle (multiple copies: x6 first-fifth circle), all divine scrolls (x10), all wands (x1).

The conspicuous drow, Viconia DeVir, may be recruited into the party at this point (with a two-point reputation loss and some protest by the duergar, Pfaug).

By virtue of being drow Viconia sports 65% innate magic resistance (MR); a great perk that monks take a lifetime to achieve. As a Cleric her prime virtues are buffing, healing, warding and the ability to Turn Undead. Keep her in the back row firing from a sling when she's not engaged in such things.

  • Viconia's Weapon Proficiencies: Warhammer (Proficient), Mace (Proficient), Sling (Proficient).
  • Viconia's Default Skills (at time of recruitment): Turn Undead (7), Lore (22).

   Viconia's Divine Repertoire — Breakdown    
(just the spells considered by me to be useful)
  • First Circle: Armor of Faith, Bless, Doom, Sanctuary — these are stock-standard but Sanctuary is great for scouting if you don't have access to invisibility or conventional stealth. 
  • Second Circle: Aid, Barkskin, Chant, Draw Upon Holy Might, Find Traps, Silence 15' Radius — Again, stock-standard spells but Silence 15' Radius is great against enemy spell-casters and Find Traps is a compromise if you don't have a thief (it does not remove them). 
  • Third Circle: Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Miscast Magic, Invisibility Purge, Strength of One, Zone of Sweet Air — more anti-mage spells and GoW is a decent AoE. 
  • Fourth Circle: Cure Serious Wounds, Death Ward, Defensive Harmony, Free Action, Holy Power, Lesser Restoration, Negative Plane Protection, Protection From Evil 10' Radius — this circle hosts some nice wards against debilitating and deadly negative status effects. *this section to be expanded.

   Saying Goodbye — Departure    

Shael Corwin is saying goodbye to her daughter, Rohma. When she's done you may speak with her again to end the chapter and trigger a series of scripted cutscenes.

We're with you, Charname!
Yay! Give 'em hells, Charname!
- Commoners.

As the heroic party marches out of the city, a nobleman briefly halts the procession to question the crowd's support of Charname, a possible Bhaalspawn and sibling of Sarevok. You may choose to instill confidence in the crowd or cause them to cower in fear, for a one-point reputation increase or decrease.
(Completed Quest: Important Events, +7,500 quest experience points for each party member).

That's right! Ride on out of town, y'filthy Bhaal-lickers. And DON'T EVER COME BACK. - Nobleman.


In Part IV we finally get into the meat and potatoes of the campaign. It will be interesting to see how the plot develops and the combat encounters evolve.


   E o P   


  1. When Zelma appears, after her question, I had a second dialogue option like "are you trying to steal me or what" and Zelma inmediately attacks you (and die blatantly). Never realised she was trying to steal the 50 po of Teera!

    It is not necessary to kill Al-Alai, the fire elemental. I skipped him because I thought perhaps there would be more than three opportunities of using the spectacles... and I was right. I found 4 and the best was the last (at least for me... perharps there are others planars afterwards, but I had already lost the three charges). Al-Alai and the others were directed to die. I could not use them otherwise (perhaps with other characters there is another interaction). The last is an efreeti in your final campment before the siege who sells the best items in the game. I'm foretelling this because if you use the spectacles at every opportunity you are gonna miss him!

    1. It seems like there may be class-based checks in dialogue, which take time and replays to uncover. Is your Charname thief or part-thief? It would make sense for a thief to recognize such tricks.

      Thanks for the tip on the Spectacles!

    2. My Charname is a Berserker! And not indeed a subtle one... Maybe is atribute-related (He has 19 in DEX and INT), but that's more a Planescape than Baldur thing!

    3. My 19 Dex Charname did not receive the option, so I guess it's Int-based.

      And yeah, there was a Dex check for TNO in PS:T that let you grab hold of a pick pocket's hand. Some other checks involved Wis and the pick pocket skill. Very, very cool.

  2. I am stuck in the camp. I did the vampire thing and now I am back at camp . What now?

    1. Hi Mary. After the confrontation with Caelar on the bridge (blockade north of camp) Corwin/Bence should tell you that they're rerouting to Boareskyr Bridge. The transition point is in the south of camp, near Mizhena.

  3. great guide mate!
    shame I couldnt bring all the characters i wanted over from BG1.. this insane run is going to be harder than I thought.
    From the first few bits of combat it looks like goblin is going to be fairly useless but I want to take her.
    The worst part about NPCs is there isn't any good tanks.
    I presume for my legacy of bhaal attempt im going to have to make all 6 characters..

    1. Mages make the best tanks, anyway (Mirror Image, Stoneskin).

      I know what you mean, though. It would have been nice to have access to a Dwarven Defender companion..

      Minsc can be an ok tank if you deck him out like this, f.e:

      Base AC 10 (AC 10)
      Gauntlets of Dexterity (+4) (AC 6)
      Full Plate Armor (+9) (AC -3)
      Pellan's Shield +2 aka Large Shield +2 (+3) (AC -6)
      Helm of Balduran (+1) (AC -7)
      The Guard's Ring +2 aka Ring of Protection +2 (+2) (AC -9)

  4. The wine quest for Irina can also be completed by mages and druids with class-based dialogue options without the need to go find the barrel.

    1. Thanks for that! It's good to see some degree of class/stat reactivity in Siege.

    2. Yes, same exp and reward. My mage(charname in my case) can turn an empty barrel into a ruby wine barrel! I mean that's amacular. And it can be done instantly without a return of Ducal Palace.

      Quest:Days of Wine and Stealing

  5. a little update: at Flaming Fist HQ, after you enter the map, head up north. Between HQ and the houses there is a few FF guards and two noble kids: Kieran with Rolff. It seems that guards want to beat them for fun and the kids are begging you for help. You can probably let the guards have fun or settle down things. I choose for helping the young nobles. After speaking with them, Rolff thanks me and hand me over a gem. You can also robbed them.
    I don't know if you miss it or is it that I have Enhanced Edition?

    1. GallowglassJuly 21, 2016

      No such quest when I've tried it. Maybe they're only there at certain times of day, or under some other trigger condition?

      (By the way, of course we're all talking about Enhanced Edition, since SoD is available only with Enhanced Edition.)

  6. Lilura, I first want to tell you that your guide is flat-out amazing and it's truly an impressive work of art. Given that I am a bit of a completionist, I did come across one quest missing from your walkthrough.

    Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Part III - Chapter 7

    When you're exploring Baldur's Gate and you come to the Flaming Fist HQ, there is a missable quest in the area right outside the HQ. It's located in the extreme top-right hand corner of the screen. It involves two noble children about to get a beatdown by the Flaming Fist, all for mouthing off to then. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and pro-tip, Anonymous!

  7. When Zelma picks my pocket I get two different choices where I notice her.
    "Hey, get your hand out of my pocket." Dex 19, Int 17, Wis 13?
    "A professional tip, don't try to pick a thiefs pocket." F/M/T with 100 in Pick pocket?
    But it seems the best course of action is still to let her steal, then kill her. That way you get XP for both the kill and the nice solution to Teeras quest.

    The reward for "The false fist" was at least for me, some potions and 250 GP, not 250 XP. And of course, there is always the possibility to trap him with your group so he can't escape and then you kill him. For some reason I didn't really feel bad for that one...

    As a bonus all through Baldurs Gate, if you pickpocket the Flaming fist enforcers you will end upp with a buckload of potions. Every one have two each of different kinds.

    And no quest with two children outside FF HQ for me.

    1. Don't forget to loot Zelma for her ill-gotten gains (only a meagre 79gp, I think). May as well go to fighting the good fight, rather than feeding the refugees. They've had enough of our hard earned coin ... ingrates!

  8. Awesome Guide, the best on the internet by miles. Good Job!


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