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Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Index

Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Index

Eye of the Dragon & Hand of the Seldarine

Part IIntroduction, Overview & Build / Power Progression
Sorcerer and Dreadmaster of Bane builds.

Part IIPrologue: Targos
Hedron Kerdos, Rukwurm, Lord Ulbrec DinnsmoreLady Elytharra Dinnsmore, Oswald FiddlebenderPhaen of the Rags, Koluhm Bonecutter, Veira (Weeping Widow), Shawford CraleVghotanGhotragCaballus.

Part IIIChapter One, Part I: Shaengarne Ford
◦ Torak Skullsplitter, Dereth Springsong, Sabrina Fairwynd, Emma Moonblade, Kaitlin, Vrek Vileclaw, Gaernat Sharptooth, Xuki.

Part IVChapter One, Part II: Horde Fortress
Ennelia, Trugnuk, YquogGuthma, Braston.

• Part VChapter Two, Part I: Western Pass & Ice Wall / Glacier
Oswald Fiddlebender, Captain Yurst, Beodaewn, Odea Winterthaw, Illium Ar'Ghrenoir, Varassillus, Lord Rengar, Zack BoosenburrySherincal.

• Part VIChapter Two, Part II: Ice Temple
Nathaniel, High Priestess Lysara, Xhaan, High Priestess Cathin, NickademusAeij-Kllenzr't aka Caged FuryHigh Priestess Oria.
◦ Battle Square.

• Part VIIChapter Three: Wandering Village & Cold Marshes
Thvara Baelm, Sordirsin the Tusked, Nym, Suoma, Bashshar al Rachid, Limha, Barud BarzamBeastlord Harshom.
Fell Wood maze, Barbarians' Gate-of-Stone.

• Part VIIIChapter Four, Part I: Black Raven Monastery
◦ Salisam Harbash, Aruma Blane, Dolon Daemba, Morohem.
Eight Chambers, Monk and Duergar extermination.

• Part IXChapter Four, Part II: Underdark & Citadel
Malavon Despana, Oinchack'olp, Imphraili, Viciscamera Heart, Abdoshanheth, Galoombethshe, Oolay, Ecktarr'ilsen'ularr, Zeph'ulp-Maress, Morhizulosh, Elder Brain, Mirabel, Majrash, Oswald Fiddlebender.
Alchemical antics.

• Part XChapter Five, Part I: Kuldahar & Chult
HiepherusKhavros the Black, Mother Egenia's Spirit, Oswald Fiddlebender, Jermsy, Nathaniel, Iselore, Gerbash, Conlan, SheemishOjaiha of the Gleaming ScalesJeszrael, Ashra, Inhatri, Chahopek, Cedra.
Stealthy infiltration.

Part XI: Chapter Five, Part II: Dragon's Eye & Fields of Slaughter
◦ Nheero Fhutma, High Commander Grishum, Mandal Graye, D'hey-jazerrion, Thorasskus, Broken Khree, Atalaclys the Lost, Kaervas Death's Head, Veddion Kairne, Jaiger of the Fanged Seasons, Inhein-Who-Was-Taken, Archon, Ambassador Jasper, Inquisitor Venomin, Lord Pyros, Zil-t'yor, King Lothar, High Sorceress Izbelah, Nickademus, Saablic Tan, Blahg'mah, Kratuuk, M'darfein, Saralon D'frayn, Tsol Silverblade.
Alchemical anticsTime Loop.

• Part XIIChapter Six, Part I: Severed Hand / Hand of the Seldarine
Zigma, Xavier Torsend, Jerre Stoh, Ysha, Vashti Zerran, Zaem, Roga Thulc, Vylu Prehv, Ruinlord Eradru, Cedrin Zil, Vese Nejj, Orrick the Gray, Yxbudur'zmutkimdu, Hatemaster Drothan, Riki, Toral Sorn, Archimandrite Ormis Dohor, Puddy Talltale, Pustule the Sick, Harcourt Rustblade, Yquog, Tyrannar Brutai Mar, Ruinlord Mayzom Col, Iyachtu Xvim, Ruinlord Garuk Katah, Sprawg, Morvyn, Custodian Bisbe.
Ilmater Sanctification Ritual, Radiant Pool, Globe of Essence.

Part XIIIChapter Six, Part II: Finale
Riki, Stubnok, Captain Pudu, Vyxein, Nalakora, T'rsosl Malign, Buvai de'NalyMourn T'orgh, Zilvar T'orgh, Serak, Tilzen Ghaun, Phaen XyltinArchimandrite Ormis Dohor, Isair, Madae, Orrick the Gray.
Final battle against Isair & Madae.

Some posts need to be polished; I've written this quickly. Still, the guide's pretty much complete and you should not have any problems soloing a Sorcerer if you follow it.



  1. Interesting. I few days ago i was thinking why is not IWD 2 walkthrough or something on the blog. Although soloing is not my cup of tea i might try it if this gives me some inspiration.

    1. Ok, I hope this walkthrough can inspire you then. :) If you haven't played IWD2 in a while, I think it's worth another whirl. I was going to write a walkthrough for a party, but I'm too lazy to do that.

    2. Thanks. I am no stranger to powergaming builds or IWD2 but i could never manage properly some spots in the campaign. I hold off until i see how to do them in solo.


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