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Neverwinter Nights 2 NWN2 Best Adventure Modules Campaigns

Neverwinter Nights 2 NWN2 Best Adventure Modules Campaigns

Here is a list of my commentary on the best Neverwinter Nights 2 adventures and campaigns that I have so far played.

• Mask of the Betrayer by Obsidian (Walkthrough)
• Storm of Zehir by Obsidian (Pro-tips)
• SoZ "Holiday" Expansion Project by various (Walkthrough)
• Subtlety of Thay by dirtywick (Walkthrough)
• Harp & Chrysanthemum by Maerduin (Walkthrough)
• The Birthday by Maerduin (Walkthrough)
• Shrouded Sun by Jolly Jenkins (Walkthrough)
Shadowdancer's Vault by Jolly Jenkins (Walkthrough)
Bedine by Kamal (Commentary)

vids • pics

List of NWN2 adventures/campaigns that incorporate an overland map (OLM): • Storm of Zehir (Samarach & Sword Coast OLMs) • SoZ "Holiday" Expansion Project (12 new OLM locations) • Bedine (Anauroch OLM) • Path of Evil (projected OLM) • Black Scourge of Candle CoveDark Waters (high-seas OLM) • Misery Stone (Firglore, no roaming enemies) • Legacy of White Plume Mountain (Western Heartlands) • Elysium Wood (Unfinished) • Underdark Overland Map Project (Unfinished) • SoZ Trade System (demo and docs) • SoZ Overland Map Demo & Documentation (demo and docs).

List of NWN2 adventures/campaigns that incorporate SoZ Party Roster and Party Conversation systems: • Storm of ZehirSoZ "Holiday" Expansion ProjectPath of Evil (Remastered only) • EdinmoorBlack Scourge of Candle CoveThe ScrollLegacy of White Plume Mountain (unofficial patch) • Tomb of Horrors Revisited FINAL (roster only).

List of promising new adventure modules and campaigns for NWN2 Bedine • Pilgrim: Chapter 1 • Hordes of the Underdark Revisited.

• Most SoZ-like campaign? That would be Legacy of White Plume Mountain (Unofficial PatchOriginal Thread).
Most MotB-like campaign? That would be Planescape: The Shaper of Dreams.
Hardest hack n slash adventures? Shrouded Sun, Shadowdancer's Vault and Red Prison.
Most innovative campaign? A toss-up between Dark Waters and The Scroll.
Best UI/mechanics modding? The Scroll.
Most aesthetically-pleasing campaign? Harp & Chrysanthemum.
Campaign that actually feels like real D&D adventuring? Subtlety of Thay.
Best campaign on the Electron platform? Mask of the Betrayer.


  1. Brings back memories! Makes me wanna play again.

    1. I'm glad, because that's the whole point of this blog. :)

  2. Have you tried "Mysteries of Westgate" It's near the top of my list. It's a lot lower magic than most the other first party NWN2 content. This is a big plus for me, but not everyone.

    1. I do appreciate low magic campaigns, and I liked the branching paths in MoW. I have the GoG version of NWN now, which includes it, so I might have to give it another whirl. It's been a while.

  3. Have you played PJ156's Tales From the Lake of Sorrows campaign?
    Love to have your thoughts on that one. Some of the best dialog and character development anywhere.

    1. I'm no longer big on modules that focus on dialogue and NPC character development; that's not D&D.

    2. What is true "D&D" though?


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