Sunday, 30 April 2017

POLL: The Infinity Engine wins, hands down

Just a few notes:

• I honestly didn't think the Infinity Engine would win. I've put a lot of work into my NWN coverage, built the blog on it (my Aielund Saga walkthrough set its tone, f.e), and I thought most people would be interested in seeing more of that than anything else. But then, I do understand there is a reverence for Baldur's Gate that NWN will never enjoy. Reddit, GoG and other popular venues praise it so much whereas NWN hardly gets a look-in. There is almost no one online talking about it.

• Interesting that Aurora and Electron are so close... not sure what to think of that. Maybe there is a growing interest in NWN2? The only active dev blogs I know of are for NWN2, and there does seem to be more content trickling into the Vault, lately. But ofc, nothing close to the calibre of Swordflight 3, which is by far the most impressive release either platform has seen in years.

• Glad to see Interplay and pre-IE Black Isle perform solidly. Again, the reverence for these games is long-standing and unlikely to change (my recent Fallout post was pretty popular). Imo, these games deserve more attention than the IEs because they more closely reflect tabletop gaming.

• "Current gen crap" was sort of a joke entry that started to climb when the Codex trolls learned that I was female. I'm not really against things that are new and different; it's just that the lolUnity titles are such a joke to me. Underrail - which is not built on Unity - was quite good (except for my female char being referred to as male - more than once - in 2017), and I've dabbled in Age of Decadence and liked it, too. Not as much as the IE, Interplay and pre-IE Black Isle greats, though.


  1. I voted for Interplay & pre-IE Black Isle because I think that these weren't covered so much in previous posts (I voted before the mentioned Fallout post). I also think that these games aren't widely popular as BG or PS:Torment (where I live these weren't even translated, unlike BG, NWN and the "Current gen crap" games), so I think they deserve more love.

    1. I'll probably try to focus on them a bit more after my JA2 series is done. I've covered ToEE's UI and the Temple+ mod, so I guess it's time for some Arcanum or Vamp Bloodlines (not full coverage, just shorter posts on notable aspects).

    2. Take your time, since JA2 is another nice game that deserve more love.

      Bloodlines was an ok game, I found a lot of people that liked it because they're fan of the (now Old) World of Darkness. Even more players I met didn't know it existed, probably Deus Ex is a better first person rpg luckily most of its problems, (like the sloooow loading times) were solved by patches, and I liked the game a lot more with the restored content patch (even if most changes were just cosmetic improvements)!

      Arcanum... could have been better, still I like it because of its unique setting. Still better than Lionhart! Another little gem I think it was the old Prince of Qin, but it was more Diablo-style.

    3. Yeah, Bloodlines is better at dialogue but Deus Ex is better at everything else.

  2. Just a guess, but your results might be explained by the NWN people voting for both that and the IE games, but not NWN2, while the NWN2 people voted for that and the IE games, but not NWN. Many fans of one of the NWNs hate the other, but both tend to revere the IE legacy.

    1. You could be spot on there. Any ideas for a new poll?


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