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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part IX

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Siege of Dragonspear Walkthrough Guide - Part IX

(Continuing From: Siege of Dragonspear - Part VIII)


In the finale to Chapter Nine Charname broke the siege of Bridgefort, foiled a crusader attempt to destroy Boarsekyr Bridge, and experienced a vision of Cyric slaying Bhaal. The party subsequently embarked on the fortnight-long march north, finally arriving at the Coalition Camp in order to rendezvous with allies from both Waterdeep and Daggerford. While Caelar's castle of Dragonspear is in their sights, the camp and its immediate surrounds must first be explored.

A cutscene fires upon arrival to the allied camp, one in which Caelar and Ashatiel debate on how to deal with the threat posed by Charname.

Resting fires the third dream sequence of the campaign, this one involving Corwin and Rohma.

   C o a l i t i o n  C a m p   
(AR BD3000)

At this point you will receive +15,000 quest experience points for each party member (Completed Quests: Allies & Friends, The Bridgefort Defenders).

Marshal Nederlok of Baldur's Gate greets the party and requests the heroes meet he and the other captains at the command tent located in the southern end of the camp (x=900, y=1500).

   C o m m a n d  T e n t   


According to Marshal Nederlok, General Haither Stonehand of Daggerford and Torsin Cedric de Lancie of Waterdeep, sources indicate that Caelar's forces are receiving supplies via a system of caves beneath Dragonspear Castle, the entrance to which lies beyond Dead Man's Pass. The party's mission is to infiltrate the caverns and make their way to the basement of the castle, where it is reported Priest Hephernaan is based.

Ending this conversation triggers are few events; namely:

  • Your world map updates with three important locations: Dead Man's Pass, Underground River and Bloodbark Grove. 
  • Nederlock and Stonehand retire to their respective pavilions. 
  • de Lancie meets with Phossey Dugdeep in the north, a gnome whom de Lancie advised you seek out in the above conversation. Phossey hands over a Barrel of Bwoosh! (an explosive to set under the Castle!) and Stone Dowser (an amulet that reveals where to place the barrel). You might as well accept the vial of poison from de Lancie, too: The Poison of Terror. Who knows, you might choose to use it; plus, it's good to keep your options open.
  • Duncan spawns in the north to announce that Skie has gone missing (Quest: Skie's Gone Missing). (Nederlock may also report this to you from his pavilion, post-Phossey.)
  • Wilhelmina also spawns close-by. From her you may purchase the fourth component for Neera's spell: Wilhelmina's Miracle Turnip Juice (Quest: The Call of the Wild Mage). Please refer to Neera's entry in Companion Breakdown for other component locations).
  • At the Party Encampment to the south, Safana interjects to offer a sidequest (Quest: The Traitor). You can pick up a few other sidequests around the camp, too. Consult the sidequests section, below.

The remainder of this post is given over to questing in the camp and preparing for our infiltration of Dragonspear. As per usual for this campaign, you will have access to your stash and companion array in the Party Encampment, this one located in the south and made conspicuous by the bonfire burning at its center.

In addition to Belegarm and blacksmith Jegg [1], Waizahb the fence is also a vendor in-camp.

Choice items offered by Waizahb: Backwhacker +2 (club, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, backstab renders target unconscious for two rounds, save vs. death for none)The Night's Embrace +3 (leather armor, AC5, Hide in Shadows +20, wearers rendered helpless become invisible for one turn) [2], Arrow of Dispelling (x5), Arrow of Detonation (x5), Arrow of Anti-Magic (x5), Raconteur's Regalia (plate armor, AC 5, Pick Pockets +10, spellcasting not disabled), various +2 armors, shields & weapons, Potion of Invisibility (x30), other potions, Ring of Danger Sense (Find Traps +25), Headband of Focus (THAC0 +2 for unarmed, critical chance +5% unarmed, DUHM 1/day), Belt of the Skillful Blade (Slashing dmg +10%, THAC0 +2 off-hand for Blades and Swashbucklers), Worn Whispers (Move Silently +20%, Hide in Shadows +15%), Soft Feet (boots, Move Silently +25%, Imm: Grease, Entangle, Web), Screaming Bagpipes (instrument, Sound Burst 2/day, 4d8 sonic dmg Jester, 2d8 others, Save vs. Breath halves, Deafens for 3 rounds, Save vs. Breath negates, 30 ft. radius).

[1] Jegg will not appear in the Coalition camp if you resolved the siege by betraying the Bridgefortians.
[2] This item is potentially very useful.

   S i d e q u e s t i n g   i n  t h e  C o a l i t i o n  C a m p   

Quest: The Traitor: In the process of "relieving" people of their items, Safana happened upon a bag containing a notebook that suggests a spy is working within the camp. This bag also contained a candle, a potion bottle, and a page of runes. For me, Glint recognized the candle and pointed to Malden Col as a person of interest. It turns out the candle is actually Mizhena's, so speak with her to learn about Col if you don't have Glint around. Col may be found in the northwest of camp (x=400, y=250). Confront him about the candle and he will admit to being a spy in the employ of Caelar; after which, he is arrested and presumably hanged for treason. Report back to Nederlock and take your pick:
  • Decline the reward: +6,000 Exp and +1 Rep. 
  • Accept the reward: +6,000 Exp and Fleshripper +2 (shortbow, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, Movement Speed +2, on-hit 5% Haste wielder for 4 rounds). 
  • Tell him you just want Caelar's head on a pike: +6,000 Exp. 
  • Note that it's possible to solve this quest in a variety of ways, but it isn't the purpose of this walkthrough to cover trivial variations. Suffice it to say that in one instance you may falsely accuse an innocent of being a spy (Helvdar), and slay him outright for +420 Exp and -Rep. Nederlock is unhappy about your administering of summary justice, but the quest still caps off and you receive +6,000 Exp.

Quest: Zaviak's Vision Quest. Equip the Spectacles of the Spectacle to catch sight of the specter of Nazramu, just northeast of Mizhena (x=2270, y=1380). Click the Use Item button, click the spectacles icon and then click on the specter to call it forth to the Prime. It is revealed to be a djinn vendor, similar to the one found in Hordes of the Underdark.

Choice items offered by Nazramu: Wizzard's Hat (casting speed +1, movement speed +2), Bracers of the Shuttered Lid (THAC0 +2 unarmed, Immunity: Blindness, on critical hit target is blinded for 2 rounds, no save), Dervish Crescent +2 (scimitar, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, Fire +1, movement speed +1, 10% on-hit Fire Shield [Red] on wielder), Clover Leaf (belt, perma-Luck), Ring of Free Action (Immunity to movement-hindering spells), Ring of Purity (AC +2 vs. evil, HPs +10, perma-Chant), Necklace of Form Stability (Polymorph saves +2), Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (AC +1), Bracers of Defense AC 5, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (THAC0 +1, dmg +2)

Quest: Troop Train: In the west of camp Vigilant Halasan is trying to whip the recruits into shape. In turn, simply train - perhaps with the aid of your party members - the scrubs known as Garrold, Morlis, Hester, Taield, Danine and Clovista. Inform Halasan of your success to cap off this quest: +6,000 Exp, Commander's Chain Mail +3 (Charisma +1, wearer and allies are immune to Fear and Morale failure within the wearer's visual radius). This quest reminded me of the Icewind Dale 2 prologue; but then, many aspects of the campaign draw heavily from that series - something that should be obvious to anyone who has played Black Isle's two entries.

Quest: Memories of Battles Past. Simonetta Twoedged requests you speak with people in camp in order to learn what their motivations are in opposing Caelar's Crusade. You need only speak with Belegarm and Halasan to satisfy Simonetta's requirements: +6,000 Exp, Medal of Valor (amulet, THAC0 +2).

Quest: The Wounded Zealot. Hyreth is an Ilmaterian priest who will only quaff a healing potion if you choose to incur some damage in return. Agree to the terms and this quest is done (+6,000 Exp).

Quest: Glint Gardnersonson - Find Glint's Relatives. Damius & Sempek want you to take out Pritchard Gardnersonson, cousin of Glint.

Track him down at General Stonehand's pavilion and, at Glint's request, beat Pritchard to within an inch of his life. Before leaving the gnome will gift you Pritchard's Family Stiletto +2 (dagger, THAC0 +2, dmg +2, +4 vs. giants).

Refer to Glint's entry in Companion Breakdown for other locations of relatives. Note: If you want to slay Pritchard for Damius & Sempek then that's EZ, too: simply lure him over to Belegarm and slay him there, looting his corpse for the aforementioned dagger (+650 Exp, -1 Rep). If Glint is in your party then just force-attack Pritchard as he tries to leave camp. Glint won't even care. Return to the plotters to receive a couple of utility potions. You may also warn Pritchard after you accept to kill him off; for this, Stonehand gives you a utility potion and Pritchard vows to have the plotters drawn and quartered.
Note how the writer misspells Glint's surname during this quest. 

Quest: The Call of the Wild Mage. Wilhelmina spawns in the north after you speak to the Coalition commanders. She offers the fourth component for Neera's spell: Wilhelmina's Miracle Turnip Juice. Again, refer to Neera's entry in Companion Breakdown for other component locations.

Quest: Den of Thieves. General Stonehand requests that you investigate the formation of a thieves' guild in the camp. Head over to Waizahb who will set you up to meet with guildmaster Rhynwis in the northeast. You may make two demands of the guild: first, to support you when the Crusade is confronted; second, to give you a cut of the guild's profit. Your cut is found in the Underground River area, detailed in Part XI. Rhynwis now leaves the camp and Stonehand will reward you for busting the black market: +6,000, 500 GP.

These next three quests require you to explore areas external to the camp. They will be updated with the solutions, as I progress.

Quest: On the Fence. Waizahb is a halfling fence who requests you source five items for her; namely: 1.) Dreon's signet ring stamped with Caelar's seal, 2.) crusade battle standard from one of the camp's chests, 3.) a charm made out of a coin, signifying faith in The Shining Lady, 4.) a map that charts the Crusade's progress, annotated by Caelar herself, 5.) a Red Knight symbol that looks like a chesspiece, and has rubies for eyes. These items are found in the Crusader camp in the Dragonspear Castle courtyard, covered in the next post.

Quest: The Uncommon Cold. Dosia is a priest of Ilmater overseeing the triage camp in the southwest. She requests that you examine three patients (Xerra, Zidrand and Yestimell) and attempt to discover the nature of their illness. Companions such as Glint and M'Khiin will offer insights into the fever and advise you to procure some bark from the Blackthorn tree, somewhere in the woods. Dosia also mentions that a reclusive Druid lives in the woods. By "the woods" I presume they are referring to Bloodbark Grove.

Quest: Helvdar's Lucky Charm. Assuming you didn't slay him during the The Traitor quest, Helvdar will be standing inside the barricade, complaining about having a hole in his boots. To satisfy this quest you must hunt down and slay the bear in Dead Man's Pass, take its hide to Belegarm, and have him make the dwarf a new pair (I'm not sure I want to slay a beautiful wild bear just so some dumb dwarf can feel "lucky" again, but whatevs).

   S i d e q u e s t i n g  —  O v e r   

Ok, that's it for the Coalition camp! - for now. In Part X of this walkthrough the party ventures forth into Dead Man's Pass, and from there to the Dragonspear courtyard.

Itemization and MQ-exposition aside, I actually found this segment pretty banal. I mean, doing trivial quests in the latter stages of the campaign that reminded me of the Icewind Dale 2 Prologue? Pls... Now I remember, too: it was the above sidequests that, for me, took some steam out of the campaign and contributed to me taking a break from it. Maybe it was just the contrast to the exciting events at Bridgefort, which I quite enjoyed. But hey, things are bound to pick up again: dungeon delving, exploration, and killing things and taking their stuff. I play these sorts of RPGs for their combat, you see. The reactivity has to be Swordflight- or MotB-esque for me to really revel in the questing side of things, and Siege just isn't in the same ballpark in that regard (to be fair, neither are BG or BG2). Anyway, I hope there is more content on par with the Dwarves of Dumathoin - my fave segment of the campaign and the one I consider to be the highlight of Siege, so far.

Next Up -    C H A P T E R  T E N  ( c o n t . )   
To be posted soon! ^_^



  1. Thanks for answering my request so fast. Great walktrough! Sadly, SoD isn't as good as I expected. Not even near.

    Waiting for the next part!

  2. Thank you, Ahti. I have loved reading your walk-through so far. I don't believe I would have gotten this far without all your help. You are very insightful and intuitive. You make gaming look easy and your walk-though is fun to read and to use on my quest. Please keep up the excellent work. Cheers!

  3. Thanks AXSpeed and Jedikn for your kind words. My intention is to power this walkthrough home in the next few weeks. Part X is about 70% done.

  4. AnonymousJuly 07, 2016

    Interesting comment on the sidequesting. I think the devs were trying to capture the feeling of the original game where you spend the first two-thirds of the game trying to get to Baldur's Gate and then you get this big resting beat where you explore the city and do sidequests. Not sure it totally works due to the small size of the camp area, but it's relatively painless and didn't cause nearly as much burnout on my part as the upcoming castle infiltration sequence.

    1. I guess I shall see when I reach that point. Thank you for commenting.

  5. AnonymousJuly 08, 2016

    Pritchars you can still murder him, you can lure him away telling him that there is something he is needing for, then murder him. I don't remember what is the reward.

  6. Nazramu the Djinni merchant will gift you the Jesters Bracers if you are a Bard and recite to him a bad limerick (or you can kill him for the bracers and 10,000 xp).

  7. Regarding the Uncommon Cold: Jaheira will also give insight, and will draw a correlation between the symptoms of the sick with a known disease amongst rats. Both Jaheira and Minsc can speak with rats (there are several in the camp nearby). One of them is a wererat that will eventually attack, while the rest will give information leading to the bark from the Blackthorn tree.

  8. A quick note in regards to buy and selling. If you manage to keep ALL your loot including gems, weapons, armors, etc. prior to the Coalition Camp you will see that the genie Nazramu (Spectacles of the Spectacle) will pay MUCH more (double and sometimes triple) for any item you have. You can either use the Bag of Holding or your stash to storage your loot prior to the Coalition Camp. :-)

  9. In the uncommon cold quest, Yestimell attacks without warning, a notice that one probably should unequip all weapons so he isn't killed is probably a good idea. Unexpected is the least I could say.

    And for me this segment was the same as for you, I had trouble motivating myself doing it. During this segment I have been stuck in front of some movie or series (QI) a lot more than I had before.

  10. If you play as druid you can speak with rat to find how to cure ill people..
    also if you are druid in that quest where wine is missing in Baldurs gate, you dont have to steal it from ducal palace, you just turn normal wine to that special one

  11. I had a different experience with The Wounded Zealot quest. I have Viconia in my party, and one of the dialogue choice allows Viconia to convince Hyreth to be cured. I choose to cure him with a spell, as my main char is a paladin. Afterward, Hyreth gave me a rogue stone, a moonstone gem, and a magic missile wand, 50gp and 6000exp.

    btw I'm having a blast with my half-orc paladin (with the help of near infinity) romancing Viconia through SoD. Your walkthrough is awesome!

  12. So it's been a while since this was posted, but there's not many resources for SoD online, so I'll ask here and hope someone sees.

    I can't get Belegarm to talk to me for the memories of battles quest (I tried, must have picked the wrong line, and now there's no option). How do I work around this? Can't reload a save, since I had saved over everything except the autosave and there's no way in hell I'm going through all these quests again.

    Also, what's the consequence to not attacking Pritchard? I want to avoid the rep loss, and can't figure out how to do so except just skipping it.

    1. Turns out you can also talk to Dosia after giving her the cure and 2 of the 3 seems to be enough.

      Still curious about Pritchard.

  13. For some reason likely related to my evil alignment, thief PC, and/or low reputation, Mizhena wouldn't talk to me about the candle Safana stole. However, Simonetta Twoedged did tell me about the paper she stole.


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