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Siege of Shadowdale - Part III

Central Shadowdale
An Ashaba tower servant named Milly runs up to me and gives me the lowdown on current events. It seems we have more Drow problems..

The Twisted Tower of Ashaba is under attack from the drow. Staging a mass assault from the Underdark that connects with the dungeon level of the tower, they are forcing their way upwards towards the main entrance of the tower. If they succeed in breaking through, Shadowdale is most probably doomed. Their charge must be halted! [Assault on the Tower]

A servant of the Twisted Tower, Milly, has begged me to find her son, Jaime. She was forced to flee the tower without knowing his whereabouts, and she fears he may still be in the tower, or worse, dead. [A Lost Child]

Twisted Tower of Ashaba

I arrive just in time to witness the Tower Guards cut down a pack of drow.

I am to seek out Thurbal, commander of the men-at-arms, near the front entrance doors, and see what help I can offer.


I step into the tower, finding myself in the Great Hall.

Twisted Tower - Ground Floor

I fumble for my crossbow as Tower Guards - including Elite units - grind a trio of drow into mincemeat. By the time I lift my crossbow to take aim, they are already dead.

You know, these guys seem more than capable of kicking drow ass, what in hell do they need me for?

With the drow splattered all over the marble floor, I now speak with Thurbal.

Thurbal has given me a key to unlock the armoury door. There I will find a helmed horror, a powerful magical construct. I am to activate it by saying the word 'Aumar'. [The Helmed Horror]

I sneak past a large group of drow en route to the armory in the northwest.

I have activated the helmed horror. Its fearsome presence should be of great use in the battle against the drow. [/The Helmed Horror] 

Yeah, especially when I cast Flame Weapon on it..

The construct now hovers from the armory to the Feast Hall, bathing in the blood of many drow along the way. In the Feast Hall it stomps on three Giant Spiders and three more drow packs, thanks to me opening the doors to the Servant Room and Kitchen to draw them out to the slaughter.
The Helmed Horror is a BEAST, about 20 Drow fell to it

Note that warrior builds might like to destroy the construct, so as to loot its Full Plate.

I found Jaime cowering in the pantry. He is extremely lucky to be alive. He offered me his thanks and departed to find his mother. [/A Lost Child]

+850 EXP, Gloves of Swordplay (Parry +3). 

I inform the commander that the construct has been activated (+1000 EXP). 

Thurbal wants me to check on Lord Mourngrym and the Lady Shaerl. Perhaps they have something I can assist them with.

Level Up to 5! 

Lilura: Wizard (5), Spell Penetration, Spells: Fireball, Summon Creature III 

Loot on this level: 
  • Audience Chamber (Bookshelf): Lore books: A History of Shadowdale, Famous Citizens of Shadowdale. 
  • Armory (Armoire): Mace +1, Bolt of Lightning (99), Thieves' Tools +1, Half Plate.

I head upstairs to the next floor, but the Helmed Horror won't follow. It continues to patrol downstairs, though.

Twisted Tower - Second Floor

A few more drow packs lurk up here, their spawn number somewhat random. I cast Summon Creature III to conjure a Dire Wolf to "replace" the construct.

The Dire Wolf buffed with Flame Weapon feasts on the drow.

Fangs of fire!

I find Mourngrym in the Lord's Chamber, flanked by two Harper Agents and many tower guards.

Mourngrym has asked me to find out any information I can about the motives behind the drow assault.

Hiding in the library is a Drow Mage and a Fire Mephit, both of whom were munched on by my conjured minions.

From the mage's corpse I loot a sapphire and an Odd Message.

I have found a letter on the body of a drow which indicates there is certainly a traitor within the tower. I should report this to Mourngrym. [The Hidden One]  

It appears that the drow are after some kind of artefact, which is hidden within the Twisted Tower. They are doing so at the behest of someone named Malauntyr.
Twisted Tower - Third Floor

I head upstairs for flavor convos with Storm Silverhand, Shaerl Rowanmantle and Scotti - who "slips up" in conversation.

Twisted Tower - Second Floor 

Mourngrym is handed the Odd Note.

Twisted Tower - Third Floor  

Scotti Amcathra has mysteriously disappeared, just as evidence has been discovered that suggests he is the traitor within the tower. He must be found!


Twisted Tower - Second Floor

En route to the ground floor I come across "Scotti" in the parlour room.

Help me! These dark elves are going to kill me! - Scotti.

The Hidden One is a Doppelganger.

Doppelganger: +51 EXP, Bag of Holding, Ring of Protection +2.

I found what appeared to be Scotti surrounded by dark elves. After slaying the drow, 'Scotti' attacked me, revealing his true form - a doppelganger. Before it died, the evil shapechanger claimed the real Scotti Amcathra was in the clutches of the drow, if indeed he still lives. At least I now know who betrayed the tower's secrets to the dark elves. [/The Hidden One]

+1500 EXP

Twisted Tower - Ground Floor

I'm informed by a wounded guard that drow are swarming up from the dungeons below the tower. I high-tail it to the Grand Entry Hall where I witness the death of Thurbal at the hands of the drow.

I am so sorry... my Lord... we have failed. -Thurbal (Bastard Sword +1).

I couldn't help but launch a Fireball into the juicy cluster.
But wait, what's this? Six swaggering knights strut into the tower and quickly take control of the situation.

The Knights of Myth Drannor arrived just as Thurbal, Warden of Shadowdale, was slain attempting to hold back the advancing drow. Florin Falconhand, leader of the band, has sworn to rescue Scotti or die trying. With the aid of the Knights it should be possible to reach the Underdark, where the boy is being held captive by the dark elves. [Rescue Scotti]

The knights now charge down to the dungeon level with me following and meekly calling out to them "Wait for meeee..!"


  1. "The knights now charge down to the dungeon level with me following and meekly calling out to them "Wait for meeee..!""

    Seems to happen a lot, doesn't it? :P

    1. It happens few times, the module is clearly more rewarding to warriors who will find it easier to fight alongside the rangers and knights.


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