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The Aielund Saga: Act Four - Part V


General Duquesne has taken up the barracks - the small village now being in control of Tusonite forces (thanks to our successful siege).
Tusonite heavy warhorses
We report to Duquesne our success in securing the aid of two merc groups (Juggernauts & Sand Dragons [+2500 EXP]). I suggest to the him that we further bolster reinforcements by seeking out the aid of the barb tribes, the Acadian Elves and the Stoneguard Dwarves if possible. 

(The PC also mentions a fact of which I was not aware: that Terinus has a wizard tower in a place called Blackwood Glade, southeast of Stoneguard.)

We exit the now unbarricaded eastern gate, venturing out into the...

Southern Foothills

The road here is littered with Aielunder corpses and - what's this? Werewolf corpses?

Four Elder Werewolves lurk in these lower foothills, revealing themselves when we close in and then using innate haste before clawing at our faces and trolling us with Epic Dodge (+350 EXP ea).

Monstrous creatures! This is the sort of thing we should be fighting, not wars of aggression. - Nellise.

Mmm... Wolfsbane herb nestled in the grass..? I harvest a piece.

We head east, up-hill.

There are quite a lot of fresh footprints here... a lot of people went into the tomb not too long ago. - Criosa.

That tomb being...

The Tomb of the Exiled Knight

Ah, we have fond memories of this place: Sir Augustus Charleston, Angels, Greater Balor Lords... but this time, all we find inside are ten survivors from Bracksworth holed up in the vault (the rest of the dungeon is sealed off).

Such resilient people! This makes me proud to be an Aielunder. - Nellise.

Yeah, the townsfolk've had a tough run. Terrorized by goblins n giants - and now werewolves. If we can get them through this, some psychological counselling will be in order.

David Pateel - the simple leather worker from Bracksworth - recounts a horrific ordeal from which we judge he acted most courageously.

David is convinced there is a werewolf amongst the people here, and requests we retrieve for him five pieces of Wolfsbane so that he can test his theory. We already have one piece, but agree to find him four more.

For those who are curious about the weapon mentioned in David's story, he wields the Wolfsong +1 (+5 vs. shapechanger, +2d8 divine vs. shapechanger, on-hit slay DC-26 shapechanger).

Most of the townsfolk can optionally be spoken to for what I call "flavor convos".

A heavy-hearted old man
A thoughtful young boy

Ok, that's enough small-talk - we have work to do.

Southern Foothills

Rain begins to fall as we take on four more Elder Werewolves higher up in the foothills.

We harvest four more pieces of Wolfsbane as we explore the foothills (very easy to spot) and deliver it to David, who then prepares and hands us a Wolfsbane swatch with which to dab the townsfolk to test for infection.

We test Mayor Olaf first. *dab* Hmm... you seem ok!
Now.. Laura Pateel? *dab* You pass!  

Come here, Roslyn Tam. *dab* Congrats, we don't have to kill you! 

Bob Holland? *dab* You have much facial hair and yet you're not a werewolf? Interesting! 

Oh, hi Tom Johnson! *dab* You're the farmer whose barn we cleared of rats, I remember you! Oh dear, this is NOT good. I'm afraid we're gonna have to put you down (+8 EXP).

Poor farmer Tom. He must have been hiding his illness for months. At least now he can rest in peace. - Laura Pateel.

David is pleased that everyone can rest easy tonight (+2500 EXP). But would we be so kind as to retrieve some food from Bracksworth Inn, the townsfolk are quite hungry? Anything for you, David!

Bracksworth Inn

Back to where it all started. I get the feeling we're never going to see this wonderful place again. - Nellise.

We find a pie on a table in the common room, and more food left over in the kitchen.

No sooner have we returned to the foothills, we're ambushed by four hungry Aielund Deserters led by a Fallen Knight.

They've got food! Take it from them! - Fallen Knight.

Nellise cast Earthquake to put the three grunts on their assess (I know, it sounds like overkill but it really isn't). I hack them up while they're sitting down.

The weaker units run off when they realize they can't take us (+250 EXP [2], +200 EXP [2]).

The Fallen Knight (Sir Simon) surrenders, but I Lawfully allow him to park his butt in the tomb with the Bracksworth civilians, since his reason for desertion was noble (+50 EXP, +250 EXP, +1000 EXP). 

Back to the Tomb

Thank you for giving my life purpose once more. - Sir Simon Templar.

Anytime Simon! Now iff you'll excuse me, I must deliver these precious perishables!

I inform David Pateel that I have the food (+5000 EXP), and then deliver the four food items to the innkeep, Bob Holland (+500 EXP ea [4], +2500 EXP).

That there is some very decent quest EXP.

Yum! Raspberry pie!
Hope this fatty shares the food...

We head now to the highest point of the foothills and east into the Cairnwood.

Cairnwood Forest

Here we find Hasrinaxx, his leopard companion Sebastian and two Ancient Treants defending the forest against Elder Fire Elementals (+80 EXP ea).

Bug: Elder Fire Elementals have no portrait.

Hasrinaxx brings us up-to-date on current events. The King has ordered mad wizards to conjure fire elementals in Cairnwood with the intent of burning it all down!

The elves have evacuated from Acadia, they entered portals to who-knows-where. Bottom line: we can't enlist their aid. Ilkesh the Ent Treant now promises to aid in our diversion at Fairloch if we help the treants save Cairnwood from the arsonists. As we take our leave to do just that, Hasrinaxx hands us the Sphere of Elemental Water, with which to quench the many fires raging in the forest.

Protip: Hasrinaxx sells Potion of Epic Healing (5) which restore 250 HPs.

Love the treant models/textures

Cairnwood: Southern Slope

The branches of the trees have been blackened by fire. I put on the Ring of Fire Resistance.

No less than one dozen (!) Elder Fire Elementals (+80 EXP ea) swarm the trio (and two treant allies).

I use the Sphere of Elemental Water on a fire at the base of a tree (+120 EXP).

Water appears directly inside the fire, extinguishing it immediately. - DM.

You have served us well. We will honor our bargain. - Ancient Treant.

This mission has only just begun, however.

Ascending the slopes we're confronted by another half-dozen elementals, at which Criosa uselessly cast not one but two Fireballs. Fortunately, common sense prevailed with Nellise casting Storm of Vengeance (which at least rains down electrical and acid over several rounds) and then Firestorm (which at least does half divine). Implosion or Earthquake would have been more effective, but whatevs. Two more fires are quenched.

Ascending higher up the slopes, yet another half-dozen elementals are dispatched similarly to the last; and a fourth fire is quenched.

Level Up to 29!

(Epic Characters)

Lilura: Champion of Torm (13) / Paladin (12)/ Fighter (4), +1 AC (+5 Tumble).
Criosa: Rogue (17) / Wizard (12), Uncanny Dodge V, Sneak Attack (+9d6)
Nellise: Cleric (27) / Paladin (2)

Still on the same elevation, but in the southeast, yet another half dozen elementals are neutralized; and three more fires are quenched.

We ascend to the pinnacle of the slopes, quenching one last fire before moving into the... 

Cairnwood Grove

Maggie! Maggie Fairweather now joins our party, for a party of four! This amused me, because I was just thinking how awesome it would be to have her here with us, and also have both her and Nellise unleashing nature's fury and divine judgment on our fiery foes, at the same time! And here she is! 

*group hug*

For the last few years Maggie has been protecting the Feybourne from "industrialists". Just like us, she's been working out since last we adventured together.

In God's name, I have never seen so much devastation. We must stop this! - Nellise.

I cannot believe the lengths people will go to for victory. This is an atrocity. - Criosa.

Sixteen Elder Fire Elementals roam this smouldering clearing overseen by three war wizards. I lure them all together for a mass quenching.

I cast my pally buffs...

... then fearlessly wade into a wall of fire...

... along with three enraged treant allies.

We hold the wall of fire back as key spells are cast by Nellise (Implosion and Storm of Vengeance) and Maggie (Bombardment, Call Lightning and Ice Storm). Both Nellise and Maggie unleashed Earthquake. Even Criosa chipped in with Lightning Bolt.

The three Aielund War Wizards are "Criosa-like" in their arcane repertoire. That is to say, they have none. Reminder to readers: Criosa "sucks" because her leveling script is bugged not to level Wizard. And even if it wasn't bugged, hybrids generally suck anyway (still, it would be better than being stuck as Wizard [12]).


We quench five fires in this clearing and then take the northeast exit.

Cairnwood North

We're descending the other side of the slope now, a furnace-like wasteland.

Upon entry we're assailed by another burning wall of six elementals.

Nellise + Maggie = epic win
We fight off a dozen more flaming foes on our descent of the molten slopes, en route to the source of the conjurings.

Bombardment does bludgeoning, not fire
The conjurer is located and identified as Orville Helliconia, a Red Dragon Disciple who has buffed himself with Elemental Shield and Premonition. He fires an IGMS into us as we sprint down to the bottom of the slopes, wherefrom he conducts his pyromantic antics.

As I close in for the kill Orville casts Meteor Swarm and then momentarily disables me with Power Word, Stun. Obviously, this arsonist loves his fire spells, not hesitating to scorch us with Firebrand and Delayed Blast Fireball in addition.

The enemies of the King shall burn! - Orville Helliconia.

For Maggie, this was personal.

Orville has grown wings. But that's just a helm, not his face

Orville fell to my sword before he could inflict too many third-degree burns on the four heroes (+918 EXP). We loot his red-hot corpse for the Firestaff +5 (Fire resist 20/-, +1d8 fire, Delayed Blast Fireball [20], Firestorm [18], Firebrand [15], Incendiary Cloud [15] ) Helm of the Red Dragon (Imm: Knockdown, True Seeing, SR 30, RDD only), Orville's Blazing Robes +5 (Haste, Improved Evasion, Conc +6, Spellcraft +2, Sequencer [3 spells 1/day], Clear Sequencer [Unlimited/day], Imm: Knockdown).

At this point we can take the northeast exit to Stoneguard Village; however we should probably also enlist the aid of the barb tribes before progressing the plot. It would have saved backtracking to visit the High Plains first, but no matter - the upside is I have Maggie for longer.

I set a Recall Point near the entrance to Stoneguard Village, then backtrack through the Cairnwood maps to Hasrinaxx and the treants (who have nothing to say about me saving the forest...). I backtrack still further to the Southern Foothills and then head south to the snowy High Plains.

The Black Tiger - The Black Wizard


  1. "Bug: For me, this quest didn't move to "completed", nor was the food removed from my inventory..."

    Huh. Did you get the XP for each item?

    1. Same here, quest not "completed", four food items still in inventory. (i picked them up the first time I got in Bracksworth, after the battle against Dante).

      Can I ask how you managed to fix it?

  2. Uh emh, never mind :P


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