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Siege of Shadowdale - Part II

Southern Farms

This fertile region consists of three separate farms overrun by goblins, two four-packs of which are busily bludgeoning chickens with flails upon our arrival. Being a squishy Wizard, I snipe them cautiously from afar as Aera tanks most of the aggro.

I enter a farmhouse in the northeast. 

Sulcar Reedo's Farmhouse 

An old man is just standing around in here, looking troubled.
I am to recover a memento of Sulcar's dead wife, Gisella. Her wedding ring was taken in a recent theft by a group of goblins based in the old abandoned farmhouse near the windmill, at the southern end of the farms. Once I have the ring, I am to return it to Sulcar in exchange for a valuable amulet. [A Memento Lost]

I wind my way southward to the windmill and enter the goblin-infested farmhouse. 

Abandoned Farmhouse 

Herein I'm confronted by a pack of six goblins and a goblin shaman, who, taken together, are a lot more than just a nuisance for a low-level Wizard and her Familiar. Two melee goblins immediately close in as I take fire from archers whose arrows are coated with DC-14 poison. Sleep followed up by Coup de grâce was crucial in overcoming the encounter. Waving my hands in the air and screaming my head off as I ran around madly also helped.

The shaman yielded +109 EXP and Sulcar's Ring. Two crates contain random loot (Gloves of Concentration [Conc +3]).

Sulcar Reedo's Farmhouse

I deliver the ring to the old man..

Sulcar was extremely grateful for the return of his dead wife's wedding ring and was happy to part with his amulet in exchange for it. [/A Memento Lost]

+500 EXP, Amulet of Fire Resistance (Fire resist 20/-).

I stroll over to the opposite farmhouse.

Kulnar Ohane's Farmhouse

It seems Kulnar Ohane and Blaesgard don't need my help fighting off several goblins, despite Kulnar thanking me afterwards. 

I have agreed to hunt down and destroy a band of goblins that has been raiding the farms south of Shadowdale, in particular Kulnar Ohane's farm. They have made their lair in the remains of the tunnels at the bottom of the Sinkhole. To get into the tunnels, I will need to present the guard, Rast, with Kulnar's ring. Once the leader, Margblat, is dead, I am to return to Kulnar for my reward of 250 gold pieces. His head will be required as proof of my success. [The Goblin Raiders]

I make my way back to Central Shadowdale and then take the other southern exit to The Sinkhole.

The Sinkhole

I show Rast Kulnar's ring and he opens the gate.

The Sinkhole Stinkhole Tunnels

Stinkhole Tunnels
This dungeon is infested with about seventeen goblins (+14 EXP ea), including one Elite (+72 EXP) and three Shaman (+109 EXP ea). Oh, and two Worg Pups (+109 EXP ea). Enemies are encountered only in small packs, so they are fairly easy to pick off with the crossbow as Aera tanks them (AC 20), though it's somewhat dangerous until I find the Wand of Sleep (50 charges) at the southwest dead-end (see map). Aera's True Seeing is useful against the Shamans (one of which drops an Amulet of Natural Armor +1). Other perks of Aera are immunity to Sleep and insta-heal by being "fed". This keeps us going until the goblin boss, Margblat, whom we face off against just after I reach third level.

  • Margblat: +141 EXP, Margblat's Journal, Margblat's Head, Short Sword +1, Dagger.
  • Treasure room: +91 GP and useless random garbage.

The leader of the goblins, Margblat, is dead. It seems the recent rise in Drow activity within the forest was the reason for the goblins relocating to the old tunnels. I should return to Kulnar for my reward.

I backtrack aalll the way to Kulnar's farmhouse..

I have collected my reward from Kulnar. Hopefully his farm shall recover in time to face the hard winter months. [/The Goblin Raiders] 

+250 GP, +1500 EXP

I now sell of a load of garbage and purchase a Ring of Protection +1 from the smithy (-1231 GP).

Level Up to 3!

Lilura: Wizard (3), Empower Spell, Spells: Invisibility, Gedlee's Electric Loop. 

Old Skull Inn

Another quest can be found at the inn.

Durman Hilesta, a bouncer at the Old Skull Inn, has made me a proposition. He will let me have his magical belt, which greatly enhances the strength of the wearer, if I can find some other means to help him do his job. [Durman's Belt] 

Outer Cormanthor

This four-pack of orcs (+14 EXP ea) looks a lot more intimidating than they are. Sleep followed up by Coup de grâce, ftw. These guys and two Black Bears (+72 EXP ea) can be led to a group of elven rangers, for players who find them too hard to handle (I'll talk to the elves later..).

A non-hostile ogre is located in the southeast of the forest.

I have encountered an outcast ogre in the Cormanthor forest who is willing to help Durman. Hopefully, he will now be willing to part with his belt.

Old Skull Inn  

Durman was happy to part with his belt after Jhaele recruited the ogre Larn to assist him. One look at a ten-foot-tall ogre with a club the size of a tree should deter even the rowdiest tavern patron. [/Durman's Belt]

+750 EXP, Belt of Hill Giant Strength (STR +3)

I now head straight back to the forest to speak with the elves.

Outer Cormanthor

Well met, Wizard. Keep your eyes and ears open and be on your guard while in the forest - these are dangerous times. - Elven Ranger.

Standing in the middle of the forest is Halinor Avalael and his elven rangers. The lore-rich dialogue is rudely interrupted by five ambushing Drow militia led by a female wizard, Zaertha.

The sharpshooting rangers mow the Drow down and then shred Zaertha to ribbons, from whose corpse I loot a note and a Drow Recall Stone.

At Halinor's request I hand him the Stone mentioned in the note (+1000 EXP). He activates it, and we step into the portal that appears.

A drow raiding party led by one of the leaders of House Jaelre, Jezzryn, has set up a temporary camp in the area. I, together with Halinor of the Elven Court and his men, have decided to strike a blow for the good of the forest and the Dalelands by assassinating the drow leader. He is recognizable from his limp, the source of his nickname. [Jezz the Lame]

Level Up to 4!

Lilura: Wizard (4), INT +1, Spells: Ghostly Visage, Flame Weapon

House Jaelre Camp

The camp is well-guarded with assassins and militia backed up by a mage and led by a priestess. I order Aera to stay put, then cast Invisibility on myself - under which effect I remain for the battle's duration - before entering their camp. The surface elves utterly decimate the Drow from range, then move in to chop them to pieces.

We now enter the tent.

This dashing young drow must be Jezz the Lame. He sneers at you contemptuously.

Intruders! Prepare to be eviscerated, fools! - Jezz. 

Jezz fails his save against Aera's stinger (poison: Oil of Tagget) but being a Drow he's immune to Sleep. However, he still drops like a sack of potatoes once the rangers burst into the tent. Somehow amidst the arrow volleys it was me who shot Jezz down (+308 EXP). It was a completely unfair fight, I almost felt sorry for the poor guy..

+1500 EXP

  • Jezz the Lame: Silent Moves Leather Armor +2 (Move Silently +10), Unsent Letter, Map of Drow Camp, Potion of Invisibility.
  • Chest (trapped! [?] and locked [DC-18]): +250 GP, random garbage.

Jezz has been slain. Although House Jaelre will no doubt recover from this small setback, the death of one of their leaders should ensure a somewhat easier time for the Dalelands and elves of the forest - at least for a time. [/Jezz the Lame]

Halinor now bids me farewell, referring to me as "friend" and telling me I'll "always be welcome amongst the Tel'quessir of the old Elven Court".

The map I looted merely points the way back to Outer Cormanthor, which is a hidden exit in the southwest of the map. I backtrack through the forest to Central Shadowdale..


  1. "Durman was happy to part with his belt after Jhaele recruited the ogre Larn to assist him."

    Yeah, this is the quest I had to load up the toolset to find the area code to be able to turn in at the end. I find it curious that you immediately went and turned it in rather than do the rest of the quests in the forest, which is what I did.

    1. "to be able to turn in at the end."

      What does this mean?

    2. It means that I believed Milly's warning and hurried to the tower rather than take a detour and turn in the Bouncer side quest at the inn. And then at the end of the module I still had the quest unfinished because of that (you don't get the chance to go back).

      Which meant I had to use the toolset to find the area tag in order to use DebugMode to teleport myself back to the inn so I could turn in the quest.

    3. You technically do get the chance to go back to town, you can return there even when you've wrapped up the Underdark. It just doesn't make all that much sense, but is probably the only way non-Lore chars can even ID their magical loot...

    4. I don't recall there being a way out of Elminster's tower at the end of the module. That's the point at which you realize you won't have the opportunity to turn the quest in short of using Debug Mode (I thought I'd at least have the ability to go back to town to ID/sell loot and turn in the quest at the end).

    5. It would have been nice, yeah.

  2. A couple things I forgot to mention: Halinor can be killed after Jezz for Longbow +1, Mild Poison Bolts (~90) and Longsword +1. That's cuz the quest ends with Jezz's death, so the convo afterwards is just flavor.

    The trap on the chest in the tent is OP as hell.

  3. I completely missed the bouncer's quest. Does it only trigger if you choose the "and what are you gonna do to stop me" line? I remember I decided not to say that because my character was Good-aligned.

    Also, I was a bit annoyed with ow I couldn't leave Elminster's tower at the end too. Not because I had quests to turn in, but because I still had about 100 pounds worth of unidentified loot. Once you go to the tower, the rest of the module is pretty much a marathon of nonstop fighting and I never went back to sell anything from then on. Apparently my character never ventured into a shop again until reaching Tethyr.


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