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Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part XIII

Icewind Dale 2 Walkthrough Guide Best Easy Solo Sorcerer Part XIII

Continuing from Part XIIIndex.

 Chapter Six, Part II - Severed Hand / Hand of the Seldarine

• Ok, in the previous post we performed the Ilmater Sanctification Ritual, purified the Radiant Pool, and destroyed the Globe of Essence. Thus, the Severed Hand is changing for the better.

• We have also got ourselves a valuable ally for the final battle with Isair and Madae: the Drow monk, Archimandrite Ormis Dohor. 

• Return to Riki and inform her of the ritual's completion (750 XP). She will warn you of an impending alliance between the Cabal of Dragonkin and the Twins. In order to prevent the alliance from going ahead, we need to intercept the envoy who will soon be arriving at the Hand.

• Now, we need to get to the aerie atop the War Tower. Problem is, as the newly-arrived neo-orog chieftain Stubnok tells us, only the escort guard for the half-dragon delegation are permitted to enter.

• With an intelligence score of 3, or perhaps only 2, Stubnok tells us who has the key and where he is: Captain Pudu in the Office Tower.

• The Office Tower aka Corellon Tower is accessed from the south hall of level 4.

• Climb to the top of the tower, where Bisbe was. You will find Half-goblin Captain Pudu chatting up Half-Dragon Vyxein.

• Interrupt them. There are bluff checks in the dialogue but it doesn't look like you can get the key from Pudu without slaying him.

• So yeah, loot the key from Pudu's corpse and make your way back to the War Tower and Stubnok.

• Guess he's not that dumb after all... Oh well, slay Stubnok, Obbak, and two each of Slayer Knight of Xvim and Apocalyptic Boneguard.

• Buff the hell out of yourself, climb to the aerie, and interrupt the negotiations between Nalakora of the Cabal of Dragonkin and T'rsosl Malign of the Legion of the Chimera. Kill or be killed.

• Now, rest and then buff because once we descend the staircase, the final fight begins!

• Pre-battle buffs: Mind Blank, Mordenkainen's Sword, Mirror Image, Protection From Evil, Mass Haste, Improved Invisibility, Luck.

Buvai de'Naly will intercept you below and whisk you away to the Twins' throne room on level three.

You have found Isair and Madae (2,250 XP, Character Exported).

• It doesn't matter what you say in response to Isair's question; it's on! You can see — thanks to Spellcraft which shows the spells being cast over the head of the caster who is casting them — that Isair opens proceedings by casting Aegis and Madae opens by casting Holy Aura, in addition to their pre-buffs (Isair is protected by Seven Eyes). You can also see that I am immediately casting Horrid Wilting...

• You know, I would have liked to go into great detail about tactics, but there is not much to say at the end of the day. Basically, Horrid Wilting consistently damaged Isair and Madae enough to quickly trigger their fall-back dialogue (i.e, when either one of them reaches Badly Injured status).

• I tried the tactic several times, thinking I was just getting lucky or something was glitching out, but no, it really is this easy. Their pre-buffs and openers don't protect them from Horrid Wilting; a single casting of which can inflict 134 magic damage on Isair (who sports 10/- magic). Now, being of Evil alignment, you are immune to Madae's devastating Blasphemy (an invaluable perk), so just keep your distance from Isair's on-hit Black Blade of Disaster stun (which goes through Mirror Image and can ruin you), and unleash several Horrid Wiltings in a row. It gets the job done, every time.

Why not DBFB? That works on Madae only. Mordenkainen's Sword? Both Isair and Madae sport 25/- DR, meaning each hit inflicts just two points of damage. IOW, useless.

In addition, the enemy that must die in order to trigger the fall back is the summon-spam wizard, Buvai de'Naly (Finger of Death). So yeah, the Twins fall back to the Radiant Pool in order to regain their power, but it does them no good because we purified the waters.

• After which, one or two more castings of Horrid Wilting seems to trigger the defeat dialogue.

You have defeated Isair and Madae, the Legion of the Chimera, and saved the Ten Towns. Your names shall be legendary within all Icewind Dale (7,425 XP).

Quite an anti-climactic ending but it's the journey that counts and this series of posts is called "Best/Easy", right? :P

Suffocate seems to work on the Twins, too (at least, after the fall back when they no longer have SR or wards active), but there is no need to slow them or slowly damage them when you can just unleash Horrid Wilting and trigger their fall back and defeat.

I didn't mention Mourn T'orghZilvar T'orghSerakTilzen Ghaun or Phaen Xyltin because they are of no concern. It's only Isair, Madae and Buvai de'Naly that you need to look out for.

• Proof of damage:

◦ Phase 1 (throne):

◦ Phase 2 (pool):

End of Walkthrough: Index

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  1. Well, you certainly made it look easy. Even the parts where i always struggle.


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