Friday, 9 June 2017

NWN2 pics

I've mainly posted these for self-reference, to remember how beautiful this game is. Maybe these pics will inspire more people to play the game, or motivate modders to create even better environments and VFX. Some of these pics are taken from the official campaigns, others from user-made ones.


NWN2 does autumnal afternoons really well. Long shadows and pastel tone. From MotB.

Sunshafts beaming down from the roof of a watery cave with lush ferns. (From SoZ Holiday EP)

A hamlet sits atop a rocky crag. Again, the autumnal foliage. (Next four pics are from Harp.)

More long afternoon shadows, these ones creeping over undulating terrain.

Looking down on an enemy encampment from atop the rocky hills.

I love this shot.

The leaf density is impressive. (From Subtlety of Thay.)

Gently rolling hills surrounding a quaint farming community. Can almost smell the clean, crisp air. (Next three pics are from The Birthday.)

Towering tree trunks through which no light may enter.

A cottage nestled amidst the towering trees.

This is how you sculpt an elven forest. (Next 3 pics are from Trinity.)

An ancient stone bridge arches over a babbling brook.

An ancient outpost on the shore of a lake, deep within a forest.

There is a mod to desaturate the grass and foliage. This was a problem in NWN, too. (Next 19 pics are from MotB.)

A lake of dreams...

A few action shots, showing particle effects.

A burning grove.

A glowing ash tree.

A haunted furnace.


A Faceless Man.

Akachi and clones. Majora's Mask, anyone?

Devour Spirit.

Sepia tone enclave shooting up into a starry sky.

Shadows, ftw.


Spectacular explosions.

A tropical bazaar. (Next 10 pics are from SoZ.)

Polly want a cracker?

Gleaming treasures.


Sneaking around under chandeliers.

Aquatic undead in a priory.

A grave situation.


Best Finale in NWN2.

Lush oasis. From Bedine.

Desert terrain, dunes. From Bedine.

Downtown at dusk. From Path of Evil.

Moon rising over fortified walls (MotB).



  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2017

    Great post! Keep them coming. I wish them make NWN3.

  2. I really need to get around to finishing it someday. When it was first released, the computer I had could barely run it and eventually I just gave up. Have it installed again now, even started to play a while ago, then got busy with work and forgot about it once more. Hopefully the next time goes better...

    1. Mask of the Betrayer is in my top 5 RPGs now.

      Play MotB and ignore the OC if you're pressed for time.

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous. I also love the spell effects in the game. I think the character models are ugly for the most part, but the rest of the game is beautiful.

    Lilu you should update your blog more often.


    1. Sometimes I think I should update the blog; other times I think I've rambled on enough already. :P


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