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Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part VIII

   G l a r o n d a r   

Daft Dancer inn. Step back into the inn and join the hand-wringers who have assembled in its common room.

—High Priestess Daine will praise you for saving the lives of the survivors by clearing the ward of the "zombies". But neither Daine nor Lowe are familiar with the power that is possessing the people of Glarondar. All they know is, the power is neither divine nor arcane and the source of it must be nearby.
• Now, since the Red Wizards have twice attempted to bring the amulet to the Dragonjaw cave - remember the strange door? - the gathering agree that a second hike to the mountains is on the cards.

But who will join us? Lowe the alchemist and Mishka the barmaid (the one we saved in the brothel).

Companion: Lowe. Male Aasimar Sorcerer (4: Level Adjustment +1) of Lawful (80) Neutral (60) alignment. 
 Spell choices by default: Burning Hands, Expeditious Retreat, Invisibility. Spells I chose: Ghostly Visage, Sleep
Important Skills: Concentration & Spellcraft.
Feats already chosen: Toughness, Brew Potion.. (he is an alchemist)
• No multi-classing options.

Companion: Mishka Rey. Female Half-Elf Bard (5) of Chaotic (10) Good (70) alignment. 
Spell choices by default: Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds, Sound Burst and Tasha's Hideous Laughter. Spells I chose: Sleep & Heroism.
 Important Skills: Perform, Concentration, Spellcraft, UMD, Lore, Tumble.
Feats already chosen: Improved Initiative, Extend Spell. Feats I chose: Lingering Song.
Tip: Drag Inspire Courage to your Quickbar and leave it activated.
• Can be multi-classed to Rogue.

Main Quest Phase 6: On the Lookout for the Watchwall. Just as we're getting ready to head into the mountains in search of the Red Wizards, an injured guard steps into the inn to report that an angry mob of possessed people are at the wall; that is, the Watchwall. He then flops to the floor, dead.
• The Wall is all that prevents a full-scale invasion from Thay. If it falls, so does Glarondar. And probably the nation of Aglarond, too.*So, change of plans.. or, at least, of priorities: we must first head to Watchwall in order to break the siege.

   M e r c h a n t  Q u a r t e r   

—Take your leave of the inn and make you way to Geosp at the southern gate, who will magically levitate each party member over the wall.

   W a t c h w a l l  C a m p  

After a day's march, we arrived at the Watchwall Camp.
Already, my new traveling companions showed their worth.
Lowe, the timid sorcerer, used some minor cantrips to speed the journey and aid us in traveling unseen.
Perhaps were it not for him, our uneventful journey would have been delayed, or even ended! Who knows what dangers are lurking about during these difficult times for the nation of Aglarond.
Mishka knows the area well and found a few paths that sped the journey along as well, with a knowledge that rivals even Red's.
While she remains quiet about her past to any who ask, it's evident that she has done more in her days than serve drunkards and turn away constant advances by patrons.
But, suddenly, things took a turn for the worse...
Red: Look! Up Ahead! The wall is in danger! We must protect it!

The party will arrive in the southwest of the map. The wall you need to protect stands just to the east.

• Charge to the wall and start slaying the possessed people that are blowing themselves up against it. Yes, they are holding explosive torches that detonate when they reach the Wall. You will have to fight off three waves that charge in from the west, each being led by one tougher combat unit.
Guard Lieutentant (113 XP): Amulet of Will +2, Topaz, 18 GP. Guard Lieutentant (113 XP): Spear +1, 23 GP. Guard Captain (202 XP): Guardian of the Wall (iron armor, AC +1, Intimidate, Search & Spot +1).

• You will receive 250 XP when you have foiled the Thayan plan to breach the Wall from within.
• Mishka can be influenced during the conversation afterwards.

Each party member gained a level:
Red Borgen reached his seventh level in Ranger, receiving the Woodland Stride bonus feat.
Mishka reached her seventh level in Bard, receiving the Bardic Music (Cloud Mind) & Inspire Regeneration bonus feats, and Slow, Haste & Ghostly Visage spells.
Lowe reached his sixth level in Sorcerer, taking the Empowered Spell feat and Fireball spell.

   W a t c h w a l l  C a m p  G u a r d p o s t   

• Next, Red wants to check out the barracks for any remaining friends or foes.
• Inside, Quintius is playing peek-a-boo with a few leftover crazies. Slay them to save the ass of the only siege survivor. Completed Main Quest Phase 6: On the Lookout for the Watchwall.

Continued in Part IX..

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