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Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part IX

Main Quest Phase 7: The Time for Talking is Over. Quintius is an old adventuring friend of Red's, and also the ringleader of a smuggling operation. Both of these facts are already known to those who chose PATH ONE (kicked off by agreeing to work for Zuma).
• So what does Quintius know about the Red Wizards? Not much. He sent scouts out into the Umbermarch, beyond the Wall. But they never returned. His patrols into the ranges have been pretty useless, too.

• It is agreed that the only place a large group of enemies could be hiding out is in the Dragonjaw mountains, which is where we are headed anyway.
Quintius is a vendor with lots of buying power. I suggest you off-load all you can and buy up big on potions and Healer's Kits. He sells +1 armors, shields and weapons, too. When done, take your leave of the guardpost.

  W a t c h w a l l  C a m p  

—Back outside you will be confronted by the tiefling assassin, Azumi. She reveals that Mur Vhol is paying her handsomely to assassinate you, and that she is manipulating things in order to milk more money from him. How? Well, she is happy to reveal the location of the Red Wizards because Mur Vhol will "up" her payment if she takes out a target that is assaulting their base of operations. So yeah, she is supremely confident in her ability to slay you whenever she feels like it.
• Azumi is quite forthcoming with info on the Red Wizards' plans, revealing that the Amulet is an ancient and almost forgotten artifact of Narfell with mind control capabilities. This was discovered by Zuma, a Red Wizard spy who had set up an Enclave in Glarondar. The Red Wizards labored for years to craft a device that allows them to amplify the mind control powers of the Amulet.. amplified to the point of enveloping entire cities and enslaving all within them. We saw the effects of this on Glarondar's population.
• Azumi goes on... The wizards are based in the Dragonjaw mountains cave. She will leave the strange door unlocked for you. The passage leads into the Underdark, where reinforcements await the command of their masters.
• Moreover, the wizards are allied with Illithid.. who are in it for the slaves that the wizards can potentially supply to them in vast quantities.

• Finally, in order to make her escape Azumi has brought along a distraction, a decoy.. a Rashemi Berserker who is ready to rage hard once she sets him loose. Slay the poor fellow for 213 XP and loot his corpse for the Rashemi Driftwood Cudgel (club, +1, Strength +2, Will -3).

• Click on the transition marker to have Red recommend the party camp by the fire before hiking into the mountains.
False Alarm. The party is suddenly alerted to an approaching force but it turns out to just be Ogol Khan and his entourage (the half-orcs you met at the Daft Dancer inn). They are gonna help hold the Wall.

Take your leave of them, and of Watchwall Camp.

   T h e  R o a d  t o  G l a r o n d a r   

After a short journey from the Watchwall, we made it to the area near the cave.
Whether or not we wanted to admit it, we were grateful that the journey from there to here was uneventful. Even the normally boisterous and energetic Red seemed drained by the events of the last few days.
But, with what promises to be the most difficult challenge of our lives, at least up to this point in our lives for sometimes the fates are cruel, we ready ourselves to find the challenge to come. 
With looming around every turn, we steel ourselves to the fear and impending doom that will surely befall many this day. We look deep in ourselves to find the strength to continue. Unsure of what horrors the Thayans have conjured to their sides, we prepare internally.

• Ok, when last we were here this area was a smuggling route that suffered from a lil' banditry. Now, it's been overrun by orcs and other unsavories.
• Lowe proposes to send out his familiar (an unassuming beetle) to scout the area and have info relayed back on what we are gonna be facing. It turns out to be orcs, demons, and a Thayan Knight. In addition, he reports that the mouth of the cave is guarded by a Red Wizard and two fiendish dogs.
• If you decline Lowe's proposal and simply charge in, both Red's and Lowe's alignments shift 10 points towards Chaotic.
• Oddly, there are no rest restrictions imposed here. That means Lowe can just spam a few Fireballs per encounter.

• Ok, time to take out the trash. First, the orcs that have taken over the bandit camp need to die.
• Next, slay the wrackspawn as you cross the bridge. Follow the road west, slaying two waves of orcs. You will reach a barricade and catapults. This was where we met Tarvis.
• Now, head  north and slay the Thayan Knight guarding the ascent to the range. He drops a Katana +1.
• Slay the Hellcat on top of the hill. This is where we slew the wolves.
Mouth of the cave. Cross the bridge and take out the Red Wizard of Thay and its two Yeth Hounds that are guarding the cave entrance.
Thayan Bracers (Animate Dead [5] 1/day), scrolls of Spiderskin, Deep Slumber, Evard's Black Tentacles, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Fire Agate, Ice Dart x27.

   D r a g o n j a w  C a v e   

• Well, here we are again. This is where the adventure began. But this time the stakes are much higher.
• Unlock the first door (DC-21) and slay the Dreadwarriors in the first room.
• Now, remember the boulders that were blocking your progress in the Cyric shrine and bandit ringleader's room? Well, they are no longer there.. and that means we have another way to the strange door.
• Take the door in the west and slay the Blackguard of Bane lurking in what used to be a shrine to Cyric.
—129 XP, 355 GP, Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power
The two chests hold random treasures (DD 15, OL 31).
• The boulder that was blocking the passageway has been removed. Follow the passageway along its length and unlock the DC-24 door at its end. There used to be a boulder here, too.
• This is the room in which you slew the bandit ringleader and recovered the Amulet. It is now a storage facility, guarded by a Mummy and Dreadwarriors.
Chest: Full Plate.
• You will notice that Azumi has indeed left the strange door unlocked. Enter.

   F o r t r e s s  i n  t h e  M o u n t a i n   

Having driven back the initial assault on what was surely intended to be the final blow against a weakened and disorganized Glarondar, we entered the mysterious door in the cave and found an outpost of sorts.
The most curious part about this is that this isn't a hastily constructed defense like we found outside, and inside, of the cave, but an intricately designed fortress carved into what was once solid stone.
Immediately our eyes caught the distinctly Dwarven statues decorating the room that we entered, and nearly immediately after that revelation the sickly green glow from the strange stones accompanying them assaulted our senses...

A "sickstone" from the Underdark

•  The sickstone seems to severely drain the Constitution scores of you and your party members. Don't worry, it's just a proximity thing.
• Make your way east and then south from the altar of Moradin, fighting through various enemies that include gargoyles, automatons (hammerers & pulverizers), cloakroaches and horrors (gold & electrum). You will find a few treasures around the place as you make your way south.
Pile of Gold: 191 GP, Arrow +2 x99, gems. Chest: Oil of Flame Arrow, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x3. Footlocker (DD DC-33, OL DC-33): 487 GP, Chainmail +2.

By Moradin's hammer!

Statue Trap. Ok, be wary in the far south. There are eight traps set across the floor. If you can't disable them (DC-22 ea) you will have to absorb the magic missiles fired at you from (at least four of) their corresponding statues.

• Beyond the traps is a room guarded by gargoyles, which are pretty EZ to dispatch. There are two duergar rigged up on either side of a summoning circle, but there is nothing you can do for them at this point.

•  For now, climb the staircase and take the first door on your left (it's the only way to go because a forcefield is blocking the hall, and the other door is warded).
Library. Slay the half-dozen cloakroaches scurrying about in the library. Read the book that details a ritual.

There is one way to summon a demon that is rarely used, but documented. A relative of a demon can sacrifice two of their own kin and a small amount of their blood. This type of sacrifice angers the demon, as it binds it to a demand made by the relative proportional to the sacrifice, and will do anything to escape fulfilling its end. Special care must be taken, as love for one's offspring is unknown among demons and a ritual such as this makes an eternal enemy.

Laboratory. In the next room you will meet Lugae, an insane durzagon (the offspring of demon and duergar). Annoyed by your presence Lugae will order his Blood Golem to dispense with you. Slay it.
Balnab: 127 XP, Blood Golem Flail (+1, +1d4 bludgeoning), Full Plate +1.

• Now, speak with the durzagon again. The object is to simply get a key from him, either by passing a social skill check (DC-15) or by taking it from his cold, dead hands. You might be able to use Sleight of Hand, too. Either way, you get 250 XP for getting the key.
Lugae: Ring of Fortitude +2, Key to the Underdark, Durzagon Blood, 11 GP.
Altar of Moradin: Pray to it to be healed (Lawful +1, Good +1) or destroy it (Chaotic +1, Evil +1).
Side Quest: The Ritual. I can't work this quest out.. or rather, there seems to be more to it but maybe there just isn't. This quest begins when you loot the vial of blood from Lugae's corpse. Return to the room with the two duergar, step into the circle, and "hold out the vial". If you pass a DC-21 Spellcraft check a Hezrou will be summoned, say a few words, and turn hostile. It absorbs 10 damage per hit and emits an horrific stench that slows you and penalizes your physical stats. Beating it yields 263 XP but it's just not worth it because of the resource drain. You can beat it over and over again, too. Yawn. Completed Side Quest: The Ritual.

• Whatever.. the main thing is that you have the key to the door that leads to the Underdark. There is a guardian lurking behind it.. a Rogue Eidolon. You will be forced to slay it even if Lugae gave you the passphrase (because he lied about what the passphrase is).
• It is unlikely you will be able to harm the Eidolon with conventional weapons.. you will need an adamantine weapon to bypass its DR. I just tanked it while Lowe spammed magic missiles from his wand.
Rogue Eidolon: 191 XP, Eidolon's Hand.
• The hand is the key to the door that finally leads into the Underdark...

Part X? Sorry, I burned out in the Underdark. :P


  1. We can't access Part X, even rewriting the link with X instead of IX...

  2. I know this part has been written for awhile but if you use protection from evil when summoning the demon in the "A Ritual" quest. it won't attack and you can ask for certain favours like giving you an item or killing the Eidolon.

    1. Ah, thought I might have been missing something there. Thanks.

  3. Just a question, is this last(?) part going to written?

    1. Sorry, no. I burned out when I reached the Underdark.

  4. Bummer. Tho I must say this is a very nice well written guide .


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