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Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part VII

Main Quest Phase 4: You and What Army? Somewhere Above Ground.
We exited the ruins below Glarondar, finding ourselves far from Glarondar itself.
The betrayal of Azumi was dangerous, but without it we, perhaps, would have been killed in the ruins or by the Red Wizard she weakened with poison.
Unsure of what to do next, we set up a hasty camp in the wilderness near to where we escaped the ruins below the city.
Time is of the essence, for whatever the Red Wizards and Azumi have planned, it will happen soon. We may have slowed them down, but it's not over yet. I have a feeling things are going to get worse...

• Ok, we have crawled out of a hole in the ground to find ourselves in the wilderness at nightfall. Azumi's trail has gone cold.. and Red wants to head back to the city in order to get help against whatever it is the Red Wizards are plotting to do. We set up camp until the morning.

• At sunrise we take our leave of the clearing and head into the woods, en route to Glarondar.
• Outer Glarondar. It will be nightfall again by the time you reach the city gates. But the absence of guards on the bridge and walls suggests that something is amiss.

• Click on the city gate to have Red call out over the walls.

• But there is no response, there is no one around, and the city lights are unlit.
Getting into the city. Now, there are two ways to get in - each of which awards 100 XP.
a. Over the walls. Loot the Sickle from the haystack on this side of the river, and the Coil of Rope from near the tents pitched by the guard towers on the other side of the river. Click on the gate again and combine the sickle and the rope to make a crude grappling hook with which to get over the walls.
b. Under the walls. You can drop down to the sewers by means of the nearby valve IF you pass a DC-17 Survival check (the stench is overpowering).
• Either way, once inside the walls of the city you will be attacked on the streets by citizens and guards. It seems the Thayans have turned them into mindless drones..?
• The object is to head in the direction of The Keep in order to reach the Merchant Quarter, where Red's guardpost is. There does not seem to be any penalty for disposing of any possessed friendlies en route to the southwest transition marker - in fact, you are rewarded with XP, gold, gems and jewelry! So yeah, slay away..

Merchant Quarter. You will come out just behind the Daft Dancer inn, in the northwest of the Quarter. Non-hostile Glarondar guards are stationed outside it, behind a makeshift barricade they have erected against the "zombies". The guards are led by the dwarf, Balingrad Ironglove. Completed Main Quest Phase 4: You and What Army?

Main Quest Phase 5: Safety First. Balingrad has managed to seal the ward off by piling up garbage and corpses to block its gates.

All you need to do is clear the ward out of whatever crazies are still running a muck within it. Feel free to assist the guards in the grounds, but your mission is to clear out the crazies who are holed up inside two buildings: The Red Light brothel & Borgen's Guardpost.
• Remember Malanta the merchant? You can find her burning corpse stuck under a collapsed stall in what used to be the marketplace. Loot it for a Ring of Protection +1 and scrolls of Heroism, Displacement and Lightning Bolt.
• Balingrad gave you the key to the inn. Inside, a guard tells you to seek out High Priestess Daine in the back room. This is where you sabotaged the kegs for her.

• You may request free supplies from Daine.
Healer's Kits +3 (x3), Wand of Cure Serious Wounds (17 charges).
• Alyssa Vlynna is tending to the sick, including poor lil' Shay. Rolfe is crying for his daughter.
• Lowe will give you the lowdown: how this all started, what is possibly causing the possession of the people. He has nothing concrete on the latter, only theories. Lowe is also a potion vendor but you can sell any sort of item to him providing he has the purchasing power.

—Now it's time to clear out the possessed citizens from two of the buildings.
First Building: The Red Light. Upon entry you will be swarmed by enraged entertainers and patrons, whom you must slay.
• Loot the corpse of Vincento in the back room: Malachite x3, Fire Agate x3, Vincento's Wrath (rapier, Keen, +1, Vampiric Regeneration +3), Studded Leather Armor +1.
Upstairs. Slay more crazies and take out Templar Raddak Rhys whose corpse yields a Cloak of Fortification +1 and 58 GP.

• The only person to save is the barmaid who has locked herself in one of the rooms (DC-28).
Second Building: Borgen's Guardpost. All you need to do is slay The Executioner on the ground floor (163 XP, 317 GP). This overgrown dwarf critted Red for 62 dmg.. We finally put him in his place, though.

• Red is relishing the chance to save the city. It reminds him of his youthful adventuring days. He becomes animated and says he could not have met a better friend that you.. a bond forged in battle! He fetches his old blade from a secret stash in his office, and shows it to you.

Notched Blade (cold iron scimitar, +1, +3 vs. Human, +1d6 vs. Human, AC def +1 vs. Human).
A glow in Red's [eyes] shows a glint of the understanding of order. (Red has moved +15 towards Lawful since I recruited him).
• Return to the dwarf outside the inn and inform him of your success. He will be thankful and refer you to Daine inside. Completed Main Quest Phase 5: Safety First (500 XP).

Continued in Part VIII..

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