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Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part VI

Continuing from Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough Part V

Main Quest Phase 3: Dejamulet vu. Dungeons beneath the museum.
Again, resting is restricted down here. You can't just rest anywhere, anytime. Instead, messages pop up to let you know that resting is allowed.. this occurs in specific areas that are deemed to be safe, and you may only rest there once.. you may not return there again and again to rest.
• Ok, take a look around.. bones litter the floor, indicative of a large battle in times past..

Companion: Captain Red Borgen of the Glarondar Guard.
• Captain Borgen will ask you to simply call him "Red", since you are now companions. By default Red is a third level Ranger but he will receive XP to match your level. You can tell Red to level as Fighter or Ranger. Fighter will give him heavy armor and tower shield proficiencies. Make sure he is wearing a proper set of armor.. the green Glarondar uniform looks great, but it's not actually armor. Don't forget to summon his animal companion. Red's alignment starts off at Neutral (50) Good (100). You may influence his alignment, too.
• Head north, slay a Wrackspawn demon.. then head down the passageway that leads east.
Companion: Azumi the Tiefling. Central Chamber.
• Help Azumi slay the Skeleton Warriors in the next room. She will now gladly join you. Azumi is a fourth level Neutral (50) Evil (0) Tiefling Rogue. At this point you have no control over her leveling package.
• Azumi is a slave of the Red Wizards of Thay who are apparently operating down here.. she was sent out by the wizards to seal the doors in this dungeon (presumably to prevent the undead interfering with what the Thayans are doing) when she was attacked by the skellies. According to Azumi her masters are up to something.. big. This is suspected because Mur Vhol is involved, an assistant to the Tharchion of the Alaor, Thessaloni Cannos.

Side Quest: The Curse. According to Red the undead down here are from the Armies of Old Glarondar. Red wishes to lift the curse on them.
The situation. Ok, we are currently located in the central chamber of the dungeon, with three doors opening to passages leading south, north and east. Let's explore them in that order.
Three doors: DD: DC-12, 15, 15 OL: 23, 30, 22.
Southern section. Head south and you will reach an intersection that leads east and west. Skeletal undead lurk about.. a mix of warriors & mages. Head west and you will reach a chamber guarded by more skeletons. There is a chest partially buried under some rubble. Pry it open to receive some potions and gems.
• Backtrack to the intersection and head east.
• Slay the Shadows and the Wraith in an otherwise unremarkable chamber.
Chest (DD DC-18): Dark Steel Banded Mail, Magical Vestament scroll, 33 GP.
Mini-Quest: The Butcher of Glarondar. Ghouls & Ghasts lurk in the chamber at the end of the corridor. Also, a custom mummy: The Butcher of Glarondar. Slay it (250 XP) and loots its corpse for The Butcher's Hatchet (+1, Keen, massive criticals 1d6) and Silver Necklace. Red will then tell you the tale of the Butcher.. how he was a serial killer who terrorized Glarondar decades ago. This caps off the quest.

• Have Azumi unlock the gate (DC-32) and loot the lock box (Alchemical Silver Scimitar, Chain Shirt +1).

Northern section. Fight through skeletal undead en route to the northern chamber, where an Apparition will appear and summon half a dozen skeleton warriors. Destroy them all and loot the Sanctum Key.
Sarcophagi: random garbage.

Sanctum. Upon entry to the sanctum you are greeted by the undead general of the Glarondar armies. It will tell you its tragic tale and request you to vanquish it and end the curse bestowed upon the armies by Velsharoon. Do so, but be careful you don't get cursed in turn because its duration is permanent until it is specifically removed (or the cursed character dies, and resurrects).

Skeleton General (111 XP), Completed Quest: The Curse (500 XP).
Armor of Souls (iron, AC +1, Saves vs. Fear +1, Death +2), Sapper (scythe, +1, Vampiric Regeneration +3), Old Glarondar Heavy Shield.
Chest: Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x3, Wand of Cure Light Wounds, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds.
Crystal: Glow Stone.

Eastern Section. Azumi lets you know that the Thayans are somewhere in this section.
Bombardier & Stag Beetles infest the way east.
• Azumi warns of a band of orcs in the chamber to the south. Might as well take 'em out.
Chest: Potion of Blindsight, Potion of Mirror Image, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 72 GP.
• The two doors are locked and there is no key. Forget about them.
• The corridor that leads north is laced with traps of DCs 22, 26, 22, 26. Wrackspawn demons will also assail you.
• You will reach a larger chamber where a battle was waged between the forces of Glarondar, and those of Thay.
• Just to the east is another orc hangout.
Chest: Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x3, 13 GP, Dark Steel Banded Mail.
• Now, head north through the broken barricade and slay the hellcat guarding the exit (144 XP).
Important note: Before proceeding take whatever items you need from Azumi's inventory.
Showdown. Here you will encounter Anhar, Red Wizard of Thay (145 XP).  

Azumi will leave the party and stand beside Anhar.. she will tell you how she is not a slave, how she is, in fact, an assassin for hire, a merc.. and that she would have killed you, but needed your help getting past all the undead.
• Anhar will order her to kill you..

• However, he is in no position to be giving out orders. To his dismay she blinds him with a poison and takes her leave, leaving the helpless Anhar at your mercy.

• There will be no mercy, though. You have no choice but to slay Anhar despite his inability to fight back. I would have thought it logical to bind and gag him and bring him back to the guardpost for interrogation (on the amulet's whereabouts), but whatevs.

Anhar's corpse: Potion of Magical Circle Against Alignment (Evil), Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Adventurine, Fire Agate x2, Wand of Missiles, 15 GP and Scintillating Sphere, Scare and Mirror Image scrolls. Completed Main Quest Phase 3: Dejamulet vu (500 XP).
• Scale the boulder to reach the surface.

Continued in Part VII..

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