Monday, 20 April 2015

Mask of the Betrayer Retrospective Walkthrough - Part V

Act II - A Dark Hunger (Cont.)

Ok, I just want to buy a couple things from Katya at the Temple of the Three: the Periapt of Wisdom +5 for Kaelyn, the Ring of Cold Resistance (Resist cold 30/-) and the Robe of Scintillating Colors (Displacement [9] 1/day) (-80,000 GP)

Shadow Mulsantir

Like thieves in the night, the party takes the southeastern shadow portal back to Shadow Mulsantir, then makes their way up the hill and into Myrkul's secret temple, once again.

Death God's Vault

Now armed with my newly acquired Spirit-eater abilities, I return to the eastern wing's crematorium and probe the furnace with my new powers, startling the Myrkulite High Priest who had previously ignored me. I sympathize with the priest's story, how he was appointed by Myrkul to replace Akachi, but was never trusted; how, after Mystra slew Myrkul, he was tortured by Cyric's raiders and thrown into the furnace. I offer to grant the priest Eternal Rest (a new feat I suddenly acquire); the priest begs me to lay him to rest - I oblige (Good +3, Brilliant Spirit Essence). Several desperate ghosts then manifest, also begging for release, telling me how they suffer too! Hearing the commotion of "The Many", the barbarian Brute manifests and calls out to the roguish Child, who also manifests. Both desire to be free from the furnace, to inhabit Okku's husk; but instead I exorcize the whole furnace with Eternal Rest so that they, and the thousands of other spirits, may finally be at peace. This noble act caps off the Haunted Furnace quest (+2,000 Exp).

This also means that my fifth prospective companion - the malevolent One of Many - won't ever exist; but now, two deathly cold spirits manifest in the crematorium: Shadows of the Void. Like the earlier dread wraiths, these guys sport 50% concealment, but they also possess other nasty abilities (Aura of Cold, Cone of Cold, Darkness). Safiya hammers them both with IGMS as I whittle the first one down to Near Death status and then use Eternal Rest on it to receive a Shadow of the Void's Essence (+1,326 Exp). I then leave the second spirit at Near Death, hurriedly backtracking out of the crematorium to "wait out" Eternal Rest's cooldown; after which I return to the crematorium and use Eternal Rest on the second shadow for second SotV essence. The furnace extinguished, I sift through the ashes at its base - coming up with a Silver Sword of Gith Replica: the "key" for the gate leading down to the lower level of Death God's Vault.

I place a Shadow of the Void essence into my Enchanter's Satchel along with my Mielikki scimitar and use Mold Spirit on the satchel to add an enchantment (+6d6 cold, Fire 25% damage weakness). I repeat the process for my other scimitar. Cold is resisted by Death Lords, Liches and Shadows of the Void, but it still affects other undead (Vampire Ancients, Hoary Mummified Priests) and other monsters in the campaign, so what the hell. Note that if you craft a weapon with a non-enhancement mod (in this case, 6d6 cold), you can no longer upgrade its enhancement later in the campaign (say, from +4 to +8). Therefore, it's best to make sure you are happy with the weapon's enhancement before you craft it with such mods.

We return to the Great Hall (where I first met Kaelyn) to insert the Silver Sword of Gith Replica into the gate's keyhole. The gate opens, granting us access to the lower level...

I now hit twenty-first level, taking my fifth in Weapon Master and hitting Epic Level: Fighter (6) / Bard (1) / Red Dragon Disciple (9) / Weapon Master (5); Feat: Armor Skin, Increased Multiplier, Superior Weapon Focus.

Safiya also hits twenty-first level, taking her eleventh in Wizard and hitting Epic Level: Wizard (11) / Red Wizard of Thay (10); Feats: Epic Spell Focus (Transmutation); Spells: Bigby's Grasping Hand (7) Bigby's Clenched Fist (8).

Gann hits twentieth level: Spirit Shaman (20); Cha +1; Feat: Low-Light Vision, Spirit Form 3/day, Spirit Who Walks; Spells: Creeping Doom (7), Finger of Death (8), Summon Creature IX (9).

Kaelyn hits ninteenth level (Level Adjustment +4): Cleric (19).

Death God's Vault - Lower Level

The entrance chamber branches off to the north, south and west. I loot sixteen offering urns for +70,000 GP, causing a Shadow of the Void to manifest from each! The void-horde is vanquished mainly by successive Sunbeam castings from both Kaelyn and Gann, which flood the room with blinding white light (+19,136 Exp, Brilliant Fire Essence [16], about eighty volatile essences).

I now hit twenty-second level, taking my sixth in Weapon Master: Fighter (6) / Bard (1) / Red Dragon Disciple (9) / Weapon Master (6).

Safiya also hits twenty-second level, taking her twelfth in Wizard: Wizard (12) / Red Wizard of Thay (10); Spells: Greater Dispel Magic (6), Greater Spell Mantle (7).

Gann hits twenty-first level, also hitting Epic Level: Spirit Shaman (21); Feat: Persistent Spell (Barkskin, Lesser Vigor, Protection From Energy).

Kaelyn hits twentieth level (Level Adjustment +4): Cleric (20); Wis +1. 

Dungeon Cells (south of entrance chamber)

Buffed with Greater Cat's Grace and Greater Heroism, Kaji is able to unlock the "heavy door" to the south, but not disable the device (DC-35/50). Tripping the elemental traps on this level can be lethal, but I just heal Kaji up each time (who is also conveniently immune to their additional paralysis effect). Heavy doors cannot be "bashed" or "Fireballed" open, they may only be Knocked or conventionally unlocked. (I'm not sure why, but experience is no longer awarded for locks n traps..)

Anyway, stepping into the newly opened passageway, a sextet of stealthy Vampire Ancients ambush us in a deadly flanking maneuver. Safiya, Gann and Kaji take quick refuge in the passageway as Kaelyn and I grimly turn to face the vampires, blocking the doorway so they can't get through. I tank most of the aggro as Kaelyn repeatedly centers Mass Heal on herself, inflicting hundreds of positive energy damage on the undead monks, who yield +5,022 Exp, Brilliant Fire Essence (6), Brilliant Power Essence (3) and a score of volatile essences.

Kaji succeeds in unlocking the next heavy door, but again fails to disable the device on it (DC-30/40). We step through the doorway, finding ourselves in a six-celled prison. A quintet of Hoary Mummified Priests can be heard buffing themselves from within their dungeon cells, after which they shamble out to creepily assail us in the hallway; but I easily shred them to ribbons for +2,050 Exp, Brilliant Earth Essence (5) and thirty volatile essences.

From the unlocked cells we loot piles of rags for Padded Armor +5, Bracers of Armor +7, Boots of Striding +6 (Con +6), Wondrous Gloves (Wis -1, Bonus spell slot: Bard 0-3), Ruby, Fluorspar, Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Good (AC def +5 vs. Good), Potion of Heal (4), scroll of Stinking Cloud and +6,784 GP. Kaji unlocks a further two cell doors (DC-25) from which we loot armor piles for Half Plate +5, Chainmail +5, Robe of Acid Resistance (Acid 15/-) and +1,948 GP.

Kaji succeeds in unlocking the last heavy door, but yet again fails to disable the device (DC-30/DC-40). Tripping this trap inflicts 109 cold damage on the poor lil homunculus, who is left with one itty-bitty hit point (Kaelyn heals him). Lurking in the final chamber are three scythe-wielding Blackguard Death Lords who buff themselves with Bull's Strength and open up with Smite Good. I succeeded in dueling them solo - even without concealment - due in no small part to my immunity to sneak attacks, critical hits and knockdown (+410 exp, Brilliant Power Essence [3], one dozen volatiles). Having looted several skeletal remains for +12,000 GP, we backtrack through the dungeon cells and return to the entrance chamber.

Archive Chambers (west of entrance chamber)

Kaji unlocks and detraps the heavy door to the west (DC-35/50); then unlocks two more heavy doors in the hallway (DC-40/45), also making a futile attempt to disable their DC-60/62 devices. Rudely greeting us in the first chamber are two Vampire Ancients and one Hoary Mummified Priest; and, upon entering the chamber to take them out, another vampire and two more priests flank us from the second chamber. Despite the surprise, the party managed to adjust in time and neutralize them for +3,741 Exp, Brilliant Earth Essence (3), Brilliant Fire Essence (3), Brilliant Power Essence (3) and thirty-five volatiles. Kaji detraps an unlocked chest (DC-30), revealing +5,865 GP and the Reaper's Despair +8 sickle (on-hit DC-26 Fear, on-hit DC-22 Poison).

As per usual, the walls of the first chamber are lined with offering urns (ten) which I loot for +46,000 GP; causing Shadows of the Void to manifest from each; their dispersal yielding +8,370 Exp, Brilliant Fire Essence (10), Brilliant Power Essence (10), and sixty volatile essences. A further dozen offering urns are looted in the second chamber for +63,000 GP; the SotVs are again dispersed yielding +9,024 Exp, Brilliant Fire Essence (12), seventy volatiles and +63,000 GP.

The Fingerbone's Name +7 short sword (On-hit disease DC-24 Ghoul Fever, Animate Dead [15] 5/day) is also found in a DC-30 trapped chest.

I now hit twenty-third level, taking my seventh in Weapon Master: Fighter (6) / Bard (1) / Red Dragon Disciple (9) / Weapon Master (7); Feats: Ki Critical, Two Weapon Defense.

Safiya also hits twenty-third level, taking her thirteenth in Wizard: Wizard (13) / Red Wizard of Thay (10); Feat: Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy); Spells: Greater Spell Breach (6), Burst of Glacial Wrath (9).

Gann hits twenty-second level: Spirit Shaman (22).

Kaelyn hits twenty-first level (Level Adjustment +4), also hitting Epic Level: Cleric (21); Feat: Persistent Spell (Bless, Aid, Prayer, Vigor etc.)

Again, we backtrack to the entrance chamber.

Specialist Archives (north of entrance chamber)

Now in the north hallway, Kaji unlocks and detraps the archives door (DC-25/25). Lurking behind the dusty bookshelves, filled with Myrkulite lore, are a trio of Hoary Mummified Priests whose passive repertoire does little to endanger me (+858 Exp, Brilliant Earth Essence [3] and a dozen volatiles). I gather the hard-to-see necromantic scrolls littering the chamber, including those of Mass Inflict Critical and Moderate Wounds, Create Greater Undead, Finger of Death, Shades, Energy Drain and Power Word: Kill.

Most importantly, I find the Lamentations of the Dead scroll, furled up and sealed on a scribe's desk, the procurement of which finally caps off the Betrayer's Crusade quest (+500 Exp).

The scrolls were penned by Myrkulite priests hundreds of years ago; we found but a fragment of one. A lengthy passage tells the tale of Akachi's amazing deeds as Myrkul's favored high priest: being unaffected by disease, poison or plague; ministering to the dying and converting them to Mykul's faith, thereby healing them; converting hundreds more souls as a result of his courage and divine favor; wielding a silver blade taken from Hell itself; and dispensing Mykul's justice across the Planes - truly, the Chosen of Myrkul. Akachi was flying high at this point, but things came crashing down when his atheist lover pwned herself in an arcane accident. Akachi knew such unbelieving individuals are punished with their soul being "bound into the Wall of the Faithless, and finally dissolved into the substance of the Wall". Akachi pleaded with Mykul to spare his lover, but the Lord of Bones would make no exceptions - not even for his Chosen. Akachi was pissed, and vowed to tear down the Wall to recover his lover - at that moment becoming The Betrayer. He influenced his brother, Eveshi, and lied to many others of faith in order to turn them against Myrkul, including a demilich with aspirations of godhood (Rammaq); a Prince of Celestia (Zoab) and a Queen of Dragonkind (Sey'ryu) - who became his generals. With a mighty host assembled, Akachi "carved a doorway between the Plane of Shadow and the realm of the dead", leading them into Mykul's realm. However, the Lord of Bones headed up an even greater host, consisting of undead heroes, masses of The False and baatezu from the Nine Hells. Needless to say, Akachi had his ass handed to him: "was dragged in chains to the Basilica of Lost Hope, and there Myrkul pronounced Judgment on him". The passage ends with cautions to Myrkul's faithful: that Akachi's generals still live, that they promise to return if ever the Betrayer stands before death's gates again; that it's possible Akachi tore the soul of his lover from the Wall before Myrkul managed to stop him; and, finally, that none may challenge the judgment of the Lord of Bones.

The Lamentations of the Dead scroll
In addition, the Tome of Profane Rebirth is found lying on the floor of the archive chamber, as if discarded. It contains instructions for becoming a lich, which Yusev, back in the Kelemvor Temple, would love to get his hands on.

But first we explore west down the hallway and then north, revealing a final chamber with the Betrayer's Gate itself looming at the far end! Lurking beneath us, at the foot of the staircase, is a thirtieth level Lich King flanked by two each of Hoary Mummified Priest, Vampire Ancient and Death Lord.

Buffed to the heavens, I charge downstairs to meet the dreaded denizens as Safiya conjures a mighty Meteor Swarm, Gann serves up a Fire Storm and the crimson-eyed Lich King buffs itself with Greater Invisibility; then unleashes a barrage of Bigby's spells, all with me as the target. Meanwhile, Kaelyn's casting of Undeath to Death destroys the Death Lord duo outright while Gann calls down Sunbursts and Safiya turns to (Emp) IGMS and DBFB against the vamps (+1,504 Exp); the latter's explosion also blowing back the Lich King himself, who flops to the floor as nothing more than a pile of scorched rags (+1,316 Exp). This was a very cool battle, despite how easy it was to beat...

The Lich King, partly concealed - far left

The Shroud of the Elder Doom cloak (Imm: Death Magic, Finger of Death [13] 2/day) is found amidst the wreckage of the lich, along with a Brilliant Power Essence and several volatiles. The other undead left behind Brillant Power Essence (4) and two each of Brilliant Fire and Brilliant Earth Essence. Many sarcophagi are rummaged through for +75,000 GP.

The Betrayer's Gate
I cannot enter the Betrayer's Gate at this point; therefore, we backtrack through Death God's Vault and make our way back to Material Plane Mulsantir, relieved at having lived through that arduous affair.

Once I gained the Eternal Rest feat, spirit energy drain from resting ceased to be an issue. I could rest a full eight hours to regain spells, attempt to rest again to provoke an ambush of Vampire Ancients, fight them off, Eternally Rest one of them, and actually make a profit in spirit energy from what I had before resting, not to mention farm valuable experience points and essences. I didn't abuse this... much.


Now back in Mulsantir, I deliver the Tome of Profane Rebirth to Yusev the Acolyte of Kelemvor Temple for +1,500 Exp, Evil +2, Ring of Holiness (Bonus spell slot: Cleric 0-3).

I now hit twenty-fourth level, taking my seventh in Fighter: Fighter (7) / Bard (1) / Red Dragon Disciple (9) / Weapon Master (7); Dex +1.

Safiya also hits twenty-fourth level, taking her fourteenth in Wizard: Wizard (14) / Red Wizard of Thay (10); Int +1; Spells: Energy Immunity (7), Mordenkainen's Disjunction (9).

Gann hits twenty-third level: Spirit Shaman (23); Feats: Empower Spell, Maximize Spell.

Kaelyn hits twenty-second level (Level Adjustment +4): Cleric (22).

Power progression was quite steep in this segment (I gained four levels), mainly due to being under-leveled in comparison to the denizens of Death God's; I'm pretty sure it tapers off for the rest of the campaign - the rest of which, I have a feeling, will probably be even easier than this segment. Anyway, the party prepares themselves for their first adventure outside the city...

The Lake of Dreams
Recounting of MotB on hold, for now: I need a break from the kludginess of Electron, and would much rather be playing NWN mods and Baldur's Gate. I've backed up my save-games to return to this at a later date.


  1. I'll definitely keep up with this blog. Awesome stuff, love to read about all sorts of games on my phone, glad I found it!

    1. Thanks! My blog's mostly about recountings, or I guess you could call them "written Let's Plays that double as guides?" I have a couple of articles and reviews, and tbh, I'll probably be writing more of those rather than recountings in the future. And yes, the Blogspot posts can be very readable with smart phones, which I find convenient too.

    2. You can post your recount on the lparchive, so more people will see your excellent work.

  2. Next part will be reeeally interesting! :) I had the most memorable fight... game was rather easy until that section, but probably because the opponents targeted my character's weaknesses.

    Oh since you were speaking about phones... I do not know why but while reading is fine, I do not know why but my phone kept double posting (the first time I commented here). ^^'

  3. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to put this recounting on hold for awhile, I'm sort of burnt out on NWN2...

    I'm gonna try to post shorter posts in the future, probably just on NWN1 and mods (which I prefer, anyway).

    Not sure what caused the double posting for you... I think it happened to Savant on one occasion, too. Nevermind. :)

    1. A pity but I understand. I perfer Nwn1 too, it's a pity I discover this game only lately.
      I had a similar experience with Shadowrun Returns: OC is not so exciting but the dlc campaign is great and user campaigns are good too. It was a good play but I still find Nwn1 superior for the difficulty balance and situations, despite its ages and silly AI.

      Hmmm don't know, my phone kept duble posting, each time I had to delete one message. I was ashamed XD


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