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Mask of the Betrayer Retrospective Walkthrough - Part III

Act I - Wrath of the Bear-God (cont.)

Shadow Mulsantir

I have now concluded the Shadow Mulsantir quest by entering the portal into Shadow Mulsantir (+2,000 Exp). 

I never thought I'd say this but... the incessant silence makes me long for the din and clatter of the Rashemi townsfolk. - Safiya. 

This place resembles Mulsantir, yet everything seems muted somehow. - Gann.

I loot a nearby dirt mound for Death's Handmaiden (scythe, +4, Keen, Vamp regen +3) and +4938 GP.

We head north, uphill, taking out two Shadow Spiders and a Dread Wraith on the way (+469 Exp). Dread Wraiths sport 50% concealment, so I'm thankful for my Blind-Fight feat from my RDD levels.

Just off to our right is an "open home", which we now enter.

Dark, Dank Basement

Two Death Knights stand vigil over the corpse of Heilari and his phylactery. I peruse the open tome on necromantic lore, which describes a way to free a soul from a phylactery. As I ready myself to perform the ritual, Safiya's offers to assist; so I let her do it (Inf +6, +250 Exp, Good +1, Lawful +1). With Heilari's soul freed, the Death Knights take their leave ("Master has passed beyond...") and the corpse and phylactery fade away, leaving behind an amulet: Talisman of Pure Good (Wis +3, Cha +3, SR 12, Good only).

Heilari's journal paints him as possibly the most butthurt individual ever; who sought to become a lich because his revenge would take many lifetimes to accomplish. He also mentions the location of the Tome of Profane Rebirth being in Death God's Vault; perhaps if we find it we can bring it to Yusev, instead.

Heilari's journal and shit-list

In this segment my influence with Safiya reached Devoted (Total Inf +78, Bonus: Int +2, Conc +6, Save vs. Spells +2, Bonus feat: Improved Empower Spell.)

Kaji fails to de-trap the small chest, but at least succeeds in unlocking it (DC-35/DC-39). Inside, we find the Rakshasa Staff (Fire +1d8, Bonus 4th & 5th lvl spells for Wiz/Sorc, Charm Monster, Charm Person, Dominate Person charges) and scrolls of Energy Drain and Power Word: Kill.

The party can safely rest in the basement, any time they like. This is good if we need to avoid on-rest ambushes.

Shadow Mulsantir

We now continue north up the path to arrive at the entrance to Death God's Vault - guarded by two tough-ass Nightwalkers. It was primarily Safiya's Disintegrate castings that dispatched them.

In place of the Kelemvor Temple the imposing Death God's Vault now stands before us; a giant sculpture of Myrkul leering over the entrance. How inviting! 

Death God's Vault: Upper Level

Standing in the Great Hall, studying an ancient gate, is my third prospective companion: the white-winged Kaelyn the Dove, a Neutral Good Half-Celestial Cleric of seventeenth level (Level Adjustment +4).

I learn from Kaelyn that this Myrkulite temple isn't a shadow of the Temple of Kelemvor despite them occupying the "same" position; that it was actually built here, on purpose, by Myrkul's priests as a secret library to house relics and artifacts  - and as a prison complete with crematorium.

Kaelyn suggests teaming up to explore the side chambers, and to defeat the mummified and incorporeal undead lurking therein; I of course agree. I love how my bluff fails, but Gann takes over - no doubt with his tongue stuck in his cheek (Inf +6 with Kaelyn - thanks to Gann).

Kaelyn's comes equipped with decent gear, befitting her station: Half Plate +4, Mace +4, Shield of Dawn (small shield, armor bonus vs. Undead +2), Amulet of Divine Radiance (Cha +6, Bonus Feat: Extra Turning, Ring of Divine Power 4, Bonus spell slot Cleric 4), Ring of Protection +3, Belt of Guiding Light (Immunity: Death Magic).

I give her the Mace of Disruption +5 and Breastplate of Hidden Imaskar.


The gate puzzling Kaelyn leads to the Lower Vault; but is locked. We'll need to find a key, or "smooth metal blade" if we are to enter...

Kaelyn describes one of the mosaics - depicting Akachi the Betrayer wielding the silver Sword of Gith in revolt against Myrkul.

Our first chamber is the Scriptorium in the western wing of the level. The four Mummified Priests in here can be troublesome, what with their coordinated castings of Dispel and Silence, but we managed to push through (+1132 Exp). I also loot two offering urns for a Bloodstone and +2353 GP, causing a Dread Wraith to manifest from each (+130 Exp).

I now hit nineteenth level, taking my third in Weapon Master: Fighter (6) / Bard (1) / Red Dragon Disciple (9) / Weapon Master (3).

The scratching in the air, they are the spirits of the scribes, still penning Myrkul's scriptures even in death. - Kaelyn.
I strike the conspicuous gong, causing the ethereal scribes to manifest. The Chief Scribe informs us that the Myrkulite high priest is likely to hold the key to the lower level of Death God's; that the scrolls of the Lamentations of the Dead will also be found down there; and that I'll probably find necromantic lore for Yusev in the depths, too. We leave the ghostly scribes in peace.

There are also hard-to-see scrolls in here: those of Acid Fog, Circle of Death, Undeath to Death and Greater Shadow Conjuration (2).

Just north of the Scriptorium, curtains of blood cascade around us as we cross a platform over a blood-lake. On the far side, I spy three Death Knights kneeling reverently at an altar, in addition to six offering urns which I now loot to lure out the Dread Wraiths. I then provoke the scythe-wielding knights into hostile pursuit of me, hurrying back to the bottleneck provided by the platform over the lake. The nine undead units clump together mindlessly - all aggro focused on Gann and I - allowing Safiya and Kaelyn to unleash a devastating bombardment from safe distance, behind us. Having softened them up nicely, Kaelyn wades into the fray to drop successive Mass Heals centered on herself; inflicting immense positive energy damage on the remainder, who were already on their last legs.

The Death Knights yielded +2307 Exp total, plus Brilliant Power Essence (1), Volatile Power Essence (10), Bone Dancer's Ring (Immunity: Death Magic, Level/Ability Drain, Resist Piercing & Slashing 10/-) and the Death Knights Key; the six Dread Wraiths and their offering urns yielded +390 Exp total, plus Obsidian, Deadly Negative Energy Trap Kit, Magic Pouch (weight -20%), and +7635 GP.

The Death Knight leader is a Fighter (12) / Blackguard (14)

Safiya now hits ninteenth level, taking her ninth in Wizard: Wizard (9) / Red Wizard of Thay (10) - Greater Shout (8), Greater Heroism (6).

We now backtrack to the Great Hall and use the Death Knight's Key to access the eastern wing, wherein two more Mummified Priests and a Dread Wraith meet their demise. The offering urn from which the wraith manifested is looted for the Stone Eater's Ring (Flesh to Stone [5] 1/day); and the many skeletal remains laying about are looted for a scroll of Resurrection, Dagger +2, Potion of Heal (3), Thieves' Tools +6, Fire Agate and +10,163 GP.

The sounds you hear, they are born of ghosts. Do not let them distract you. - Kaelyn.

We creep down a passageway lined with prison cells, arriving at a crematorium with an immense, haunted furnace as its focal point.

Many died in this place. Their spirits lie thick here, like smoke. - Kaelyn.

Attempting to approach the furnace, we're at once ambushed by six Dread Wraiths and eight Cremated Spirits. Kaelyn ignites the crematorium with Fire Storm and Storm of Vengeance even as Safiya drops Empowered DBFBs, intensifying the heat such that the undead are burned to a crisp (+998 Exp, lots of essences).

The skeletal remains lined up on both sides can be looted for Fire Agate (16). 

Amusing dialogue between The Priest, The Child and The Brute ensues, beginning The Haunted Furnace quest; however, the Priest ignores our presence, so we can do naught but take our leave (for now).

Gann now hits ninteenth level: Spirit Shaman (19) - Feat: Extend Spell (for Persistent Spell at twenty-first level); Spells: Replace Summon Creature V (5) with Owl's Insight (5), Drown (6), Fire Storm (7), Premonition (8), Storm of Vengeance (9), Elemental Swarm (9), Mass Drown (9). Owl's Insight will help with Gann's Zen Archery and Kaelyn's spell DCs. Wait, how was I able to replace one spell with another? Search for "replacing" on this page.

We take our leave of the crematorium, and of Death God's Vault.

Shadow Mulsantir

As we did on the Prime Material Plane, we circle around the area in an anti-clockwise direction; in front of the prison looting two unmarked graves for +4408, Lich Skull helm (Cha -2, Conc +12, Spellcraft +12, SR 18), Black Robe of the Archmagi (AC armor bonus +5, Bonus Feat: Spell Penetration, all saves +1, SR 10), Shield of Darksteel Tower +2 tower shield (vs. Good +4), Greater Cloak of Protection Vs. Good (AC def +5 vs. Good).

En route to the hilltop, we lay three Greater Shadows to rest (+228 Exp), looting a dirt mound on the summit for the Dragon Slippers boots (Dex +2, Immunity to Fear & Knockdown, SR 10), +3945 GP.

The Temple of the Three site is in Shadow Mulsantir occupied by three Shadow Ghasts and two Malarites, which we lay waste to without issue (+494 Exp). The statues of Mielikki, Chauntea and Mystra are replaced by those of Talos, Malar and Velsharoon. We loot a dirt mound by the edge of the cliff for the Rod of the Ghost (Ghostly Visage [3] 1/day) and +5941 GP.

Having strolled down the slope to come full circle, we explore behind the Ice Troll Lodge and along the foot of the cliff, where we face off against six Shadow Umber Hulks, the long range of IGMS proving to be effective (+1206 Exp).

Another Shadow Portal is entered at the base of the cliff to reach a previously inaccessible area in Mulsantir. A "pile of debris" is cleared to reveal the skeletal remains of a rock-slide victim, whose crushed bones are relieved of the awesome Periapt of the Lost Witch (amulet, Immunity: Critical Hits, SR 30, Avasculate 1/day, Bestow Curse [11] Unlimited uses). Having looted another dirt mound for +5887 GP, we rest until nightfall to trigger the portal back to Shadow Mulsantir; then stroll south to the portal Sheva marked for us, returning to Mulsantir.


There are my siblings, Susah and Efrem! - Kaelyn.

Kaelyn is reunited with her siblings just outside the Veil, thereby capping off the Prodigal Daughter quest (+2,000 Exp). I release the siblings from their promise (Inf +6 Kaelyn) and gladly accept the gift from Efrem: Efrem's Stag Helm (AC def +4, Con +4, Freedom of Movement, Resist Divine 10/-, -50% weight reduction).

I loot two barrels just south of here for scrolls of Mass Bear's, Fox's, Eagle's, and Cat's; and +1385 GP.

Ferry Landing

The Ferry Landing and other theatre - The Sloop - are the last two areas to explore before we face Okku. The theatre is run by a little fat man named Vladek and his hulking Half-orc wife, Zorah the door guard.

Upon entry,  two scrubby bards are blown away by Kaelyn's presence; and are firmly dismissed by Gann when Kaelyn doesn't understand what they mean.

The Theskian merchant, Shelvedar Nuum, is drinking himself into a stupor at the bar (his was the wagon bogged outside the city gates); but nothing but friendly small-talk ensues.

The social scene becomes more edgy when we bump into a crew of xenophobic Rashemi cutthroats led by Fyldren of the Eleven Chairs, a Barbarian (12) / Frenzied Berserker (10). I gain Inf +11 for defending Safiya against his threats, causing the crew to rage hard - literally. The glorified bar-room brawl is over with quickly, yielding +894 Exp total, +8403 GP and the Deep Guardian's Plate (adamantine heavy armor, AC bonus +5, Immunity: Paralysis, SR 18).   

Behind the common room, I have Kaji unlock the doors to five lodgings (+380 Exp); each of which contain a single shoddy armoire from which we loot the following: Hide Armor +3, Padded Armor +2, Thieves' Tools +3, Deadly Gas Trap Kit, Cloak of Protection vs. Chaos (Armor bonus +2 def vs. Chaotic), +1419 GP.

Kaji unlocks the DC-35 door to the sixth room - Shelvedar's suite - and disables a DC-33 Fatal Electrical Trap lying across the threshold (+105 Exp; lamely, I receive no Exp for disabling the trap). Safely inside, he unlocks the DC-40 sturdy chest and disables the DC-25 trap on the fancy armoire (+245 Exp). We loot the chest for the Crossbow of Murder (light crossbow, +5 2d6 Mass Crits), Paralytic Bolt (99), Poison Bolt (99) and +2697 GP; the armoire for the Axe of the Culling (greataxe, +3, Fire +1d6, on-hit DC-14 Dispel Magic) and Potion of Heal (2).

A Shadow Portal appears in the corner of the room; we dive through, head first.

Shadow Mulsantir - Ferry Landing

Lurking at the shadowy far pier is Ivin Borsk (Fighter [20] / Rogue [5]), who questions us when we draw near their camp, and attacks when he realizes we have no business being there (this begins the Nest of Thieves & Spies quest). Ivin is backed up by a Telflammar Priest of Mask, Telflammar Wizard and a Telflammar Shadowmaster - two more of whom slide out of the shadows when combat begins, to sneak attack us. Fully buffed for the fight, I meet the stealthy foes head-on while Kaelyn and Gann unleash their storms even as Safiya drops DBFB and launches IGMS. Needless to say, the foes fell like flies from the onslaught, without us incurring much damage in return (+1723 Exp). Ivin's burned and battered corpse is looted for the Brown Dragon Shield (tower shield, +5, Damage Imm: Acid 75% bonus, Disintegrate 1/day), +5079 GP and Letter from Ivin Borsk; +3922 GP was shaken from the pockets of the other corpses.

The letter confirms Shelvedar Nuum as collaborating with Shadowmasters who sought to establish a guild in Mulsantir. I guess we should investigate this a little...

Buried in the dirt here is +5815 GP  and scrolls of Mass Inflict Critical Wounds and Create Greater Undead.

The Sloop

Back at the Sloop's bar, I confront Shelvedar with the evidence of him being a spy. I decide to show him mercy and simply let him go, thereby capping off the Nest of Thieves & Spies quest (+3,250 Exp, Chaotic +3, Good +3, Inf +6 with Kaelyn).

Before leaving, the Half-orc door guard, Zorah, demands we pay damages as a result of our earlier scuffle with Fyldren and crew (presumably, a chair leg was broken and pints of ale spilled). Unable to convince her otherwise, I'm forced to square things up (-500 GP).

Back outside, I now engage in amusing dialogue with Gann, who gives me some pro-tips on Okku; and basically tells me how unique and interesting he is: his poetic style and tone preventing him from seeming unattractive. Gann appreciates my dismissal of whoever his parents are (Inf +6, Total Inf +42).

I also engage with Kaelyn, with whom a completely different act is required. Kaelyn tells me the grave story of Akachi; and makes it clear that she intends to cast down the Wall of the Faithless. For agreeing with her that the Wall sounds unjust, and a cruel punishment, I gain Inf +17 (Total Inf +53).

Kaelyn now being Loyal, I'm honored to have her bestow upon me the Blessing of the Menagerie history feat. For both her and I, that means Wis +2 and Fortitude Saves +2.

Outside the Sloop are two barrels from which we gather Thieves' Tools +3 (2), Padded Armor +4 and +1773 GP.

At this point I've pretty much milked Act I Mulsantir for all its worth, with the exception of the Ice Troll Lodge (best to leave it until I get some strength under my belt).

Influence with my companions is as follows: Safiya Inf +89 (Devoted), Gann Inf +42 (Supportive; on the verge of Loyal) and Kaelyn Inf +53 (Loyal). To my disgrace, I missed a few banters and +Inf opportunities, too, poor role-player that I am. But whatevs, the interaction has been fairly fun so far.

Combat has more or less been a breeze, so I haven't felt the urge to craft anything at this point (I've accumulated a couple hundred essences, too, without  farming). If memory serves, the most powerful crafts come from special essences which use Spirit-eater feats, anyway (more on that in the next post or two). One thing I noticed is that Safiya won't be able to craft acid-based weapons for me since her opposing school is Conjuration, under which the required spells fall (Melf's Acid Arrow & Acid Fog). I remember the rarely-resisted acid being particularly useful in HotU and SoZ -- but I'm getting ahead of myself and starting to ramble; I guess we'll see as the campaign continues, what opportunities I have for crafting.

So then! Fairly satisfied with their progress and performance hitherto, the party stroll up to the Bazaar and across to the gates to prepare themselves for the finale of Act I. 

Okku & The Spirit Army; and then Act II begins!


  1. "Back at the Sloop's bar"

    I was never able to complete that quest, and/or to go back to the bar :(
    I don't know, maybe I did something wrong (like progressing too much on the main quest) but the pathway was blocked.
    too bad.

    1. I guess it's possible something stuffs up if you leave that quest until later; I never have, so I dunno. It's completely optional, though.

      I thought The Sloop - and some other MotB areas - are under-developed in their design. Things like just not even having placeables in spots where you'd expect something to be; or even poor placement. Itt's the little things that are missing (bottles on the bar, a vase on a chest of drawers, poor texturing, certain ambient sounds - that sort of thing). I've played amateur NWN modules with more atmosphere than some areas of MotB. I think some areas really point obviously to the fact Obsidian ran out of time and/or money.

      But for the most part, they did good work.

    2. Do you find the big gate to the beach/shore always open?

      "I thought The Sloop - and some other MotB areas - are under-developed in their design."

      Well re-visitin Crossroad Keep in SoZ I had this experience.
      Yes some mods are really well done, placement and distances are optimal. Still MotB is quite good anyway.

    3. I believe it's always open, except in Shadow Mulsantir where it's always closed.

      And oh yeah, SoZ Crossroad Keep was as lifeless as it gets, you could hear a pin drop.


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