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The Aielund Saga: Act Two - Part VII

Act Two Finale

 Back in Fairloch Docklands we step off the pier...

Over here! - Sparky (thieves guild merchant)

... and bump into Sparky who brings us up-to-date on current events. Firstly, the thieves guild has apparently been dismantled by Deckard; secondly, the castle gates have mysteriously been locked up. Sparky now informs us of a secret access point which bypasses the gates, then darts off to meet us later in the Market sewers.

We'll meet back up with her soon, but first we cash in our haul from the Isle (bal = 310,000 GP). We then stroll over to the Castle to test these gates for ourselves. Yep, they're locked and there's no bashing them down.

I don't understand it. These gates haven't been locked in three decades. What the hell is going on in there? - City Watchman.

We duck down into the Market sewers behind us and first check on the thieves guild, which we confirm has indeed been raided by the authorities - the secret door is gone, too. Pleased with our part in taking them down, we now meet up with Sparky in the southeast. Here we simply plop into the icky water and duck dive under the wall to enter the Castle sewers.

In keeping with other District sewers these ones are home to more Stag Beetles. We squish the bugs along with the Hive Mother (+396 EXP), then cross a bridge over murky water.

On the other side two hulking Shield Guardians emerge from the mist (+396 EXP ea).

We climb a stone staircase up from the sewers and into the Castle dungeons wherein several sneak attacking City Watchman Imposters foolishly engage us (+35 EXP ea).

I'm starting to think these aren't the real guards boss. No, really! - Ronan.


Oi! Over here! Let us out! These aren't the real guards! - Inmate.

No, they're not. But you're still the real crims so we're leavin ya there.

The next lot to assail us are bolstered by a Shadow Monk (+220 EXP).


Flies buzz around the carnage we just added to... many legit guards and knights slaughtered and stripped of their possessions.


Cries for help are heard from up ahead, those of imprisoned castle workers and maids.

Help! Help us, please! - Catherine Makepeace.

Catherine informs us that the hooded men were let in by someone on the inside, and then she saw the Duke giving orders to them.


The trio climb upstairs again to the castle lower level.

In the servant chambers I hone my skills on two more monks.


Lurking in the dining hall is yet another monk backed up by five tanky Imposter Knights (+220 EXP ea).


Ronan unlocks the door to the armory (DC 28).

The King's armory. It has been stripped of nearly everything of value, probably for the war effort. - PC.

Ooo, shiny. - Maggie.

There's a set of Roebec Family Armor (Immunity: Sneak Attack) here, but that's it.

The kitchen hosts a third encounter with a monk and five more heavy infantry.

Level Up to 18!

Lilura: Champion of Torm (5) / Paladin (9)/ Fighter (4), Great Cleave
Ronan: Rogue (18) Uncanny Dodge V
Maggie: Druid (18)

Upstairs once more and we find ourselves on the ground level of the Castle. Once alerted to our presence, the many patrolling knights open doors and even bash them down to get to us. I believe this is a feature of Tony K's, and it's very cool.


I tank one last batch as Maggie devastates from a position of safety.


I have a feeling we're in for a tough fight up ahead. - Maggie.

These guys put up a tough fight. I wonder how many are guarding the Duke. - Ronan.

We buff up and step into the Throne Room.

Here the Duke hastily approaches and initiates conversation with us as the Castellan quietly steps into view and stands behind the Duke. (This is very well presented, and in fact this whole segment shines. It shows how cutscenes are rarely needed - you can easily do subtle things in realtime).


Eastern warriors, Chen and Sakima, now staunchly pace in and stand by the Castellan in a show of strength and support. (This all occurs as dialogue unfolds... nice).


Now the Castellan runs towards the royal bedrooms to cut Criosa's throat himself.

Oh no you don't, scoundrel! I will stop you! - Duke. lol

Here in the background you can see the Duke chasing after the Castellan as the trio engage with the Castellan's deadly duo. I focus my attention on Chen (a cleric) since he's easily the deadliest of the two; at the same time I also conveniently draw the aggro of the Shadow Warrior leader, Sakima. With my exceptional tanking ability, that's perfect.


Ronan has moved into an ideal position here to flank and devastate Sakima with sneak-crits (see his blade bottom left) while Maggie hung back to fling out an Ice Storm.


After downing Sakima in record time Ronan joins me on Chen to finish the fight before either could quaff or cast Full Heal to draw it out. Having all aggro focused on me is of course key as neither Ronan nor Maggie can contend with Sakima's melee prowess.


Their drops are top-class for our level (that katana!) but there's nothing any of us can really utilize except the amulet.

Sakima Hoshiro (+572 EXP, Diamond Edge katana [+3, Keen, Mass crits 2d10], Wakazashi +3, Amulet of Natural Armor +4, Arrow of the Vampire (53).

Chen (+396 EXP, Heavy Mace +4, Bracers of Armor +4, Tower Shield +4, Half Plate +4, +61 GP).

In pursuit of the two nobles we charge from the throne room, through a door to the royal bedrooms, and then down a corridor where the unarmored Duke is way outmatched by the last knights standing.

Quickly! You must help the Princess! - Duke.

The Duke is struck down by a knight, but not killed.

Oh God, my heart! Must... save... - Duke.
The poor old man drops to his knees, clutching at his heart. The trio step around him (Maggie now lumbering along in Greater Earth Elemental form), bash down the door and barge into Criosa's bedroom...

... where she and the Castellan are fencing. I intervene and blood gushes forth from the Castellan's chest, draining him of all life (+0 EXP, Rapier +3, Ring of Protection +4). With his death the threat to Criosa and the City has been neutralised. (And Sir Godfrey avenged!)


(+3000 EXP).

The game now presents it's first cutscene, the whole thing viewed from the below-pictured angle.

Lilura, you have come before us today to be recognised for your stellar service to this nation in it's time of need. Faced with a conspiracy against the crown from unknown persons, you and your companions sought out the traitors and brought them to justice. So it is with unanimous consent of this royal court, and my heartfelt appreciation, that I bestow upon you this honor. Kneel before me, Lilura. For unequaled bravery and loyalty to the crown, I name you Dame Lilura of the Order of Aielund. Stand, and be recognised. *I stand* Congratulations! - Princess Criosa Roebec.

And this concludes Act Two of the Aielund Saga.

Next up: Act Three: Return of the Ironlord - Part I


  1. "(This is very well presented, and in fact this whole segment shines. It shows how cutscenes are rarely needed - you can easily do subtle things in realtime)."

    Completely agree, I thought it was amazing but not IN YOUR FACE obvious. Genius of Savant (the author, for those unaware).

  2. Hello, I'm not sure if you're getting any of these messages but how do I find Sparky? Where do you encounter her? I've no clue how to get into the castle. I've been to the south-east section of the market sewer tunnels. Help please?

    1. Hi, Dung Tran. If you don't see Sparky in the sewers, maybe you didn't talk to her when you stepped off the pier? Try looking for her there, first.


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