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Tyranny Walkthrough - Part V

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Vendrien's Well Citadel
Outer Grounds

PRIMARY QUEST: ASSAULT ON THE CITADEL. Upon your arrival Fifth Eye will wave you down and explain the situation to you. Magical wards on the gates to the Citadel are being maintained by the Vendrien Sages from the inside. You will have to scale the Citadel walls and deal with them so that the Blood Chanters are free to unleash fire on the gate to blow it away, burn the Vendriens, and instill terror to their ranks. We also need to be on lookout for rival Disfavored forces that are assaulting the Citadel independently of us (+26 party experience).
• First up, help the Chorus take out the two Sun Soldiers and Archer who attack from the north. CorpseBroken Helmet.
Wagon on the right of the warded gatePotion of Elemental Protection, Staggering Burn, Hide, Iron Ingot.
• Ok, disarm the traps (Subterfuge: 38)  as you head north to face off against five-strong Vendrien who have set up camp to guard the destroyed section of the Citadel's western wall. Sun Soldier x2, Outrunner, Honor Guard, Archer.
Chest (Subterfuge: 37): Merchant's Boots, Drowsy Drop, Tierforged Bronze Spear

• My tactics are to buff the party with Spectral Blur (+graze & +hit deflection), Surge of Glory (+dmg, +resolve) and Greater Renewal (+armor penetration); then, I fire a Penetrating Shot from cover of stealth to instill terror and make them run around in a panic (From the Shadows). (I usually prioritize Outrunner units because I find their Blink Strike quite annoying.) I also have Verse open up with Eternal Flame in the same way (from stealth), causing her target to flail their arms about and scream as they burn. Then I send in Barik to taunt the others with Clash of Iron and tank them with Stance: Phalanx I and Shield Wall while Lantry unleashes cone AoEs and Verse and I sit back taking potshots. We let loose Hobble & Hobble Prey to keep the heat off, too.  Image: A Penetrating Shot whizzes in from left of screen to strike two enemies at the same time and inflict terror and bleeding status on them. If you can line several victims up, it's pretty effective. Btw, I intend to branch out from my Range tree into Agility for Sneak Attack and Magic for Enfeeblement. This should make my opening volley even more devastating than it already is. I've noticed that it's possible to lure units out and break up the mobs into more manageable numbers, if you're careful. There are "calls for help", but one or two tend to overstep the mark and commit themselves to taking you on, to their demise.

• Ok, another interaction check: Climb the wall (Athletics: 31) (+26 party experience). Once on the wall, proceed along its northern section to arrive at a staircase leading down to the courtyard, dispatching the Sun Soldier and Archer along the way. 
Chest (Subterfuge: 24): Merchant's Hat, Heavy Leather Gloves.
• When she catches sight of you down in the courtyard Tarkis Arri (sister of Demos) will order her entourage to fall back to Ascension Hall, but not before commanding the rest of her troops to hold the courtyard against you. Slay the Honor Guard, Sun Soldier and Outrunner and then take out the two Sages maintaining the wards on the gate.

• The Blood Chanters will then blow away the gate and bust through into the courtyard, led by Fifth Eye. Likewise, Erenyos' Disfavored will charge in via the other gate that has been breached by them. STAND OFF. Fifth Eye will order Erenyos to withdraw, but she isn't the type to back down. You will have no choice but to continue into the Keep and leave the two factions to war among themselves.
Chest: Cheese, Chest in wagon (Subterfuge): Light Bronze Ridge Helm, Weapon rack on wagon: Bronze DaggerSage corpse: Potion of Invisibility & Sage's Boots.

Citadel Barracks

• Ok, the party has made its way into the keep (+26 party experience). The enemy will be alerted to your presence thanks to the Sun Soldier whose whistle echoes throughout the halls. But, despite their numbers, they don't all come out to meet you head-on. Instead, it seems they prefer to stay put and be picked off, pack by pack. Also, there are zero traps in the barracks. I would have thought they had the time to lay SOME down, but I guess not. Ammo crate: Chalcedony, Weapon rack: Sun Soldier's Shield.
• Proceed into the next chamber to take out the Outrunner, Sun Soldier, Honor Guard, Sage, and Archer.
The barricades in the hallways force you to head towards the kitchen, where you will find two Sun Soldiers waiting for you to come and get them. One of them drops Broken Armor & Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze GrievesShelf: Bronze Dagger, Table: Fruit, Loose stone (Subterfuge): Potion of Protection & Lesser Healing Potion.
• Next, cross the main hallway and enter the study, slaying the Sage, Sage Apprentice and Outrunner holed up within. Loot the place. Bookshelf: Scroll, Chest (Subterfuge: 43): Marshberry. Interaction check on the table: Read the scroll to learn the Sigil of Force (Core) (Lore: 30).

• Lastly proceed north down the main hallway to reach the entrance to Ascension Hall. Oh, Variah Kel! You will remember that she was tied to a post by Fifth Eye back in his camp, but I had her conscripted and sent back to infiltrate the Vendriens as a Chorus agent. As a result, she flashed me a knowing look and a slight nod, which I returned; then, she gutted the Honor Guard adjacent to her but was immediately struck down by the other Vendriens as they charged the party. Slay the remaining Sage, Outrunner and two each of Sun Soldier and Archer to complete your assault on the barracks (+26 party experience)Variah Kel corpse: Beastblood Pollen, Sage corpse: Sage's Robes, Barrel: Agate x2.

Ascension Hall

• March down the hall to the throne room and confront Tarkis Arri, sister of Demos and "defacto leader of the dwindling Vendrien Guard". Her head held high, she is prepared to fight to the death for the pride and dignity of all her kinsmen. That the rebellion has landed them all in deep shit with Kyros' factions does not phase her in the slightest (Subterfuge: 43, +8 exp), and she won't be bargained with or reasoned with in this situation: a battle is inevitable.
• Arri is backed up by Tidecaster Eb and a support crew that includes Sage, Sage Apprentice, Archer, Honor Guard and Outrunner. To cap off this encounter you will need to slay the support crew and wear down Arri and Eb to the point of them kneeling on the ground in defeat. Easier said than done. Pull out all stops!

• The blood-thirsty Fifth Eye then charged into the hall crying, "Crush them! Crush them all!", but the battle was already over. I told the gleeful Crimson Spear that I was honored to have a hand in the glory (Chorus: Gain Average Favor). He gifted me Rending Edge (One-Handed Axe, Jagged: inflicts bleeding on critical hit) in thanks but you may receive another item such as the Pillar of Courage (Two-handed Staff. Quality: Superior, Damage: 9-10 Crush [Base: 10-11] [DPS: 7] vs. Dodge, Recovery: 0.5s [1.5s total], Attack Skills: Control Vigor [39] & Magic Staff [50], Courage: Immunity to Frightened) or Mirrored Stompers (i.e, the reward is random). There was an option here to betray my alliance with the Chorus and declare the valley my own, but I won't be doing that.

• Anyway, Arri was defiant in her defeat: "May Pox take your children." (Chorus: Gain Average Favor, Vendrien Guard: Gain Major Wrath, Disfavored: Gain Average Favor). For me, this unlocked the third tier Wrath Vendrien Guard reputation ability, Unnerving Presence (nearby enemies are afflicted with an accuracy penalty). Finally, I lay claim to Ascension Hall and declare all in the valley free from the Edict. So yeah, the Edict of Execution is ENDED. (You will notice that you gain 400 points of Power, but more on that later.)

• Suddenly, the Fatebinder levitates above the hall as the Citadel crumbles around her, and the party are transported to who-knows-where, leaving Bitter Quip and the other Chorus forces to stare about dumbly in the hall, wondering what just happened. PRIMARY QUEST: ASSAULT ON THE CITADEL (COMPLETE) (+244 party experience).

Mountain Spire of Vendrien's Well

• The party step out of the portal to find themselves standing upon a slab of ancient stone suspended above the clouds, the masonry of the hall all torn away to reveal a masterfully crafted structure that no Tiersman could build. This is the pinnacle of the Mountain Spire of Vendrien's Well. To the east can be seen the Burning Library, and to the west the Spire of Lethian's Crossing.

• Fifth Eye, Eb and Arri are with us, too. I ordered Fifth Eye to send word to VoN of our success - "Our Glory overfloweth!" - and to send my compliments to the Archon of Secrets (Chorus: Gain Minor Favor, VoN: Gain Minor Favor). I COULD have declared the Spire an extension of Tunon's Court but my intention is to "hunt with the Chorus" to the very end, if that's feasible.
Companion: EbTidecaster Eb bowed and pledged her life to the Fatebinder, who forgave her on the proviso that she serves well (Eb: Gain Major Loyalty).  Upon her recruitment you will have five attribute points and five talents to assign to two trees (Tidal & Gravelight) in order to tailor Eb to your liking. You also have access to the party manager window, in which you may hire and fire your companions. The maximum is a four-person party, so you need to carefully choose who you go with in order to compose a party in which each member complements one another and is able to pull their weight under various combat scenarios. Common sense, really.

Anyway, the next stage of the campaign has begun... :: Fade to black and slideshow ::

Vendrien's Well has fallen. For the second time since the conquest began Kyros' armies take the citadel from its defenders. With your help, the Vendrien Guard rebellion has been crushed.

Having taken Ascension Hall with your Scarlet Chorus allies, you satisfied the terms of the Edict. You and the forces of Kyros are free from the Overlord's death sentence.

With the threat of execution no longer looming overhead, the Overlord's armies turned their attention away from the citadel and toward each other. The tensions that flared over the long siege reached an explosive crescendo as the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus armies clashed iron and bronze in a hasty, disorganized battle.

After a brief exchange that left his soldiers bloodied, Graven Ashe withdrew his army from the valley, pulling the Disfavored back to their secure fort in the Blade Grave.

Once his army finished licking their wounds, the Voices of Nerat ordered the Scarlet Chorus to gather in the Stone Sea and prepare for war - this time against their former allies.

The Archon of Secrets instructed his soldiers to respect your lawful claim over the Spire. Though a few greedy stragglers still lurk in the valley, the Scarlet Chorus were content to leave your stronghold uncontested.

As days pass, the wounded and injured were nursed to health. You explored your strange bastion and planned your next steps with careful deliberation.

As word spreads that the Scarlet Chorus and Disfavored turned on each other, factions once resolved to bend the knee are inspired instead to continue fighting. The Archons' feud has heralded the collapse of Kyros' offensive.

Tunon, the Archon of Justice, observes the chaos and discord spreading across the land. The Archon summons his Fatebinder to return to court at the Bastard City and report on her actions in Vendrien's Well.

Continued in Part VI.

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