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Tyranny Walkthrough - Part IV

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Northern Clearing

• We are here to tackle Side Quest: Earthshaker's Reinforcements, which we accepted from Commander Ceveus in the Disfavored Camp (see Part II).

• Loot the Earthbreaker corpses strewn about for Earthshaker Hood, Earthshaker Staff and Potion of Elemental Barrier. The overturned wagons are holding Heavy Bronze Ridge Helm and Fatiguing Toxin (Subterfuge).
• Dispatch the Honor Guard, Sun Soldier, Archer, Sage and Outrunner just to the north and loot their corpses for Broken Armor and Sun Soldier's Shield.
• Once the Vendriens have been vanquished Earthbreaker Helspar will recognize you as an ally and magically move the massive stone that protected them against the ambush (Disfavored: Gain Average Favor). Helspar will inform you that Commander Radix Ironstone is not among them. Regardless, the circle of Earthbreakers will leave to fulfill their duties in the valley once you inform them of the Edict (+50 party experience).
• Ok, return to the Disfavored Camp to find Ceveus and Iron Marshal Erenyos questioning Helspar about RadixErenyos will reward you for services rendered: 750 rings & Emerald Pin (Regenerating: +1% Heal every 6 secs) (Disfavored: Gain Average Favor). Side Quest: Earthshaker Reinforcements (Completed) (+100 party experience).

Echocall Crossing

PRIMARY QUEST: THE BATTLE FOR ECHOCALL CROSSING. The battle will have already begun when you arrive at the crossing. Speak with Antio and Bitter Quip to learn that Disfavored forces are in disarray: they attempted to cross the river's western bridge but were washed away by agents of the School of Tides, who are assisting the Vendrien rebellion (i.e, Eb). I told Antio that a direct attack was dumb and that Bitter Quip was wise to hold back his Furies (Chorus: Gain Minor Favor) (Disfavored: Gain Minor Wrath). Then, Quip started to get precious about putting his Furies in harm's way, but changed his tune when I threatened to let VoN know of his cowardice (Subterfuge: 36, +8 exp) (+20 party experience). Anyway, the party agreed to create a distraction on the eastern bridge while the Fury set a rope to the broken western one, so that it may be crossed.

• Loot the two crates outside the nearby abandoned home, one of which requires Subterfuge to detect. They are holding Tiersman Hunting Bow, Broken Armor, Bronze Greataxe, Fruit, Lesser Healing Potion x2, Water and Camping Supplies.
• Ok, follow the road northeast towards the eastern bridge, looting Disfavored corpses and disarming the traps along the way. Corpses: Red Moss Poultice, Potion of Revival, Broken Falx, Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Helmet, Broken Helmet. Traps (Subterfuge: 23, 23).
• Just to the north, two Outrunners are poised for attack at the southern end of the bridge. Slay them.
• Two Vendriens will flee to the northern end of the bridge and raise it when they catch sight of you attempting to cross it. I recognized Matani Sybil's heraldry as that of House Mitani (Lore: 36, +24 exp) and called for her to lower the bridge and surrender, but she dismissed the demand with phallic gestures (+20 party experience).
• The distraction created, I return to Antio and Quip to learn that, in the meantime, they had been successful in setting the rope to the collapsed bridge. I credited Quip for this change in circumstances (Chorus: Gain Minor Favor, Disfavored: Gain Minor Wrath), unlocking the Merciless reputation ability (+5% Hit Precision on targets below 35% health) (+20 party experience).

Interaction check. You will need Athletics: 29 to negotiate the rope crossing and arrive safely on the river's northern side (+20 party experience).
• Assist the lone Fury who is outmatched by four-strong Vendrien. Loot the archer's corpse for Vendrien Guard Light Bronze Grieves and the Sage's for Sage's Hood and Staff of Boreal Frost.
Kyros' butchers have come! Flee! The settlers will run screaming as you circle around toward the outskirts of the village. Loot the sack here for Bloodstone & Topaz.
• Next, proceed east along the northern side of the river to confront Sybil, who will command her outnumbered troops to flee. One of the soldiers broke ranks when I brandished my weapon (Athletics: 36, +46 exp). Sybil also fled the scene and left the party to take on yet another generic Vendrien crew, whose corpses yielded Imperial Iron Falcata, Broken Bow, Vendrien Bow x2.
Image (below): Here Matani flees as Verse and I concentrate ranged fire on the hapless Vendrien Sage.

• Addenda to Side Quest: Forged-Bound Iron. On this side of the river, and to the east, you will find two clues pertaining to the whereabouts of the missing iron shipment; namely the waterlogged crates in the northeast and the Shattered Iron Sword held in a wooden chest by the bridge control. The updates are not quest-critical. Loot the barrel here for Grain & Rotspear; the crate for Light Leather Boots (Subterfuge).
• The grateful Antio and Bitter Quip will cross the eastern bridge once you have lowered it. When you are ready, push on into the village itself to track down Sybil and locate the iron shipment.

Echocall Village

Echocall settlers will flee and cower in fear when they catch sight of your party. Dispose of the two Sun Soldiers who stand against you in the marketplace, which you should then pick clean of loot. Crate: Potion of Revival, Potion of Protection. Barrel: Water. Wagon chest (Subterfuge: 23)Fish & Grain.
• Next, slay two more Sun Soldiers as you weave your way north, being wary of the traps en route (Subterfuge: 36, 36). Loot the crates in the far northwest for the Mending Grips (Vigilant: +2% Health while has wounds every 6 secs) (Subterfuge), Lesser Healing Potion x2 & Camping Supplies, the barrel on the roof for Mead & Water, and the crate for Light Bronze Ridge Helm.
Sybil will appear on the rooftop in the south to command a trio of hillfolk to take you out: Honor Guard, Sage ApprenticeSun Soldier. Slay them and loot one of the corpses for a Broken Helmet. The crate here just holds a Lesser Healing Potion (Subterfuge: 36).
• Climb to the roof in pursuit and you will find her boxed in, flanked by SageOutrunner, Sun Soldier Honor Guard. I showed them mercy by allowing them to escape before the Disfavored arrived in the village (Vendrien Guard: Gain Major Favor). Of course, that was against Barik's wishes (Barik: Lose Minor Loyalty x2) (+154 party experience). I told Antio that I let Sybil go (Disfavored: Lose Minor Favor), and then ordered the settlement to be preserved and the settlers conscripted into the Chorus (Vendrien Guard: Gain Minor Wrath, Chorus: Gain Average Favor) (+33, +22 party experience).

Antio will then inform you that the Archons are meeting in the Disfavored Camp, and that your presence is required there. (The stack of barrels on the roof holds Iron Greatsword & Imperial Iron Falcata.)

 As you backtrack out of the village you will notice Old Man Mua standing outside his abode, muttering about the "purple imbeciles". Now, there is an interaction check on the door to his home: use Subterfuge: 41 to pick its lock or Athletics: 36 to break it.
• Inside, you will find Heavy Bronze Crested Helm and Scroll: Lesser Sigil of Strength (Accent) in the crate, and, more importantly, the Forge-Bound Iron Ingots stashed in a barrel. The old man will barge in and tell you to get out, but question him about the iron to find out that he was forced to hide the it by the Vendriens who stole it from Disfavored supply lines. The party left him in peace (+33 party experience). Deliver the ingots to the Disfavored blacksmith and he will reward you with 1,000 rings (Disfavored: Gain Average Favor)Side Quest: Forged-Bound Iron (Complete) (+134 party experience).

Ashe's War Tent

• To no surprise GvA and VoN are still "going at it" when you return. I reported that the missions in Tripnettle and Echocall were successful, no thanks to the Disfavored (GvA: Gain Minor Wrath). In regard to the former I added that Pelox Florian will demoralize the enemy by being on our side, since he is from an influential family (VoN: Gain Minor Favor). In regard to the latter Iron Marshal Erenyos reported that the Fatebinder backed the Chorus claim not to torch the village  (GvA: Gain Minor Wrath). Erenyos' then inquired into the fate of Matani Sybil, to which I responded honestly: that I let her go. This got GvA pretty steamed. I then gave the Archons their orders: The Chorus will lead Kyros' forces to the Citadel (GvA: Gain Very Major Wrath, VoN: Gain Very Major Favor). This agitated the Archon of War greatly. He vowed to carve a path of his own to the Citadel, convinced of Chorus incompetence; then, he lifted his mighty maul and slammed it into the ground with a thunderous boom — his way of declaring war between the Archons. To be clear, the Disfavored & Scarlet Chorus factions are now in a state of CIVIL WARPRIMARY QUEST: THE BATTLE FOR ECHOCALL CROSSING (Complete) (+60 party experience).

• PRIMARY QUEST: ASSAULT ON THE CITADEL. You will be timelapsed to the outer grounds of the camp, having been knocked out by GvA's AoE and carried there by Barik. When you "come to" Fifth Eye requests that you meet up with VoN at the Chorus Camp, post-haste. Barik was understandably pissed with the allegiance made by the Fatebinder — and ready to leave the party as a result! He roared with fury and shoved the Fatebinder, who promptly reminded him that she is an agent of the Court (Lore: 38, 25 exp). And, by my office - and in dire need of a tank - I commanded Barik to remain in the party: Very well. Know that whenever I raise my arm in combat, I would rather... I would rather bring it down on your head. It will be interesting to see what becomes of our "relationship", if you wanna call it that. This lumbering paragon of war is verging on fifth tier Fear, btw.
• (The gates to the Disfavored Camp are now closed to me.)

Scarlet Chorus Camp

• The Eve of battle. The Fatebinder found the Voices of Nerat waiting in the middle of camp, surrounded by the corpses of Vendriens impaled on spikes. I accepted to lead the vanguard of the Scarlet Chorus. VoN will now mobilize the camp and meet us at the staging grounds of the Citadel. Sell off any loot you don't need, buy up on whatever you do need, make sure everyone is trained up for their level and healed of wounds, and then set off on the seven hour hike to the towering Citadel of Vendrien's Well! (+26 party experience.)

Continued in Part V 

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