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Tyranny Walkthrough - Part VI

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Mountain Spire of Vendrien's Well

Please refer to the end of the previous post for the intro to the Spire and the narrative that explains the situation in which the party currently finds themselves. But basically, the Fatebinder-led Scarlet Chorus were successful in quelling the Vendrien rebellion to end the Edict of Execution, but Kyros' conquest of the tiers has hit a snag thanks to the civil war being waged between the Chorus and Disfavored factions. Moreover, after defeating the rebel leader in the pivotal battle in Ascension Hall, it was revealed that the Fatebinder possessed mystical powers of her own, enough to awaken a several hundred year old Spire, and make the Tiers of Terratus tremble...

PRIMARY QUEST: KYROS' VOICE. Ok, Crimson Spear Fifth Eye reported that VoN has pulled back to the base at Cacophony and that we should meet him there to discuss the civil war waged against the Disfavored. I agreed to meet up with him but not before I meet up with Tunon, the Archon of Justice (Chorus: Gain Average Favor). The Fatebinder must travel to Tunon's Court in the Bastard City and get Tunon up to speed on what went down at Vendrien's Well

PRIMARY QUEST: STIRRING VISIONS. Highly satisfied with the current situation, Fifth Eye strolled over to the portal to descend the Spire, but suddenly squealed in panic as it deactivated before he could step into it. Interact with the mysterious sculptured device in the center of the platform and you will have an out-of-body experience as you form a mystical connection with the Spires scattered across the Tiers. When you return to awareness the portal will have reactivated (and Fifth Eye will take his leave) (+37 party experience). To continue this quest the Fatebinder must travel to Lethian's Crossing and investigate its Spire.

• Both the Bastard City & Sunset Spire locations should now be marked on your world map. But first, we have some business to attend to, here, at Vendrien's Well.

Lantry Banter. The Vendrien Sage inquired into whose side I intend to take in the civil war, to which I responded that I roll with the Chorus. The 84 year-old Lantry was relieved that I didn't much care about his origins (Lantry: Gain Average Loyalty). But then I probed him on his more recent past, making it clear that I know he is smarter than he acts (Subterfuge: +45, +7 exp). He revealed that, 30 years ago, an agent for VoN sent him to the School of Ink & Quill, where he eventually became part of VoN's earlier "invasions"; that is, the under-handed moves he made that preceded the current war. Lantry was supposed to win the School over to the notion of surrender, but the militant tiersmen elders grew defiant and took a stand against Kyros' forces - culminating in the Edict of Fire. I thanked him for the info and asked him not to keep secrets from me in the future (Lantry: Gain Major Loyalty). Lantry is the quintessential sage, able to offer insights into the nature of Edicts, Archon magic, Spellcraft, the Oldwalls and the Spires. I bled him dry for the lore and unlocked the third tier Loyalty companion combo ability, Wheel of Ages.

Verse & Barik banter. Verse revealed that Barik and her share the same father (requires tier 3 reputation with either). I observed that they fight well together, perhaps as a result of their shared heritage; however, they both refused my request to train together even when I bluffed that perhaps they are not up to the challenge (Subterfuge: 45, +7 exp); and even though my reputation with them is pretty solid: Verse is at tier 3 Loyalty (94% to tier 4) and Barik is at tier 4 Fear (95% to tier 5). I thought that perhaps I required fifth tier reputation with them (only achievable with a Very Major gain), but the simple encouragement of "I want you to give it a shot" was enough to get them to spar and unlock the Arrow Storm companion combo between them. Barik is of course still majorly steamed. To his mind, I have betrayed GvA, the legion, the northern countrymen and the campaign itself. To him, I am an agent of great misdeeds, an ally of VoN, an enemy of GvA, and no friend of his. He leaned in looking like he was going to throttle me, so I punched him in the guts (Athletics: 25, +28 exp). "Let us be clear on one point - You have my blade, but my heart belongs to Ashe and the north. I am a weapon bound to you only by duty. Nothing more". Then, he turned away and was silent. So yeah, I still have my meatshield in the party. But for how long?

Eb banter. As with Lantry, if you chase the lore-dump with Eb she can certainly oblige. Walking, talking encyclopedias - the both of them. With tongue in cheek Eb wondered how she should address me: "the lady of Vendrien's Well, Queen of the Spires, Princess of the suggestive vertical slab?" But Lilura will suffice. Then, when she inquired into my plans, I responded that "the Chorus, Disfavored - all of the Overlord's minions will fall" (this is actually false: I'm exploiting the dialogue to gain Loyalty with Eb in order to receive her Sigil) (Eb: Gain Average Loyalty). I thanked Eb for any assistance she can offer (Eb: Gain Average Favor, Lose Average Fear). I inquired into whether she controls water or mimics the tidal effects that moons have on water, to which she responded "both"; then, I observed that she signs her magic with a great deal of anger (Lore: 45, +26 exp, Lore40, +21 exp). I did not push her to tell me about Cairn (Eb: Gain Average Loyalty). Finally, fourth tier Loyalty enabled me to convince her to share the Tidecaster legacy; that is, I received from her the Sigil of Terratus (Core) and gained five ranks in the Control Gravelight skill. (Third tier Loyalty previously unlocked the Terratus' Embrace companion combo ability, too. However, I won't be recruiting Eb into the party at this point. I would really like to, though. We'll see.)

Companion reputations. Verse: Loyalty 3 (94% to tier 4), Barik: Fear 4 (95% to tier 5), Lantry: Loyalty 4 (92% to tier 5), Eb: Loyalty 4 (85% to tier 5), Sirin: Loyalty 1.
Faction reputations. Scarlet Chorus: Favor 4.5, Disfavored: Wrath 2.1, Vendrien Guard: Wrath 4.1.
Archon reputations. Graven Ashe: Wrath maxed, The Voice of Nerat: Favor 4.2.

Spire & Upgrades

• So, you now have access to your very own stronghold! Resting here grants you a rest bonus that bestows +5 to all skills. You can also purchase upgrades to your Mountain Spire in the form of trainersvendors, and perhaps other services down the track (*to be updated). You will have to hire them for a sum of rings and then "area transition" for the NPCs (a max of six at any one time) to actually appear atop the Spire (e.g, descend to Ascension Hall and reascend to the Spire); however, Kenrick of Forge-Bound & Lone-Fang of Stonestalker Tribe will not offer items straight away because it takes time to collect consumables and forge weapons & armor (*to be updated). These NPCs can be hired and fired at will but there is no reimbursement. Remember, also, that being "locked out" of both faction camps means you no longer have access to their trainers & vendors, so choose carefully who you initially hire with your limited cash-flow. But really, if you're not an obsessive pack rat you should have the cash to hire six NPCs on the spot.

Trainers. Saetus (10 rings): Unarmed Combat, Parry, Dodge, SubterfugeIsolon (20 rings): One-Handed Weapons, Parry, AthleticsSword-Breaker of Bronze Brotherhood (5 rings): Two-Handed Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Dodge, AthleticsTanara (7 rings): One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Parry, Dodge.

Vendor: Corpse Eye's Questionable Wares (20 rings). (You can gain Minor Favor with the Chorus if you meet Corpse Eye's insolence with silence.) Corpse Eye is a battlefield scavenger who has managed to amass quite a selection of weapons and armors; namely: Crimson Greatspear (Two-handed, Quality: Exquisite, Damage: 22-32 Pierce [DPS: 9] vs. Parry, Accuracy +8, Recovery +1.5s [3s total], Range: 2m, Attack Skill: Two-handed Weapons [25]), Tiersman Spinebow (Two-handed, Quality: Exquisite, Damage: 19-24 Pierce [DPS: 6.77] vs. Dodge, Accuracy +8, Recovery +0.75s [3.25s total], Range: 8m, Attack Skill: Bows [84]), Scarlet Fury Scythe (One-handed, Quality: Superior, Damage: 14-17 Slash [DPS: 5.82] vs. Parry, Recovery: +1.25s [Base: 2.75s total], Armor Penetration: 7, Attack Skill: One-handed Weapons [29]), Twisted Iron Sword (One-handed, Quality: Superior, Damage: 12-15 Slash/Pierce [DPS: 6] vs. Parry, Recovery: +0.75s [Base: 2.25s total], Armor Penetration: 5, Attack Skill: One-handed Weapons [29]), Tiersman Spinebow (Two-handed, Quality: Fine, Damage: 13-17 Pierce [DPS: 4.77] vs. Dodge, Accuracy +4, Recovery +1.75s [3.25s total], Range: 8m, Attack Skill: Bows [84]), Twisted Iron Sword (One-handed, Quality: Fine, Damage: 10-13 Slash/Pierce [DPS: 5.11] vs. Parry, Recovery: +0.75s [Base: 2.25s total], Armor Penetration: 4, Attack Skill: One-handed Weapons [29]), Crimson Spear Armor (Heavy Armor: Bronze, Quality: Exquisite, Armor: 7, 15.75 [Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Pierce/Frost Armor], Recovery: +0.7s), Crimson Studded Leather Gloves (Light Armor: Leather: Quality: Superior, Deflection: 15% [Base: 6], Recovery: +0.2s, Precision +9%, Unarmed Attack: Damage: 14-17 Crush [DPS: 10.33] vs. Parry, Recovery: 1.5s total, Bloodthirsty: Enraged on kill), Scarlet Fury Armor (Light Armor: Leather, Quality: Superior, Armor: 4, 8 [Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Crush/Frost Armor], Deflection: 22% [Base: 13%], Recovery: +0.5s), Crimson Spear Gauntlets (Heavy Armor: Bronze, Quality: Exquisite, Armor: 2, 4.5 [Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Pierce/Frost Armor], Recovery: +0.4s, Unarmed Attack: Damage: 18-21 Crush [DPS: 13] vs. Parry, Recovery: 1.5s total), Scarlet Fury Gloves (Light Armor: Leather: Quality: Exquisite, Deflection: 15% [Base: 6], Recovery: +0.1s, Precision +12%, Unarmed Attack: Damage: 16-19 Crush [DPS: 11.67] vs. Parry, Recovery: 1.5s total), Crimson Spear Armor (Heavy Armor: Bronze, Quality: Fine, Armor: 5, 8.75 [Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Pierce/Frost Armor], Recovery: +1s), Crimson Spear Gauntlets (Heavy Armor: Bronze, Quality: Superior, Armor: 1.5, 3 [Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Pierce/Frost Armor], Recovery: +0.4s, Unarmed Attack: Damage: 16-19 Crush [DPS: 11.67] vs. Parry, Recovery: 1.5s total), Crimson Spear Helm (Heavy Armor: Bronze, Quality: Superior, Armor 1.5, 3 Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Pierce/Frost Armor, Recovery 0.4s), Scarlet Fury Helm (Light Armor: Leather, Quality Superior, Deflection 15% [Base: 6%], Recovery: 0.2s, Accuracy: +9), Scarlet Fury Armor (Light Armor: Leather, Quality: Fine, Armor: 3, 5.25 [Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Crush/Frost Armor], Deflection: 21% [Base: 12%], Recovery: +0.5s), Crimson Spear Helm (Heavy Armor: Bronze, Quality: Fine, Armor 1, 1.75 Slash/Fire Armor, 0 Pierce/Frost Armor, Recovery 0.5s), Scarlet Fury Gloves (Light Armor: Leather: Quality: Fine, Deflection: 14% [Base: 5], Recovery: +0.2s, Precision +6%, Unarmed Attack: Damage: 12-15 Crush [DPS: 9] vs. Parry, Recovery: 1.5s total), Scarlet Fury Helm (Light Armor: Leather, Quality Fine, Deflection 14% [Base: 5%], Recovery: 0.2s, Accuracy: +6), Barbed Fur Mantle (Accessory, Quality: Fine, Only Kills-in-Shadow can equip this, Thorns: When critically hit 1-10 Pierce vs. Parry, Range: 6m), Camping Supplies x5.

VendorRevos & The Discerning Eye (10 rings): Fatebinder's Shield (Off-hand only, Quality: Superior, Recovery: +0.2s, Parry +7, Dodge: +26, Endurance: +4), Fatebinder of Tunon Armor x2 (Light Armor: Leather Armor, Quality: Superior, Armor: 4, Deflection: +22% [Base: 13%], Recovery: +0.5s), Fatebinder of Tunon Armor (Light Armor: Cloth, Quality Superior, Deflection: +12% [Base: 3%]), Fatebinder of Tunon Boots x3 (Light Armor: Leather, Quality: Superior, Deflection: +15% [Base: 6], Recovery: +0.2s, Disengagement Defense: +9), Fatebinder of Tunon Gloves x2 (Light Armor: Leather, Quality: Superior, Deflection: +15% [Base: 6], Recovery: +0.2s, Precision +9, Unarmed Attack: Damage 14-17 Crush [DPS: 10.33] vs. Parry, Recovery: 1.5s total), Fatebinder of Tunon Headwrap (Light Armor: Leather, Quality: Superior, Deflection: +15% [Base: 6%], Recovery: 0.2s, Accuracy +9), Fatebinder of Tunon Helm (Light Armor: Leather, Quality: Superior, Deflection +15% [Base: 6%], Recovery: 0.2s, Accuracy +9)Fatebinder of Tunon Gloves (Light Armor: Cloth, Quality: Superior, Deflection: +11% [Base: 2], Precision +3, Unarmed Attack: Damage 12-15 Crush [DPS: 9] vs. Parry, Recovery: 1.5s total), Fatebinder of Tunon Hood (Light Armor: Cloth, Quality Superior, Deflection +11% [Base +2%], Accuracy +3), Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion x4, Scroll: Sigil of Phasing (Accent), Scroll: Sigil of Directed Force (Expression), Scroll: Sigil of Material Force (Expression), Scroll: Sigil of Proximate Action (Expression), Scroll: Sigil of Deflecting (Accent), Camping Supplies x7, Alchemy Supplies x3, Bronze Ingot x2, Hide, Iron Ingot x2, Scroll x2.

• Indeed, lots of decent gear that you probably won't be able to afford at this time. I have my eye on the exquisite Tiersman Spinebow. Gimme.

Kenrick of Forge-Bound (25 rings). After a few days Kenrick offered me a few freebies; namely: Iron Mace, Cheese, Raw Meat and Camping Supplies. IS THAT IT? (*to be updated)
• Lone-Fang of Stonestalker Tribe (25 rings). I'm not sure what triggers this THING to offer up her wares, but it certainly isn't a week spent on the world map. EARN YOUR KEEP. (*to be updated)

• Anyway, you might like to return to Ascension Hall, Citadel Barracks and Vendrien's Well Citadel maps in order to loot them for anything you missed during your initial assault. Some receptacles may also be updated with new items; for example, at the Barracks entrance I found Fish & Mead in the wooden crate and Greater Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion and Camping Supplies in the wooden box. In addition, with the barricades removed you should have access to a smaller barracks, where you will find a chest holding Research: Dagger Plans (Subterfuge: 45, requires Spire Library upgrade). I found a hidden crate in the far northwest holding an Iron Javelin and removed a loose stone in the kitchen wall to reveal a stash holding Iron Ingot & Hide (both are Subterfuge checks). In the sages' study you will find a stack of crates holding Plans: Iron Gauntlet (requires Spire forge upgrade). Lastly, in Ascension Hall I detected a loose stone in the wall, behind which was a secret stash holding Trickster's Tooth (One-Handed & Thrown Weapon, Quality: Fine, Quickening: On weapon crit -10% Recovery for 14s on self).

• At this point I have the Bastard City (Tunon's Court) & Sunset Spire (Lethian's Crossing) marked on my world map.

• Ok. My intention is to head to the former, first, to tell the Voice of Kyros what happened in Vendrien's Well. So yeah, the party embarks on the two-day-and-twelve-hour journey to Tunon's opulent Court.

Continued in Part VII..

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