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Tyranny Walkthrough - Part III

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Scarlet Chorus Camp
Outer Grounds

• PRIMARY QUEST: TAKING THE OUTER VALLEY. You have arrived at the Scarlet Chorus Camp to assist Fifth Eye in securing the outer ring of Vendrien's Well so that Kyros' army is free to march on the citadel unhindered by the Vendrien rebels.

• Verse banter. Click the dialogue icon on Verse's portrait to have a chit-chat... or rather, engage in an extended dialogue in which you will learn much about her and Scarlet Chorus lore. Note that some dialogue threads are gated by Loyalty/Fear tiers, similar to companion "influence" in Mask of the Betrayer. Anyway, Verse expressed surprise at my ability to proclaim the Edict so casually, to which I responded that it wasn't the first time: the Edict of Stone in Azure was also proclaimed by me (Quickstart Conquest). I agreed with Verse that she is a killer and is therefore better off in the Scarlet Chorus rather than bearing and raising children (Verse: Gain Average Loyalty); also approving of her description of Scarlet Fury artistry in killing (Verse: Gain Average Loyalty). Verse rebelled at my suggestion that she absorbed the minds of her sisters, a la VoN, preferring to chalk her gifts up to a good memory and her close bond with the Scarlet Fury (Subterfuge: 37, +18 exp). Finally, by training with Verse you can gain five ranks in either Shortbow or Dual-wield weapon skills, not both. These bonuses do not contribute to your levelup.

• Barik banter. The factional rivalry between Barik and Verse manifests often. I remark that their bickering is worse than that of Ashe and VoN, and order them to cease at once (Barik: Gain Average Fear). Barik's remark that "Ashe put loyalty to his troops before personal pride" was dismissed by me as "bending a knee to a Conqueror" (Barik: Gain Average Fear). I blamed the legion for the current uprising in Vendrien's Well: "The Disfavored are Kyros' elite. The duty was theirs to fail" (Barik: Gain Major Fear); then remarked that the Disfavored are foolish in their refusal to recruit Tiersman into their ranks (Barik: Gain Average Fear). I insisted Barik discuss the removal of his armor (Barik: Gain Average Fear), asking him how he takes "pleasure" from life (Barik: Gain Average Fear), how he vacates his bowels, and how he fares in water. Pretty amusing. I also unlocked the Blade Grave's Grasp companion combo by reaching third tier Fear with Barik (verging on the fifth already). As with Verse, by training with Barik you can gain five ranks in a weapon skill: either Two-handed or One-handed, not both.

• Ok, just to the east of your starting position you will encounter a stand-off between two wannabe gang leaders, Quiet Shiver & Shivershank. I let them fight it out and then looted the corpses of Shivershank's defeated side for Bent Bronze SwordScarlet Chorus Leather Armor and Horde Boots x2 (Chorus: Gain Minor Favor). The crate in the west holds Shattered Iron Spaulder.

• At camp's entrance the Horde recognized me as a Fatebinder and granted the party admittance (Chorus: Gain Major Favor).

Scarlet Chorus Camp
Inner Grounds

• Pick the place clean of loot. Chest: Bent Bronze Sword, Chest (Subterfuge: 37): Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion, Camping Supplies, Crate: Mead, Bronze Dagger, Weapon rack: Bent Bronze Sword, Weapon rack: Bronze Hammer, Bloodhound Leathers, Crate: Stalwart Bronze Sword, Fruit, Chest (Subterfuge: 47)Momentum Gauntlets (?). A unit of Rotspear may be found at Salveros' camp.

Crimson Spear Fifth Eye. On Fifth Eye's left is an interaction check that will net you Sigil of Illusion (Core) if you qualify to read the scroll (Lore: 32). Now, Fifth Eye has hitherto failed to deal with Captain Florian and his crew, who have been running amok. He is currently attempting to extract the location of the Vendrien Guard's secondary camp from a prisoner, Variah Kel. I accepted his request to interrogate her on the proviso that he share with me some Blood Chanter lore in exchange; however, the reward must wait until after we have dealt with the Oathbreakers. Follow Fifth Eye to the middle of camp, where he has the prisoners tied to posts, and speak with Variah Kel who is one of them. She desperately demands a guarantee of conscription to the Chorus before she shares her info, fearful that she will be executed once the location of the camp is given. I detected insincerity in her claim and asked her to try again (Subterfuge: 30, +11 exp). Next, she identified a nearby Vendrien corpse as holding orders, but when Fifth Eye checked them out he found naught but gibberish, laughed out loud, and ordered a Fury to slay the wretch for wasting his time. However, I stepped in and suggested that she be given the initiation rights (Chorus: Gain Minor Wrath) and then sent back to infiltrate the Oathbreakers as a Chorus agent (Vendrien Guard: Gain Minor Wrath). As a result Variah Kel was cut down from the post, and saved.

Companion: Lantry. Tied to an adjacent post is Vendrien Sage Lantry, who will pipe up and offer to read the orders. He identifies the shorthand as probably being Sage Selwin's, and requests a few hours to decipher it, preferably unbound. I called for his immediate release, but Fifth Eye stubbornly refused — "He is our prisoner. He is our property" — and demanded trial by combat (i.e, the party going up against a Chorus mob). However, I cited Kyros' law that states Lantry can become my property by swearing fealty to a Fatebinder (Lore: 32, +26). Still, Fifth Eye would not see reason until I grabbed him by the mask and threatened to humiliate him in his own camp, which was funny (Athletics: 32, +46) (I could have used second tier Favor with the Chorus to convince him, too). Anyway, after the time-lapse (that represents the time it takes to decipher the shorthand) Lantry marks the location of a meeting spot on your world map: just west of Tripnettle. Finally, a lead! His freedom won, I accepted the grateful Sage into the party (Lantry: Gain Average Favor). The third level Lantry offers Quill, Sage and Preservation trees, and at first glance looks to be a valuable companion to have on-side.

Lantry banter. Not much dialogue can be explored at this point. But, even without a full tier in Loyalty/Fear, I was able to receive the Sigil of Life (Core) and gain five ranks in the Control Life skill (Lantry: Gain Minor Loyalty).

• You can now speak with Fifth Eye on a general level. When Barik threatened him for speaking poorly of Ashe, I ordered him to stand down (Chorus: Gain Average Favor).

Scarlet Fury TrainersRegg Baz. For a sum of ringsRegg will train you in Magic Staff, Subterfuge and Lore, and Baz will train you in BowsDual-wield and Unarmed Combat. You should seek to train the full five ranks that are allowed each and every time your character and companions levelup; otherwise, the opportunity for faster advancement is wasted. Btw, you will need sufficient Reputation with the Chorus faction to learn more about the trainers.

Sniggler Dagos (merchant). Ripper, Bloodchanter Staff, Bronze Dagger, Scarlet Chorus Leather Armor, Horde Boots, Scarlet Fury Gloves, Scarlet Fury Helm, Fire-Eye Stone (Sigil of Fire+10 Control Fire), Lesser Healing Potion x4, Scroll: Sigil of Channeled Strength (Expression), Scroll: Lesser Sigil of Precise Action (Accent), Scroll: Sigil of Vigor (Core), Staggering Burn x3, Scarlet Poison x5, Camping Supplies x5.

Scarlet Fury Death Knell. QuestThe Way of the Horde. Death Knell informs you that Chorus numbers are thinning. In order to address the issue she requests that you link up with a gang of Horde who are raiding a Remote Settlement, the location of which she marks on your world map. Ok, let's do that quest now...

Remote Settlement

• Make your way towards the settlement where you will be beset on all sides by Vendriens who cannot be bargained with. Criticism: As mentioned in Part I, I don't like how scripted encounters break the party's stealth. The design literally takes control of the party and forcibly walks them into the line of fire. Why would the party be so stupid as to walk right in between two buildings, with the enemy no doubt poised for attack around each corner and in elevated positions, as shown below?

• Would we not have called out from behind the trees? Or, trained in subterfuge, would not Verse or I sneak up behind the leader and hold a knife to her throat, forcing them to surrender and be conscripted?

• Anyway, you will be forced to defend your scrambling party against coordinated Vendriens consisting of Sun Soldier, Honor Guard and Sage. There is also an Archer perched atop the roof. Slay them all and loot the Honor Guard's corpse for Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Helmet and Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Gauntlets. Post-bloodbath the Scarlet Fury will come out of hiding, run onto the field, and thank you for dealing with the rebels. You see, they wisely held back and used you as bait to lure the enemy out... sigh. Ok, loot the stack of crates on the rooftop for Tierforged Bronze Greatspear, Gain and Cheese. The other crate is holding Staggering Burn, and the barrel Fruit and Cheese. Image: The Death From Above companion combo in action.

• Return to Death Knell in the Chorus Camp, confront her about using you as bait (punch), and accept the compensation awarded you: Cleansing Charm (Purifying: Immunity to Poisoned) and Twisted Iron Sword. Demand more and she will cough up 550 rings in addition. Quest: The Way of the Horde (Completed). Each party member gains +80 experience, divided among their skills.

Tripnettle Wilderness

• We are here to tackle PRIMARY QUEST: TAKING THE OUTER VALLEY. Upon your arrival to the wilderness you will be greeted by Fake Limp, whose gang is a bit stretched on resources and in dire need of backup. Fake Limp will make it clear that VoN wants Captain Florian taken alive. I assured him that we will round up the Vendriens in short order (Chorus: Gain Very Minor Favor) (+13 party experience).
Crate (Subterfuge21)Potion of Revival and Agate.

• Make your way south and east, looting as you go. CrateBronze AxeWaking DeathLesser Healing PotionCamping SuppliesHidden crate (Subterfuge)Staff of Boreal Frost.

• Farther east you will have to contend with one each of Sun Soldier and Honor Guard. Disarm the proximity trap (Subterfuge32) as you make you way east and north around the edge of the camp, preferably scouting under the effects of stealth or invisibility. Here you can disarm another trap right under the nose of four-strong Vendrien (Subterfuge34): Retreat, buff up and return to take them out.

• Disarm the trap just to the north (Subterfuge34) and proceed into Florian's Camp to confront him in person. The Captain surrendered when I allowed his soldiers to go free (Vendrien Guard: Gain Minor Favor). In addition, he was pleased by my suggestion that being taken as prisoner may provide him with an opportunity to assassinate VoN (Subterfuge39, +12 exp) (+13 party experience).

• Loot the camp. Stack of cratesHeart of Battle (Frenzy: -10% Recovery time while has wounds)Studded Iron Gorget (Parrying+10 Parry)Crate on wagon (Subterfuge): Scroll: Sigil of Frostfire (Accent) and Agate.

• Upon leaving the camp Fake Limp will catch up with the party to take the Captain into custody (Chorus: Gain Average Favor). Before escorting the Captain away to VoN he will warn you that the morning patrol is on its way back to camp (+123 party experience).

• Backtrack to the camp's entrance, dispatch the Honor Guard and three Archers that stand in your way, and head back to the Chorus CampPRIMARY QUESTTAKING THE OUTER VALLEY (COMPLETED)  (+122 party experience).

Scarlet Chorus Camp

• Upon your return you will notice a few new people in camp to talk to.

• CompanionArchon of Song SirinSirin scoffed when she caught sight of me, referring to me contemptuously as "Mother" and charging me with using her "flock as chaff for the Chorus". This is a result of the Quickstart Conquest decision, in which Sirin's "enthralled" (conscripted by song) were sent to the front lines by the Fatebinder. Now, having entranced the camp with a single sound, Sirin ordered me to remove her ornate helmet, but the ruby headpiece on her brow glowed in warning, so I questioned her intent (Lore40, +31 exp). Disappointed, she dismissed me in no uncertain terms. Loremaster Lantry was dumbstruck to have been in Sirin's presence, amazed that I knew her (Lantry: Gain Average Loyalty). I spoke with Sirin again. This time, she commanded "the one in the tin barrel" to remove her helmet, but I stepped in and restrained the enthralled Barik, before he did so (Athletics34, +46 exp). "Once again the worm dares defy the songbird. Don't worry, little worm, one day the bird will get her prey". So yeah, as with Eb I was not able to recruit Sirin into the party at this point in the proceedings.

• Beastmen. Just south of Sirin, and in the starkest contrast imaginable, you can't help but notice Night Yowl and the bare-breasted Claws-at-Throat scratching their hairy asses and otherwise behaving unsociably. After she dominated her male counterpart I told the Beastwoman I could take her on but she chickened out with some excuse about having to train the "whelp-cur" (Athletics22, +32 exp). There is lots of beast-lore to peruse in this dialogue.

Two-Tooth & Vittles. You will notice Vittles standing alone with his back to the camp. In speaking to him you will discover that he was forcibly conscripted into the Chorus; moreover, he is underage. Having ordered him to summon his gang-leader for an explanation, Two-Tooth - who was gambling nearby - trudged on over and demanded to know why I was pestering his Choirman. I quoted the law to him twice, thereby saving Vittles from enslavement (Lore34, +22 exp, Lore 36, +25 exp).

Ok, that's it for the Chorus Camp - at least for the time being. In the next post the party will take on the Vendriens at Echocall. Continued in Part IV.. (to be posted soon!)

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