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Tyranny Walkthrough - Part II

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Disfavored Camp
Outer Grounds

PRIMARY QUEST: THE CONQUEROR'S WILL. You have arrived in the Disfavored Camp in order to proclaim Kyros' Edict to the ArchonsGraven Ashe & the Voices of Nerat.

• Upon entry to the camp you will spy merchant Sterling Hagnon, standing before his wagon, surrounded by three Disfavored who are ready to seize his goods for not having a trade permit. I wondered if the merchant could give me a good reason to come to his aid... In response, he offered up "family" recipe freebies to the soldiers of the camp. I likened his recipe to a Chorus concoction and suggested he stole it (Lore: 30, +26 exp). Then, I picked him up by the collar when he protested his innocence (Athletics: 30, +46 exp). Fearful, he confessed to looting corpses in the aftermath of battle. The Crescent Runner was indignant that the merchant was trying to sell the wares of Disfavored dead back to them, pointing to the iron in the wagon as proof. Nevertheless, I allowed the merchant to continue trading, warning him that future lies will be punishable by death. The Crescent Runner protested my decision and questioned my authority on the matter, but she gave in after I intimidated her (Athletics: 40, +44 exp). Ergo, the disgruntled Disfavored left the scene in peace, leaving me to receive a discount from the grateful merchant. Sterling offers a small range of wares, some of which he looted from the corpses of fallen Disfavored; namely: Iron Walker Helm, Hero's Insignia (CourageImmunity to Frightened & Terrified), Sabelroot, Vagrant's Chaw, Healing Potion x5, Potion of Elemental Barrier x5, Potion of Protection x5, Lesser Healing Potion x3, Scroll: Sigil of Guarded Form (Expression), Camping Supplies x5. The crate on the back of the wagon is holding Merchant's Bracers (Subterfuge: 39).

Verse interjection. Verse took time out to probe me for info on my mission. In response I suggested that she might be a spy for VoN (Subterfuge: 32, +13 exp, Verse: Gain Average Loyalty). When she persisted I made up a story about being sent to "tally the expense of the siege" (Lore: 32. +28 exp), which she didn't quite buy into. Verse expressed doubt that Graven Ashe and VoN will be able to see eye to eye in their strategy-making, but I assured her that, by my authority, the Archons will fall in line (Verse: Gain Average Loyalty). Anyway, Verse agreed that it's time to meet up with them (Verse: Gain Average Loyalty).

• Proceed down the road and present yourself to the Stone Shields guarding the gate to the Disfavored Camp. They will recognize you as a Fatebinder and grant you and Verse immediate admittance.

Disfavored Camp 
Inner Grounds

Pentibor the merchant is standing by his wagon and will wave you down to offer a range of wares for sale; namely: Bronze Axe, Bronze Hammer, Bronze Dagger, Bronze Javelin, Bronze Spear, Bronze Sword, Brotherhood Stout x10, Cheese x5, Fruit x5, Grain x5, Lesser Healing Potion x5, Mead x5, Water x5, Scroll: Sigil of Frost (Core), Bloodmoss x5, Camping Supplies x6. The History check with him is strictly for flavor. I stole the Stone Shield Gloves from his armor rack and then picked the entire camp clean of loot. Whatever was not nailed down, I took it: Crate (Subterfuge: 27): Grain, Crate (Subterfuge: 30): Nobleman's Bracers, Scroll: Lesser Sigil of Strength (Accent), Crate on wagon (Subterfuge: 37): Heavy Leather ArmorSpear RackImperial Iron Falcata, BarrelWater, SackGrain. I'm not sure of the exact check, but with Subterfuge: 39 I was able to detect a hidden crate on the right side of Ashe's Tent, holding GarnetTopazAgate x3.

• The heavily-armored Barik is standing sentry in the training grounds, arms folded. He won't lend you his ear, let alone join your party, until you have proclaimed the EdictBlood Chanter Bitter Quip is in-camp as Emissary for the Chorus. He offers nothing but chit-chat until you reach Echocall Crossing.

• Disfavored Trainers: Marcus & Lucia. For a sum of ringsMarcus will train you in One-handed Weapons, Two-handed Weapons and Parry, and Lucia will train you in Thrown Weapons, Dodge and Athletics. You should seek to train the full five ranks that are allowed each and every time your character and companions levelup; otherwise, the opportunity for faster advancement is wasted. Btw, you will need sufficient Reputation with the Disfavored faction to learn more about the trainers. 

Quest: Forge-Bound Iron. Isotanis the Blacksmith requests that you retrieve a shipment of iron that went missing around Echocall Crossing. This quest is covered in Part III of this walkthrough. His wares are as follows: Earth Shaker Staff, Oathbound Dagger, Stone Shield Tower Shield, Oath Bound Helm, Stone Shield Helm, Crescent Runner Armor, Stone Shield Armor, Stone Shield Boots, Stone Shield Gloves.

Ashe's War Tent
Proclamation of the Edict

• We are here to cap off PRIMARY QUEST: THE CONQUEROR'S WILL. Inside you will witness two Archons, the hulking Graven Ashe & the rod-twirling Voices of Nerat, engaged in a heated debate regarding how to deal with the rebellious Vendrien faction. I announced my presence and my intention to proclaim Kyros' Edict, also informing them that the valley has been sealed off by Kyros' magic. I gained Major Favor with the Chorus and VoN, who recognized me as the Governor of Lethian's Crossing; after which, I bowed and saluted (History: Diplomacy) to gain Minor Favor from both Archons. VoN then courteously thanked me for gracing them with my presence, referring to me as Quakebringer, Executioner of Cairn (VoN & Chorus: Gain Major Favor). Not to be outdone on diplomacy, GA thanked me for saving Commander Drastus back in the Edgering Ruins, for which deed I gained Average Favor with the stalwart Archon of War.

• The boot-licking over, I proclaimed Kyros' Edict of Execution to the Archons: "In honor of your incompetence and disarray, the Edict will execute every living thing in this valley unless Ascension Hall is taken by Kyros' Day of Swords" — darkening the room and shaking the earth (GA: Gain Average Wrath, VoN: Gain Average Favor, Verse: Gain Minor Loyalty). After a lil' more back and forth the Archons finally stopped bickering and agreed on their strategy: the Disfavored will tackle the Matani river while the Chorus scour the outer valley.
PRIMARY QUEST: THE CONQUEROR'S WILL (COMPLETE). Each party member gains 67 experience, divided among their skills.

• Ok, the towering Iron Marshal Erenyos will pipe up to report that Barrik and his band are ready for the assault on Echocall Crossing. Of similar stature, Crimson Spear Fifth Eye affirms that Chorus forces will be ready to secure the outer valley in the event that the Disfavored are successful in taking the Crossing; after which, both he and the Archon of Secrets take their leave of the tent.

Note the countdown7 days until Kyros' Day of Swords! Yes, the time limit is REAL; that is, if Kyros' forces have not taken Ascension Hall by the deadline you will receive the following message:

While the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus argued, unable to decide on a plan of attack, thereby delaying their assault on the citadel, Kyros' Day of Swords came to an end. When the last of sunlight fell behind the mountains, the weight of the Overlord's Edict descended upon all who remained in Vendrien's Well. As a price for failing to satisfy Kyros' demands, everyone in the valley was struck down. When the remnants of the Tiers finally succumbed, this moment was spoken of as the point when all resistance to Kyros ceased.

... And it will be GAME OVER and the credits will roll. So yeah, be mindful that travel takes time, camping to rest and heal wounds takes time, and standing around doing nothing wastes time, too.
Second Stage of the Campaign

Graven Ashe will refer you to Marshal Erenyos to learn about the Disfavored battle plans. In turn, she will request that you meet her in the training grounds. In addition, the noble and dignified Marshal will advise you to travel to the Scarlet Chorus Camp to assist Fifth Eye with the Chorus war effort.
PRIMARY QUEST: THE BATTLE OF ECHOCALL CROSSING. You need to assist the Disfavored in wresting control of the Crossing from the Vendrien Guard so that Kyros' forces are free to push on to the citadel. 
PRIMARY QUEST: TAKING THE OUTER VALLEY. Likewise, you need to assist the Chorus in their failing operation in TripnettleNote how receiving this quest unlocks the Scarlet Chorus Camp on your world map, meaning you are free to go there whenever you wish.
• Loot the tent for all it's worth before taking your leave of it: the chest is holding Iron Walker Gauntlets and Garnet (Subterfuge: 32), and the barrel is holding Whetstone.

Disfavored Camp

• Wander over to the training grounds to meet up with Iron Marshal Erenyos, as she requested. I inquired into the previous defeat suffered by the Disfavored at the river, which she blamed on the absence of Chorus backup. I shared Verse's view that lack of caution was probably to blame and not the Chorus (Verse: Gain Average Loyalty, Disfavored: Lose Minor Favor). I also agreed with Verse that Chorus assistance would be more forthcoming if the Disfavored were less inclined to mock (Verse: Average Loyalty, Disfavored: Gain Minor Wrath: Disfavored). The trading of insults over ("Fucking Northern swine" and "Shut your snout, filthy mongrel"), I bribed Erenyos for 850 copper rings by citing my "fighting expenses" (Subterfuge32, +13 exp, Disfavored: Gain Minor Wrath). When she coughed up the coin, I agreed to assist the Disfavored.

CompanionBarik - Punisher & Sentinel. Upon agreeing to assist the Disfavored Erenyos will introduce you to Stone Shield Barik, whom Verse knows well.

"When the Tiers are fully under our command, I'll take you to whatever passes for a watering hole in this forsaken country. We'll drink the local swill to honor the fallen".

"Forget the fallen. I know a great brothel in Lethian's Crossing where we can watch something rise, then fall, then rise again".

Barik is ordered to accompany you as arbitrator in cooperation between his band and the Chorus. To Erenyos' "I hope you don't mind the company" I responded "I do mind, but I'll allow it anyway — if only so that I can put a large object between myself and the enemy" (Barik: Gain Average Fear, Disfavored: Gain Average Wrath) — a doubly appropriate response for a character focused in Shortbow, who needs a tank. Anyway, Barik will then join the party and Echocall Crossing will be unlocked on your world map.

Unlike Verse, you get to assign Barik's second level attribute & talent. Of note, his armor, helm, gauntlets and grieves are "fused" to him, and are therefore non-transferable. When you get the chance, ask him how he vacates his bowels, takes pleasure from life, and swims.

Quest: Earthshaker's Reinforcements. In the middle of camp - and only after you have proclaimed the Edict - you will overhear an Earthshaker reporting to Commander Ceveus that Radix, leader of the Earthshakers, has gone missing en route to the Northeastern Pass. Accept Ceveus' request to travel to the Northern Clearing in search of Radix and his reinforcements, and he will mark the location on your world map.

Reputation breakdownFaction-wise, I have gained almost two full points (tiersof Favor with Chorus (and no Wrath), about one-half point of both Favor and Wrath with Disfavored, and one-quarter point Wrath with the Vendrien Guard (and no Favor). Archon-wise, I have gained one-half point Favor and one-and-one-half point Wrath with Ashe, and two-and-three-quarters Favor with VoN (and no Wrath). Companion-wise, I have gained three-and-one-half points of Loyalty with Verse (and no Fear), thereby unlocking the Death From Above companion combo. I have gained one-half point of Fear with Barik (and no Loyalty), and two points of Loyalty with Eb (and almost one point of Fear) (see below).

• The party takes their leave of the Disfavored Camp and embarks on the two hour hike to the Scarlet Chorus Camp.

Wilderness Waylay

 Companion: Eb. En route to the Scarlet Chorus Camp (or any destination from the Disfavored Camp) you will be ambushed by mage Eb of the Vendrien Guard, who, from an elevated position and flanked by guards, will courteously inquire into the fate of Tarkis Demos and Pelox Tyrel, and offer to negotiate their release in exchange for five captured Choirmen. I told her the truth: the Captain is with the Chorus (Eb: Gain Average Fear) and Tyrel is dead. I then questioned Eb at length, finding out that their overthrow of the garrison cost them many lives, and that the leader of the insurrection is Tarkis Arri, sister of Demos. At her request I revealed the wording of Kyros' Edict (Barik: Gain Average Fear, Barik: Lose Very Minor Loyalty), confirming that, indeed, "all" lives in the valley are at stake (Eb: Gain Average Loyalty). Eb is inquisitive: No, the Fatebinders are not able to smell truth from falsehood; it's just mystique (Verse: Lose Minor Loyalty, Eb: Gain Average Loyalty), Yes, Edicts can be broken but only if Kyros provides a clause within the proclamation allowing it to end (Lore: 37, +38 exp, Eb: Gain Average Loyalty), and (Full point of Loyalty with Eb): The Overlord is both mother and father; your question is irrelevant. Finally, Eb wished me well before taking her leave (Eb: Gain Average Loyalty). So yeah, I was not able to recruit her at this point in the proceedings.
• You will find Marshberry, Vagrant's Chaw and Bloodmoss lodged in the rocks just here.

• Ok! The party continues on to the Scarlet Chorus Camp, arriving without further delays.

Continued in Part III.. (to be posted soon!)

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