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Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part V

Continuing from Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part IV

Important note: Before entering the museum I strongly recommend you sell off any items that you don't need, especially ones that weigh a lot like armors and shields. The reason is, you won't be able to vendor for a long time, and the last thing you want is to have your movement rate reduced due to encumbrance. Also, I strongly recommend you stock up on Healer's Kits & utility potions because resting is restricted and healing items are not abundant in quantity.

Glarondar museum. Enter the museum and step into the weaponry exhibit, which is now the scene of a crime. Borgen will hand over the 300 GP owed to you for recovering the amulet for Liam, finally capping of the first phase of the main quest. Completed Main Quest Phase 1: Recover the Amulet.

Main Quest Phase 2: Murder Mystery at the Museum. Unfortunately, curator Liam was murdered last night in the museumand the amulet was again stolen! Therefore, the museum is in lock down until the perpetrator can be found. No one witnessed the deed but everyone present is a suspect.. including several of Liam's friends, and yourself. 

• The object here is to interview the people currently standing in a circle around the corpse of Liam. When you're talking to them and digging into their personal affairs it can all seem a lil' complicated and bothersome.. but, technically, all you have to do is question the zookeeper and Lord Gusto & Madam Illaine; then, report to Borgen that you have "something on them". But it's not enough to pin the murder on anyone; and, in fact, no one present is guilty of the crime or involved in any way.
• Speak with Borgen again. This time he wants you to find floorplans in the archive exhibit of the museum. These are found in the highlighted bookcase, pictured below.

• Hand the plans to Borgen to study.. they will reveal to him that there is more to the room in the northwest than meets the eye. 
• In this dark lil' room Borgen finds a switch that moves a bookshelf to the side, revealing an even darker room behind it. 

• The cautious Borgen wishes to get backup before exploring the room.. but Shady Shamrock will have none of it. He won't wait, he wants whatever treasure is in there.. he rushes into the room, cries out in pain, and then there is silence.

• No one has time to freeze on the spot and stare at each other, though. Suddenly, werewolves & changelings scamper out to bite and claw at the group of startled suspects! Borgen is actually immortal for the purposes of this encounter, so have him tank.
• Now, explore the secret room. Loot Shady's corpse for a Lost Artifact of Ancient Narfell. On the Chemistry Workbench you will find Instructions that reveal someone was to use a passage to retake the amulet. So, Liam was killed by a Shifter! Completed Main Quest Phase 2: Murder Mystery at the Museum.
Chest: Potion of Invisibility, Dagger +1, Heavy Shield +1.
• There is a rusty lever here. Pull it. You and Borgen will hear a noise back out in the weaponry exhibit.

• Return there to find that pulling the lever opened a gaping hole in the floor, one that swallowed Geosp's creations. That is the least of our worries, though.
• Drop down the trapdoor and slide down a steep, sixty-foot chute to reach the dungeons beneath the museum!

Continued in Part VI..

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