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Siege of Shadowdale - Part IV

Twisted Tower - Dungeon Level


It might just be my mood, but I find this segment hilarious! I basically hang back while the knights (pictured below) storm through the dungeon - from the southern entrypoint to the Underdark entrance in the north - leaving a trail of dead drow and duergar in their wake. I just sort of follow along, gazing around dumbly and casually looting the odd corpse and side-chamber en route to the Vernia encounter in the northeast.

The Knights of Myth Drannor

I have encountered a drow priestess named Vernia, a truly fanatical devotee of the Spider Queen. In her arrogance, she informed me that the assault on the Twisted Tower was only a small part of the drow's fiendish plans; most of their forces are even now preparing to fall upon Shadowdale from the north, from the great stone outcrop known as the Old Skull.

Vernia, of course, stands no chance. The poor dear should have fled immediately at the sight of a passageway jam-packed with knights vying with each other for the kill, but I guess she failed her self-preservation check.

Vernia Quenthal: - Mace +1, Large Shield +1.

Note Rathan in the back row (left)..
Reverse angle: that's one hell of a charge, Rathan!

With the news that Shadowdale town itself is about to be attacked by a legion of drow, the Knights of Myth Drannor have had to abandon their quest to rescue Scotti, returning to the surface to lend their aid in the desperate struggle. If I am to recover the boy, I must do it alone.

Now alone, I explore the western section of the dungeon before descending into the Underdark, facing three encounters of note.

The first is that of a Drow Mage in a central side chamber who has summoned a Shadow Mastiff. +51 EXP, Bracers of Armor +2.

The second is that of a dual-wielding Drow Captain in the northeastern armory. My pseudodragon tanked him as my wolf inflicted a devastating flanking crit. +120 EXP, Boots of Striding +1, Chest: Battleaxe +1, Longsword +1.

The third and last is that of Rethaun, a drow wizard. He surrenders after taking a beating, then summons a fire elemental when we decide to end him. +156 EXP, Cloak of Fortification +1.

Notable loot on the level: Northeasternmost Cell (corpse): Amulet of Acid Resistance (Resist acid 20/-), Eastern chamber (crate): Large Shield +1.
Lord's Crypts

The crypts are a completely optional area, but the sidequest in here is worth doing.

(Don't bother checking any of the sarcophagi for loot - you won't come up with a single dime)...


There is "a ghostly figure of a beautiful woman" waiting at the northern end of the crypt.

Do not be afraid. I would speak with you. - Sylune.

The undead spirit of Sylune Silverhand, the famed Witch of Shadowdale, has asked me to a recover an amulet given her by her dead husband, Lord Aumry. The drow looted the treasure before she appeared to drive them off. [Sylune's Amulet]

Having thoroughly explored the pre-Underdark areas, I now descend to..

Underdark Level One

A series of tunnels connects the caverns. Barrels on my immediate right contain utility potions and ammo.

(Map has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise)

U = The vast Underdark stretches out for miles. To venture forward without proper guidance would be suicide. - DM.

The Amulet of Fire Resistance should be worn due to how often Fireball is cast by the enemy mages.

I warm up on a loathsome Hook Horror (+84 EXP, Longbow +1).

Pseudodragon Cone of Fire

 My Fireball roasts some unsuspecting duergar down one of the many tunnels (+15 EXP ea).

Just north from this point is a drow priestess flanked by two giant spiders. Her corpse is relieved of Sylune's Amulet. 

Briefly Back to Lord's Crypts

I have returned Sylune's amulet to the undead sorceress. [/Sylune's Amulet]

+2000 EXP

Level Up to 6!

Lilura: Wizard (6), Greater Spell Penetration, Spells: Greater Magic Weapon, Haste.

My spell picks are sort of tailored to buffing the Dire Wolf, since I hate rest-spam to cast Fireballs over and over. The wolf is a solid summon, inflicting 2-12 +7 when buffed. It has Improved Critical (creature), Knockdown, Power Attack and Cleave.

Back to Underdark Level One

A second Hook Horror lurks in the far north, guarding a treasure pile containing a Ring of Resistance +1.

Heading east and then south - through drow and duergar packs - I reach a narrow intersection at which point crafty drow have set up a makeshift barricade. As a wizard, my only option is to cast Fireball, since I can't out-duel superior marksmen at range.

The barricade

I interrupt an Ogre Berserker which was busily gnashing its teeth in the darkness. Without my faithful wolf, I would have had no chance of defeating the enraged monster. +98 EXP, Greatsword +1.

Now, all that stands between me and the next Underdark level is a rowdy duergar.

Arr, ye've come far enough. Looks like ol Grimbold is gonna 'ave to take care o' business! - Grimbold Tornhelm. (+98 EXP, Greataxe +1).

My minions silence him.

Underdark Level Two

The tunnels here are littered with Drow and Derro.

The Derro Savant is a pain in the ass, casting Invisibility followed up by Fireball to annoying effect - not to mention low level disablers (Grease) and debuffs (Slow). 

+117 EXP, Staff of Defense (AC Bonus +2, Ghostly Visage (3) 2 Charges/Use, Mage Armor (2) 1 Charge/Use, Protection from Alignment (5) 3 Charges/Use), Wand of Lightning (Lightning Bolt [5] 5 charges/use).

Chest: Fire Arrow (99), Poison Bolt (99), Ice Bullet (99).

A spear-wielding fighter guards the buildings to the east.

At last... a worthy foe to fight. Prepare to meet your doom! - Durntrag.

+98 EXP, Kerishnar +1 spear (+2 piercing).

I've arrived at the matron's base of operations... the buildings require a key to enter.

Seeing Matron Kinetha Draurin - standing by an altar atop a ledge overlooking the cavern - I buff the Dire Wolf with Flame Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon, Endurance, Protection From Evil, Endure Elements and Haste (potion).

"Release the hound!" - Lilura.

Fool! Do you truly believe you can seriously threaten my power! I will cut out your heart and feed it to the Spider Queen! - Matron Kinetha Draurin.

The drow priestess and grunt are first cleaved by the wolf, which then rushes Kinetha before she can cast the potentially game-ending Hammer of the Gods or Flame Strike. 

+264 EXP, +3000 EXP

Asp +1 heavy flail (+1d6 acid), Matron's Key.

I have slain the drow Matron, Kinetha Draurin. With her death, the remaining dark elves beneath the Twisted Tower should cease their attacks. However, most of their forces are now preparing to assault the town itself. [/Assault on the Tower]

Key in hand, I head back to the previous cavern and use it to enter the barracks.

Drow Barracks

Chest: Longsword +1.

Scotti is finally found in here! 

I have rescued Scotti Amcathra from the clutches of the drow. He has obviously been poorly treated and seemed terrified of the one called Malauntyr. [/Rescue Scotti]

The barracks
Matron's Quarters

Back "Outside" 

Scotti and I waste no time in leaving, but we only manage to reach the next cavern before we bump into a shadowy, sinister figure.

Mandatory evil rant:

Ah, so you are the fool who has been causing so much trouble. The Matron was merely a pawn. When Shadowdale is destroyed, I shall take the Stone for my own. Then I shall dispense with the drow, and the world shall tremble at the coming of the Shadowmasters! Come then, insect; come witness the fate of Shadowdale and its wretched people!  - Malauntyr.

I take the portal to the surface in pursuit of Malauntyr!

Final Showdown - the Shadowmaster!

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